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MAY 2010

eBooks, Digital Images & More Inside this issue:

An e-book, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of English, is "an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose"

The New York Public Library


Excel Formatting Tip


Save Money on Printing Costs


Does Technology Make You Happy?


Wordle Lesson Ideas


Guidebook to Internet Searching


GroupWise Tip


Video Conferencing


OffSync for Microsoft Office


Just for Fun


eBooks are available in many formats to accommodate several devices -PC, Mac, iPod, iPad, SmartPhone, Kindle, etc.

The Library of Congress


Prism for Firefox


You can purchase or borrow a digital book from several online sources. Barnes and Noble, and Google Books, to name a few. You can even download them from the library.

SMARTBoard Resources


Apps for your iTouch


While traditional books can be stored on your book shelves, ebooks are being stored on an electronic device. This way you will be able to keep more books then you can ever imagine and take them all with you wherever you go. There is no limit when it comes to the genre of ebooks available online. You can find many bestsellers, latest editions and ebooks that are written by aspiring authors. You can even find a large number of popular newspapers that have their electronic editions online.

The New York Public Library has an amazing collection of digital materials available. You can borrow items for up to 21 days. You may check out up to 12 items from eNYPL at one time. At the end of the lending period, the ebook will expire and disappear from your computer. The library also has an extended supply of audio books available for download. Below you will find a list of the type of items available at

You will need to apply for a library card, which will be mailed to you. In the meantime, you will be emailed an account number.

Digital Gallery NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from The New York Public Library's vast collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and more. eNYPL Collection of Downloadable Media eNYPL Collection of Downloadable Media. Thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, music and video for PC or portable device.

“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” ~ Woody Allen

TumbleBooks Animated, talking picture books. Story books, puzzles and games, audiobooks, and books in other languages are all offered through the NYPL site. Bookflix BookFlix pairs classic fictional video storybooks from Weston Woods with nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic. (PreK - 3)


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Excel Formatting Shortcut When you want to change your cell formatting in Excel from Date to Number, follow the steps below: • Click Ctrl + Shift + ~>. • Enter today's date in a cell by clicking Ctrl + ;. Then click Ctrl + Shift + ~> to change the format to General formatting. Free, printable worksheets for Math, ELA, Science, Geography, problem solving, holiday activities and more. This site also has printable awards and certificates. is a website where you upload your PDF form and link to it so other people can fill it out and sign it online. No software is needed. Any PDF form can be used, even if it's not "interactive", so you can get started right away. You can even invite a group to fill out your forms and track the results. Anyone that collects signatures or filled out forms will find to be a valuable time-saving resource.

Printing Costs-Does Font Choice Make a Difference? Because different fonts require different amounts of ink to print, you could be buying new printer cartridges less often if you wrote in, say, Century Gothic rather than Arial. It’s possible that schools and businesses could save thousands of dollars with mere font changes. When tested popular fonts for their ink-friendly ways, Century Gothic and Times New Roman topped the list. Calibri, Verdana, Arial and Sans Serif were next, followed by Trebuchet, Tahoma and Franklin Gothic Medium. Century Gothic uses about 30 per cent less ink than Arial. The amount of ink a font uses is mainly driven by the thickness of its lines. A font with “narrow” or “light” in its name is usually better than its "bold" or "black" counterpart, said Thom Brown, an ink researcher at Hewlett-Packard Co. Also, serif fonts - those with short horizontal lines at the top and bottom of characters - tend to use thinner lines and thus less ink than a "sans serif" counterpart.

Technology makes You Happy! According to a survey of 35,000 people worldwide, performed by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, there are positive links between access to technology and feelings of well-being. The study also found that the correlation does not appear to increase with age, despite the efforts of various countries to get their older populations online. Access to communication devices was found to be the most valued.

For links to Web 2.0 tools for your classroom, check out our website -, click on technology in our schools, then Web 2.0 tools. scrapbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=10043&


Wordle Lesson Ideas: 1.Personal Narratives: Write, or copy and paste, a personal narrative into Wordle. Students will be able to see what is important to their peers from the words that are produced from the word clouds. Compare the words that are used most often by boys, or girls, by age group, or by class/grade level. These Wordle lessons make great displays outside a classroom. 2. Famous Speeches: Enter the text of a famous historical speech into Wordle. Analyze the results by looking at the most commonly used words, or even the words that are not used. What does this tell us about the orator and their intentions? Go to previous.htm or for a list of historical speeches you may want to get started with. 3. Create a Wordle Gift: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, or even Teacher Appreciation Day, can all be celebrated with Wordle. Input your favorite adjectives for your chosen person, generate the word cloud, and add it to a greeting card, poster, calendar, or whatever else you choose. Remember, Wordle clouds can be downloaded as JPEGS or PNGS if you take a screenshot of your word cloud and save it to your computer,

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7. Current Affairs Analysis: Copy and paste a news story into Wordle. What could the story have been about? Can you guess what the headline would have been? Where could have it taken place? These questions and more make this a worthy discussion exercise. 8. Wordle Word Walls: Brighten up your word walls with Wordle lessons. Students can brainstorm synonyms, antonyms, or definitions for their list of vocabulary words. Add your word clouds to your existing word wall work to help stimulate those higher thinking skills in your students. Keep a tally of the targeted vocabulary words that the children use in speech on a daily basis, and them to a Wordle cloud to show which are used most often. 9. Unit Review/Preview Posters: Students can create KWL charts on what they would like to learn and find out about a given topic. Alternatively, create word clouds at the end of a unit to summarize the key learning points or vocabulary from a given topic. 10. Historical Document Analysis: Have you ever wondered what the Magna Carta or Declaration of Independence would look like when pasted into Wordle? Try it and see. There will be lots of talking points from the resulting word cloud. What do you predict you will see? What themes can you identify? How does the word cloud fit in with the historical context of the document? (from

4. Classroom Polls: Instead of your traditional bar graph or pictograph, try using Wordle to organize your data. What is the favorite color in your class? Have all students take turns at entering their favorite color in to Wordle and generate the resulting cloud. Bigger words = more popular colors. Repeat with ice cream flavors, pets, family members, etc. 5. Compare and Contrast: Use Wordle as a compare and contrast tool. Compare and contrast the word clouds of two or more students' writing, famous speeches, song lyrics, news reports, book reviews or whatever else you may need to compare in your classroom studies. 6. Student Profiles: You can do this with PowerPoint but it works with Wordle lessons, too. Have all students in your class write a few positive adjectives about each of their classmates anonymously. Compile all the papers, input the adjectives for each student into Wordle, and generate a student profile word cloud to give back to the student. Children always enjoy this positive feedback exercise, and it can be a great end of year activity to take home from the last day of school.

Guidebook of Internet Searching MakeUseOf.com_-_Searching.pdf


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This Month’s Technology Buzzword: Videoconferencing With videoconferencing technology, two or more people at different locations can see and hear each other. They can also share computer applications for collaboration. Videoconferencing offers possibilities for schools, colleges, and libraries to use these systems for a variety of purposes, including formal instruction (courses, lessons, and tutoring), connection with guest speakers and experts, multi-school project collaboration, professional activities, and community events. Placing a video call is a lot like placing a telephone call. After you connect, you see the other person in color video on a TV screen and may be able to transfer files or collaborate via options such as document sharing. Within Holland Patent recently, 3rd graders at HPE have visited the New York State Fire Museum, 3rd graders at GWF are currently following the hatching of chicks at South Jefferson School via video conferences, 4th graders at HPE exchanged poetry and artwork with a 4th grade class in Michigan and the Mac User Group met with Port Byron CSD to discuss their Mac integration successes. For more information about distance learning opportunities, check out these resources: GroupWise Tip: If you often search for the same type of item in your GroupWise folders, you can save the search results by creating a find results folder. Here’s how you do that: Perform a GroupWise Search 1. Select Tools | Find or click the Find button on your GroupWise toolbar. 2. Enter the search criteria on the Find tab. 3. Click OK. Create a Find Results Folder to Save Your Search Results 1. In the Find Results window, select File | Save As Folder. 2. Name and place the folder appropriately. 3. Check Find new matching items each time the folder is opened to renew your search results. 4. Click Finish. 5. Close the Find Results window. Click on a location and get all the latest local news for that area. It will even automatically detect the locations nearest to you!


Page 5 OffiSync Supercharges Microsoft Office, enabling you to significantly improve the way you create, collaborate and share their documents by integrating Microsoft Office with Google Docs, and Google Apps. Installing OffiSync adds a new toolbar to any version of Microsoft Office, allowing you to easily import web content such as images and templates right from within MS Office, collaborate with others in real time, letting users see each other's edits as they work with Office files and share their final documents. Fun, light-hearted three-minute about complex subject areas. Videos are available to watch for free. Licensing is available if you want to download content. Subject areas include Technology, Society, Green and Money. A PDF-to-Word conversion technology that allows you to quickly and easily create editable files, making it possible to re-use PDF content in applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and WordPerfect.

“Incorporate technology into the curriculum. Don’t allow it to be merely an entertaining gadget. Avoid promoting the use of technology for a fun day or to reward good behavior. Use it regularly so the novelty wears off and it becomes another tool for learning." Colleen Ruggieri, ELA teacher, Canfield High School


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Just for fun… Learn something new-the easy way! “ helps intelligent, engaged audiences get smart. Our users find, enjoy, and share videos about the people, issues, and ideas changing the world.” Summer salad recipes A Visual Travel Guide Memorial Day online activities Test your forensics knowledge What’s in your food?

The Library of Congress has a copy of all media published in the United States. Its collection currently contains more than 21 million books. Altogether, over 141 million works of all types are housed there. With advances in technology, that information is starting to go online. The Library is steadily beefing up its digital collections. These are freely available on its Web site. These collections include American historical documents and international documents. More than 1 million historic images can be browsed. Collections of maps, manuscripts, newspapers, and legislation are all available. It's a fun way to explore America's history!”

Bringing web applications to your desktop, Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop


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Come share your “SMART” ideas! Did you know HP has a SMARTBoard Users’ Group? We get together to share ideas and help new users. Everyone is welcome. even if you don’t currently have a SMARTBoard in your classroom! Join us and check out the amazing things you can do with this

SMARTBoard Teacher Created Lessons smartboard/lessons.htm

exciting technology. Our next meeting will be in September, and we’ll be providing support to all the teachers who will have SMARTBoards installed by then. In the meantime, check out the resources assembled on the HP SMARTBoard webpage (, click on Technology in our Schools. Feel free to leave share your own ideas and tips on our blog!) Questions? Email Krista DiCesare or Margaret McNamara. SMARTBoard Quick Tip:

Any object can be animated (similar to PowerPoint). You can see the animation when switching to the full screen view or by clicking on the object. Follow these steps to animate: First, Insert an image and click on it. Go to Object Animation on the upper right side of the screen. Select a type as well as the other options.

At Tequipment’s Educator Resource Center you will find teacher-created resources and materials for use in your classroom with SMART Boards and other SMART products. It includes discussion forums and other online collaborative tools for support and SMART community-building. Lots of free templates to download!


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A Few of the Best Apps For Your iTouch: TED: The TED app gives you access to the TED talks. These are a collection of presentations by some of the world's brightest minds and they give a glimpse into the future of technology, science, business, design and more. Each inspiring talk is no more than 15 minutes in length, and is usually engaging enough to capture even the shortest of attention spans. Stanza: This award-winning e-reader app is one of the best educational iPhone applications because it offers a wealth of options for reading. For instance, you have access to over 100, 000 books in the Lexcycle Online Library. Text colors, line spacing, font sizes, and orientation can all be customized to improve your viewing experience. With Stanza, you need never be caught without something to read. Units: Units can convert area, currency, temperatures, length, speed, weight, power, volume and more. There is even a small built in ruler for quick measurements on the go. So, whether you are doing Math, Economics or Science, this useful app will have something to offer everyone.

iFlashcards Free: Flashcards are a favorite study tool of students the world over. This app lets you create an unlimited number of flashcards on your iPhone and iPod Touch, or on the internet so that you can download them to your Apple device. You can customize card size, colors and questions easily, and there are 4 test modes to make sure you have all the facts you need. The ability to tag cards means that you can test yourself on all the 'vocab' or 'science' cards by filtering through all the collections you have.

Math Drills Lite: If there is one thing that Elementary and Middle School Math teachers agree on, it is the need for a mastery of basic Math facts. The ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, are the crucial foundations of success in Math. This app is aimed at improving these essential skills. Usefully, it has explanations of ways to solve each problem like number lines, groups of blocks or the nine times table on your fingers. There are also simple algebraic problems with missing signs to add to equations. This app is a must have applicationfor students of all ages. It incorporates a dictionary, thesaurus and a word of the day feature. Students can have the words pronounced out loud to them, and examples of how to use the words in a sentence correctly are also included. Are you wondering where a word came from? The word origins feature will tell you just what you need to know

World Wiki: Master international relations with this demographic goldmine. World Wiki collates information from over 200 countries from Wikipedia, and organizes them into useful categories like capital cities, currencies, flags, governments, populations and even national anthems. In the ever changing world that we live in, you can be sure to keep up to date with the very latest developments by using this handy app.

Google Earth: You might already have this great mapping tool on your home computer, but you can be assured that this app is just as useful and just as easy to use. It makes great use of Apple's multi-touch by letting you zoom with a pinch, and navigate with a swipe. You can even tilt the world by tilting your iPhone. The Google Earth app is clearly among the best apps for education. It is also popular with social studies teachers because of the interactivity it offers their students. Miss Spell's Class: This useful spelling app comes from the creators of Hold your own spelling bees and have students challenge their parents, siblings or peers as they cycle through the database of words to decide if they are spelled correctly or not. Points are awarded for speed and accuracy. The database contains over 10,000 words.

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