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Spring is here and it’s time to get excited! Excited about your home and your space! Welcome to our 1st Special Edition of Create A Home - Create Your Space. As the weather warms the winter blues away, it’s time to get bursting with ideas. But where to start first you might ask? If you are anything like me, you will have that nice big list stuck to the fridge reminding you daily of all the jobs you want to complete before hosting that Christmas lunch or afternoon drinks with friends. Create a fresh feel inside that reflects who you really are.

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Take a look through some inspiring pages from Tasmanian businesses you are already familiar with.

Proform Kitchens - Dream Kitchen

Ideas for storage space, lounge room interiors, how to grow the best lawn and much more.

Real Estate - Revival

Let me tempt you! Go and find 10 minutes in the sun, disconnect from your digital device and take a look at businesses that might be able to answer a few questions on things you’ve been meaning to do around the home. Create A Home is all about helping you fall in love with your personal space, where, at the end of the day you want to retreat and relax! Enjoy. Emma

FOR PUBLICATION ENQUIRIES: Email: emma@marketinggroup.com.au Or check out what else we do @Media Marketing Group

Coogans - Finance Flair Office Furniture - Adjustable West Hobart Plumbing - Taps Howards Storage World - Storage

s i s a O r u o y

Living with Plants Modern life has many of us surrounded with concrete, bitumen and spending much more time indoors staring at screens. Gardening and growing plants connects us with nature and creation with huge benefits to our health and wellbeing. This has seen a massive increase in the popularity of growing plants in our homes as people of all ages experience the freshness and enjoyment that growing plants bring to our lives. Growing plants indoors has been proven to improve air quality by removing toxins produced from modern living. Just one or two plants will begin to improve air quality in a space. Plants are also proven to create feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity. There are so many great plants to create a wonderful oasis of life and colour to improve our living places and spaces. There are plants

that hang down, spread out, grow upright and grow sideways. Leaves can be lush and green, small and dainty, soft and delicate, hard and tough, simple or extremely complex. There would be a colour to contrast, or to compliment every dĂŠcor.

Ficus, Schefflera (Umbrella Plant), Dracaena, Philodendron and Palms create a lush, healthy feeling of freshness and life.

indoors. They are one of the best air purifiers, have beautiful lush foliage, produce abundant showy white flowers and are very hardy.

Hanging plants help to create a wonderful urban jungle feel and add another dimension to a space. Ferns, Pothos, String of Pearls, String of Dolphins, Cissus (Ivy) and Syngonium are some of the favourites but the selection is huge.

The different shapes and colours of foliage add wonderful splashes of colour to the home but there are many bright and exciting flowering plants to bring the colours of nature into our lives. Begonias, Orchids, African Violets, Gloxinias, Anthuriums and Kalanchoes are just some of the stunning flowering plants for indoor areas.

Plants look fantastic in the home but suitable cover pots will finish the picture beautifully. There is a huge range of pots for indoor spaces in almost every size, colour and style to match every dĂŠcor.

Larger plants are fabulous features in a home. Plants such as Monstera,

Spathiphyllums (Peace Lily) are one of the most popular plants to grow

450 South Arm Road, Lauderdale

(03) 6248 6149

Harmony Garden Centre is filled with fabulous plants, products, inspiration and expert advice to help decorate your home, office or living space with amazing natural goodness.

s i s a O r u o y When it comes to smart and effective lawn mowing, a professional landscaper has given the Husqvarna range of Automowers the thumbs up. Matt Shady of Landscape Solutions Tasmania has been in the business for 15 years. He’s so impressed by the Automowers from McDOUGALLS POWER EQUIPMENT that he now owns one himself, is organising one for his parents and is recommending them to all his clients. Why?

“The key to maintaining a good lawn is to mow it a little and often. Leaving a small amount of grass shavings to break down promotes better re-growth and keeps nutrients feeding your grass. Even though I know what’s best for my lawn, I’m like most people: spending a couple of hours twice a week to go over lawns isn’t always possible. With Husqvarna Automowers, an even trim is regularly applied while you get on with other things...like making yourself a sandwich!”

The Husqvarna Automowers available from McDOUGALLS POWER EQUIPMENT range from models that can maintain 600m2 of manicured grass through to the really tough workhorses that can look after over 5000m2 working area. Some models can even handle inclines up to 70%. All models are pin coded, alarmed and tracked for security, have advanced navigation, smart phone control, self-charging, and nearly zero noise. They manage complex areas, work in the rain and don’t leave track marks.

To check out just how a Husqvarna Automower can meet your needs, give Leith McDougall and the crew a call. Bonus discount vouchers apply to all their Husqvarna Automowers until 31 December 2020. Now is a great time to join the 2 million+ owners who are reaping the benefits of these smart and durable time-savers. And don’t forget that this 90 year-old Tasmanian family business can also help you out with all manner of specialist outdoor equipment as well as offering first-class servicing and repairs. Leith has owned an Automower for nearly a decade and can also vouch for their performance.






34 Brisbane St, Hobart 6231 0900

e s i d a r a your P Outdoor Window Awnings 4 Seasons in One Day isn’t just a great song by Crowded House but a reality we live with in our wonderful island state. Imagine being able to push a button or turn a handle to limit Summer heat or maximise Winter sunshine…and everything in between. With folding arm awnings from DEVIL DECKS & AWNINGS, you can do just that! Graeme, Vance and the team have over 50 years of experience in the building industry and can customise just the right

awnings or shutters to suit your needs. Their Australian-made awnings are at the forefront of design with an operational ease and quality to handle whatever Tassie weather decides to do. The team looks after all aspects of the work so you can enjoy your improved indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only can DEVIL DECKS & AWNINGS help you create attractive and functional spaces but they can also help you save on energy costs. Their awnings come in many different styles, colours and materials and offer options such as LED lighting, voice-activated operation and sensors to adapt to wind and sun conditions.

DEVIL DECKS & AWNINGS plantation shutters can help you achieve the ideal mix of light, airflow and temperature control without compromising existing design elements of your home. The team can fit these stylish shutters to the inside or outside of your windows. As if this wasn’t reason enough to give them a call, DEVIL DECKS & AWNINGS continue to lead the way as outdoor living specialists providing quality workmanship and products: • Timber Decks – to transform outdoor spaces • Balustrading – to add a touch of class and safety around staircases, balconies and decks • Car Ports & Patios – to protect the things you value from the elements • Exterior Blinds – to provide privacy and protection all year round.

If you’re looking for an alternative to awnings, why not consider the latest trend in window furnishings… aluminium plantation shutters. These louvered shutters provide clever and attractive ways of bringing indoor and outdoor spaces together. By combining strength, privacy, security, flexibility and protection



0467 548 711

e l t s a C r u yo

SHEDS MADE TOUGH Yes, we do it all!

Sheds have come a long way since weekend warriors would knock up a lean-to in the backyard with dubious aesthetics and even more dubious standards. SHEDS n HOMES HOBART is proud to be at the forefront of durable and appealing sheds, garages, patios and liveable dwellings that meet today’s high standards

• size, layout and features of your building. SHEDS n HOMES HOBART is “ShedSafe” accredited meaning their engineering meets or exceeds Australian industry standards. Designed for the owner-builder, SHEDS n HOMES HOBART uses Australian steel frames that won’t warp, twist, sag or shrink and won’t catch fire. Their buildings are made in Tasmania and backed by a 20-year “Bluescope Steel” warranty. The company understands local council requirements and can take care of necessary approvals. (including council approvals) but still allow owner-builders to construct cost-effective and customised buildings. A visit to owner-operator Dennis Davidson and the team at SHEDS n HOMES HOBART is a revelation! Dennis and his staff really know their stuff and have your building needs well and truly covered. Not only is the business the leading supplier of sheds and steel buildings in southern Tasmania but SHEDS n HOMES HOBART has been #1 in sales across the franchise’s 27 stores in Australia for the last 3 years. Dennis has a swag of sales and service awards on display as proof that this small, family-run business delivers premium products and service time after time.

With over 40 years experience in civil construction, Dennis and his team have the local knowledge, industry know-how, approachability and contacts to meet your particular needs: • farm and rural (sheds and barns), • workshops and cost-effective storage sheds, • garden sheds, and • liveable dwellings such as retirement projects, weekenders and kids’ retreats. He’s happy to discuss requirements and meet on site to problem solve and specifically engineer solutions related to things like: • wind and rainfall patterns, • slope and nature of the proposed building location, and

57 Cove Hill Rd, Bridgewater | 1800 764 764 Request a Quote Online: www.shedsnhomes.com.au/quote


From now until the end of this year, SHEDS n HOMES HOBART is offering big, in-store discounts on kit-only purchases. Dennis and the team can also supply Tasmanian made “Orion” rainwater tanks (poly, steel and slimline), underground water tanks, septic, industrial and stormwater detention tanks and a wide range of accessories, pumps and fittings. So, here’s your SHEDS n HOMES checklist: • • • • •

peace of mind 4 experience 4 extensive industry knowledge 4 local production 4 personalised service 4

your Home

Pellet Fires as a Sustainable & Effective Heating Solution How did you go during last Winter? Did you make the right choice in heating? Traditionally in Tasmania, the more popular choices have been heat pumps, also known as reverse cycle air-conditioning, or the traditional wood heater. In recent years, another player in the heating stakes has emerged, merging consistent and pleasant heat with an eco-friendly angle. Pellet fires are becoming more popular by the year, and there are many reasons as to why. Pellet fires utilise recycled timber waste sawdust as a fuel. Pellets, when burned, create a consistent heat akin to a wood or gas heater retaining the pleasant feel that comes from combustion heating but retains the convenience of a push button, thermostat controlled heat pump. They are seen as one of the more environmentally friendly approaches to providing constant heat during the cooler periods due to this fuel source,

HOBART 108 Gormanston Rd, Moonah 6273 7644

as sawdust waste traditionally ends up in landfill. Their popularity has only increased in recent years as a result, along with their reliability during the colder months, and increasing competition in the industry Rob Douglas, Managing Director of Pellet Fires Tasmania, is well aware of the heightened interest in pellet fires in recent times. “The most common reason for buying a pellet fire is for those who appreciate the aesthetics, but don’t want the [additional] work that comes with maintaining a fireplace.” “It’s the emotional aesthetics”, he continued, “You can’t have a candlelit dinner in front of a heat pump!” On top of the emotional appeal of a pellet fire furnace, however, is the incredible efficiency, which directly translates into huge savings when compared to other forms of heating. Pellet fuel is also much cheaper than traditional firewood, being less to run than at the current market rate of

ULVERSTONE 31 Victoria St 6425 4440

LAUNCESTON 1/16 Goodman Crt, Invermay 6326 3147


$150 per tonne of firewood. This is set to decrease even further in the future, with heightened interest in the pellet fire industry has opened up the marketplace to new competitors. New suppliers of pellet fuel have emerged, driving the price of the renewable source down by 20% this year alone. “The market is maturing”, said Rob on what the new suppliers of pellet fuel have done for the industry here in Tasmania, “The added competition is creating a healthy product, and the industry really is poised to grow.” So when you next think about heating, consider Pellet Fires Tasmania before making your final choice.


15cm H

Date Decoration

e l k r a p S r you Christmas Decorations Now Available


15cm H

Fluffy Reindeer


Home to the largest independent range of unique and fashionable Christmas wares in Tasmania, our table decorations, wreaths and ornamentals are sure to make Christmas feel special this year, which is important for everyone given the chaotic and stressful times we have all experienced lately! We have items from the traditional to the quirky, in a range of styles to perfectly capture the Christmas spirit. Because we are independent, we can follow the latest trends in decorator ideas. You will see this season’s colours and styles reflected in our ranges with natural and earthy influences. We stock wooden reindeers, wall hangers, decorative tableware along with beautiful, illuminated glass domes, and larger Christmas decorations to add a statement to your decorating.

30cm H

Rustic Hanging Star

Now, more than ever, it’s important for Tasmanians to support homegrown businesses! The Importer are a locally owned and operated family business that have been servicing Tasmanians across multiple stores for more than 40 years. We value customer service and product knowledge and know that our customers want their product to take home on the day of purchase. With free parking at the door and a delivery service available for large items, your shopping experience could not be easier.


24cm H

Supporting locals is a key value we hold at The Importer. We employ over 20 Tasmanian staff across our three stores who are selected on their customer service merit. Our staff are attentive to your needs and available seven days a week for your shopping convenience.

24cm W

12cm W


Hanging Decorations 10cm W

22cm W

11cm W


Hanging Decorations 9H

Glass Dome Decorations 8cm H

Wooden Snowman or Christmas Tree 17cm H

$8EA 11cm H

$9EA 18cm H

13cm H

15cm H 17cm H

Advent Calendar


Wooden Xmas Novelties


34 Mertonvale Cct, Kingston (03) 6229 1288

LED House, Reindeer & Snowman Tree


Furniture customised to suit your space & lifestyle

174 Elizabeth Street, Hobart www.thelivingroomtas.com.au thelivingroomtas

TTimber imber ffurniture urniture hand handcrafted craftedininTasmania Tasmania With the change in seasons, comes the opportunity 1. Changing prints, cushions and a few accessories in that would give a lovely is a great Branch bring theto With theup change seasons, comes to spruce yourinliving space and perhaps give really it seasonally way bookshelf to give aand new look Spring feel to your space. outdoors in by adding some the opportunity a different feel. to spruce up your your house that will never bore you. greenery to the shelves. living space and perhaps give it a Our in-house Stylist, Jo Richards 2. Pop down a new floor rug – we have a huge different feel. few easy help you 5. Give a fresh new look to your Coming out of winter (and let’s face has it, itafeels liketips torange in store for you to view. your Space’ dining space by adding a bench of one winter (and let’s it’s the‘Spring it’s Coming been a out long this year!) perfect time 3. Why not team a fabric chairorwith seat to occasional your existing table, face it, it feels like it’s been long spruce to give your home a bit of aa Spring up. With 1. C  hanging prints, cushions and your existing leather sofa, or vice versa if you some new look dining chairs, one this staying year!) it’s at thehome perfect now time more athan everyone ever, few accessories seasonally is have a fabric sofa getting ready to start Summer to give your home bit of a Spring we’re finding manya people wanting toagive greattheir way to give a new look entertaining. in to our spruce up. With everyone staying 4. Add a beautiful new timberPop piece, like our to your house that will never space a new look and feel. With our newly arriving Elizabeth Street store and have at home now more than ever, we’re locally crafted Branch bookshelf and bring the bore you. accessories including cushions, throws and prints a look at all our beautiful new finding many people wanting to outdoors in by adding some greenery to the now’s the perfect time to do that. 2. P  op down a new floor rug – we arrivals. Our Hobart team are give their space a new look and have a huge rangeshelves. in store for looking forward to showing you feel. With ourmeans newly arriving Spring to us green, rust, navy,you beautiful to your dining space by to view. 5. Give a fresh new look around. accessories including cushions, textures, patterns and florals. We’ve got some adding a bench seat to your existing table, or 3. W  hy not team a fabric occasional throws and prints now’s the Pop in tochairs, our Elizabeth Street store beautiful new cushions arriving in that would some new look dining getting ready to chair with your existing leather perfect time to do that. and have a look at all our beautiful really give a lovely Spring feel to your space. start Summer entertaining. sofa, or vice versa if you have a new arrivals. Our Hobart team are Spring to us means green, rust, fabric sofa looking forward to showing you beautiful textures, Ournavy, in-house Stylist, patterns Jo Richards has a few Pop in to our Elizabeth around.Street store and have a 4. A  ddSpace’. a beautiful new timber andtips florals.to We’ve got you some ‘Spring your easy help piece, like our locally crafted look at all our beautiful new arrivals. Our Hobart beautiful new cushions arriving

team are looking forward to showing you around.

174 Elizabeth Street, Hobart www.thelivingroomtas.com.au thelivingroomtas

t s a e F r u o y Planning a Perfect, Hassle Free Christmas Lunch Does just the thought of that evoke the wave of anxiety that you experience on that special day once a year? Well let me tell you that, even as a seasoned professional being in the kitchen for the past 35 years, I still get that feeling. I put it down to it being one day we don’t want to disappoint our family and friends. Over the years, I have developed simple ways to one; not spend all day in the kitchen, and two, prepare and cook good tasty food on a fairly tight budget. It’s also important to know the capability of your kitchen and what you can afford, you don’t want to overpromise on the big day.

Another helpful hint is to think about what is traditionally mandatory fare for your Christmas settings, as that can add just a little bit more to the overall occasion. Ours, for instance, is a champagne brekkie with croissants - starts the day just nicely. Then there are the much more interesting and fun things to consider, such as what kind of meat will be served, what kind of salads does everyone prefer, and the most important – dessert. Usually it’s pudding or pavlova in my family. On the day, remember to stagger your prep, pre-cook as much as you can, and rely on reheating your goodies. Have all the veggies peeled and cut just prior to cooking, ready to roast.

Stephen Lunn

I also find a 1 PM start for lunch is best as there is not so much pressure as there is with a noon deadline, it’s amazing how time will slow down when you set lunch back a bit. Cook the items that will take longer first (usually your meats). Once ready, take out and fill up the oven with whatever else you have planned. This allows the meat to rest. Most importantly, relax, take a deep breath and work your magic, and remember that seasoning is your friend!

r o i r e t n I r you Have Yourself a Calming Little Christmas As a designer, I love to play around with different Christmas colours and styles, and this year is no different. I’ve once again chosen to break away from the traditional theme of red and green and instead opted for organic textures and a warm neutral palette. This ties in perfectly with my home decor and creates a sense of calm, which is especially important for me this Christmas after the year we’ve had. Instead of feeling the usual overwhelm, my focus this festive season is to unwind, reconnect and relax. I find that when my living space is cluttered, my mind is cluttered too.

My Christmas decorating feels soft and cohesive and is a perfect balance between quality and quantity, which is how I approach my design projects. Interior design and decoration is a challenging concept for many. It can be difficult to define your style, refine your colour scheme or select your finishes, fittings and furniture without worrying if the end result will be amazing or gone horribly wrong. With an extensive background in styling and decorating, my industry knowledge and experience will help you take the stress out of the process. If you’re building or renovating, looking for the perfect piece of furniture or wanting to sell your home in the new year and need help with presentation, I’d love to hear from you.

Sophie Scarlett

I’ll be taking on new clients and projects from Jan 2021. E: hello@sophiescarlettdesign.com.au P: 0409 618 787

r u o l o C r you DECK IN A DAY Tackling your deck project is actually really easy; with the right planning, preparation and expert advice, you should be able to get your deck project done in a day. To help you, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Intergrain and mapped out a bit of a timeline of how your Deck-In-A-Day project should go. Prior to starting your Deck-In-A-Day project, make sure you’ve checked the weather to see if there is any rain forecasted. If there is rain coming your way, hold off completing your project until the rain has cleared and you’re in for a few dry days. 7:00AM – REMOVE FURNITURE If your deck is cluttered with stuff, the first step will be to clear any obstructions out of the way. Place the BBQ and any other appliances in a safe place. This could take some time, but will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. With elevated decks, do not store items underneath as the oil can drip through.

7:45AM – HOSE DOWN DECK After you’ve hosed the deck down, use Intergrain Reviva to thoroughly clean deck before coating – Intergrain Reviva will take away the greyness, even out colour, remove any greasy contaminants and kill mould. Hose down deck again to wash off the Reviva. Make sure the flow off doesn’t reach your favourite flowers because this will kill them. Try using a tarp or drop sheet to cover. 8:15AM – LEAVE TO DRY THOROUGHLY AND BREAK FOR BREAKFAST PRO-TIP: Cover a small area of your deck with gladwrap. Hold down with heavy item on either end. Leave it for 20 minutes. If no moisture forms under the gladwrap in this time, you are ready to apply your first coat of Intergrain UltraDeck. 9.00AM – APPLY FIRST COAT OF INTERGRAIN ULTRADECK Ultradeck is a high performance, water based oil delivering an exceptionally durable, long lasting finish that will enhance the characteristics of the

timber grain and weather naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling. Plan out where you are going to start and finish applying the first coat, so you don’t end up boxing yourself into a corner. Use a lambskin applicator attached to an extension pole to apply the decking oil to the timber in long even strokes. This will ensure you get the best coverage in an even manner, plus you’ll save your knees and back from you using a brush or roller! LEAVE TO DRY FOR 4 HOURS and enjoy a looong lunch – Minimum recoat time advised by Intergrain. This should give you time to check the cricket scores and go for a swim. 1.30PM – APPLY SECOND COAT OF INTERGRAIN ULTRADECK LEAVE TO DRY FOR 4 HOURS Minimum recoat time advised by Intergrain.Once dry – feel free to walk on your deck! 5:00PM – YOUR DECK IS DONE! Pop the cork on some sparkling or crack a beer to celebrate finishing your deck in a day project. If you feel a third coat is needed for that extra lasting protection, get it on at around 5pm and it should be ready for light foot traffic the next day. So there you have it. There’s no need to put off your deck project any longer. Get your deck done in a day this Summer and take advantage of our exclusive offer from Intergrain.


*Show this barcode to redeem your offer PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Deck-In-A-Day will be completed within a 24 hour time frame, it will take about 7 days for the wood to properly cure, so please show caution in placing furniture back on the deck. Timings may vary depending on the size of your deck, whether it’s undercover or not and how hot, cold, humid or windy the weather is. Aim to tackle your deck in a day project on a clear day with no rain.



m a e r D r u o y tchen Ki

Across the globe, kitchens truly are the heart of your home. We all do things differently in the kitchen… pots over here, crockery over there… Does sauce go in the Pantry? Does Butter go in the fridge? These common family conversations are why you need a kitchen that is unique and personalised to you. At PROFORM KITCHENS + JOINERY, we recognise this and strive to provide the best kitchens at competitive pricing that best meet your individual needs for the heart of your home. But don’t just take our word for it. Clients, Christine and Graeme Triffitt, gave us some heart-warming praise when they wrote: “We are thoroughly delighted

with the quality workmanship that’s gone into our new kitchen and the end result is not only appealing to the eye but is a great place in which to prepare, cook and eat.” The hard-working team at PROFORM KITCHENS + JOINERY know what makes the perfect kitchens and joinery but also understands how to adapt this to their clients needs. Since 2005, the team – with over 60 years of experience collectively in the industry – has been providing a level of quality and service to clients, at all budget levels, that is second-tonone. Our locally owned and operated business does this by their close attention to the following: • Design - We care about details but, most importantly, we care about meeting your needs. Therefore, we meet on-site, take measurements, discuss requirements and provide you with a floor plan and drawing with a quote…at no charge. • Consultation - Our designers can go through our showroom so you fully

Proudly using quality products from

Amanda Manzi leads the team and sums up the success of PROFORM KITCHENS + JOINERY this way: “From the moment I opened the doors in 2005, I have dedicated my passion for design and love of quality Kitchens and Joinery into building a local company that I am proud to actively be part of every day…from the initial measure and quote right up to completion. On every job, I work closely with my amazing and dedicated team to bring to reality a showcase kitchen or joinery piece for your home.”

understand what you’re getting: types of finishes, hardware, other trades that may be involved and more. • Budget - We not only work with you to provide a kitchen that meets your needs and wants but also suits your budget. • Co-ordination - In addition to our core team, we work with trusted contractors such as plasterers, electricians, plumbers, tilers and builders to attend to every requirement. • Time - We work as a professional team to organise materials, services and installation, and from concept to completion we work closely with you to manage the entire project. An amazing kitchen shouldn’t be a hassle for you. For a heart-to-heart discussion about your showcase kitchen contact us: Amanda Manzi (Managing Director) 3/481 Main Road Glenorchy P: 6273 4611 E: amanda@proformjoinery.com.au

SHOP WITH COOGANS FINANCE AT OUR LOCAL PREFERRED SUPPLIER PARTNERS Everything we do at COOGANS TASMANIA is geared towards helping customers match finance needs to manageable solutions. It’s about making more possible! Coogans has been serving the Tasmanian community since 1876 and began offering time payment options on their furniture from 1903. Coogans has been around a long time and now COOGANS TASMANIA can tap into its background in retailing by providing an extensive list of preferred Tasmanian suppliers in: • • • • • • • •

furniture, bedding & nursery home furnishings & art heating, cooling & BBQs appliances & electronics education, mobility & fitness home products & services vehicle services & repairs music, hobbies & pets

• vehicle accessories & parts • garden & outdoor products & services • bridal & photography. Just jump on the website to learn more. To better match solutions to needs, COOGANS TASMANIA offers the following finance products: • Line of Credit - If you have an unexpected repair bill, home improvement, new hobby or education cost COOGANS TASMANIA’s preferred line of credit can be used across an ever-growing number of retailers and services. Your line of credit is a dependable “safety net” and comes with a pre-approved credit limit. Meet the minimum repayment requirements each month and have the confidence to buy what you need when you need it.

• Personal Loans - COOGANS TASMANIA’s personal loans are offered to approved clients up to $10,000 with flexible repayment terms that are weekly, fortnightly or monthly. • Consolidation Loans - By combining multiple existing debts into a single loan, you can reduce your overall repayments, including a lower rate of interest. Eliminate debts faster, save money and simplify money management with “one loan/one repayment” options. • Vehicle Finance - A car upgrade or business vehicle purchase can be accelerated with a COOGANS TASMANIA vehicle loan of up to $25,000. It’s simple, quick, customised and competitive. Call us on 1300 266 426 or email us on finance@cooganstas.com.au or come and have a chat with us at 231 Main Rd, Derwent Park, 7009


e t a t s E r u yo Tony Collidge

Tasmanian Real Estate Revival Recent results have confirmed that Tasmania’s real estate market has returned to pre COVID-19 levels and is on target to achieve a ninth successive record year of accumulated sales value (this year exceeding $4.1 Billion). The highlights of the September Quarter were: • 2959 property sales worth $1.1 Billion. Transactions were up 39.8% on the June Quarter. Of these, house sales were up 32% (to 1807), Units and Townhouses up 39% (to 388) and land sale increased a massive 70.1% (to 723). • First Home Buyer (FHB) sales increased 48.4% over the quarter to 518

sales. 301 FHB, acquired homes, 69 Units, and 148 land. • Whilst acquisitions by investors increased 43% to 419 sales this is still well below the March quarter total of 556 and well below previous year averages. • Interstate buyers continue to maintain a low profile acquiring just 290 properties which is 70.7% below pre COVID-19 levels. Traditionally mainland buyers represent 20% -23% of total sales but today represent just 9.8%. • Million Dollar sales are up 24% on last year to 163 sales with local buyers responsible for 82.8% of these acquisitions. • House sales numbers and median prices across all major population centres increased in number over the quarter. Greater Hobart’s median price grew to $545,000, Launceston to $383,500 and the North West Centres to $330,000. • Increased demand for rental accommodation has seen the State buck recent trends and record significant rental increases across all the major population centres. Hobart saw rents increase 2.2% to $450 pw for a standard 3 bed home. Launceston was up 1.9% to $360 pw and the North West Centres up 2.5% to $310 pw.

Vacancy rates were steady across all regions but remain below 2.5%. • All regions continue to suffer from an acute shortage of properties to sell. Strong buyer demand and a lack of stock to fill their need will continue to put upward pressure on prices. Throughout 2020, the Tasmanian real estate market has been driven by Tasmanians who accounted for more than 90% of all transactions. The lack of properties for sale has seen unprecedented pressure placed on prices which continue to rise. Many buyers have given up on trying to find an established home and have turned to buying vacant land in the hope of building the home they want. A decrease in investment in rental property is of real concern and will place pressure on this already overwhelmed resource. Obviously the legislative COVID-19 protections for tenants have severely impacted investment in rental property. There is no evidence to suggest that prices on owner occupied property will decrease in the immediate future. We have a strong, confident and resilient market and remain positive on the future ahead.

your Flair Well, at FLAIR OFFICE FURNITURE, we don’t stock flares but we do understand office furniture. We know that everyone’s needs vary, everyone’s shape is unique and tastes and styles change. Since 2001, we’ve been the go-to specialists in office and home-office needs: seating, desks, tables, workstations and screens. We offer consultation, delivery, assembly and maintenance with a focus on quality products and quality service provided by friendly locals…and always at a competitive price. As one of our clients recently said:

From the moment I entered Flair Office Furniture’s showroom, I knew I’d come to the right place for both our home and business needs… If I had to choose one word to describe the service I received it would be EXCEPTIONAL.

Setting up a home-office? Whatever your requirements, we can match you to the ideal product. We offer a free measure and quote and you can even trial our acclaimed ergonomic furniture to meet your particular needs and style. If it’s honest advice and knowledgeable professional service you’re after, contact our helpful team.

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Freestanding baths were once in the domain of those who both had a lot of space, and a lot of money. Now - thanks to higher demand, a more diverse market of manufacturers, and a wider variety of designs - they are accessible to all budgets and bathroom sizes. Their level of comfort and relaxation offered have not diminished, and have become a hugely popular alternative for those who wish to declutter their shower area, or for those who are simply looking to create a centrepiece for their bathroom’s interior design. The modern day freestanding bath has been given huge attention by designers and would-be buyers alike. With the heightened demand for such a product, so too was the demand for a variety

to fit in to an ever widening gamut of design inspirations and ideas.

bath tends to be the first item of choice

Whilst the basic notion of a freestanding bath is somewhat traditional in looks and aesthetics, it is not too hard to find an exciting range of contemporary styled and shaped varieties, each offering something for almost every bathroom design imaginable.

bathroom. Here, the idea is to create a

This variety goes hand in hand with the nature of the product itself. With the need to build it into the floor as per a standard bathtub removed, the freestanding bath lends more options for creativity, whether it be placement of taps, accessories such as a bath caddy, or even more elegant tile designs. It is because of this that the freestanding

for those seeking to create an impact true centrepiece of the bathroom interior, one that immediately catches the eye upon entering whilst also being the basis for other design efforts elsewhere. The advantages of the freestanding bath are not limited to simple design ethos, however. The traditional shape of the bath itself was designed solely with relaxation in mind, and its modern day incarnations have kept its original contoured concept. So, if it’s style and substance you’re looking for in your bathroom’s overall design, it will be hard to look past having your very own freestanding bath.

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One of the main feature areas of the kitchen is of course the tapware. Tapware can be something that fits in with the overall look and feel of your kitchen, it can be something that stands out as a bold statement, or it can be as considered nothing more than simply performing its basic function. Whatever it is, tapware is important, and it’s vital that you get the right set that will suit your living and working lifestyle.

n e v a H r u yo Your choice of tapware can make or break the kitchen basin area in terms of aesthetics and practicality, and it’s important to keep in mind what type of kitchen style you’re trying to achieve. As an example; thinner, more elongated sized tapware will suit more modern kitchen designs, but may look out of place in an older themed kitchen. Conversely, bulkier and more conventional tapware can offer better accessibility, but will definitely stand out in a more contemporary environment for all the wrong reasons. Ideally, your tap choice should be a happy compromise between accessibility and styling, based around

some questions that you can ask yourself such as: • How important is accessibility? The more eloquent of taps may look great, however if ease and quick access is important, or if you are someone who uses your kitchen a lot, you may opt for something a little more simplistic • How important is styling? For those who are solely concerned with the look and feel of their kitchen, choosing taps that support the overall theme of the kitchen design will minimise a lot of the considerations needed to be made • What about your family members? If you have a young family, the more


fancier tapware options can prove to be difficult to use for your younger or elderly family members • Is water usage an issue? Whilst water usage is always good to cut down on, those using tank water may get more benefits out of their taps if consideration is made towards more water efficient options Answering these questions can ultimately guide you towards a set of taps that will be ideal for use in your kitchen; both from an aesthetic and a practical standpoint. It’s also important to keep in mind that you do not have to compromise on one or the other. The mistake can be made to prioritise one feature over the other, resulting in purchasing taps that can very quickly test the buyer’s patience.

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