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A Collection of Recent Logos, Marks, and Symbols Marcus McVey

DEC 2017

01: Piazza Venezia Foundation Event Planning Organization

Part of an all- encompassing branding system for the Piazza Venezia Foundation, an organization based on event planning and community-based interactions.

FEB 2018

02: Risk Possible Insurance Company and Policy Monitor

A new logo and identity for RiskPossible, an insurance company focused on giving their clients all of the necessary data to promote smart workplace decisions.

JAN 2018

03: LVLFi Game Developer and Fitness Promoter

An identity for a game-developer aiming to help people get active by rewarding players with points for exercising through the use of wearables such as Fitbit and Apple Watch.

NOV 2017

04: Starving Artist Brew Co. Brewery and Restaurant Logo

Part of a branding and packaging system for a fictional brew company. 5 beer labels as well as promotional material were made to exercise the brand.

NOV 2017


05: Smokin’ Oak Imperial Stout Beer Label


1 of the 5 beer labels for the Starving Artist Brew Co. set. Smokin’ Oak is an imperial stout, accompanied by a Golden Ale, an IPA, an Amber, and a Sour.

APR 2017

06: Burgies Local Coffee Shop

A branding system for a local coffee shop aimed at educating customers on the processes and locations of different coffee varities. This was a group project.

AUG 2017

modville 07: Modville Midcentury-Modern Antique Shop

A logo for a Mid-Century Modern antique shop which offers customers the ability to buy, sell, or trade used or unwanted furniture, merchandise, and paraphernelia of vintage aesthetic.

MAY 2016

08: Aquadopt Fictional Charity for Marine Conservation

Aquadopt’s mission is to bring awareness to the endangering of many species of dolphins from the Taiji dolphin hunt that happens each year.

JAN 2017

09: Personal Identity Monogram of my Initials

This logo is used for personal marketing and recognition. It is featured on business cards, and all necessary docuements such as resumes and coverletters.

McVey Logofolio 2018  
McVey Logofolio 2018  

A short collection of recent logos, marks, and brand material.