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Middle School Students’ Virtual Visit with Australia Thanks to the wonder of distance learning technology, Nicole Siniscarco’s middle school concert band was able to meet the students of Abbotsleigh Boarding School of Sydney, Australia. Students from both schools shared general information about each other’s geographical locations, schedules, and music curriculums. Each school performed a musical piece for the other, and students had the opportunity to ask specific questions. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students. For more information about video conferences or online collaborations, is a good place to start. More resources are available at the Technology In Our Schools link on our district’s homepage.

Distance Learning Event


Document Camera Uses


Online File Storage


Podcasting, Videos, Weather Site


Microsoft Word Tips


Not Your Usual Book Report


Google Image Search Tips




SMARTBoard Users’ Group


Mac Tip




“The need to know the capital of Florida died when my phone learned the answer. Rather, the students of tomorrow need to be able to think creatively; they will need to learn on their own, adapt to new challenges and innovate on-the-fly.” ~Anthony Chivetta, Missouri High School student

Classroom Uses for a Document Camera • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Make every book a shared reading experience Put a timer underneath the camera for various applications Conduct science experiments with insects Shared writing experiences Word sorting Demonstrate math manipulatives Discuss and display homework Model writing Teach dictionary skills Art-modeling Step by step problem solving Storyboard Add visuals to handouts Display maps

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Randomly select homework to display Demonstrate use of calculator, iPod, etc. Display iPod applications for group use (or any other nanotechnology) Dissecting flowers Choral reading Display finished product while giving instructions Use in staff meetings to explain forms Enhance group discussion Share newspaper and magazine articles Display 3-Dimensional objects Share/analyze photography Sewing/craft demonstrations Neo demonstration


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Online File Storage Options-

Things to consider before signing up with an online storage provider: √ √ √ √

Space – How much do you need? Simplicity – Are you tech savvy or do you need a drag and drop solution? Stability – Will the company be around next year? Access – Do you need to access data from multiple computers? Do you want to share with friends? Cost – Are you looking for free file storage? Who’s tracking you online? How can you opt out?

GroupWise tip: To junk all Internet e-mail from addresses not in one of your personal address books (including the Frequent Contacts address book), click Tools > Junk Mail Handling > Enable Junk Mail Using Personal Address Books.

A Few to Consider 1.

ADrive is an online storage provider offering tons of space - 50 GB to be exact - and their generous 2 GB file size limit lets you make the most of it. You can get a free account and then upload all your files through the web browser interface, then you can keep your files private or share them with a simple click of the mouse.


MediaMax gives you a free account with 25 GB of secure storage space that works well for private storage and file sharing.


With Humyo you get a total of 30 GB of free space, for file storage and sharing, along with other options for streaming and embedding media files. You can access Humyo from any web or mobile phone browser.

4. is another unique storage provider that lets you setup secure file "drops" between specified groups of people. It's completely secure and you can setup as many drops as you want, and you have the option of adding files via web browser, email, or phone!


Page 3 teacher_tools/ “Teachers TV supports the professional development of anyone working in school, enabling them to widen their skills, develop their practice, and connect with others in the field.” Quick Tip: Use viewing your podcast as homework-put it on your website and have students view prior to lecture/assessment activities in class. Classroom/

Do you need a short clip of video to compliment your activity or lesson? Browse through one of the subject categories to find a clip that suits your needs. “The Wonderful World of Weather is a standards-based Real Time Data Module developed by the Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE). It allows elementary students to investigate weather phenomena locally as well as in other places around the world.”


1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.

7. 8.

Steps for Inserting a Table Click on your screen where you would like the your table to be located. Click on Table | Insert Table . In the Table Size area select the number of columns and rows. In the AutoFit Behavior section, specify how Word should determine the width of the table and its columns. By default, every new table uses the Table Grid style. Click the AutoFormat button to select from many prefab formats for your table. Click OK. MS Word will now generate your table. Once created, you can format your table with borders, colors, etc. by right clicking on the table and choosing the “format” option.

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Creating Columns 1. Type your text and highlight it. 2. Click on “Format” on the menu bar and choose “Columns” 3. Select the number of columns you want and your preferred spacing. 4. Click “OK”

Did you know you can send a Word document as an email? Here’s how: 1. Create your word document and save it, but don’t close it. 2. Go to “File” on the menu bar and select “send to” and

“Mail Recipient”

Inserting a Comment into a Word Cocument Font Effects Word offers effects such as Superscript, Subscript, Shadow, , Emboss, Engrave Engrave, SMALL Shadow CAPS and ALL CAPS. There are also text effects such as Blinking Background, Marching Ants, Shimmer, Sparkle, etc. All of these effects are found in your tool bar under “Format”, then “Font.”

1. Highlight the text that you'd like to make a comment about. 2. Go to "Insert" on the menu bar and select "Comment" 3. A red box will appear where you can enter your comment. When you’re done typing, click outside the comment box on your document. 4. To view your comments, click on "View" then "Toolbars" and then "Reviewing." On the reviewing toolbar look for "Show" and select "Comments."

"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work." ~ Mark Twain


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Not Your Usual Book Report! Look up words to find their meaning and associations with other words and concepts. Download a good book for any mobile device.

Or, download an audio book from the Mid York Library System Find and share ideas for using Inspiration and Kidspiration.

1. Have students create a cartoon version of the book. Use, or http:// 2. Let students create a video clip about the book. Interview characters, create a movie trailer or have characters act out parts of the story in a video. 3. Create a poster (Publisher, PhotoShop) advertising the book. 4. Create a timeline of events. http:// 5. Create a slide show that becomes interactive and collaborative at 6. Students can write reviews about books they’ve read and share them with other students. Create a classroom book review wiki where all students can logon and review books they have read or are currently reading. By the end of the school year you will have a site full of book reviews. http:// 7. Have students create a PowerPoint about the book or about specific elements and present it to the class. 8. Allow students to create a podcast using Audacity or Garage Band. 9. Use Inspiration to create a graphic organizer as a summary of the book. 10. Create a brochure (Publisher) about the characters, setting, etc. 11. Create and share (or have students create) a PowerPoint Jeopardy game. 12. Share a crossword puzzle using words from the book. http:/// 13. Create a PhotoStory. 14. Use Wordle to inspire conversations about the story.


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Find exactly the image you’re looking for in your Google image search by adding filters.

Basic Options

Advanced Options

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ~~ Benjamin Franklin

Soundzabound is a source for royalty free music and other audio files which meets all the licensing and technology requirements needed for education. Download sounds for any digital media. Access Soundzabound through your Web/Max log in.


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If you haven’t joined NetTrekker Village yet, check it out. NetTrekker Village is a social networking site for users of NetTrekker. Educators can connect, to share photos, video, lesson ideas or anything else related to this search tool. Free Education videos and print materials for classroom use.

Come share your “SMART” ideas!

If you have a student who needs access to the Microsoft Speech to Text options, please see Margaret. smartlessons.htm resources/templates.htm (offers many Kidspiration and Inspiration templates as well) id=1dcf8b49-b239-4f40-ab1d-e5641db76817 (game templates)

Did you know HP has a SMARTBoard Users’ Group? Once a month we get together to share ideas and help new users. Everyone is welcome. even if you don’t currently have a SMARTBoard in your classroom! Join us and check out the amazing things you can do with this

exciting technology. Watch for announcements in your mailbox about the next meeting. Questions? Email Krista DiCesare or Margaret McNamara.

Smart Tech instructions for creating your own template: help/40/en/smtideas_en/ Using_Templates.htm


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Did you know‌?

You can use Spotlight as a Calculator. Enter an equation into Spotlight and it will be appear solved as the top result just like the screenshot! Uses for Wordle in your classroom: Poetry in words, revision terms, capturing keypoints, introducing new terms, spelling lists, reflections, highlight main ideas, copy and past essays into Wordle and see what words are over used, list favorite animals, adjectives, create an image for your webpage, display character traits, writing prompts, help children get to know one another, the list is endless! Can you identify the poem in the Wordle below?

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HP Technology Newsletter November 2009

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