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A word from our Chair...

t’s a historical moment in Mass Communication at Georgia College. As of July 1, 2009, after years of paperwork, rationalization and growth, the Mass Communication Program was officially granted departmental status by the Board of Regents. We are officially the Department of Mass Communication!

This means we have our own autonomy, a much cleaner identity and many more opportunities. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this dream a reality. As a part of our new identity, we are sending out this newsletter to share highlights with you about the Department of Mass Communication and Georgia College. We also hope this newsletter helps you stay in touch with your former classmates and allows you to meet new Mass Comm alumni. Networking is what it is all about. A big thank you to Claire Dykes who put this newsletter together and to Macon McGinley who supervised her. Just a few comments on our new department. We are bigger and better than ever. We had 85 students in freshman seminar last fall and over 50 students graduate this past year. Our quality continues to improve also with an average GPA of 3.2 for

students in the major. We continue to emphasize community service. The advertising classes did a campaign for Tre’Bella, a clothing shop downtown owned by one of our alums, Adeline Manceau Bramlett. Telecommunications classes are working on PSAs for National Geographic and putting together a short film, while print classes focus on convergence and design initiatives. The public relations classes conducted projects for Bobcat Athletic Association and 11 additional community-based clients. Hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Be sure to send us your business cards and check out our new Facebook site for Mass Comm alums. I would like to see that develop into a place where you can post jobs and internships as well as keep us updated. I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Mary Jean Land

Dept. Chair, Professor of Mass Communication v 445-8260 v


Dr. Land attended the AEJMC Conference last August in Chicago and is eager to return to the same conference this upcoming August in Boston. There she will sit on a panel on managing a small mass communication program. She has also collaborated with the senior seminar students in spring semester on digital television and its progression from analog. This research consisted of a statewide survey that was taken on consumer perception. Land is also looking forward to becoming a grandmother and new mother-in-law this summer.

Dr. Ginger Carter Miller

Professor of Mass Communication v 478-445-8257 v

Dr. Ginger Miller’s primary areas of teaching are public relations, senior seminar and law. She spent the last academic year learning more about the uses of social media in the public relations industry. She attended two special conferences on public relations and social media, including the Edelman New Media Academic Summit in Washington, D.C. You can find her on Twitter as GingerCM. She is especially proud of the work her PR Admin class did on this year’s Athletic Auction, which raised more than $45,000 for GCSU Athletic scholarships.

Faculty Student New Macon McGinley Assistant Professor v 478-445-8259 v Macon McGinley has been hard at work on a two-page spread on how Facebook can be used by student media and advisers as a communication, reporting and training tool. This was for College Media Review Winter 2008. She also was chosen to judge a high school journalism competition named the Golden Eagle Awards. And as usual, she attended student media conferences in New York, Kansas City and Athens with her students.

Stephen Price Assistant Professor v 478-445-8258 v

Stephen Price is the newest member of the Mass Communication faculty as of August 2008. In December, he was honored by having a book review published in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. The review was on “Genre Studies in Mass Media: A Handbook.” In May, Price attended the Wakonse conference in Michigan which primarily focused on the emphasis of teaching. Price also got engaged on Valentine’s Day.

Angela Criscoe Lecturer v 478-445-8255 v

Angela Criscoe has been hard at work this past year with many different projects. In July 2008, she produced an audio tour of the Steffen Thomas Museum in Madison, Ga. She also developed a semester conference for WGUR in January. In February it was announced that she would become a permanent GCSU Mass Communication faculty member officially July 1, 2009. In March she attended the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Conference in New York. Criscoe currently serves as a hands on adviser to WGUR.

W. Pate McMichael Instructor v 478-445-8256 v

Pate McMichael attended the Georgia Communication Association conference in February and presented on a panel. He has been accepted into the University of Georgia’s Ph.D. program to study journalism history. McMichael’s five-part “Immigrant Experience” was nominated by Lake Oconee Living Magazine for a 2009 Livingston Award for Best Series. He also published a 6,000-word feature in Atlanta Magazine on a former Iraqi soldier. McMichael traveled to Guatemala this past spring.


Mass Communication earns department status As of July 1, 2009, the Mass Communication Program at GCSU became a free-standing department after being a program for the past 25 years. “Our becoming a department in July of 2009 was a milestone accomplishment for us,” said Dr. Mary Jean Land, professor and chair of the department of Mass Communication at GCSU. “It is something that faculty and staff have worked toward since the program was started in 1984. First we were the journalism program, then the mass communication program, and now, finally, we’re the Department of Mass Communication.” Mass communication has a large student enrollment and its own curriculum and culture. The degree program in mass communication is uniquely different from the English and Rhetoric program. “Dr. Land and the mass communication faculty have worked very hard to develop the program and bring it right to departmental status,” Dean Ken

Procter said. “I sat down with Dr. Land and Dr. Whitaker, the chair of English and Rhetoric, to discuss the prospects of independence, and then proposed the split to Dr. Haney and Dr. Leland. With their support, we now have a Department of Mass Communication and a Department of English and Rhetoric.” Becoming a department will give mass communication independence. Being a department will also give GCSU more recognition throughout the mass communication community and the ability to develop its own identity. “We do have and want to maintain a good relationship with the English and Rhetoric Department,” Land said. “We really appreciate all the work of faculty, administration and everyone who helped us become a department.” v Anna Bryson

Spotlight Business Cards

Check out the Web site for more business cards. Feel left out? Send yours to the MSCM office to be included! CBX 32 Milledgeville, Ga 31061

Cloclwise from bottom left: Kristen Hall, Mary Bess Parks, Dustin Wilson, Randi Noble, Rochelle Smalls, Christie Wright, Bryan Smith

MBC-4 fires up airwaves with revamped show


CSU’s new MBC-4 channel is up and running across campus, airing at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays through Sundays on Channel 4. “We are going for a mixture of hard news versus soft news and combining it to a show with a variety of flavors that will be appealing for everybody,” said Andy Kelly, producer Spring 2009. The students running MBC-4 are working hard towards getting the word out that GCSU has a news channel. The producers are giving the show a makeover, from reformatting the show’s lineup to encouraging reporters in creating more appealing news packages. Stephen Price’s newscast production class, along with the Department of Mass Communication, produces MBC4. Together with practicum students and volunteers they are able to produce news packages every week and have people to work in the Atkinson Hall studio. The program relies on help from University Communications for the use of its studio and time on the cable channel for production and broadcasting the show. “We are so happy that we have this chance to actually set the standard for upcoming shows in the future,” Kelly said. v Lisa Lee Storrönning

Student New MSCM News Telecomm faculty member earns long-term position

While searching for the perfect fit for a new telecommunications faculty member, the Mass Communication’s search committee found the right person in its backyard. Angela Criscoe, who has been a temporary telecommunications teacher for three years, will start Fall 2009 as a permanent lecturer. “We decided to make Mrs. Criscoe a full time teacher because of her impressive background in the industry,” said Macon McGinley, chair of the search committee. “She brings a lot to the table and has done quite amazing work with WGUR.” Since Criscoe’s graduation from Paducah Community College, she has gained experience in tape room editing, television administration, weekend news, traffic assistant and industry sales. She has also earned her M.Ed. in instructional technology and her B.A. in mass communication from GCSU. Criscoe has taught Mass Media and Society, Broadcast Journalism, and Broadcast


Production I and II. By becoming a permanent lecturer she will continue to teach these classes and she will have opportunities to teach other telecommunication classes. “I am really excited. I know I have big shoes to fill, and I am glad I get to maintain the relationships I have built over the years,” Criscoe said. “I applied to the position with the understanding that if I was not the best candidate for the job I was fine with that. I wanted to see

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the Mass Communication Program grow and do great things.” Since Criscoe became the adviser for the college radio station WGUR, there have been many changes. Her first accomplishment was developing a variety of new programs. WGUR now has online streaming,

and Criscoe’s goals for next semester are to improve the radio Web site and make a morning radio show, Monday-Friday 7-9 a.m. This summer Criscoe is looking to plan a radio retreat and taking some WGUR leaders to visit an Atlanta morning radio show. vLyric Burnett

The Colonnade travels to New York The Colonnade sent six staff members to a College Media Advisers convention in New York City, where they attended lectures on various aspects of journalism led by media professionals from across the nation. “I had such a good time in New York. I learned a lot while still enjoying a city I had never been to.” - Matt Chambers, asst. news editor “The sessions gave me some more insight into the media business and good ideas for newspaper.” - Elise Colcord, advertising manager

Student Media Awards

The Colonnade No. 1 for 4 years running

GCSU’s 85-year-old award-winning student newspaper not only continued to rack up honors at this year’s GCPA Better Newspaper Contest but earned regional recognition at the Southeastern Journalism Conference as well.

Every year The Colonnade competes against other fouryear schools across the state in the Georgia College Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest. This year The Colonnade walked away with multiple first place awards in Campus Community Service for Sports, Campus Community Service for Editorial Excellence, General Photography and General Advertising. Second place awards for Campus Community Service in Features and for Layout and Design were also won.

Cloclwise from top left: Ross Couch, Erin Gish, Ana Maria Lugo, Corey Dickstein, Preston Sellers, Mandy Boddy, Bobby Gentry, Claire Dykes, Claire Kersey, Lee Sandow

The highlight of the ceremony for staff, however, was earning the highest honor; first place in General Excellence for the fourth year in a row. “It’s been a great honor to win General Excellence again,” said Corey Dickstein, editor in chief for 2008-2009. “We’re competing against great schools like Berry College, Kennesaw State Univer-

sity and SCAD Atlanta, so it’s a very big deal. The staff has definitely earned it.” Individual awards were earned in competition against all public four-year colleges including Georgia State, Georgia Tech and Emory. Dickstein won a first place individual award for his news story “NIU shootings prompt GCSU Connect-Ed sign ups to

rise.” Other staff members also won individual awards including former photo editor Erin Gish and photographer Ross Couch. Gish won first place for Best Photo Essay and second place for Best Feature Photo and Couch earned second place in Best Sports Photo. “It’s great to actually have a place like The Colonnade to learn, grow and showcase our talent,” Gish said. “It’s a really great feeling to know our hard work is appreciated by more than just our parents.” Individual staff members were also recognized at the Southeastern Journalism Conference. Layout and design editor Claire Kersey received an honorable mention as Best Graphic Artist, and Gish received an honorable mention as one of the top ten student photographers in the South. After this year’s success The Colonnade staff has expectations to continue to break


2009 Mass Comm Grad achievements

Shining Star Award Andy Kelly Corey Dickstein Lee Sandow Whitney Fee

Outstanding Major Award Christa Murphy



ts a r g on

Information and articles written in this newsletter are provided courtesy of Dr. Ginger Carter Miller’s Writing for Public Relations class of Spring 2009.

Student Media Travels

WGUR attends conference in NY

Cloclwise from top left: Lauren Boyd, Tamalyn Roebuck, Heather Raines, Dorita Medard, Ashley Murphy, Beth Benton, Dana Landers, Claire Dykes, Taylor Ferrell, Sara Sellers, Elyse Farmer, Lauren Chandley, Bailey Abercrombie, Kelsie Funk

Public relations students visit the ‘Real World’ A group of 14 Public Relations Student Society of America members from GCSU traveled to Atlanta Friday, Feb. 21, to participate in PR Real World, a daylong conference for PRSSA members from all over the Southeast. The conference included panel discussions and interactive seminars to help students build PR skills and strengthen professional development. It also offered resume critiques and helpful tips on what to expect from internships and future jobs. “PR real world was a great experience because we were able to network, not only with professionals, but with our own colleagues as well,” said Elyse Farmer, Bobcat PRSSA founding president. “It was a great way to get new and creative PR ideas and learn how to present myself better during a job interview.” The day began with a discussion of the impact of social media on politics, highlighting ways that politicians use social media to transform the way they connect with voters. Questions were answered by Jennifer Martin, CNN director of PR; Lila King, CNN senior producer of user participation; and Victor Hernandez, CNN director of coverage. The students attended four seminar sessions covering internship etiquette, making themselves marketable, media relations and event planning. They could also choose to hear seminars geared towards their future career interests in PR: sports and entertainment, tourism and hospitality, and healthcare and professional service. Each of the sessions was taught by a group of three PR professionals working in a field related to the specific topic. v Beth Benton

From left: Danielle Marie Paperno, Angela Criscoe, Ben Elliot, Sarah Luttrell, Michael James, Ian Bridgeforth, Lauren Gilbert, Tyler Bryant


n March 6-8, mass communication students from GCSU’s student radio station WGUR attended the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Conference in New York City. This conference provided information that benefited the students who work for WGUR to learn about management, fundraisers, retention of staff members, promoting the station and different production tips. “One of the greatest things I took away from the experience was a seminar on crisis management,” said Tyler Bryant, a mass communication senior. “The crisis management seminar allowed me and another attendee to learn how to deal with a situation in our own station. The facilitator gave his own opinion about what he would do in that situation. With his advice, we as a station were able to handle it in the best possible fashion.” “Attendees of the conference come back the following semester to present what they have learned and share information to fellow students to build upon the program,” said Angela Criscoe, faculty adviser. v Jennifer Duncan

Student Media Online WGUR

The Colonnade

Current students

New editor for The Colonnade C

laire Dykes was chosen as the editor in chief for The Colonnade, the student newspaper of GCSU, for the 2009-2010 academic year. This year’s selection committee was comprised of Dr. Mary Jean Land, Dr. James Winchester, Dr. Stephanie McClure, Corey Dickstein, editor in chief of The Colonnade for the 2008-2009 academic year, and Preston Sellers, sports editor for The Colonnade. “Claire demonstrated an outstanding ability to lead, and she was pushed into news editor position and did extremely well. I am confident that The Colonnade will grow with her leadership,” Dickstein said. “I have no doubt that she will improve the standards that we have established over the years.” “We have an extremely talented staff lined up,” Dykes said. “We’ve added a new position, podcast manager, to help encourage all our readers to visit” v Kara Teresi

PR major crowned Ms. GCSU Keri Allgood was voted by her peers to be honored as Ms. GCSU 2009. Allgood is a public relations major at GCSU and is involved with PRSSA, Lambda Pi Eta and Phi Mu.

“I am so excited to represent not only Phi Mu, but GCSU as a whole. My big sister in Phi Mu, Taylor Sapp, was Ms. GCSU two years ago, so I feel like I have to fill some big shoes,” Allgood said. Every year, organizations on campus pick a representative to participate in Mr. and Ms. GCSU. These organizations and representatives put in a lot of hard work during homecoming week to get recognized. They campained by chalking sidewalks, posting fliers, hosting table tents, and other public relations work. “Homecoming week was definitely a stressful week full of PR work and voting, but it all paid off. I am so thankful to have had such a good PR team,” said Allgood. v Cara Wilmer

Terrel l Hal l :

The house we cal l home Built in 1907 as Lamar Hall, Terrell changed its name in 1913 for Georgia Gov. Joseph M. Terrell. In 1968, the Dillard Russell Library was remodeled and an addition was constructed. More than 90,000 items were moved from the library to the basement of Terrell Hall for storage. Terrell is now the temporary home of the Department of Mass Communication. See picture on cover.

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The Headliners Summer 2009  
The Headliners Summer 2009  

Alumni newsletter for the Department of Mass Communication at Georgia College & State University. Summer 2009 Vol. 1, Issue 1