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Dear Readers Bollywood is going great guns overseas. Global Indians have facination for Bollywood and Cricket from India. Bollywood International magazine aims to fulfill the aspirations of global filmy Indians by updating them about the hot new faces, hot new talents behind new generation movies, exotic shooting locations and Bollywood biz news for Industry executives. The talent crunch of this industry is staggeringly high considering millions and millions of people are chasing few bollywood stars. The need for more talented people is acutely felt when more and more multiplexes are screening out low cost movies across India... and in turn have created a demand for more films and more screens... Bollywood films are more in demand in International markets too and producers and distributers are happy collecting a chunk of the box office collection from those markets unlike earlier. Bollywood International magazine is all set to promote Indian Movies, Indian stars,Indian film music and Indian shows in the International market now on. We need the support of the Film industry as a whole to spearhead our activities sucessfully. Thanks for reading our pre-launch issue. Cheers ! Regards

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DESK OF EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dear Readers I am excited to be part of the first issue of the most awaited Bollywood International magazine!! A great big new beginning and in keeping with new beginnings, we break free from the 20th Century mindset of the same old gossip magazines and frivolous reporting and bring to you a magazine with a totally fresh perspective, with fresh and intelligent interviews. We're all part of this amazing entertainment industry, where things are changing rapidly and I can't wait to see the progress this industry experiences in the next 5 years, in the next 10 years, and beyond. Therefore our mission is to move with the changes and to refuse to succumb to the comfort of an established, test-driven format. Our's is a magazine with a difference. We bring to you each month the best information we can find from some of the brightest minds in the industry (in front as well as behind the scenes), to aid and entertain you. Thanks to everyone for making the first prelaunch issue possible!!! Happy reading!

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I did not come with the intention of living here, i was basically here for a vacation but i fell in love with the place

Not many know that the sizzling beauty yana gupta was born jana synkova, a czech and had actually come to india for a vacation, she had no intention of living here, “i was basically here for a vacation but i fell in love with the place”. Likewise she did not intend to get into bollywood either, like she says “everything just happened”. She was spotted by the choreographer of the music video “babuji” he thought that she was just right for the video and since then there has been no looking back for her. I have had the recent pleasure of interviewing this natural beauty. What is it that attracted you to bollywood “Nothing really. Everything just happened. When i started the shoot for the music video “babuji” i had no idea about music videos, i had no clue

about item numbers in movies, and it was only gradually that i realized what it was all about”. It must have been difficult adjusting to a completely different culture and language how did you overcome all that. “I would not say it was difficult because while modeling i had to travel to different countries so picking languages was not a problem and also the fact that most of the people in india can speak and understand english made it easier. I did have to put in a bit of effort though while shooting for the “babuji” video i learnt the lyrics before each shot was taken”. Did you dream of living in india “I did not come with the intention of living here, i was basically here for a vacation but i fell in love with the place”. Bollywood Intl 3



Is career the only thing keeping you here. “Not at all. I am here because i love the feel of india. The people here are very easy than any other place in the world. All my friends are here”. What are the new projects you have signed. “At the moment i am doing some music videos, one of which even has me singing with a u.k artist.i would not like to reveal the name of the album at this stage.i am recording my own album which is more of blues and jazz. This album is very close to my heart since i have composed the music and written the lyrics myself. I am also doing an item number in a film called “kaise kahen”. Then there is a fitness show that i am doing for a television channel .i am also in the process of writing a book on nutrition and fitness.i am the brand ambassador for kingfisher airlines and a fitness product which i would not like to name now. I will be performing for the zee awards in malaysia, so i guess that's a lot for now”.

Did you ever try acting in your country of origin, before getting into bollywood. “Yes but as an amateur in theater. It was a very short experience”. What are your long term plans do you plan to settle here. “I am totally settled here!!” How does the item girl image fit in with you. “I guess it's a part of my personality. Though i am capable of doing much more, but for now i am happy doing what i am doing because i love to dance and perform and i love music”. What about the directors of indian origin who are making films abroad? Would you like to work for them.... “Perhaps. I am open to the idea as long as i like the project. I prefer sticking to music though for the time being. I like to take it as it comes. I am very passionate about whatever i do”.

Do you have any suggestions for the international artists wanting to join bollywood. “Be passionate about whatever you do. Do not get into this profession just because you want to be famous”. If you are offered the main lead in a hindi film, would you be interested. “It depends on the script; i would not do it if it's not a well written script. If it's a project i believe in and the script is original i would definitely do it. I do not appreciate copying somebody else's idea, i like people who are creative and write original scripts”. Which director would you like to work with. “i like the films made by mira nair. I am not really fond of commercial cinema, i like more of the art kind of films.i do not believe in working just with the big names i am open to the

idea of working with new people as long as they are passionate about what they do and are honest and creative”. What kind of character would you like to play “A character that is totally different from me in normal life, somebody i am not. I think that would be challenging and would interest me”. What about offbeat cinema?

“Offbeat cinema again, like i said, i am open to it as long as it is a challenging role”. This beautiful lady with a flawless peaches and cream complexion and drop dead gorgeous looks has surely come a long way!!

4 Bollywood Intl



Bollywood frequent flyers ! H to


The young and bright Tara Sharma is surely shining brightly in her acting career She was born to an Indian father, (a well know Author/Actor, Pratabh Sharma) and an English mother, Sue.

With her soft looks and innocent face, she became a model to recon with. She was first noticed in the controversial ad with Shah Rukh Khan. she has done theater in a large scale in the U.K. in Bollywood she has done a number of films like “Khosla Ka Ghosla”,”Amavas”, “Aksar”, “Sitam”, “Page 3”, “Bardaasht”, “Masti”, “Saaya”, “Awara Pagal Deewana”, “Om Jai Jagdish” to name a few. She shuttles between U.K and Mumbai on acting assignments.

How did you take up acting as a career.

“I studied at the London school of economics, after that I took up a corporate job with Accenture. Then I came back to India, then things just happened one after the other.”

Do you grab an opportunity to act in Hollywood as and when it comes.

“No. I do give a lot of importance to the script and a lot of other factors. My agent recently got me a lead role in an Italian TV series but that required me to stay there for nearly 11 months so I did not take it up”.

What are the films you have done recently.

I did “Khosla Ka Ghosla” and “Amavas”. Then I am doing another comedy film. I am also doing a small role in a big film which is under production. I am doing a British political film called “Britz”. I am open to both Bollywood and Hollywood projects.

What kind of roles would you like to do.

“As long as the role is really good I do not mind anything”.

“Do what makes you feel good because if you feel good you look good” is what Tara believes in!!

Bollywood Intl 5



New bollywood’s




Yes she is the girl from the Coke commercial with Aamir, where a shy girl asks her giggly friend “Ye akela kitno ke barabar hain”. Now it's our turn to ask her the same question, after having set the screen on fire, in Nikhil Advani's, Multi-Starrer, “Salaam E - Ishq” with her sensual and seductive dance number. The film may not have done too well at the box office but it has certainly made Anjana famous as the glamorous dancer who Anil Kapoor falls in love with The petite girl who is an MBA in foreign trade from Cardiff University (UK) had never thought of acting as a career. Like she says “I did not choose the grease paint, it chose me!” She has about 40 commercials to her credit (Onida TV, NIIT Parachute Oil Sun silk, Expression Cards, Ponds, etc) but the Coke ad with Aamir Khan made people notice her. She has now been flooded with film offers. I met up with her at a coffee place, to find out more about this beautiful and promising new face in Bollywood……………

You have a degree in international business but you chose the greasepaint instead why. “I didn't choose it chose me. I was never inclined to doing films but it just so happened that I had done so many commercials and the commercial with Aamir for coke “ye akela kitno ke barabar hai” became very popular and I started getting many offers for films so that is how I got into films and now I want to stick on.” You have about 40 commercials in your kitty which one was your first. “My first one was for whisper which never went on air. The cameraman then suggested me to a second production house and that's how I got my second ad, then it went on from there”

You also write poetry what inspires you to write poetry. “Everyday incidents, sometimes a feeling of joy and happiness sometimes a feeling of isolation, or maybe sometimes everyday pressures.” Which one of your commercials is your favorite. “Ads that I have shot with Pradeep Sarkar ,for Ponds. I have very fond memories of that, we had lots of fun shooting that ad and the other one is coke that I shot with Aamir because that was my big ad commercial with a big star like Aamir.” Hum Dum was your first film how did you get the break. “Kushan Nandi saw the coke ad. and approached me, I was reluctant at first but I read the synopsis and I thought it was a cute concept. I took it up for fun because I was not doing much then and I had just come back after my studies abroad”


ANJANA SUKHANI Bollywood Intl 7



She had a shoe landing on her head during the making of the film and when I asked her about it she laughed out loud and then narrated the whole incident“It was a chaotic day that day we were shooting at Tian and Kushan sir was screaming his lungs out on the mike but no one was listening so he just took his shoe and flung it on the air and unfortunately that shoe landed on my head. He was really sorry about it and for the next three days he kept apologizing.” She did a music video “Dulhania Mar Jayegi” and hasn't done anymore besides that but she says. “I don't mind doing something that suits my sensibility” Moving on to her latest film …… Your role in Salaam E Ishq was really small, also it was a Multi -Starrer, there was a chance of you going unnoticed but still you took the risk why” “I was a little skeptical at first thinking that I might get lost in the film with so many stars but then the banner, the director and the starcast was so good so I took the risk anyway and fortunately I did get noticed, I got my share of appreciation.” How did the offer come to you. “It did not come to me, I went to them. I had heard they were casting for the film and they were looking for one new girl to caste. The producer showed the pictures to the director, Nikhil Advani, who did not like my pictures. Then I went to his office to meet him in person, he looked at me and then said 'Ok come I'll tell you the story.' I did a screen test for scenes and dance just for them to get an idea, then I got the role”. You did the role of a choreographer in the film are you a good dancer in real life too. “Yes I am I am training in Kathak, apart from that I have been doing Hip Hop, Salsa, Rock and Roll and Jazz. The scene with Anil Kapoor where you had to kiss him was a very intimate scene how comfortable were you doing that.

“ It was not that intimate at all it was just a peck on the lip like a peck on the cheek, but even then I felt very uncomfortable and was almost on the verge of tears but Anil was so supportive so was Nikhil. Anil Kapoor told me do it like other scene that you are doing, just pretend you are in love with me.” How was the experience working with so many big stars. I was happy to be with such a big caste especially people you have actually grown up watching, like Anil Kapoor, I have seen almost all his films, Juhi, Salmaan whom I watched in Maine Pyaar Kiya and thought was very cute, Priyanka was a lovely person to work with too, she was very warm.” How difficult was it to get into the nuances of acting. “It was not difficult. I believe one can never learn acting. It is inbuilt, no one can teach you how to act but yes you can polish your skills or be a better actor after training. Acting schools teach you to be confident in front of the camera”. In a short social awareness film she played the lead protagonist who teaches sexual harassers a lesson, did she face such kind of people in real life too. “It was about a girl sitting at a restaurant and there is some lecherous guy sitting at the next table, staring at her, sometimes at her legs and neck. Maybe I do not pay attention to such kind of people, but yes if I had to experience something like that I would just get up and slap them” Forthcoming movies: untitled film with Fardeen and Kunal Khemu. Then I have 3 more films still under negotiations. She's also doing a film with director Rohit Shetty called “Sunday'. It's a story about five characters Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Ayesha Takia Irfan Khan and me, which is a suspense comedy.” With newcomers, making a foray into films almost everyday the competition is getting tough how do you plan to tackle that. “There is a lot work happening, so many films being made so I think if you are good you will always have your place no matter what.” That's very well said and we sure hope you go a long way ahead!!

8 Bollywood Intl



Bollywood’s Favourite Designer She is one of the most talented and creative minds of the Indian Fashion Industry. A product of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, she made her debut during Lakme Fashion Week in 2006, with her collection titled Roses Forever. She has her own range of clothing titled "Surily". In Bollywood she has been designing clothes for Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee, etc. I had a very brief and hurried interview with this extremely busy designer.





Did you always dream of becoming a designer. “No. I wanted to do so as a child but I was more academically inclined. It was only after doing my B.A, I took up fashion again.” How much did training under Manish Malhotra help you in your career in Bollywood. “While training with Manish, I did a lot of collection; I did not design for films.” How did you get your first break in Bollywood. “The first stint in Bollywood was for the film Kaal where I designed for Malaika. It happened to me by chance because the designer of the film had jaundice and I was asked to design for her.” What are the films you have designed for besides Kaal. “I have done the designing for Jaaneman, and for Rani in Ta Ra Rum Pum.” How different is designing for films from shows. “Films are more of character where as shows are more Fashion and Trend.” How difficult was it designing for films. “Not very difficult.” You also designed for the TV show Jassi Jaise Kohi Nahi.. “Yes I designed for the fashion show in the serial.” What is your forte in designing. “I fashion clothes that are not very busy and the cuts are simple.”





Bollywood’s Most promising


Like beauty queens before her ( Aishwarya and Sushmita) Tanushree has used her beauty pageant title to climb the ladder to stardom. She's already carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and is working her way to much bigger things. This small town girl from Jamshedpur, was crowned Ponds Femina Miss India Universe 2004. She has become one of the most popular actresses today. Among the younger lot, Tanushree is the one most likely to hit the big-time. She's got a bagful of movies and a universe full of hope…. I met her at a small café.Modest, friendly and charming, Tanushree has everything going for her, including talent. She chats candidly about Bollywood, her aspirations and her films to come. You are from a totally non-filmy background, you were just a simple girl next door- and then you won the Miss India title then got into films- how does it feel to see your pictures plastered all over the country? “It feels really good because there has been a lot of hard work, lot of toil, patience and struggle behind it and I take it as the fruits of labor.” How do you foresee yourself in the next 10 years? Do you see yourself as the next Madhuri or Aishwarya? “No I definitely do not see myself as the next Madhuri or Aishwarya. I see myself as the next Tanushree Dutta, because that's what I have always been I do not want to be compared with anyone else.” Are you selective about the kind of roles you do? “yes, to an extent within the best possible choices that I have, of course I would want to do a Yash Chopra film , I would want to work with Sanjay Bhansali, Karan Johar. That will also happen in due course of time. At the moment there are very good filmmakers who are working with me, so I can say that within the choices that are offered to me, I can pick up the best.”

Do you give importance to the script or to the director? “I am not that stuck up on a lot of things, but there are a few things that I would definitely consider before signing a film like, that my role in the script should be good, also if I feel that there is a producer or a banner or a production house which will put in as much effort as I put in the film, in terms of performance and sincerity. Lastly, I should be comfortable with the people I work with and I should be given the respect I deserve.” What is the type of roles that you have not done and would you like to do? “I have done a little bit of romance and comedy in “Good Boy Bad Boy”, a bit of the girl next door thing in “Dhol”, extremely negative character in “Raqeeb” but there are a lot of things I haven't done. What I would really like to do is something completely action packed, when I say that I do not mean that only the men are doing all the action scenes, but I would like to an active part of the action scenes!” One director you are really looking forward to work with. “There are a couple of them actually, I would want to work with Mr.Yash Chopra , but he makes very few films these days and he takes only the big stars so I hope some day I get an opportunity to work with him.” But you are a big star yourself! “(Laughs) then I would say he works with bigger stars. If he has to direct a film himself he works with really big stars the biggest probably. I just hope some day I get to work with him too, especially because I grew up watching his films and they say that your career in Bollywood is not complete without doing a Yash Chopra film.” Now that some of the heroines are getting older, do you think it makes it easier to get a foothold in the industry? “I do not think so, yes the top league actresses are getting older but there are lots and lots of younger and new actresses who are good, and they are getting into Bollywood by the minute so it makes the competition very tough.” Bollywood Intl 11


Are you comfortable doing item numbers? “At the moment I would like to take a really long break from item numbers. My quota for the next couple of years is complete. Even though item numbers have given me a lot of acclaim and a lot of work I do not like to overdo things” What is the one dream role that you really want to do? “Something I really dream of is a complete contrast to my personality. I dream of doing a completely action packed role, somewhat like John's role in “Dhoom” or Hrithik's role in “Dhoom 2”. I would love to do the horse riding and mountain climbing and shooting etc.” If you were granted a wish to be a hero for a day, who would you like to be? (She answers without a second thought) “Hrithik Roshan!”

Who do you think is tough competition among the new lot? “It would be in appropriate for me to judge that, you can never really judge the pawn and say who is going to be king, it is only in the long run you know who is the winning horse but I think when you start the race everyone is at the same position.” How important do you think are songs for a heroine? “In India they are very important, because we are a country which is very rooted to our culture and musical at heart, one thing we all relate to whether old or young are music and dance. I think it is very important.”

What is the hardest part of being an actor? “The hardest part I would say is the entire switch on- switch off stage; you come back to you family and friends and be yourself and laugh and be cheerful after having shot a really intense or serious scene or vice-versa”. What is your all time favorite film? “Step-Mom” I love the film, have seen it many times and I love everyone's performance. What if someone adapted “step-mom” in Bollywood? “I would definitely want to be a part of it” Which role would you like to play? “Obviously I would like to play Julia Roberts role, as she is younger, even though that role has a lot of maturity in it”.

If you were offered a crossover cinema or an off-beat cinema would you do it, or would you stick to commercial cinema? “I would weigh my options. If it is something I absolutely cannot let go of, a fantastic script, and if it gives me international recognition or recognition in my own country then definitely I would consider it.”

What is the one thing you hate about your profession? “I don't hate anything actually. There are times when it is stressful, there are times which are taxing but I guess that is what makes it interesting otherwise it would be too monotonous”.

What about Hollywood? “It is still too early for that, I am still finding a foothold here in Bollywood, and its still a long way to go. At the moment I am only focusing on Bollywood am not thinking of Hollywood.”

What are ther latest films you have done? Mukta Arts' “Good Boy Bad Boy, and Rajkanwar's “Raqueeb.” Then I have ” Priyadarshan's “Dhol” which is soon to be released.

Bengali films? How open are you to that? “Would definitely love to do Bengali films in the future, but again it has to be something really solid. Directors like Rituporno Ghosh, Gautam Ghosh, Aparna Sen, make really good films.

Well all I can say is, this dusky Bengali beauty knows exactly what she wants and what she wants is a place at the top…. Tanushree is surely someone to watch out for!!!

12 Bollywood Intl



HOT SHOT DIRECTOR OF THE MONTH AND THE AWARD GOES TO……… RAKEYSH OMPRAKASH MEHRA This bearded director with the nicest smile this side of the Suez Canal must have heard this line: 'The award goes to …' all through the year. Not because he was sitting quietly in the audience, but because he was the one striding up to the stage to collect it. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra has bagged just about every award, for best director and best film, for 2006 for his acclaimed “Rang De Basanti,” Yet his smile remains as sweet as ever and his determination to do better, if not as good work as RDB, remains as firm as ever. This Delhite started his career as an ad film maker and went on to direct over 250 commercials including the biggest brands like Pepsi, ICICI, Bajaj Auto and Reliance. Besides Amitabh Bachchan's music video 'Eir Bir Phathe', he made an award-winning documentary for the co-operative giant 'Amul'. He made his first film, 'Aks' in 2001, which was critically acclaimed. In 2006, he made “Rang De Basanti.” Basking in over the success of "Rang De Basanti” he speaks about his super hit film, and tells us what it takes to make a super successful film...


Did you expect “Rang De Basanti” to have such a fabulous reception at the box office? “No not really, it got me pleasantly surprised to see the box office fate. Immediately after it was released it was declared a super-hit and in the very first week it was the second highest grosser

of the last decade. The way the subject was, for that to be loved by the people it was of course very heartening. More than just the box-office hit, the film went ahead, got a cult status and got into the sub-conscious of the nation.”

you expect the message of the film to go across so strongly to the masses? “Expectations are something that is speculative. I do not believe in speculation. I believe in taking risks and I make films without any expectations.”

“Rang De Basanti” It was also the official became a cult film, did Indian entry to the Bollywood Intl 13



Oscars, how does that make you feel? “Oscars is a coveted platform but it is even greater to represent your country. India is a very large country where so many movies are made every year, but for your movie to be selected as “the” movie is a matter of great honor and pride.” How was it working with Aamir Khan? “Working with Aamir was a completely life changing experience for me. We all know that he is one of the greatest actors of our times or ever to be in the Indian film industry. He is very conscious and sincere about the choice of his subjects. He gives himself 100% to that I also discovered that more than just a fabulous actor he is a fabulous human being first and then the best in what he is doing.” How did you discover Alice Patten? What was your experience working with a foreign actor? “Discovered her through my casting director in the U.K she was a complete revelation. For an English girl to come to India and spend six months here is not very easy. She did not know Hindi, she learnt Hindi in a month. She never gave us the feeling that she was an outsider, she adjusted very well

and what she brought on screen Bharati, your wife is the editor of was for everybody to see.” “Rang De…….” How was it working together? Did you have What was your best moment any arguments about the cutting of during production and after the a scene etc.? We share a very professional release of “Rang De ….”? “Everyday of the shoot was special. relationship when it comes to our We were working with a wonderful careers. Editing is her career like team both in front of the camera directing and producing are mine. and behind the camera. Just to She is an individual and as far as share that time of life with them “Rang de…….” is concerned she is became very special for me. When the editor and creative producer, you work with a crew for almost not my wife.” one whole year, you become close to each other like family, in fact What are your plans for your next more than a family, because this is film? more by choice - in a family you “No plans as such. I am working on are born you do not have a choice, three scripts at the moment. One of so that was very special. which is “Delhi 6”, which is closer to my heart as of now and i am also Post release I thought my job was feeling more ready with it so let's over once the film was released on see.” the 26th.of January, but even today when it's over a year after release Have you finalised the star cast for we are still talking about the film, the film? so every day even after the release, “No. When I work on the story I has been very special. I have been never think about the star cast. I touched by the film; people have only think about the story and the been touched by the film. I have characters. The moment we start received a great amount of casting as the film is being written, adulation, warmth and love not then the cast starts influencing the only from fellow Indians but also script. Their persona and their from all over the world like Japan, limitation in your perception- you Russia, Europe and especially s t a r t w r i t i n g w i t h i n t h o s e America. People from all quarters limitations. It's never a sincere have come and spoken to me attempt towards writing. First one about the film, so it's been very should give writing its due, then special.” casting it's due.”



Do you plan to work with Aamir Khan in your next project too? “I would love to work with Aamir in every film of mine but the script has to justify. As of now I have not approached him.” Will your other films also have a message like “Rang de…….”? “I don't know about the message but they have a reason to be made or there should be a reason to be made as far as the director is concerned. There is a journey for a director, there is a curve, a learning curve which you go through. At times you know beforehand why you are making the film, at times during the making you discover why you are making the film or at times much after the film is made you discover the reason why you chose to make the film. Since this is what I do, it becomes a major portion about the way you live. What your life is all about, what your persona is there has to be a reason as to why you are living.” Producers are making 3-4 films at a time, so is your production house also planning to sign other directors, or are you planning just one film at a time. “A director is a director and a producer is a producer, as a producer you are not really limited by the number of films. Even as a director, your one film might be on the floor but there might be a lot of ideas which are on your mind, which you are writing. A director is not really making a film when he's shooting it; his process of making the film begins much before it goes on the floor As a producer you can make as many films as you want depending on your capacity and capability. Yes I will be directing for other banners besides mine and vice- versa, there are other directors whom we are working with right now on scripts which are in various stages of

finalisation. In the years to come you will see many other directors directing out of the banner besides me.” Do you also plan to make films for Hollywood? If yes then what kind of films? “We are at a very interesting stage in the Indian film industry. It is a time of great opportunity and a time of change being right in the middle of changes is the beauty of life. Film has its own language whether it's Hollywood, French, or Indian film it does not matter to me. The script should excite me enough. If I have a point of view to the script and I can interpret the script the way I want to then it really does not matter to me whether it is Hollywood or Indian films. I am open to different kinds of films as long as there is something in the story and something you want to say.” What lessons have you learnt from your first film “Aks” not doing so well and “rang de…….” Being a super successful film? I guess you win some you lose some .Even though “Aks” got a lot of critical appreciation , in terms of practical lessons what I learnt was that the main hero is the story so first get your real hero correct, which is your screenplay and then you should worry about everything else. I think with “Aks” we went too early on the floor. The idea was good, the concept was good, there was no lack of passion but I should have worked on the screenplay at least about 6 months to a year. Or whatever it takes bring it on the floor.” “Aks” and “Rang De…..” Which is closer to your heart? “That is a very unfair question because you feel like a mother; all your kids are the same to you. One might do well in their studies and one might do well in sports but that does not make them less your children, similarly, both my films are very close to my heart.” Bollywood Intl 15



Item Numberof the month

The very sexy Payal Rohtagi, best known for her “oozing sex image” is working really hard to change that image. She wants to leave her past behind and therefore simply ignores all questions asked about her earlier films. She admits that she has made mistakes in her career in the past but she has no regrets.

“SEXY ,SEXY, SEXY MUJHE LOG BOLE!!” ……. PAYAL ROHTAGI From an engineering graduate to acting in films, what was it that brought you into Bollywood? “I was doing my engineering in Ahmedabad and in regional colleges fashion shows is quite a craze. I was a part of one of those shows. I won the show and my friends coaxed me to try for the Femina Miss India show. I got selected as one of the Miss India contestants and that was the first time I came to Mumbai. I met people here and that's how modeling started. Coming from a middle class family, I was suddenly exposed to the modeling industry.” After doing a number of small budget films, you got a very big break in “36 china town”, from one of Bollywood's biggest name, Mr. Subash Ghai. how different was it working in a big film? “We all have to go through a transition. We learn from our own experiences what is good for us and what is bad for us. Coming from a middle class family in Ahmedabad, I had no idea about the film industry at all, so this whole process has been a learning process for me. I do not regret the fact that I did small budget films because it was these films that gave me the kind of branding that I needed to probably get a role in a Subash Ghai film. But now I have moved on and I do not want to be associated anymore with small budget films, I only want to and will work in “A” grade films. As a woman I need to be comfortable with the kind of people I am working with.”

You have done an advertisement with the “Big B”, Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. How was it working with him? “After “36 china town”, I did a role in “corporate”, I did an item song there, then Mr. Pradeep Sarkar asked me to do two ads with him, one was with Sehwag, for Dabur and the other one was with Amitabhji. The day I was shooting with him I was completely awestruck the whole day and I wanted to give my best shot. As everyone knows he's a perfectionist, Pradeep dada made me reverse 5/6 times before the shot with Mr. Bacchan was taken and before he came on the sets. But what I learnt from him is to be humble in life and to be sincere and honest to your job. As an actor I need to be honest for it to reflect.” I believe during the shooting of the song “O Sikander”, in “Corporate,” you started taking classes in Kathak. Is it true? What made you do that? “Yes, I did because I was not a very good dancer. In our industry it is important to be a good dancer. I just have one release now, in May, that's Mr. Priyadarshan's film “Dhol,” so before I start getting more projects it's better that I start working on myself. The more I work on myself as an actress the more it will reflect on screen. I realized that I need to polish up my dancing skills so I took up Kathak because it is the most basic form. After that, one can learn any form of dancing. Then I also learnt Latin American dance from Sandip Sopparikar.’

This engineering graduate was always attracted to the glamorous world of fashion and films. So when the right opportunity knocked on her door she packed her bags and came to Mumbai, the city of dreams. She started her career by modeling for popular brands like Amul, Nirma, Nescafe etc. followed by a string of “C” grades films then came the BIG break from none other than the showman himself, Mr. Subhash Ghai in “36 China Town” Read on to find out more about this item girl's journey from “sexy” flicks to “A” grade films……………



What about belly dancing? Everyone seems to be learning it these days? “It's great, but I am still hooked onto Kathak. I am learning the Jaipur Gharana Khatak. Dance is something that makes you really happy. It's a great stress buster.” In “Corporate” you had to smoke a lot of cigarettes. How difficult was it to do that because you do not smoke in real life? “It was very difficult and I actually picked up the habit after the film. It went on for two months and now I have given up smoking because it's not a good habit. Your profession is such that you are playing different roles all the time and you tend to get carried away so you have to know where to draw the line and have strong will power”. If you were offered the lead role in a film what would your ideal role be? “Every actress would love to play the lead role, for me right now it's any great actress's role. like Tabu's role in “Maqbool” or Rani's role in “black” but I don't think I could ever replicate them or re-play the same, so I would just like to work with good directors and learn from them.”

training? “I enrolled myself to Sandip Sopparkar's Latin American dance classes for this role since there was a bit of dancing involved in the role too, like a club song. I was more used to dancing bare feet so here I learnt to dance with heels and I enjoyed it. Most of your films have had a lot of skin show how comfortable are you with that? “My earlier films had a lot of skin show and I have been quite comfortable with my body. When you are in front of the camera you need to forget about everything else. Women are considered as objects of glamour in our industry till you prove your acting talent. It's a process, it starts somewhere. The one thing I have learnt is the fact that where you expose and how you expose makes a lot of difference. There is a very thin line between looking vulgar and looking sensuous. Ultimately you are women and you want your films to be viewed by your family. I guess we all learn from our experiences and mistakes.”

How was the experience working with Priyadarshan in “Dhol”? “He is a man of very few words. He is very particular about minutest details, an excellent director. He is a very successful director, I trust him blindly .I learnt to be more aware about things and to be more particular about things.”

Now that you have decided to do only “A” grade films does that mean you are not going to do item numbers or sexy siren roles as well? “I do not mind doing a good song for a good banner like a Yash Raj movie then why not? Where I do it is very important, my director is important, producer is important, co- actors are important. I know now what not to do. I do not mind doing small roles but if the role is not powerful then what is the point”

You are playing the role of a cabaret singer in “Dhol” did you go through some kind of

From your past experiences and from the kind of roles you have done earlier, if you

were offered a girl next door, or a simple village girl role would you be able to carry that on your shoulder? “I am very confident that I can do it; because I know my profession, I know my strength and weaknesses and I can work hard towards it, but ultimately it is up to the audience and critics to judge that. I would love to do such roles and there has also been a complete change in the way I look. I look healthy, my skin looks healthier, and hair looks healthier. I am working on my makeup after the criticism I got for my make up in “36 china town” Are you doing a lot of shows as well? “Yes I have been traveling a lot for shows. I think things are going in the right direction for me and I am happy”. Have you been offered anymore item numbers? “Not at the moment but if I do get an offer from a director, good banner I am open to the idea”. You performed at the Kelvinator Woman Achiever's Award 2007, which was your first televised act. Do you also feel like an achiever after where you have come from and where you are today? “I am proud of myself even though I do know I made mistakes, but I came to the industry with no knowledge at all. I did not know what is good or bad. After working with Mr. Amitabh Bacchan for the ad I have realized there is no end to achieving anything. Every day you learn something new and everyday you are achieving. If I think have achieved all, I start living in my own world and that will be my end.” Bollywood Intl 17




City Director o










Tall and soft-spoken, Madhur Bhandarkar is a self-made man, one of the few directors who made it without any godfathers. He has, in the process, carved out a niche for himself as the director of the masses. He started off as Ram Gopal Varma's assistant and went on to make his directorial debut with Trishakti in 1999. A couple of years later came the path-breaking Chandni Bar, starring Tabu and Atul Kulkarni. This film, commercially and critically successful, brought Madhur into the top league directors. He earned his first National Award too. Then followed Satta, in 2003, Page 3 in 2005 (earning him his second National Award), Corporate in 2006 and Traffic Signal in 2007. I interviewed him at his cozy little office which reflects his simplicity and down-to earth nature. Ask him about films and he gets very excited as he discusses his movies……..




ou have always stayed away from commercial type of films, but your films are still very successful. What is the secret behind that? “I do not know that myself. Yes my films are a success at the box office. I always try to experiment with different subjects, I am an experimental film maker and it makes me feel happy when people come to me and say that my films are really different and my movies are a mirror to the society. I feel really blessed that all my films- from “Chandni Bar” to “Traffic Signal” have been a success both at the box office and with the critics and some have even got national awards. You made a trilogy-“Page 3”, “Corporate”, “Traffic Signal”- how did you think of it? “When I went for these page 3 parties, I was amazed to see people from different walks of life under one roof. People from Bollywood, people from the corporate world, from the media, from the fashion industry, business people, you have wannabes, and then you have beaurocrats. I always wondered how this entire page 3 network works, so I thought of making a film on them through a journalist's point of view. then when I was researching for my film “page 3”, a lot of corporate people were involved in it that is how I got the idea of making a film on the corporate world, so I made “Corporate.” I am a strong believer of the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, I have been walking to the temple for the past nine years. It was at one such time on my way to the temple I was watching all the people who live on the roads like the beggars, the eunuchs, and the flower vendor etc. I realized that I have made two films on the high society and now I want to do something completely contrast, that's how I made “Traffic Signal” Why have you never taken any of the top actors in any of your films? “It is not a deliberate attempt that I do not want to work with stars; I would love to work with them provided I have a good subject where I can fit them in. My films have a lot of realism. I would love to work with Hritikh, Shahrukh, Aamir, Abhishekh they are all so talented. If I have a good script I will definitely approach them.”

Your films are always socially relevant a n d hard hitting, why is it so? “Media has given me this tag of a socially relevant f i l m maker, a realistic film maker, a hard hitter. I never plan things; I just feel a lot of things in real life are stronger than films. I also feel that in our country and in our society there are a lot of issues which can be shown to the people. I am really happy that I am at least giving different type of cinema to the people. There is nothing wrong in exploring different types of subjects.” Tabu in “Chandni Bar”, Raveena in “Satta”, Konkona in “Page 3” and Bipasha in “Corporate”- why do you always make females the main protagonist in you films? “It is not like that. There are certain subjects in our country where I feel the female protagonist fits the bill more than the male. A woman can be both fragile and dominating and also gets more sympathy than the male protagonist .I feel maybe I cannot interpret the subject with a male protagonist. But again all depends on the subject, like “Traffic Signal” had a male protagonist. Majority of my films have of course been made with a female protagonist so people feel that I only make female oriented cinema but there is nothing like that.” What made you decide on a male protagonist for “Traffic Signal”? I felt he was the right person for the role. He fitted the role very well. The character was required to sit on the street collect money from everybody so I felt male protagonist would be better, and he's done a fabulous job.” The characters in your films are never larger than life why? “That is because I caste real characters in my films, like in “Page 3”i had actual page 3 people playing certain characters in the film similarly in “Corporate”, I had some people from the corporate world acting in the film, and also in “Traffic Signal” I have taken people from the street like the beggars and eunuchs for the film. All the characters I caste are so real and authentic. The characters are exactly like the people I meet and interact with or see and read about.”

18 Bollywood Intl



How much time do you take in scripting and developing your films? “It takes me at least 5 to 6 months. My movies are very well researched. Try to explore new ideas so that's the reason I take time.” You have also signed a contract with Percept Picture Company, what kind of films are you going to make for them? “I have very good relations with Shailendra Singh, he is a very dear friend of mine and he knows the kind of films I make and he believes in me, so we have a mutual understanding. I am very comfortable working with them. I am trying to make something innovative.”

Your films are mostly based in Mumbai. Do you plan to make films based on social issues in the other parts of India as well? “Definitely. Why only other parts of our country, it could be other countries also but I do not want to get labeled as a “social” filmmaker. I would love to make all kinds of films but yes my films will still have realism in them. It could be thriller, a romantic film, a comedy, a political film or a film on Non - Resident Indians.” If you were to make a film in Hollywood what kind of subject would you choose? “It would definitely be something to do with human emotions. The best movies in the world have a lot of emotional upheavals.” If you were to shoot abroad which place would you like to shoot in? “Anywhere but particularly the U.S” Did you expect “Chandi Bar” to get a national award? No I never thought I would ever reach this level in life. I came to the industry with no godfathers and no big actor to support me; I came from a middle class family and struggled here on my own. Sometimes when I look back I feel it's like a dream come true. I feel like god's blessed child who was at the right place at the right time. My first film “Trishakti” was a disaster at the box office, so it's been a long journey from “Trishakti” to “Traffick Signal.” There are rumors that you are planning a sequel to “Chandi Bar” is it true? “Yes I am thinking of it. There were questions on my mind as to what happens to the bar girl once the bar shuts down. I am working on it.” If you make the sequel, do you plan to caste Tabu again? “If the script is ready it will definitely be Tabu.” Where do you get the ideas for your films? “I love meeting all kinds of people, so I get my ideas from day to day life, from the different people I meet. Like when I attended page 3 parties I felt why not make a film on it, likewise when I met some corporate people I felt why not make a film on the corporate world, then when I was on my way to the temple I saw street people then I thought of making a film on them. Right now I have been attending fashion shows so am thinking of making a film on the fashion world. That's how I get ideas.”

How has “traffic signal” fared in the international market? “It fared averagely in the international market, but in the national market it was very well received, especially Delhi, Calcutta, and Maharashtra did very well. They say after “guru” the only film that did well at the box office was “Traffic Signal” so I am happy because it did not have a big star caste or a hit song but still it did well.” What kind of research went into “Traffic Signal”? “I did a lot of research. We went to Dharavi, went to the different places that these street people live in, I interacted with beggars, eunuchs, vendors. Went to see their night life and what they do during the day, the kind of network they have. I also went through a lot of newspaper cuttings.” As you said you are thinking of making the next film on the fashion industry. “It is too premature to talk about it at the moment, I am writing the script and if I like it then I will go ahead with it.” Have you decided on the star caste? “No, I have not decided on the star”. When do you plan to start shooting your next film? “If everything goes right I want to start two films. One of them will be a comedy, but I want to work on my script first because the script is very important.” You have been appointed as the Jury head for short films, on “Filmy” the Sahara One network channel. What is this show all about? “It is a good show. I get to watch a lot of short films. There is a lot of potential in our country so this is a good platform for short film makers. It is good to encourage short film makers. There are people who might come up with different new ideas so it will be interesting to judge these films.” You were a judge for the reality show on Zee T.V “Idea Cinestars Ki Khoj” how different was it from directing? “It was a great experience. There was a lot of talent, a lot of promising faces and if I can fit them somewhere in my films I will definitely do that. Judging a show is an instant thing where you make a decision there and then, while directing you can have retakes.” Though busy with his film projects, Madhur is unhurried, knowing that his time has just begun!

Bollywood Intl 19



SHAMITA SINGHA GORGEOUS INDIAN SUPERMODEL Most people recognize this Diva from her days as Miss India Earth 2001 and walks down the ramp but what many do not know is that unlike other Miss Indias she said a strict no to Bollywood She is happy and content being a Model, VJ, Anchor and a Wine Enthusiast She is really excited about her new show on “Zoom” which is all about style and fashion Over a telephonic interview she bares all……

How has your journey after winning the Femina Miss India earth 2001 been? It has been fabulous. It was like a stepping stone for me, and my whole journey till now has been very positive. Today I am totally established in the fashion industry, apart from that I have done a lot of ad campaigns, and I have had the good fortune to pick and choose the campaigns. Then I have done television shows. I was hosting a show for b4u and now I am hosting a new style show for Zoom. I have also done live shows and print campaigns.” Does the Femina Miss India title help? “Yes to a certain extent but it is not what takes you forward. I fit the bill for ramp; I fit the bill as a host for television shows and also for ad campaigns so I credit myself to a certain extent.” You are said to be an animal rights activist and a vegetarian too, so do you wear leather or any outfits made of any other animal skin for your shows? “Never. I strongly support animals and I also avoid buying anything made from animal skin.” You are a VJ, an anchor and also a wine enthusiast besides being a top ramp model. Out of all these do you enjoying doing the most “All of them! Otherwise I would not be doing it. I started wine tasting as a passion and now it's become a profession; I am conducting workshops on wine. Television came to me naturally and the runway has always been my first love.”

20 Bollywood Intl



How do you manage so many things together? “It is a very difficult task to juggle all of them but having said that I feel everyday is a new day, I would die of monotony if I had to stick just to the ramp, so I love all that I am doing right now.”

Where do you see Indian fashion in the next ten years? “Indian fashion is slowly rising but they still have a lot to catch up on the global level; in terms of quality, finish, texture etc. There are lots of good new designers coming up.”

Do you do only designer shows? “Yes I only do designer shows. The designer maybe showcasing for a corporate or maybe doing an event for a bank, I do shows for the designer then. I used to do fashion designing student shows but I try not to do that anymore.”

What about films, have you ever thought of getting into films, Bollywood? “I have been offered a lot of films but I do not want to do them. I prefer doing things related to fashion and lifestyle.”

Who are the designers you have walked the ramp for? “Almost everyone.” Do you think you are beautiful and do you consider yourself a designer's diva? 'Yes I do!” Why do you think so? “Because I have the body structure, to carry any kind of clothes well. You could call me a clothes horse! I carry the outfits beautifully and I have the right attitude to show off the garments.”

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? “Definitely, still connected to the fashion industry. Maybe something to do with lifestyle products, maybe behind the camera or off ramp, directing some shows.” Wherever Shamita is, the discerning public eye will always be trained on her. Here's hoping to see you as glamorous and happy in the years to come!! Cheers !!

What according to you suits your personality more, Western or Indian outfits? “I look good in both but I do not favor sheer or skimpy outfits.” Then how is it that you modelled in a swimsuit for the kingfisher calendar? “Print campaigns are totally different. There are just a few people while shooting them and also you can have a say on the different angles while taking a picture, you can choose the pictures but ramp shows are not the same. There are more than a hundred people watching you.” Who are your favorite designers? “Aki Narula,Surily Goel and Gaurav Gupta. They are all very good.” How often do you go abroad for fashion shows? “Very often. I keep going to Singapore, New York, and Sanfrancisco but mainly for Indian designers. I have also done shows for Mango, Morgan, Escada when they came to India for their shows.” Which international designers do you like the most? “Escada” Which international designer have you worked with? “Anand Jon and a couple of designers from Malaysia.”




Roshni Chopra

Tellywood Siren of the month

“Mother said I could dance before I could walk… mother said I could sing before I could talk…..”These lines from a famous Abba song, is what this ravishing beauty believes, best describes her……. For those of you who thought beauty and brains didn't go hand in hand, you probably haven't met Roshni Chopra. This pretty and poised girl not only has the perfect body and the most beautiful eyes but also an intelligent mind. Sitting outside in a café, enjoying a refreshing drink of Country Lemonade, we had a long conversation …… These are the excerpts from our conversation…….. Were you a born actress or did you ever inspire to become an actress? (laughs)”there's a beautiful Abba song ,which says mother said I could dance before I could walk, mother said I could sing before I could talk…. I think it was a little bit like that but I never wanted to take it up as a profession. I did my first theater at the

age of five and I wrote plays and musicals but never really thought I would be an actress. I went abroad to do my masters in media, came back and worked as communications manager for Seagrams. Then cricket happened. Charu Sharma saw me in a play and approached me to anchor the show, I anchored the Indo - Pak series, then finally I ended up doing five consecutive series, India, Australia, New Zealand, Srilanka. After a lot of pushing from people close to me, I finally decided to quit my job and take a shot at acting and came to Bombay, 2 years back. I did a couple of ads, a few music videos before being offered the serial Kasam Se by Balaji. I took up the serial because I thought it was a really cool story so I agreed to do it not knowing what a daily soap is like, not knowing the hours I would have to put in, not knowing about stereo types. I never watched serials on a regular basis before that” You also did a film. Let's Enjoy was the name of the film. It was an English film, an ensemble film

for different stories; it was directed by my husband whom I was seeing at that time. This film happened while I was working. The film was all about one night so we shot almost 30 nights in Delhi, I would shoot in the night and come home, sleep for about 2 hours and then go to office in the morning. Even then I was never very serious about acting. I still do not have a portfolio like mostly everyone else” How has your life changed after getting into the lime light? “Life does change because wherever you go people recognize you so your privacy is invaded to a certain extent. You get a lot of love and appreciation, and everyone has something to say about you. You feel that you are reaching out to so many people and I am a people's person so I enjoy it but at the same time it gets a bit disturbing because you do not know who to believe. It is very important to be grounded and have a strong head on your shoulders to be in this industry. If your basics are right nothing can change the person you are.” If you were to get a good film offer would you give up television totally? “Everything happens in stages. I think the good part of our industry is the variety of work one can do. Whether it is another film offer or television offer is not the contention, it is about how challenging the role is. I would

22 Bollywood Intl



definitely make time for both.If it is an either or situation then whichever one seems right I will do that but as of now I think it is foolish to be speculative.” What about other shows on television? “Am doing, Cinemascope, on Zee Music, which is a daily show. I get to interview different actors; it is basically a chat show, which I host. It brings out my identity, not just a character because in television you get known as your character. I guess I am lucky that I have 2 things happening side by side, anchoring as well as acting. I am also doing a sports show The Indian Golf Show which is aired during the golf season on Ten Sports it's a weekly show and is very close to my heart, because I have grown up watching my dad play golf, he's an avid golfer. I was also doing the serial “Kavyanjali” along with Kasam Se it was a totally hectic time in my life because I was working round the clock , I hardly had time to sleep, it made me realize that a human body can take much more than we give it”

Which is your favourite holiday destination. “Prague or Turkey. We haven't gone for a honeymoon yet after our wedding in December, so am looking forward to Prague in July.” Have you been getting offers from films? “I just did a film called Brahm directed by Pawan Kaul, with Dino Morea and Milind Soman. I did a cameo in it. It is interesting to be shot on film, I always enjoy that.”

What else are you doing? “I do a lot of freelance anchoring; I just came back from Malaysia where I anchored the red carpet and the curtain raiser for the Zee Cine Awards. It was a lot of fun because I got to interview people like Shah Rukh and Salman, and a lot of other actors. It was a refreshing break. I do a lot of freelance anchoring whenever I can fit it in and I enjoy it because it brings out my personality.”

How has the experience of working with Balaji been? “It has taught me a world of things. It's like suddenly being thrown into the deep end. It's a big production house, big show, which is much talked about. They have a pulse on what is good and what's not and they are a hard core production house, that's why they are so successful. I have been treated very well at Balaji and I have no reason to complain”. You have a sister; do you believe that you could betray your own sister like your character does in Kasam Se? “No… never I do not think so. That is the only unbelievable part of our show, the day that track came up, I was shocked because to act a part you have to understand it and I just could not understand it, but I guess that is the difference between fact and fiction. That is the liberty you can take with television and films.”

Are you particular about the kind of roles you do? “When I signed Kasam Se, I was not so particular because I didn't know the stereo types of television and it does function with stereo types. I don't think I can fit into the perfect bahu's role I am happy I am doing Pia's role because it is much more challenging role, it's a variety, she's psychotic, intense, jealous, she loves and she's materialistic yet sensitive ,she's clever. She's a character which people are interested in watching .Even then I will be more particular about what I do, because it has to be bigger, better and more challenging than this. Which is quite a tall order so let's wait and see”.

Do you plan to work with other production houses besides Balaji? “Yes very much so , but the thing is if I do 2 shows with Balaji, they manage my time whereas if I say yes to any other production house simultaneously there is a huge danger that my time will not be enough, so at this point of time I think I should not do that. Because I will not settle for a small part and if I sign for a big role then it's going to get difficult”.

What do you enjoy more acting or anchoring? “Acting is very personal creatively to me because I love to get into someone else's skin but as an anchor I feel like I can do so much. I have the liberty, I can be any character I want say I am interviewing you tomorrow, I can be cocky, I could be sweet, slightly gossipy depending on who's in front of you. I am glad that they are both there if I was doing just one thing I would get too bored”. If not acting where would you be and what would you be doing? “Maybe running a communications agency or something, like an entrepreneur but close to the same field.”

Bollywood Intl 23



Behind The Scenes

ACE CINEMATOGRAPHER BINOD PRADHAN PAINTING WITH HIS CAMERA…………………… This curly haired man, with the cutest eyes which crinkles up every time he smiles and only speaks when he is spoken to, is one of Asia's finest directors of photography. A man of few words, he is like an artist who paints the most beautiful pictures. He uses his camera like an artist uses the paintbrush to give the most spectacular visuals that stays in our minds for days. Coming from a beautiful small town, Kalimpong, nestled in the pristine Himalayas, he has become one the most renowned names in the film fraternity, not only in India but all over the world. In a career spanning nearly 30 years he has worked for a variety of films like; Aparoopa, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Khamosh, Papori, Parinda, Narasimha, 1942 A Love Story, Kareeb , Mission Kashmir, Devdas, Munnabhai MBBS, Rang De Basanti and the recent “Tara Rum Pum” and an uncountable number of Ad Films too. He is one of the first Indian Cinematographer's featured in the prestigious American Cinematographer Magazine. I had the pleasure of interviewing him at his new house which has obviously been very tastefully designed.

You are the first Indian cinematographer to have featured in the prestigious magazine The American Cinematographer, how does that make you feel? “I obviously feel like I am on top of the world! It was very thrilling and the excitement was with me for months because this one was a special one and even now I feel proud I was featured in the American cinematographer. That also helped when I went to Hollywood to visit the ASC Club, some people knew me because I had been featured in that magazine” Which one of your films has been your personal favorite? “So far it is Rang De Basanti, because I had to go out of my skin to do that film the way I did it. Rang De... also because I tried to give it a very modern touch, which is not my normal style.” Indian cinematography is supposed to be almost world class but it is not world class why is it so? “It is world class but yes there are a few things like the working methods, there is a lot to be desired in the working methods here and also the way the cameramen here functions, to the cameramen in the west is quite different. But I would still like to differ to your statement that the cinematography here is not world class, it's just that the training one gets and the look one does is different.” Is it also true that in Hollywood the director of photography does only the lighting but does not need to operate the camera but here in India you are expected to do everything? “In most of the other countries they have an operating cameraman. They have a specific post for an operative cameraman. What the director of photography does is to basically give the look of the film and do the lighting, and work on the movements, but the actual movement of the camera is done by the operative cameraman. Besides that they also have a lot of highly talented people who have many years of experience in the field like the chaffer and the grips, here we do not have such systems so it makes the work of the director of photography more difficult. Here we also work in an isolated manner we have our own assistants whereas there we need not work with the same assistants again and again. The assistants gather more knowledge when they work with various director of photography so that also helps.” Which do you feel is a better way of working? “I think the way the west works is much better, but right now for me to make the people here work that way is next to impossible because there are many talents that surround the director of photography which is lacking here in India.”



Behind The Scenes

Also since you are not operating the camera yourself do you feel you kind of lose control? “I don't think so, infact that will free me from that particular responsibility and I can think more in terms of the look and lighting of the film but I like operating also so I don't know how I would get over that love for operating the camera. But yes if there is an operative cameraman it helps the director of photography a lot.”

Best place to learn cinematography? In India nothing better than the Pune Film Institute, then there is Whistling Woods which is coming up. Abroad UCLA, then the London Film School, New York Film Academy.”

Which Hollywood cinematographer inspires you the most? “A lot of them, like the late Conrad Hall, Vittorio Storaro has been one of my favorites, then Gordon Willis. Then the whole lot of new of kapunskis and …. I don't know how they get all those knowledge but I think their training is such that they are exposed to much more variety of visual mediums so that has a lot to do with what they achieve.”

His forthcoming films are; Nanhe Jaislaimer which he says is “a cute small film” Roshan and Mera Bharath Mahan .

Which is the one Bollywood cinematographer you have been greatly inspired by? Subroto Mitra he did a lot of soft lighting and I love soft Do you feel the kind of equipment we have here is lighting and he gave a very natural look and in those days to give a natural look was very difficult.” inferior to the west? “In terms of cameras we are quite at par, the only problem we have here is in colour grading, the look Among all the films that you have done there must we get here is very limited. The people who do the have been a shot which was the most diff. shot to colour grading are very important to get you the light. colour you want but here they are used to a certain “There are no diff shots to light. There are big things to way of doing things .Of late because DI has come to light and small things to light there is no such thing as India we can be more specific about the type of lighting is difficult or impossible. Big sets are more colours we want and we are getting it to quite an time consuming to light but sometimes it might be just extent.” a single drop of water that may be very difficult to light so you can't really say what was difficult.” Cinematographers play a very important role in film making so do you think you are compensated enough Do you prefer doing cinema or ad films? in India? “I prefer cinema, not that I do not like doing ad films “Because I am a cinematographer myself, I feel the but I like doing movie photography more than ad films more the better! (laughs) I wouldn't know. You have to but ad films have their own challenges and that too is ask the others about it too.” interesting.”

Not only is he an excellent cinematographer, he has proved himself as an actor too!! He has done a cameo in Siddharth Anand's, Ta Ra Rum Pum. For those of you who haven't seen it go catch him in front of the camera, he is sure to be frowned upon !!!!!

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The generation next racers ………………Of

TaRum Ra Pum



Angelina Idnani and Ali Haji, are like any other kids, adorable and mischievous but having tasted success very early in their lives, they are more confident than other children their age. At a very young age they have done what every actor who comes to Bollywood, dreams of doing, acting in the prestigious Yash Chopra Banner. 7 year old Ali, is a class 3 student in Mumbai's Ashburn International Heights School. I asked him how he manages his studies and a hectic shooting schedule, he said answered very confidently “It's not very tough, I complete all my notes after the shoot gets over”. Ali is like any other typical 7 year old boy, who is not really fond of girls, except for his mom, his 2 year old sister and his best friend Nishika, exactly in that order! He goes on to explain why he dislikes girls, “They irritate and ask me for autographs”. His favourite sport is football. His loves to eat Thai curry and rice. Besides acting he also loves to play Monopoly, Pictionary, Chess and Scrabble in his spare time. On the other hand, Angelina who is 9 years old, is very very girlie!! She walked into MacDonald's (where I was to meet her), very confidently, carrying a little purse and a cell phone. A student of Mumbai's City International School, she gives credit principal and teacher for helping her cope with her studies along with shooting schedules. She is presently in class 5.She loves swimming, dancing and singing. She speaks like a little “Miss India” so it's but natural that you ask her if she is interested in these contests, she is not interested. She only wants to act, she says “acting is my passion” in true star style! Both the children talk about Ta Ra Rum Pum very fondly. They love Rani and Saif very much. According to them the entire film unit of Ta Ra Rum Pum was very affectionate to them. They have some very fond memories during the

making of the film, like the time they were given a Limousine ride back to the hotel after the shoot. Visiting the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, Bronx Zoo and Times Square. They even seem to happily remember how they fell in the fountain, during the shooting of a song sequence at Washington DC Park. Ali says “I fell on my knees, both my knees were bleeding but they put a big bandage and it was fine”. They both say that they had loads of fun while shooting the film. Ali bagged the role after going through three auditions, while Angelina had to go through four. Ali was asked to act like he was driving a remote control car during the audition, and Angelina, who was selected out of 500 girls, was asked to act as though she was reluctant to leave her school and teacher. But both these kids are not new to the world of showbiz. They have done a number of Ads and a few films prior to Ta Ra Rum Pum. The little bundle of talent, Ali, was only six-months-old when he did his first advertisement for Johnson and Johnson. This was followed by a host of other ads like Dabur Chyawanprash, Pepsodent, Close Up, Lifebouy ,Rasna, Brittania biscuits etc. He has done films like, Family and, Fanaa.His forthcoming films are Partner and a guest appearance in Drona. He is adorable and I am sure this “girl hater” will surely break a lot of hearts once he grows up!! As for Angelina, acting for this little Prima Donna, is a cakewalk. She too has appeared in quite a few ads like, Montex pens, Everest Masala, Haldiram, Mahindra Club Holidays and Neutrela and also has two feature films to her list, Benares, and Phir Hera Pheri. She has been getting a lot of offers post Ta Ra Rum Pum but this little princess would like to take things one at a time. She already has a lot of fan following, including my 3 year old daughter, who insists we call her princess after watching Ta Ra Rum Pum!! These two little charmers, I am sure will win a lot of hearts. They certainly did win mine! Bollywood Intl 27






April 22, 2007 (Los Angeles) The 5th Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles concluded tonight at the ArcLight Hollywood with the LA Premiere of Rajnesh Domalpalli's VANAJA, Best Debut Feature winner at the Berlin International Film Festival. At the postscreening Gala Reception at Level 3 in Hollywood, the Jury and Audience Awards were announced. The Pan Nalin's epic love story Valley of Flowers won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature, while the Audience Choice Award went to John Jeffcoat's romantic comedy Outsourced. JURY AWARDS GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR BEST FEATURE VALLEY OF FLOWERS directed by Pan Nalin Special mention for Debut Feature film: VANAJA directed by Rajnesh Domalpalli Jurors: Naman Ramachandran, Mary Sweeney, Josh Welsh GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY Q2P directed by Paromita Vohra Jurors: Lisa Leeman, Phillip Rodriquez, Meher Tatna GRAND JURY PRIZE FOR BEST SHORT TEA BREAK directed by Srinivas Sunderrajan Special mention to PRINTED RAINBOW directed by Gitanjali Rao Jurors: Radha Bharadwaj, Asher Goldstein, Ravi Kapoor AUDIENCE AWARDS BEST FEATURE FILM OUTSOURCED Directed by John Jeffcoat BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM DIVIDED WE FALL directed by Sharat Raju BEST SHORT FILM MONSOON directed by Shyam Balsé



This year, the festival paid tribute to acclaimed actress, poet, painter and writer DEEPTI NAVAL who has received widespread recognition for a career that has spanned nearly 30-years. As part of the tribute, IFFLA showcased three films of her most renowned performances that included KAMLA, PANCHVATI and I AM ALIVE (MAIN ZINDA HOON). As part of the 5th year celebrations, the festival added two new programs to their expanding festival: “Bollywood By Night,” which highlighted some of the most popular Bollywood Films of all times, including the 20th anniversary screening of Shekhar Kapur's MR. INDIA. Presented by LA Weekly, the new program was a remarkable hit with both American and South Asian patrons creating lively energetic audiences that packed the theatres every night. The second addition was the IFFLA EcoVision, a new program that aims to spread ecological awareness to coincide with Earth Day. Although official attendance figures are still being tabulated, festival organizers have seen a 20% increase in Box Office receipts over the previous year from many sold out shows. "Over the past six days, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from filmmakers, audiences, sponsors and press,” commented Festival Director Christina Marouda. “In fact, we have received many requests to take the festival to other parts of the country which we are going to look into. IFFLA 2007 has been tremendously successful on every level.” The six-day festival kicked off on Tuesday, April 17 with the LA Premiere of Jag Mundhra's PROVOKED with an all star Indian and British cast including Aishwarya Rai, Academy Award nominee Miranda

Richardson, Naveen Andrews, Nandita Das, Rebecca Pidgeon, Robbie Coltrane and Nicholas Irons from Eros Entertainment. The festival showcased 36 films including 11 US Premieres and 3 World Premieres with the majority of the filmmakers in attendance. IFFLA 2007 runs April 17-22, presented by the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles established in 2002 as a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting a greater appreciation of Indian culture by showcasing a selection of films from or about India by Indian and international filmmakers as well as films that reflect diverse perspectives of the Indian Diaspora. In addition, IFFLA continues to spotlight works by Indian filmmakers that cross boundaries to tell compelling stories of a global perspective. For more information go to our website: About ArcLight Cinemas ArcLight Cinemas, created by Pacific Theatres, represents and an evolution in the movie going experience. The beautifully designed flagship facility in Hollywood, which opened in March 2002, offers an unprecedented combination of technology, amenities, comfort, and customer service. Facilities include the historic Cinerama Dome and 14 state-of-the-art "black box" auditoriums as well as a café bar and a cinemafocused gift shop. Tickets can be purchased online without a fee and printed at home, at the theaters automated ticketing kiosks, lobby box office and over the phone. Plus, ArcLight offers a free membership program with purchasing rewards and other members-only benefits. ArcLight Hollywood is located at 6360 W. Sunset Boulevard, between Vine and Ivar. For more information about ArcLight, visit

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Filmed Entertainment — The Indian film industry has been one of the oldest segments of the Indian entertainment industry. Motion pictures were brought to India in 1896 by Lumiere Brothers, and since then there has been no looking back. Today, India produces the largest number of films and has the largest number of admissions in the world. The Indian film industry is witnessing marked improvements in all spheres - from the technology used in making films, to internationally-appealing themes of movies, digital exhibition, increased focus on marketing and transparent distribution, finance and business environment. In 2006, the growing trend of corporitisation of the industry along with the shift to digital cinema and multiplexes gained further momentum making it an extremely great year for the Indian film industry.

Corporates are also establishing their presence in the film distribution space with media conglomerates like UTV Software, Sahara Group and Eros International entering this segment.

Growth of Multiplexes The increasing corporatisation of the Indian film industry, entertainment tax sops offered by several state governments, frantic pace of development of retail malls that have multiplexes as anchor tenants, improvements in projection and sound technology resulting in the infrastructure of single-screens becoming outdated, superior economics of multiplexes along with growing consumerism have all led to a significant increase in the number of multiplexes in India. Company


Projected screens In next 5 years

Key Developments Multiplexes

Corporatisation of Indian Film Industry The trend of corporatisation of the Indian film industry, considered to be one of the most important aspects for the growth of the industry, continued to gather momentum in 2006. Some of the key indicators of corporatisation in 2006 include: —

Following the IPOs of production house like UTV and Saregama in 2005, 2006 witnessed the IPOs of Prime Focus Ltd. and K Sera Sera Productions.


Share price(Rs.)

Price Band(Rs.)

Issue Period Price(Rs.)

IPO Size (Rs. Mn.)

Prime Focus Limited




May 06 1,150

K Sera Sera Productions




Feb 06


Film production house Percept Picture Company received funding from Bennett & Coleman and UFO Moviez received funding in the amount of As. 968 million from 3i, a private equity player.

Several companies entered into long term contracts with directors and actors to secure their content pipelineAdlabs signed contracts with Hrithik Roshan with As. 350 million for 3 films, Akshay Kumar for As. 180 million for 3 films and Vipul Shah for Rs. 2 billion for 8 films and are reportedly signing a Rs. 220 million- 3 film deal with John Abraham. UTV reportedly has set aside As. 1 billion for contracts with individual directors while Sahara Motion Pictures locked in Madhur Bhandarkar for 3 films.

Industry sources also indicate that more than half of the releases in 2006 were by corporates rather than individuals.



Inbox Cinemax Shringar Adiabs






















Source: Industry estimates and PwC Research

Improved models for financing films Since 2000, when the Government of India accorded 'industry' status to Indian film making doors to organized funding from banks, financial institutions, corporates and venture funds for making films which hitherto were largely financed through unorganized means. Corporatisation has helped in bringing the interest rates for financing films down, which makes these Film Projects more viable and also opens up possibilities for undertaking some big budget movie projects. Corporatisation has also opened up possibilities for creative producers who had good scripts but no financing options. In 2006, IDBI Bank doubled its exposure limit to Rs. 2 billion for film financing. It has sanctioned Rs. 1.8 billion while actual disbursals stood at Rs. 850-900 million towards movie projects. Growth in Home Video Market 2006 saw a tremendous surge in home theatre surround sound systems, plasma televisions due to a boost in purchasing power, especially in the high-income groups. As a result, there was a significant increase in the demand for home video products like DVDs and VCDs. The overall positive growth and trend of organisation in India's retail sector is another factor which contributed to the boost in DVD sales. A major development in the DVD market in 2006 was the entry of media powerhouse Nimbus Communications in to the DVD rental business. The company plans to invest Rs. 1.5 billion in trying to

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Digital Cinemas

Gross Box Office Collections of Foreign Films In India

Rs. Million

create a DVD retail chain by offering over 60,000 movie titles in 56 cities. Optical storage company Mosabaer is also planning an major entry in to the DVD business in India. However, piracy continues to be significant barriers to the exponential growth of the Home video market in India.


4000 2000 0 2005

Digital cinemas are expected to change the face of the century-old cinema business just as Internet (e-mail) and mobile phones changed the face of communication; digital cameras changed the face of imaging; satellite & cable television changed the face of home entertainment; and MP3 technology changed the face of music. Digital cinema envisages providing a high definition cinematic experience using computer serves, telecom, and satellite technology. Spearheading this digital revolution in India are companies such as Essel Group, PVR Talkies, Pyramid Saimira, Adlabs, and United Film Organizers (part of the Apollo Group) amongst others.



Box Office Collections

Number of Films produced in 2006 Language

Number of films


















































Tamil (dub)





Telugu (dub)

Foreign Films in India




With changing demographics of Indian Society there is also a growing market for English Films in India. Several Hollywood blockbusters such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest', 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' and several others had mediocre success in Indian metros.











Persian English








United Film Organizers (UFO) Moviez, the digital cinema network launched by Valuable Media Pvt. Ltd. (a subsidiary of the Apollo International Ltd.) plans to create the largest chain of digital cinema houses (2,000 nos.) worldwide by 2008. The company invested Rs. 800 million to increase it's number of digital cinemas to 585 in 2006 and plans to scale it progressively to 2,000 cinema halls across India a total investment of Rs. 3 billion. Technology companies such as DG2L Tech, Panasonic, Hughes Escorts Communication Ltd. and Famous Studios Ltd. (Mumbai) are partnering it. Digital cinema help curb piracy as Digital Prints are less prone to illegal duplication and are also cheaper. In the traditional system, the cost of the print (Rs. 60,000 plus) is prohibitive and restrictive in terms of ensuring the penetration of the films into the hinterland (Class Band C towns). Digital cinema has a lower cost per print. Further, if satellite delivery technology is adopted, it can penetrate 100 cities and towns without any additional incremental costs. It offers savings in handling and transportation and has a longer virtual shelf life as physical prints wear out, thus helping film marketers factor in bigger promotional budgets due to these reduced costs.

In 2006, approx 74 foreign films were released in India which garned a share of Rs. 2.5 billion as box office collections, roughly 4% of the total Box Office Collections. 'Casino Royale' was considered as the #1 film for Hollywood in India as it collected an estimated Rs. 410 million in Box Office Revenues in 2006.


1 17


Source: Film and Television Producers Guide of India

Courtesy : FICCI & PriceWaterHouse Coopers Bollywood Intl 31



Bolywood AwardsNew York Bollywood Film Awards honour the best artists, technicians and film-makers of contemporary Indian c i n e m a e v e r y y e a r. Bollywood Group, an entertainment company headed by Kamal Dandona, organizes the annual awards ceremony The Bollywood Movie Awards 2007 at the Nassau Coliseum in New York.for outstanding achievements and performances in Indian cinema was a star studded evening attended by all the top Bollywood stars and thousands of people from all over the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, all eager to see their favorite stars honored and perform at the magnum opus The performances were not only glittery but entertaining as well. Donald Trump sent a recorded special welcome message congratulating Bollywood Group Chairman, Kamal Dandona, and his son Rajiv, for building bridges between Hollywood and Bollywood The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was the popular Mona Singh of the Jassi Jaise Koi Nahi fame She kept the audience enthralled and engaged throughout the event with her witty jokes on Bollywood current affairs.

There were spectacular performances by the stars like Bipasha Basu ,Soha Ali Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Kangana Ranaut, Neha Dhupia, Arjun Rampal, Vivek Oberoi and Raghav from the UK, Shahidi Mini and Warig Baig from Pakistan, Rick Ramdehal, the Caribbean crooner also performed their hit songs which gave an international touch to the event. Vi v e k O b e r o i ' s d e b u t performance in the United States stole the show. He had the women swooning with his romantic numbers.His dramatic entry, standing on an electric trolley, rolling through the aisles of the audience, geared up his fans for his powerful presentation which lasted almost thirty minutes and included performances from his biggest hits, skits and interactions with fans. For the finale, he pulled his Omkara co-star, Bipasha Basu, from the audience onto the stage to dance to their popular number, Beedi Jalaye. The votes for the award winners were cast by NonResident-South Asians Danny Glover, Hollywood actor best known for his roles i n t h e L e t h a l We a p o n franchise was clad in a pink


Embroidered kurta pajama. He received a special award for his contribution to Global Entertainment Honorary Award for Contribution to Indian Cinema was given to Mr. Ken Naz of Eros Entertainment Asha Parekh was honoured with the lifetime achievement award. Mira Nair whose work has made her a household name around the world, received the Pride of India Award . Rajkumar Hirani, the Gandhian director of Lage Raho Munnabhai picked up the awards for Best Director and Best Film, attesting to the widespread popularity of "Gandhi-giri" outside of India

The other popular awards were Best Music Director Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Best Playback Singer (Male) Shaan for Chand Sifarish - Fanaa Best Playback Singer (Female) Alka Yagnik for Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna - Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Honorary Award for Contribution to Indian Cinema Mr. Ken Naz of Eros Entertainment The post-event dinner, hosted by Kamal Dandona, Chairman and CEO of the Bollywood Group, saw the leaders of the entertainment industry and business mingle till the wee hours of the morning at Long Island's prestigious "Nanking" restaurant.

Best Lyrics Prasoon Joshi for Subhanallah - Fanaa Best Story Rajkumar Hirani / Abhijit Joshi for Lage Raho Munnabhai Best Screenplay Rensil D'Silva, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for Rang De Basanti Best Dialogue Rajkumar Hirani for Lage Raho Munnabhai Best Editing PS Bharathi Rang De Basanti Best Sound Dwarak Warrier for Dhoom 2 Best Cinematography Vikas Sivaraman & Nirav Shah for Dhoom 2 Best Art Direction Samir Chanda for Rang De Basanti Best Choreography Shiamak Davar for Dhoom - Dhoom 2 Best Debut - Male Upen Patel for 36 China Town Best Debut - Female Kangana Ranaut for Gangster Best Costume Designer Manish Malhotra for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehnaa

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S exoticSHOOTINGlocations S

Australia ''South Australia has been the best kept secret for Bollywood so far. It offers Indian film producers anything from parched deserts to green rolling hills, intensely wooded forests to intact period urban locations, beautiful beaches to lovely vineyards, red sand dunes, white salt lakes, some of the most ancient mountains on earth- all within a short distance from vibrant Adelaide and at a very reasonable cost.,,

South Australia has been the best kept secret for Bollywood so far. It offers Indian film producers anything from parched deserts to green rolling hills, intensely wooded forests to intact period urban locations, beautiful beaches to lovely vineyards, red sand dunes, white salt lakes, some of the most ancient mountains on earth- all within a short distance from vibrant Adelaide and at a very reasonable cost.

Why Australia? Indo-Australia film and media relations have come a long way since 1998, when the first Indian film to script Australia into the story was shot in New South Wales and Victoria. Since then these links have grown exponentially with over 150 projects taking place between the two countries, laying the foundations for the first private Indo-Australian co-production feature films and documentaries.

Regional Filming in regional areas of Australia is very much encouraged. Some states even have dedicated offices in regional areas to assist overseas and local film makers with locations, crew and other production requirements.

State Each state has state-level film bodies that offer a variety of service to productions. For overseas filmmakers these bodies may have particular grants, rebates, and tax benefits available. Most of the state film bodies provide assistance with location images and surveys, as well as supplying contact details of leading crew and/or crew agencies. The important contact information at the end of the guide provides you with the details for these organizations.

Australia-India Council The Australia-India council ( is proud to illustrate their support for cultural and artist exchanges via the promotion of Australian film to Indian audiences, and vic-versa. The Australia-India Council was established by the Australian Government to broaden and deepen /exchanges in a range of fields which promote mutual awareness and understaningh. .

Council Most local council are involved in the production process, and need to be contacted directly for locations. Permissions. Many council have dedicated film personal to process Australia's Film and media network Australia is one of the most film-friendly nations the necessary paperwork and assist you with in the world, the support from professional and any queries. government bodies at all levels-national, state, regional and council. The website of these Unions/ Organisations organisations provide with you all the necessary Australia has to number of film and information on how to best to utilise Australia's entertainment related unions and organizations. films and media network. Media, Enterainment & arts Alliance (MEAA) National MEAA ( www.alliance, is the union At national level, Australia has the Australian which will provide a 'No Objection' for your Film commission (, the Film project once they have received and reviewed finance corporation (, and all of the appropriate information for your AUSFilm (, who together production. MEAA will uniform you of any offer the necessary information and support for restrictions and requirements which apply to filmmakers. AUSFilm is particularly relevant to your project regarding hours of work, overseas film wishing to work with Australia. employment of cast and crew, and other issues.



S exoticSHOOTINGlocations S Australia Errrtgrggre Shooting Downunder Sydney based Anupam Sharma is a filmmaker and a leading expert of Indian cinema in Australia. He has written a number of research papers on globalization of Bollywood and a thesis (with distinction) on India cinema. With investment from Australian film bodies, Anupam is developing his own feature film and documentary projects with India-centric themes, collaborating with leading Australian producers such as John Winter and Jim McElroy among other. He provides the following 'Handy hints� to help you reduce your budget and facilitate your plans to involve Australian film services in your next project.

My film was the first Indian to have Australia scripted into the story‌.The response was huge... Mire than 100 other productions followed, even I shot my next film extensively in Australia and look forward to more projects there Locations From tropical rainforests to barren deserts, urban cityscapes, and spectacular mountain ranges, Australia offers a variety of accessible locations for the shooting of feature, TV Series commercials, documentaries, music videos and more. With easily obtainable filming permissions and an extensive government and private support network, Australia is an ideal location for almost any project. Equipment Australian equipment specialists offer the most up to date, state-of-the-art equipment hire and/or sale to offshore projects at competitive prices. This includes cameras and accessories, motion controlled rigs, specialist lighting cranes, dollies, unit trucks, communication systems and array of other items.

surprise that Australian crew members are high demand for Indian projects filming in Australia, as well as those shooting in India. Australia offer A to Z of crew to ensure that all your project requirement are met and carried out by a team of experienced professionals. Specialist support Model makers, special fx makeup artist, armourers, choreographers, production designers, pyrotechnics coordinators and stunt performers-Australian film media specialists can meet all of your creative requirement for projects shot in Australia and abroad. Production A number of senior Australian producers, line producers and production staff are available for offshore projects, many of which have worked on Indian films in India and/or on Indians films in Australia and other countries. These highly skilled and experienced professional can assist with matters such as scheduling, budgeting, crewing, and coordination, in order to facilitate a more cost effective and efficient shoot. Post-Production Australia has a number of post-production companies who have worked on Indian projects in the past, providing editing, graphic visual fx, sound design and other services, With award winning Australian post production companies readily available to work on your project, it is easy to see why so many countries turn to Australia for all their post production requirements.

Co-productions Although no official co-production treaty exists between India and Australia, Indo-Australia private co-productions are quickly gaining momentum with numerous feature films, TV series and documentaries currently in various stages of development. Supported by private Crew and government bodies from India and With internationally experienced personal Australia, these projects explore the growing available throughout every state, it is no relationship between the two countries.

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Australia S exoticSHOOTINGlocations S Queensland Queensland has hosted a number of large Indian TVCs, A rang of feature film sequences and specialist post-production and VFX work. The state has a stunning range of locations; a spectacular climate for filming, purpose built world-class studios, award winning VFX and postproduction companies and internationally experienced cast and crew. Queensland has been a hub for major international productions for more than a decade. Films such as The Condemned, See no Evil, House of Wax, Aquamarine, Peter Pan, Ghost ship, George of the jungles 2, Inspector Gadget II, Scooby Doo and The Thin Red Line were shot here. Queensland has a film friendly government, which provides assistance to qualifying film and television productions. Victoria When planning for a feature film, or television commercial, or looking for quality postproduction services and facilities- Victoria has a lot to offer. Home to more breathtaking scenery and dramatic contrasts than you will find any other part of Australia and all within a few hours drive of Melbourne. Victoria's combination of creative talent, skilled technicians, high standard of technology and film friendly authorities with incentives and funding adds up to your production dollar going further.

We shot in Sydney for 30 days for our film Dil Chahta Hai, through films & casting TEMPLE utilizing post production and other Australian services. We love the place and have used Australian film crew and services for our other projects in India and Malaysia Western Australia With comprehensive services and facilities available, a range of studio spaces, quality local talent, minimal location fees and lower production costs, filming in Western Australia makes real sense. The climate offers long daylight hours, reliable weather and brilliant light. You will have no problems finding affordable accommodation, catering, gaffer, grip, unit equipment hire and state-of-art post-production facilities. And Western Australia is close to India-5 hours less than the eastern states of Australia.

New South Wales NSW recently welcomed the biggest line up of Bollywood stars ever to visit Australia through Sajid Nadiadwala's Heyy Babyy. With sun drenched beaches, rugged mountains, arid outback landscapes and lush forests, NSW has also hosted some of the biggest Bollywood projects of Australia including Dil Chahta Hai, Prem Aggan, Solider, and the recent Thumbs Up TVC among others. Nowhere else can a filmmaker fund diverse locations, all within easy reach of major production facilities in Sydney. NSW has hosted many recent international productions- Star Wars (episodes 2 and 3), Farscape, The Matrix trilogy, Mask II: Son of Mask and Stealth- as well as a number of Indian prokects. With production experience that equals the best of hollywod, isn't it time to bring your projects to NSW?

I have shot all over the world. Australia has been a very enjoyable experience and Anupam sharma is the best line producer I have worked with in 20 years

It was a delight to shoot my biggest project Love Story 2050 in Adelaide through the first most extensive tie-up of an Indian film with an Australian state government (South Australia) through films & Casting TEMPLE South Australia India's first commercial sci-fi-film, Love story 2050 was shot and around Adelaide in 2006, and was a watershed in South Australia's relationship with India. It was the biggest Bollywood film to come to Australia in 2006 and because it actually features Adelaide and South Australia in the script it's a wonderful showcase for the State. Working closely with the south Australian Government's D e p a r t m e n t o f Tr a d e a n d E c o n o m i c Development, The South Australian film Corporation is keep to see Adelaide and South Australia as a major international location for the Bollywood film industry.



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Australian Capital Territory Canberra is a city like no other! Recognised as one of the world's most modern capital cities and a classic 'graden city', it is less then two hours by road from the spectacular beaches and the alpine peaks of the snowy Mountains. Canberra is a city of four seasons. Autumn-a time of dramatic colours, spring a celebration of floral delights, Summer-soak in the cool waters of the great murrumbidgee River and winter tray a hot air balloom flight to get a bird'seye view. Northern Territory 'The top end' is blessed with an abundance of natural environments. The Northern Territory is famous of spectacular environment that ebbs and flows with seasons of contrast and colour inspirations for films like Crocodile Dundee and Ten Cancoes. There are also the awe inspiring and timeless locations of the World Heritages National parks of kakadu and UluruKata Tjuta (Ayers Rock). Tasmania Tasmania is an island state that has extraordinary contrasts in scenery and environment. The East Coast has serene bays and beaches while the West Coast has high cliffs pounded by surf. In between are rugged rainforests, majestic mountains and beautiful colonial villages. Hobart, the



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Bridal Designers of India CMYK


WeavingDreams The multi- talented designer, Neeta Lulla could be a prime motivation for the youth of today to take up fashion designing as a career! Designing costumes, running her own trousseau consultancy firm and teaching in college. Apart from, being a perfect wife to practicing psychiatrist, Shyam Lulla and a loving mother to son, Siddharth and daughter, Nishka. Looking at her play all these roles to perfection, it is difficult to believe that she was never ever ambitious as a young girl!! I met up with her at her boutique to ask her how she manages so many different things at the same time… How did you decide to become a fashion designer “Fashion designing as in mainstream and films came to me by chance. I had studied fashion and wanted to become a choreographer but as luck and fate would have it I got into film designing and that's how it all started.” What does it require to be a good designer “Education and knowledge about the work, commitment and of course the will to do something to survive in the industry” Your husband, Shyam Lulla is a psychiatrist and you are a designer two completely different professions. How supportive has he been in you career “He's been very supportive and I think the fact that I am here today is because the support I got from him and my family and kids. Without them I don't think I would be able to do this because this is a very demanding job and so is marriage and to strike a balance between both it is very essential that both the partners are able to understand and relate to the demands of the work.”


You received you very first award, the National Award for Lamhe, how did that make you feel “It felt very good and different but I felt like there is a bigger responsibility that has come your way because you are now being reckoned as someone who does

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quality work and to maintain that quality it's very difficult.” Where do you get inspiration for your designs from “Every possible thing. I am constantly thinking about designs it's something that is part of me so anything under the sun inspires me.” Who are your favourite clients abroad and in India “(Laughs) My clients wouldn't really want me to mention them.” What major weddings have you designed for, besides the most recent much talked about AbhiAsh wedding “I am into bridal wear for the last 22 years, considering that we do a lot of weddings a year.” How many outfits did you design for Aishwaria for her wedding “I am not supposed to talk about it.” (On requesting her for just the basic details she obliges me) “2 for the main wedding plus the trousseau.” Were you specified to use certain colours “We discussed everything, the whole concept of clothes and the colours were pre - decided like we do with every bride we work with. What were the colours that you used “Golden maroon Kanjeevaram sari and a peach with pink mehendi outfit” Did you ever feel that your garments would one day be worn by the biggest names in the world “I had never expected it, but by the grace of god a lot of big work has come my way and I feel I am privileged and lucky to have the opportunity to prove my abilities to people outside as well.” What is your trousseau consultancy all about “Sitting and consulting the bride to be and discussing her entire bridal look from head to toe. Technically giving her inputs on what would or would not suit her getting her inputs on her likes and dislikes. Getting inputs about the mindset of the family as to what is correct for her or works in her favor and what goes well with her jewellery.

Basically, creating a look that will be remembered lifelong. We even create outfits in such a way that it can be worn even after the wedding in many different ways rather than it being kept in the cupboard. This process takes about an hour in the first meeting. I personally think it is very essential for something like this because it is the most important event of your life.” Along with all your designing work and your trousseau consultancy, you are also a lecturer at the S.N.D.T. University, Mumbai, besides being a mother. How do you manage your time “Frankly my time management is very bad I have never managed time, time has managed itself in my life and I am very thankful to god that it has just happened.” What do you do when you are not busy designing clothes “When I am not working I am sketching.' Where do you see the bridal market today “It's a niche market, competitive market because almost everyone gets married..” What are the bridal wear trends for 2007 “Lot of convenient dressing, value for money and styles that are not just basics, contemporary styles. Red is obviously the colour it's just seasonal changes of red or maroon, this season it's red and saffron or warm earth colours. What makes you different from other designers “Individuality of concept and the fact that I don't have a particular trademark of clothing because I believe in working on a person's personal look” Any advice for the aspiring young new designers “Be committed to what you do and believe in yourself for what you do” What according to you is beautiful about being a bride “It is the most beautiful moment in your life and the thought of which makes every bride glow and blush, the whole beauty of falling in love at that point of time.”

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Anita and part of Tania-Tapel team In less than ten years Asian weddings taking place across the UK have undergone a revolution. While traditions remain all important, it is the style, the look, and the very locations of such weddings which have been transformed. It's been a decade where an ever increasing number of young couples have decided they want more than the usual local community hall setting with thousands of guests, many of whom they have never met - they want their weddings to be unique, unforgettable, with a maximum wow factor. Wedding planner Anita Patel has always shared that dream, and her company Tania-Tapel has led the way in creating many of the innovations and techniques which can now be found at UK weddings. Says Anita: "I always felt that Asian weddings could, and should, offer so

much more than the events I used to attend in the UK as a young girl which, to say the least, often seemed so disorganised and almost chaotic. Yes, the sense of occasion was strong, but often no-one seemed to know what was happening or who was doing what, or when. "I used to come away from such events feeling they could have been so much better, more sophisticated, more memorable." Anita soon discovered that her vision was shared by Asian couples particularly young successful professionals who desired style and quality - and Tania-Tapel was born. She still recalls one of her first Asian weddings at an English stately home one of the finest and most historic to be found - with a long, sweeping drive, its own lake and beautifully landscaped gardens, and

nita Patel has spent the last 10 y e a r s establishing herself as one of the UK's leading Asian wedding planners, specialising in the most exclusive and memorable events and now she's bringing her unique style to India. In this special article, Anita reveals some of the secrets of success enjoyed by her company Tania-Tapel Limited, and why she feels the time is right for such a specialist service to be available in Mumbai... stunning interiors full of priceless antiques and paintings. Outside on the terrace, arriving guests were entertained by a classical string quartet, playing Bollywood music. Inside, entire rooms of the magnificent hall were taken over for the civil and traditional ceremonies complete with a fabulous mandap and the priest reciting verses in Sanskrit and English, plus thousands of lovingly arranged flowers. The banqueting room was spectacular, with gorgeous table settings and a style to rival the Ritz. Guests enjoyed the finest authentic dishes, prepared by a specialist team of outside caterers, complete with silver service. The event ran to a carefully prepared schedule, meaning that the bride and groom, families and guests were fully involved or entertained at every stage.

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It was the start of a new wave of Asian weddings in the UK and Tania-Tapel would come to use more stately homes, castles, major hotels and even sports arenas to produce spectacular events, becoming ever more creative, innovative and stand-out. Says Anita: "I quickly discovered that such events required many different skills not least the delicate balance of combining the desires of brides and grooms with the more traditional needs of parents and family members. But I also found that as long as there was sufficient open discussion and planning, everyone would love the results.” Those results are the reason that over the past few years a steady stream of couples, made up of professionals, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, have sought the TaniaTapel dream for their weddings. One of them was Bollywood music star Bally Sagoo who took over an entire Oxfordshire estate for his spectacular union with wife Sita - an event which took months of meticulous planning and which saw a great hall transformed into a spectacular palace of glittering starlights and exotic flowers. Others have found themselves enjoying equally upmarket events at ever more unusual venues and London destinations such as Kew Gardens in the grounds of the palace, major art galleries, and Marriott Grosvenor House on Park Lane, London. Many of these venues have offered exclusive contracts to Tania-Tapel to act as their specialist Asian weddings consultants and Anita, now recognised as a leading UK wedding planning expert, has set up a training division to create a select team of professional co-ordinators to meet the needs. Anita adds: "We work with couples and families every step of the way to create the perfect occasion. If one of our brides wants a midnight chat about something, then that's what happens. For wedding days - and any other occasions such as engagement parties or sangeet nights - we develop schedules so that everyone

involves knows exactly what's happening. "Our sole aim is to provide a wonderful occasion which couples and their families can enjoy to the full, and which flows smoothly and seamlessly without worries and distractions.” One of the Tania-Tapel secrets is that the past 10 years has allowed Anita to discover the very best suppliers in the business, whether they're venues, caterers, photographers or entertainers suppliers who deliver the highest quality in the most professional and cost effective way and an impeccable detailed logistical planning process. So, why is she now looking towards India? She answers: "It's become apparent in the UK in recent years that couples love the blend of new ideas and new locations with Indian traditions and an increasing number of them source things like outfits, material and stationery directly from India.” She perceives that the same thing is now happening in reverse, with couples in India looking to the UK and elsewhere for new ideas and new themes. During recent visits to Mumbai, Anita has recognised that weddings in India are set for a similar transformation. She adds: "Things are moving so quickly here, and it's obvious that an increasing number of couples and families want more exclusivity for their weddings - no doubt influenced by the big Bollywood and celebrity weddings they have seen in this country recently. "We can offer the best of both worlds, combining our expertise in the UK marketplace and our extensive contacts with suppliers, with an equal service in India. We are hoping that our presence in India will inspire brides with some of the finer touches from the UK-inspired range of products and services and a much more organised approach to wedding planning. It's really only a matter of time that our project management skills are required to enhance the smooth-running of such a special occasion”

It is for these reasons that Tania-Tapel Limited are creating a direct link between their UK base and Mumbai, with further plans to place executives in Delhi over the next year. Anita was in Mumbai recently finalising plans to develop her company's entrance into India as part of her belief that it is the ideal moment to offer the high class services her team brings to event planning. Tania-Tapel weddings are renowned for their overall impact, spectacular venues, inspirational touches and meticulous planning of timings and logistics, plus the use of the very best suppliers to be found. It is this approach which the company is now offering to selected clients in Mumbai. In India, Tania-Tapel has been building equal relationships with exclusive venues and contractors and are now ready to offer full specialist wedding planning services in Mumbai. Says Anita: "I know that many UK brides are very keen to keep up with what's happening in India in terms of styles and what is available particularly when it comes to those little authentic touches which make such a difference. Equally I have become aware that brides in India are likely to have the same view of trends and fashions in the UK. "We're in a perfect position to bridge the gap and use our relationships with suppliers in both countries to full effect. Full details of Tania-Tapel's wedding division, including extensive video footage of a selection of exclusve events, plus information about the full range of TaniaTapel services, are available at Tania-Tapel executives will be in Mumbai later this year to answer inquiries. To arrange an appointment call 0044 (0)116 247 1115 or email

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INDIA'S "ONLY WOMAN DESIGNER" WHO DRESSES UP "ONLY MEN” The AbhiAsh wedding is one of the major events in Bollywood history and Sharbari Datta will always be an integral part of that history. She is perhaps the only person in the city, who knew about the AbhiAsh wedding way back in January. She is an exceptional name in Indian fashion world. A men's wear designer, Sharbari Datta turned simple Kurta-Pyjama and Dhoti into a fashionable dress. Born to the celebrated Bengali poet Ajit Datta, she grew up to the rhythms of poetry on the one hand and dance and music on the other, imbibing the essence of culture Deeply. She did her graduation from Presidency College and took her Master's Degree in Philosophy from Calcutta University. Yet, arts remained an enduring love. She has an impressive list of clientele, who may not be necessarily filthy wealthy but certainly artistic in taste. The designer draws directly on cloth, impromptu, preserving no copy for afterwards, so that repetition is impossible therefore making her designs unique. Her designs reflect a fusion of different art traditions. I had the pleasure of interviewing this graceful lady. She was sweet enough to answer all my questions in spite of a sore throat.

Your father Mr. Ajit Dutta is a renowned poet. What made you choose designing clothes and not writing poetry? (Laughs) “Even Amitabh Bacchan's father was a poet, Shabana Azmi's father was a poet, but they chose acting as their career. I grew up in a very cultural background where I was exposed to paintings, drama and music at a very early age, designing clothes w a s a c t u a l l y accidental. I did my first exhibition in 1991. It was very informal, I did not invite the media etc. but it clicked and all my pieces got sold. In 1992 I did another exhibition where I invited the media; I got recognition for my work. I would say the profession chose me I did not choose this profession!” Despite the fact that you do not belong to the ramp circuit,

you were chosen to do clothes for one of India's much talked about groom, A b h i s h e k Bacchan. How did it happen? "Brinda Rai had met me way back in 2003 when Aishwarya was shooting for Rituparno Ghosh's 'Chokher Bali' in Kolkata. I thought Rituporno Ghosh,(who is also a client of mine) had sent her to my studio, but she told me not to underestimate myself, since she had come to me only because she had read about me. She bought two shawls for Ash and a lot of other stuff to give as gifts to Bollywood Intl 43



her friends. Now she came back to me for AshAbhishek's wedding asking me to design clothes for Abhishek and Mr. Bacchan and other male members in the family. It is a nice feeling considering that I'm not into the ramp circuit and the occasion is one that every designer would have loved to be a part of," How many outfits were you asked to design for the wedding? “Around 30 outfits, out of which 10 or 12 were for Abhishek.” Did you use any specific colours?

also design everything on my own. I never repeat my designs. My method is to draw on the surface of the fabric, without any reference, therefore when I sell an outfit I sell the design itself.” Since you were asked to design clothes for one of the most important weddings, there were a lot of questions and doubts among the fashion fraternity, whether you could manage to upstage Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla How did you feel about that? “I am totally based in Kolkatta so I really did not bother about all that. Prior to this I had already designed for a lot of celebrities like M.F Hussain,

Sharbari Datta ( center ) with Models wearing her creation “I was asked not to use black since it is not considered auspicious for weddings. I used colours like, silver, silver - grey, maroon, electric blue, golden yellow etc. Also, Abhishek, who is even taller than this father at about 6'3”, is a very aristocratic, handsome looking young man, so it was a pleasure designing for him. They left the designing to me totally and gave me total freedom.” Why do you think they chose you to design the wedding outfits? “I maybe, the only designer, designing exclusively for men. I do Traditional Indian menswear. Unlike other designers, the stuff that I have is very limited. I

Jagjit Singh, Vivek Oberoi, Anupam Kher, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Leander Paes, Manjeet Bawa, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ismail Merchant, Rahul Dev Burman, Vijay Mallya etc.” What about designing for films/ Bollywood? “I haven't got any offers so far but yes I am always open to it. It's always welcome, after all it's work.” Sharbari's Traditional Designer wear has not only given men a new look but has given them glamour too.

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Show Biz to Glitter Biz This actress turned jewellery designer hit the silver screen at a very young age of 14 . Hindi film fans remember her as the bubbly, charming heroine who made her debut in the 1980s with the film Jawaani She had the charm and innocence about her which gave a certain kind of freshness to the films of that time. The charm and innocence is reflected in her beautiful face, even today, But the actress has now given up the glitter of showbiz for another dazzling career. Her creative talent is now focused on designing jewellery. She has opened her signature jewellery showroom Neelam Jewels at Linking Road, Bandra in Mumbai. Hailing from a family that's been closely involved with the jewellery industry it was no surprise that actress Neelam Kothari would turn to her roots at some point. In an exclusive telephonic interview, Neelam speaks about her passion for designing jewellery.

From Jaawani………… Neelam Jewels …. How has your journey been “Any journey you make in life has ups and downs likewise mine did too. The transition from acting to jewellery designing was the best decision I made because it is my family business. Even though I did enjoy acting, this is more fulfilling.” What made you give up the glitter of the showbiz world and start your own jewellery line “I always knew I would join my family business one day. I had been acting for a good 10/12 years so I just felt it was time to stop and also this is something that I can do forever. Did you have any formal training in jewellery designing “Yes I did do a course but it's been more hands on training from my dad and brothers.” What are the current trends in bridal jewellery “The trends are towards more simplistic kind of jewellery, not too heavy and more colour.” How much time do you spend on designing and in the store “I am at the store from 10 am to 6pm. I spend a couple of hours everyday on the designing part.” How involved are you with the designing part of the business “I am completely involved in it right from purchasing to everything.”


How much has being an actress helped you in your career “I wouldn't say it has helped too much but yes to a certain extent it has helped in creating awareness and curiosity in people. It took time to gain people's confidence but now I am totally established. Anyways people buy what they like and not because of the fact that I was an actress.” What kind of clients do you cater to “I specialize in customized fine high end jewellery. My clients are mostly Industrialists, a few from the film industry and mostly overseas clients What range does your jewellery start from “My range starts from fifty thousand onwards. Have you designed any jewellery been used for films or serials “No.” Did you design your own wedding jewellery “Yes I did my own wedding jewellery. Don't you miss the limelight “I do miss it sometimes.” Acting or jewellery designing which do you find more challenging “Both are equally challenging”

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Photography : Sudhir K. - Make-up & Hair : Pompy Hans - Designer Clothes : Sonalika


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vidisha srivastav Hails from: U.P Height: 5'3� Vital statistics: 34/ 26/ 34 Hobbies: playing chess, dancing (formal training in kathak) Work done: has done a bit of theater. has to her credit, ad films like; smasung, ayur cream, food star and print ads for sahara and icici. Has acted down south for telegu and kannad movies as the leading lady Future plans: bollywood. Dream: To get a dream role in bollywood!! Email :



Forthcoming Issue INDIA The “marriage industry” is as popular as the Hindi film industry among Indians. Besides bollywood and cricket, wedding is the 'third passion' of Indians all over the world. Every young bride and groom would want the best for this special day so they begin a breathless hunt for the best food, venues, clothes, etc. The most important part is played by the designers and jewelers as they forecast wedding fashions. We had the privilege of interviewing the top three designers who are the best in this industry. Let's read what they have to say about the wedding trends for the coming season …………

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