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The Lumière Brothers

The Lumière brothers 

The Lumière brothers put down more than 170 patents, essentially in the field of photography. They are at the origin of commercialising instant photographic plates in 1881.

The sale of these said plates called ‘Étiquettes-Bleues’ made their fortune.

They were at the origin of cinema which launched the cinematographic industry in 1895.

They were at the origin of the obtaining colour on photographic plates in 1907.

This plate, called "auto chromium", was considered by Louis Lumiere, as his most prestigious invention, the one to which he dedicated more than ten years of his life.

Auguste Lumière

Louis Lumière

1. The first public projection in Europe is attributed to the brothers Skladanowsky. On November 1st, 1895, they presented a movie of a15 minutes short film within the framework of a program of entertainment in Berlin. However the date generally by agreed on as the birth of the cinema is in the first public projection given by the Lumière brothers to the Indian Lounge of the Grand Café in Paris on December 28th 1895.

2. It was however preceded by several repetitions. Indeed, on March 22nd, 1895 on the premises of the Company of encouragement for the national industry in Paris, that the first performance, of what had to be the first movie of both inventors: the Exit of the factory Light in Lyon, took place. Following representations in Lyon, in Brussels, in Ciotat with new movies being made as they went along. The Meal of baby, The Smiths, The Landing of the congress of photography in Lyon, The Peach in goldfish. The Lumière brothers applied for the patent of their cinematograph on February 13th, 1895.

To create a movement, following the appearance of a horse at full speed in 1876, Eadweard Muybridge ​did an experiment: He put twelve cameras along the track of the Palo Alto park that triggered automatically when the moving horse went past. Thus, it broke down into several motion pictures, which allowed to prove that sometimes the galloping horse performs four hooves off the ground.

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The history of cinema  
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