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Billy is going to the zoo today. He learned that zoo in French is just zoo (zo-oo).

First he went to the mammal habitat and saw the elephants, kangaroos, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, and lions.

He learned how to say all of these in French.

He met Elmo the Elephant. He learned that Elmo was called, in French, an éléphant (el-ee-font). Éléphants eat cacahuètes (kay-kay-wayts), which means peanuts.

When he went to go see the giraffes, he learned that giraffes, which in french is girafe (j-air-aff), eat arbres (au-lb-ruh) which are trees.

Billy then decided to go see the monkey’s, which in French is pronounced as singe (soun-jj). Monkey’s love to eat bananes (buh-nan), which are banana’s.

Near the monkey’s were the zebra’s. Zebra in french is zèbre (zay-bugh). They have a cool pattern on their back called bandes (bond-uh), which is stripes.

Billy was most excited to see the lions. He was happy to learn that lion in french is actually lion (lee-on). He also learned that lions live in cages (cahh-jje), which are cages in english.

Billy really did have an awesome day at the zoo. But his favorite part was learning how to say all these words in french!

Zoo Times  

By: sabrina stratton, kaitlyn morely, olajawon ajao, andrea ayala