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November 2011 Scoop

Write the future!

San Diego Global Vision Academy San Diego Global Vision Academy develops civic-minded leaders, accomplished writers, and resilient life-long learners.

November 1, 2011

Important Dates

Digital Literacies

Oct 31

Free Dress Day – Costumes

Nov 1

Board Meeting for SDGVA’s Middle School Charter

Nov 3

PLC Meeting, 6 pm-7 pm

Nov 4

SDGVA Picture Day

Nov 4

Butter Briads Fundraiser Money Due to front office

Nov 10

Professional Development Day, No school

Nov 11

Veteran’s Day – No School

Nov 15

Butter Braids arrive

Nov 16-18 Parent-Teacher conferences, schools out @1pm, 6 to 6 out @ 4pm Nov 18

Free dress, decade day

Nov 21-25 Fall break, no school

Blogging, tweeting, emailing, digital storytelling are all terms that SDGVA students are becoming familiar with on a regular basis. With SDGVA’s computer lab up and running our students are gaining access to the digital world. Digital literacies offer a more hands-on, real-world process of relaying information in classrooms. Passive learning relies on listening to teachers lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or equations. But with technology, students are invited to participate in the conversation with peer-to-peer blogs or interactive math sites, for instance. Digital literacies do not need to be a scary topic for parents. Stay connected with a few valuable resources., for instance, has its own red, yellow, and green light system and offers detailed information on content so that you can decide whether a game, television show, movie, and even some Web sites fit your children. offers monthly tech tips on topics from cell phones to Web surfing. has a forum for parents, teens, and experts to discuss social networking issues, as well as safety tips on creating blogs, posting video, and communicating online.

San Diego Global Vision Academy 3430 School Street San Diego CA 92116 619.600.5321

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Inside the Classroom 1st Grade October has been a very busy month in First Grade. In honor of the fall season, students have been learning about pumpkins, owls, spiders, bats, nocturnal animals, and other spooky creatures. This month we celebrated the National Day of Writing by writing pieces that explored the reasons “Why We Write”. We also used the book Pumpkin Time, by Zoe Hall as a mentor text to help us write our own Halloween stories. We used a writer’s checklist to ensure that our stories included essential story elements, such as characters, setting, and a beginning, middle, and end. In Math, students have been strengthening their number sense by learning addition facts from 0-

9. The students have also been recently introduced to beginning algebra by solving equations with a missing addend. We have also been learning place value and how to represent numbers in terms of tens and ones. To prepare for the upcoming fire season, our classroom had a personal visit from the local Fire Department. The firefighters talked to the kids about the importance of practicing fire safety. We also participated in the “Great California Shakeout”, an annual school-wide earthquake drill. First grade also launched our fall Service Learning Project. In our classroom we read a book called Halloween Is…. and we talked

about where the holiday originated. One of our CA Social Studies Standards is that students recognize that they are part of a larger community. As our conversation about Halloween and our community progressed, the students came up with two ways they could give back to their community during Halloween. One of the things they came up with was to do a costume drive for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to dress-up for Halloween. Also, in order to express our appreciation to our neighbors, students will also be writing individual thank you notes to give out when they go trick-or-treating. First grade wishes everyone at SDGVA a safe and Happy Halloween!

Oct 31st Festivities October 31st is fast approaching. Here are a few reminders: Non-participators: If you do not want your child to take part in the Halloween activities we will have fun fall activities for them to participate in during this time in the front office. Please communicate this need with your child's teacher. Parents are Welcome: Parents are welcome to watch our costume parade. The parade will begin at 1:30.

Costume Regulations: • Students should come to school dressed in their uniform and be prepared to change into costumes at 1:00 • Costumes should not include replicas of guns, knives, machetes, or weapons of any kind. • No pseudo drug or alcohol periphanalia. • Masks ARE okay, please make sure student can see well • Costumes should be school appropriate; students are not allowed risqué items. * Any student in a costume deemed inappropriate will be required to remain in school uniform.

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Pick-up Procedures

Fresh and Easy Right now, through December 31st any receipt you have that is $20 or more is worth a $1 donation to SDGVA. Shop at Fresh and Easy on University Ave and bring your receipts in to the office to help raise money! Also, December 14th, from 4pm8pm we will receive 5% of all the sales for the night, plus the $1 donation for every receipt collected. Bring your shopping shoes!

The San Diego Parking Enforcement Officers have been handing out tickets to many of our parents during pick up during the past two weeks. After speaking with Sergeant Sweeny, we have been asked to remind parents about parking/stopping in the red zone. Here are a few reminders: • • •

We would like all parents/guardians to refrain from parking or stopping in the red zone. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in a red zone. Keep the traffic flow moving. If your child is not ready to be picked up when you arrive, you may park or continue driving around the corner through the alley and circle back around and we will have your child ready.

Your child will be ready for pick up in the designated loading zone (white curb) where you may load your child(ren) safely into your car.

* Parent volunteers needed.

Parent - Teacher Conferences (Nov 16th-18th) We strongly encourage all of our parents/guardians to attend their children’s parent & teacher conferences. They provide an opportunity to ask individualized questions about your child's academic progress and to hear how your child interacts in the professional classroom environment with other students and adults. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your child's academic, social and emotional development from the perspective of an educator who spends nearly 40 hours observing and interacting with them each week. More importantly, it sends a powerful message about how much you value your child's education and future career options.

Education is more important than ever before. A high school education is no longer sufficient to prepare students for success in the workforce. Today, students need at least two years of college, and preferably four years of higher education, in order to obtain a good paying job. That’s why parent-teacher conferences are so important. Here are four critical questions you may want to consider during your parent-teacher conference: •

What skills and knowledge will my child be expected to master this year? How will my child be evaluated?

Do you accommodate differences in learning? (Intervention & Enrichment) What can I do to stay more involved in my child's academic progress? How can I help?

Each teacher will be sending home a sign up log in order to schedule your conference. School will be out at 1:00 pm and 6 to 6 will be closed at 4:00 pm on November 16th, 17th and 18th in order to allow the teachers time to meet with each family. Thank you for being such a critical component of your child's academic success. We are grateful for your participation in the upcoming parentteacher conferences and your on-going

November 2011 Scoop

Write the future!

Office Announcements •

Don’t forget to bring your Fresh and Easy Receipts, Capris Sun recyclables, and Box Tops to the front office

If you would like to receive our E-Scoop, please go to our website to sign up.

Lost and Found: If you are missing something check SDGVA’s lost and found and the lost and found at Adams Avenue Elementary School.

6 to 6 closes at 4:00 pm during parent-teacher conferences, November 16th – 18th.

Keep your family healthy, make sure to wash hands and get a good nights rest.

Write the future!

San Diego Global Vision Academy

Saturday School Our primary mission at San Diego Global Vision Academy, especially during the elementary school years, is to provide students with essential tools and foundation to become lifelong learners. As educators, parents & guardians, we must take full responsibility of our student’s academic learning opportunities. Therefore, we will again be requiring Saturday School for any student who indicates based upon their initial Practice Test that they are not on the pathway to proficiency in either English Language Arts and/or Mathematics without extra time and support. Each Saturday School session will begin promptly at 2pm and end at 5pm. These classes will focus on improving student reading and math skills, as well as study skills, test taking and organizational skills. We have found that these intervention classes have helped students be more prosperous in school overall. There are 12 Saturday Sessions that begin in January and end the first week of May. Your child is expected to be there for all 12 Saturdays. If your child must miss one Saturday, a parent/guardian must contact the Educational Provost, Christine Kane at and the classroom teacher in advance in order to be excused. Students may have only one pre-excused absence each year. Students missing a Saturday School session will receive a packet of work which must be completed. If a student misses more than one class, the parent/guardian will need to meet with the Educational Provost to declare what course of action the family would like to take to ensure their child's academic success this school year. Please encourage your child to do everything they can to be successful in school. Getting enough sleep every night, having a work/study area set up, spending one to two hours each night working on homework, being in school every day, and working with their teachers to get the most out of each day’s learning experience will greatly improve their results as life-long learners.

SDGVA Student Scoop

November 2011 Volume 1 Issue 1

Rolling Blackout by Aurora Rose (5th Grade) On September 8th, 2011, there was a big rolling blackout through out all of the city.

back home. We sat in the dark for a while, and then, all of the sudden, BOOM! FLASH! Power came back on! Every one was happy!”

It was not caused by terrorists, but by a single worker that was trying to prevent a blackout.

“The last kid got picked up at about 7:10 P.M. Because their parents were stuck on the freeway in traffic for 2 hours”

He did make a mistake, but no hard feelings! The Arizona Public Service Co. worker was changing out a capacitor, which controls voltage levels outside of Yuma, Arizona, near the California border. Shortly after the switch-out, a section of major power lines went out, causing no electricity for over 6 million people (that's a lot!),then it sailed its way down to Mexico, officials said. It knocked out traffic lights causing trouble for people trying to get home from their job.

Laraya Dorrough (5th Grade) said “My parents cooked on a grill. My uncle came over and we talked to each other until I was bed time.” Ms Kane said “ No fans in classrooms! I had to take 6 to 6 outside. We had to do homework on the playground. At about 5:30, we had to go inside because there were a lot of kids playing on the playground due to many houses around the area and nothing to do inside. After a while, there were 10-15 kids left whose parents were stuck on the freeway. The last kid got picked up at about 7:10 P.M. Because their parents were stuck on the freeway in traffic for 2 hours. Mrs.B and me were the last two people here, so we went around and locked up he place and went home.”

Two reactors from a nuclear power plant went bye bye!; after losing electricity. More than 2 million gallons of dirty sewage water flowed into the water of San Diego, closing beaches and bays. A local think tank estimates the outage cost the San Diego-area economy more than $100 million. Many had to sleep in very high and uncomfortably hot temperatures, but luckily, if you were still awake, the power came on at 9:00 for me, others only hours after that. And some came on the next day at 2:00, friends said. Friday was a day off because of it, but on Monday it was like it never happened.

For me the blackout was not fun, but the good thing was is that a lot of people got outside and played. The good thing is that it's all over and we can forget about the past and Write the future!

Jamal Cook (5th Grade) said:” My dog was very tired, hot, and thirsty. Me and my buds went up this hill and we walked and talked for a while. Then we went back to my house. We were all mad because all of the food in the fridge was rotting, so we went up to my uncle's house. My whole family was up there. After a while, we went 1

An Interview with Ms. Kane

Every student in the class was destined to change the world in positive ways and to make world a better place to live in.”

by Mary Sutton (4th Grade) Ms Kane is always a blur of motion, she is both SDGVA’s 4th Grade teacher, and its Educational Provost. I had a chance to sit down with Ms. Kane for a few minutes, and get to know a little more about her.

How many friends did you have in college? A: “I went to a small college so it was easy to know every person on sight. You study together,hang-out together, party together,go to class together and live together.” When did you start teaching? A: “I was 22 years old when I got my first teaching job at another charter school in San Diego. So I've been teaching for over 14 years.”

What is your full name? A: “Christine Marie Kealoha Kane.” What was your favorite topic in 4th grade? A: ”I was obsessed with reading!”

...You can read more of this interview on the SDGVA Website under Scoop Junior.

Who is your favorite author/illustrator? A: My 3 favorite authors are Susan Collins, Moira Young and Brenna Yavonoff.” Who was your favorite student last year? A: “The entire class had full blown,rockstar leadership. They were the very best examples of SDGVA.

Chess Club

Martin Nilsson is the new chess teacher for SDGVA. While his class is small, it allows him to give the students a lot of individual attention.

by Kelly Cleary (3rd Grade) and Caitlin Heller (2nd Grade)

One of the class’ students, Anthony said “I learned a lot. It is a whole different world when you’re in chess! Chess is waiting for every one come on down. Chess is awesome!

The chess club is a enrichment class at SDGVA. It is inspiring. You learn strategies, moves, and the logic of chess. It is played by millions of people, in tournaments, online, and at home. It is a two-player game, played on a square board with 64 squares, in an 8 x 8 grid. It is one of the most popular games played in the world. Chess is a fun game, and it has been played for more than 1000 years.

Another student, Vincent said “I love chess it is good for your brain! Come and sign up for chess the best enrichment class at SDGVA!

The Adams Avenue Street Fair

food at the fair, I love the music at there fair, and the fair is awesome! The Street fair was very crowded and the carnival at Adams Ave School had a Ferris wheel, SuperSlide, and Dragon Wagon, among other attractions.

by Taylor Maxwell-Pasanen (Grade 3rd Grade) In September Adams ave. had a street fair! Here are some things I overheard people saying: Love the rides I love the

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