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Animaux de Domectique For Kids

Jack and Jill ran into their parents room early one Saturday morning. “What is it kids?” asked their parents. “We want a animaux de domectique!” exclaimed Jack and Jill. “Alright,” said their dad, “Lets go to the animaux de domectique store!”

Jack and Jill could barely hold in their excitement as they entered the animaux de domectique store. The store clerk greeted them with a bright smile and asked,” What kind of animaux de domectique are y’all looking for today?” The kids looked at each other and began to think.

Not being able to think of a animaux de domectique , Jack and Jill asked the pet store clerk, “What kind of animaux do you have?�

Serpent Perroquet



“Well, we have a lot to choose from! What do you two think about a serpent, a lezard, a poisson, or a perroquet?” questioned the store clerk. “Hmm, no,” answered Jill, “They are not furry!”

Cheval Hamster



“Okay, how about a cheval, a araignee, a tortue, or a hamster?” asked the store clerk.

“No way!” exclaimed Jack, “They aren’t the right size!”

Agneau Chevre

“I see, what about an agneau or a chevre?” questioned the store clerk.

“I don’t think so!” said both of the kids together, “They aren’t playful.”

Chiens Chats

The store clerk was starting to run out of pets. He told the kids,� The only animaux de domectique I have left are chiens and chats.�

Jack and Jill ran to the chien and said, “ We want a chien! I t is perfect! Chiens are furry, playful, and just the right size.�

Pets for kids  

Jack and jill go to the pet store and pick a pet. By: Devin, boyd, D'marco, Dawn

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