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Volume Three, Issue One Summer 2010

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Faculty Greetings, alumni and friends! We hope you enjoy the Summer 2010 newsletter! As of July 1 the Department of Mass Communication was one year old! Happy first birthday to us! Faculty, staff and students have all had a busy year. Faculty members continue to work on development and research over the summer. Ms. Criscoe was selected for the Indiana University’s Teaching Fellows Workshop, Dr. Miller attended the Edelman Social Media Workshop, and Mr. Price directed the future faculty conference at the Wakonse Conference on College Teaching. We are looking forward to our second year as a department in 2010-2011. Despite a tough economy, the Department of Mass Communication is growing. We recently hired a new public relations professional to teach in the public relations sequence, Tulika Varma. Soon-to-be Dr. Varma will also be teaching some of our Mass Media Writing courses. Pate McMichael is returning to assist in our print sequence and Hope Buchanan is returning to teach our freshman semi-

nars and advise our pre mass communication students. The department launched a new program to assist former mass communication seniors who completed a graduation application but never graduated. The Complete Your Degree Program (CYD) is designed to identify those former mass communication majors and assist them in completing the necessary requirements to obtain their diploma. If you know of a former classmate in mass communication in this situation, please let the classmate know about CYD. And most importantly, thanks to all of you who gave back this year! Your personal and financial assistance is always very much appreciated. A special thanks to alumni who came back to speak to classes spring semester, Matt Courtoy, Natalee Mayo, Cooper Van Rossum, Jared Miley, Jamie Fleming and Cristin Athans. Students greatly benefited from your wisdom. Stay in touch….

Dr. Mary Jean Land

Department Chair, Professor of Mass Communication v 478-445-8260 v

Dr. Land spent her spring semester instructing two courses of Senior Seminar and an Advertising Campaigns class and overseeing student internships. She worked with her Advertising Campaign students on a comprehensive campaign for Cuscowilla. The class worked with two alumni on this project, Jamie Murray (’07) and Matt Wilson (’06). Murray is the events manager at Cuscowilla and Wilson is the corporate sales executive. Dr. Land has also been busy working with students on their senior research projects.

Dr. Ginger Carter Miller

Professor of Mass Communication v 478-445-8257 v

Dr. Miller was a member of a plenary panel celebrating the life and legacy of Walter Cronkite at the 2010 Broadcast Education Association conference in Las Vegas in April. She also attended the 2010 Edelman Digital Media Summit in New York City in June, where she worked with more than 100 public relations professionals and social media experts for a two-day workshop. During Maymester, she taught the first-ever Social Media course. Dr. Miller continues to advise Bobcat PRSSA, which continues to thrive with 53 members.

Student New Faculty

Macon McGinley

Assistant Professor v 478-445-8259 v McGinley’s academic year has been all about service to the campus and Milledgeville community. She’s navigated her first term as chair of the University Senate’s Student Affairs Policy Committee where she helped pass a popular new policy allowing tailgating at approved athletic events and another providing additional protection to assaulted students. Her most rewarding work was chairing the department’s search committee for a faculty position in public relations. McGinley also enjoyed working on community projects. She designed the logo for Georgia Military College Prep School’s Odyssey of the Mind program and judged outstanding work by high school journalists competing for a college scholarship.

Assistant Professor v 478-445-8258 v

Stephen Price

Price is the adviser for Bobcat Media Productions and executive producer for GCTV News. He presented a paper titled “Self-reflexive Documentary Form and its Contribution to Media Literacy” at the annual Broadcast Education Association in Las Vegas in April. Price taught Performance for the Broadcast Media during Maymester. He now serves as the chair of the Student Technology Fee Advisory Committee, a GCSU committee that oversees the technology funds paid by every student on campus. He is the co-coordinator for the BALD Shorts Film Festival this year as well. On a more personal note Price walked down the aisle this July.

Angela Criscoe

Lecturer v 478-445-8255 v

Criscoe has been hard at work this semester teaming up with Stephen Price to update the Telecom concentration. It will now be called the Broadcast and Electronic Media concentration. She has also continued her work and learning with WGUR. A radio morning show, Waking Up with Thunder, was implemented as well as the restructuring of the radio programming. Instead of the typical variety programming that would normally be found on college radio stations, WGUR has been formatted to operate more like a radio station in the industry. Criscoe was also accepted into the Indiana University School of Journalism Teaching Fellows workshop. She was one of only 12 individuals chosen to participate in a five day workshop that took place in June.

W. Pate McMichael

Instructor v 478-445-8256 v

McMichael spent the Spring 2010 semester teaching three courses: Mass Media Law and Ethics, Mass Media and Society and Writing for the Mass Media. He recently published his first short story, “Eighteen,” in Lake Oconee Living magazine. McMichael also went to the state archives in Montgomery, Ala., to spend a research grant he received from the university. Once again he enjoyed teaching Magazine Writing this summer.

Department News MSCM department hires new public relations assistant professor

MSCM major crowned Miss GCSU

When Lauren Chandley, senior mass communication major, was crowned Miss GCSU, she said it was an honor just to get nominated. A member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the Student Ambassador team and the Orientation leader team, Miss GCSU was a friendly and familiar face around campus. She is also part of a growing department tradition as this is the thrid year in a row that Miss GCSU has been a mass communication major. The MSCM Newsletter staff discussed with her that special weekend in February when she was crowned and her future in the public relations field.

The Department of Mass Communication welcomes a new face this year as Tulika Varma has been hired as the new public relations professor. In Fall 2010 she will be teaching Principles of Advertising, Principles of Public Relations and Public Relations & Admin. Varma will be coming to GCSU from Louisiana State University. She is working towards her doctorate from LSU in Mass Communication and Public Affairs. She also has a master’s degree in journalism from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Science in zoology from Delhi University in New Delhi, India. She has traveled through South America, Australia, Asia and parts of Europe.

MSCM labs go digital

The mass communication audio and video labs were able to get a facelift for this coming year. The labs will be linked together via a new server and R.A.I.D. storage system. There will be a Final Cut Server that makes it possible for students to archive footage and make changes to a clip without changing the original. The radio lab is receiving a new audio board that will make the lab entirely digital. Along with the other new equipment, the department purchased a Panasonic HPX370 camera. This $9,000 professional camera will be used for high-quality HD work for clients.

Information and articles in this newsletter are provided courtesy of Dr. Ginger Carter Miller’s Writing for Public Relations class of Spring 2010. Coeditors: Courtney Murrah and Rebecca Burns

Courtesy of The Colonnade

Q: What was the first thing that ran through your mind when they announced you won Miss GCSU? A: Pure excitement! I first looked at my Dad and gave him a hug then turned around to my sorority of almost 200 girls screaming for me. It was an unforgettable moment! Q:How did your understanding of mass communications enable you to market yourself to the campus community successfully? A:Being a PR major and having several other PR majors working on the Miss GCSU campaign was very beneficial. Since I just took the class PR Campaigns, I knew what had to be done! We came up with a plan, stayed organized and followed through. Q: What teacher made the greatest impact on you as a student and why? A: Dr. Ginger Carter Miller, definitely. She was my PR advisor and professor. I consider her a PR and social media guru and also my mother away from home. I have learned so much about PR and life from her, and I know she’ll always be there to help and listen when I need her. Q: What is your plan after graduation? A: I am interested in non-profit or ministry related PR, but right now in the midst of the job search, my options are wide open. Ultimately I want to enjoy my job. Life is too short to wake up everyday hating your job! v Ansley Tiller

Student New Student Media Awards

The Colonnade excels at 2010 GCPA The Colonnade continued to establish itself as an award-winning student newspaper when they took first place in the general excellence award for the fifth consecutive year. Each year, The Colonnade participates in Georgia College Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest along with most other colleges and universities in Georgia. “We put a lot of time and effort in order to put together a paper we can be proud of,” said last year’s Editor in Chief Claire Dykes, “so all of the hard work really has paid off.” A record number of students came to the awards this year. The team was up against 28 other colleges and universities in Georgia. The Colonnade received 16 awards this year including six individual awards, which is more than ever before. Macon McGinley, The Colonnade’s faculty advisor, is proud of the students who worked hard on the paper. “The recognition in this state competition speaks volumes about these student journalists,” said McGinley. “Their dedication and commitment to their readers, the GCSU community and the craft is remarkable.” The newspaper competed against all GCPA member four-year colleges with 8,000 or less students in the general award category. The team earned 10 general awards: first place in general excellence, the most honorable and prestigious award; first in general advertising; first in best campus community service-sports; first in best campus community service-editorial; first in best community service-news; first in layout and design; first in improvement; second in general photography; second in best community service-features; and third in best newspaper Web site. For the individual category, The Colonnade competed against the majority

of four-year Georgia colleges including Georgia State, Emory University and Georgia Tech. The six individual awards include: Claire Kersey, first place for best photo essay and second for best news article based on objective reporting; Michael Forsyth, second for best sports photograph; Austin Cabot, second for best editorial or feature photograph; Courtney Murrah, second for best sports story; and Chelsea Thomas, second for best feature story. “I am proud to be a part of an awardwinning paper,” said graduate Claire

Courtesy of The Colonnade

Kersey. “Being a part of this team has prepared me for when I’ll be moving to New York.” The Colonnade and other Georgia schools participate in GCPA to be a part of the advancement and betterment of collegiate journalism and to use it as a communication tool. “It is a good learning opportunity,” said Dykes. “We all benefit from experiencing how others work.” See page 10 for The Colonnade’s PR Team’s experience at GCPA.

v Emily Bryson

Southeast Journalism Conference Award Winners

Chelsea Thomas.. 5th place for Best Feature Writer Katelyn Hebert... 7th place in the Journalist of the Year category Bobby Gentry...... 6th place in the best Web site category Austin Cabot....... 6th place in the Press Photographer category Chris Moskaly..... 9th in the Arts & Entertainment category

Student Awards Student Awards

MSCM majors win scholarships

Courtney Kelly and Chelsea Thomas beat out their competitors and were awarded prestigious scholarships for their talents in advertisement and dance respectively in 2010. Kelly, a junior advertising concentration, was awarded the Mid-Atlantic Newspaper Advertising Marketing Executives Scholarship for her ad on the dangers of the overconsumption of alcohol. The scholarship included a $5,000 prize and a trip to Charlotte, N.C., in June. Kelly was studying abroad this summer so her advertising professor, Angela Criscoe, went on her behalf. The Mid-Atlantic N.A.M.E. scholarship is very competitive and students from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and West Virginia colleges and universities compete for the scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, students within the region must write a 200 to 500 word statement explaining their interest in advertising. Then they must create an ad for that year’s campaign that meets the client’s objectives. “It feels amazing to receive such an honor,” said Kelly. “Especially since it is in the field I plan to work in.”

Chelsea Thomas, a junior print concentration, has a double minor in dance and literature, which led her to becoming one of the two winners of the $500 2010 GCSU Dance Minor Scholarship. Thomas combined her talent of dance and writing to win this scholarship. The scholarship process involved an essay, which she titled “More Than Just Movement,” and a three minute choreographed performance to a panel of five judges. Her essay described the influential role dance has had in her life including her accomplishments in the past and her plans in the future. “I aim to one day use my training in dance to receive a position as a dance reviewer for a leading newspaper,” wrote Thomas in her essay. “Receiving this scholarship is going to support me in my senior year as I prepare for interviews and internships within the world of professional journalism and dance,” said Thomas. Both students show tremendous talent in their mass communication field and represent what hard working and talented students there are at GCSU.

v Alana Baker

Courtney Kelly

Chelsea Thomas

Courtney Kelly’s binge drinking ad won the MidAtlantic N.A.M.E. scholarship.

Broadcast student’s film, Th

Kristen Hall shoots a highlight video of Zeta Tau Alpha’s Bid Day. Hall has been filming for three years.

Kristen Hall was awarded third place in the Georgia Communication Association student film festival in February for her short film, “The Silver Lining.” In April, Hall won best bobcat short at the 2010 B.A.L.D Shorts Film Festival. From the very beginning of her time at Georgia College, Hall sought out her interests and got involved with school media. She joined the GCTV News crew as a freshman in 2006 and was the show’s coordinating producer last year. Hall also worked with university television, which is where she got her first experience with camera work as video production assistant. In addition, Hall helps organize various projects for Bobcat Media Productions, as independent projects producer. Currently, Hall is working as an intern with WTOC-TV News in Savannah. This coming year, Hall will

Student Awards

Students shine at Senior Luncheon

Seniors got together with their professors and family to enjoy the MSCM Senior Luncheon and all of their collegiate achievements on April 23. This time was a very special one for seniors and their teachers. It allowed them to recollect memories before their goodbyes and be awarded for their achievements. Among those accomplishments were the Outstanding Major and Shining Star awards. These students were selected based on service in the community, service to their major and GPA. The faculty nominate students and vote on who they think is best, not by concentration. The shining star awards were presented to Lauren Chandley, Heather Raines, Lyric Burnett and Kristin Hall. This year the outstanding major was Claire Dykes. “When Macon first told me, I was excited,” Dykes said. “Then I remembered that I would have to give a speech. Let’s just say I choose to write because my public speaking abilities are less than stellar. But the speech ended up actually being fun to write and deliver. Our whole graduating class has worked their tushes off to hold a

Professor Macon McGinley, left, celebrates with Claire Dykes on earning Outstanding Major.

diploma in their hands, and it’s an honor that the professors chose me.” Every department at GCSU picks an outstanding major, but the shining stars are an achievement specifically made by the Department of Mass Communication. The department felt that there were just too many outstanding students in this major, so they decided to add this award to recognize more seniors. These students have all earned this high achievement and have a close bond with the other students and faculty. “When I go to Terrell to talk to one of the MSCM professors, I end up chatting

with two or three,” Dykes said. “They’ve all been so helpful to teach us everything we need to know for us to do well in the real world. I couldn’t be more thankful.” In attendance were all mass communication professors, including Department Chair Dr. Mary Jean Land. “The best part of the luncheon for me is having the opportunity to meet the students’ parents and have the opportunity to recognize these students,” said Land. The luncheon was put together by junior public relations students Leah Rapaport and Lindsey Roberts with the help of Dr. Ginger Carter Miller. The senior video at the luncheon was put together by Dustin Wilson. Being recognized in front of family, professors and peers and getting the feeling of achievement was just what the luncheon was all about. “Most students spend their senior year waiting for graduation day when they get to wear their cap and gown, but I was more anxious about the MSCM Senior Luncheon,” Dykes said.

v Cristyn Farrell

he Silver Lining, wins awards at Georgia film festival attend Savannah College of Art and Design to work toward a Master of Arts degree in Film and Television. Hall confesses that she prefers film to live TV. “I love creativity,” said Hall. “I love films because they’re open to many types of interpretation. The aesthetic creativity opens up a whole new window.” Her short film “The Silver Lining” was originally created for a broadcast production class. It was inspired by the movie “Away We Go,” which credited for its simplicity and comical undertones. “[‘Away We Go’] was about an everyday couple and their life,” said Hall. “It could’ve been anyone’s story. That’s how I wanted my story to be.” Similarly “The Silver Lining” did focus on a couple’s ups

and downs, using voiceovers to allow viewers to learn about the complex relationship. The film’s climax is the main character’s proposal to his girlfriend. Hall’s favorite aspect of the film is its play on optimism and pessimism, leaving the girlfriend’s decision up to the viewer’s outlook on life. Producing this film has helped to give Hall valuable experience toward working in the media industry. Ultimately Hall hopes to end up working for a production company and possibly move on to higher education. “I love to do documentaries. My dream job would be to work for the History Channel and include my art degree,” explains Hall. “I eventually want to teach at a university with video production. I just really liked taking what I’ve learned and teaching it to other people.” vLisa Lotyczewski

Student Media Student Media

WGUR celebrates rising listening numbers WGUR successfully concluded the school year with a bobcat award for program of the year and innovative plans for the future. This past fall senior Sarah Luttrell started a program called Waking Up with Thunder. The program was designed as a talk show to provide news, sports and other campus information to morning listeners. “Waking Up with Thunder has really improved our listening numbers,” said disc jockey Chandler English. “I enjoyed being able to interact with listeners and to learn about the industry.” The program recently won the bobcat award for program of the year. Ben Elliott, last year’s music and concert coordinator and next year’s general manager, produced the program throughout the year. The program airs with two DJs every Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. “Waking Up with Thunder emulates the industry and adds a professional appeal to a college radio station,” said Elliott. The station has expanded its wattage and developed new software to create a more structured format. The software is designed to set blocks of time for a specific genre. Country songs will no longer follow hip-hop songs, so that listeners can tune in to their favorite genre of music. “This is a great way for the station to gain dedicated followers to each show,” said Melissa Brown, the new music and concert coordinator. Last year’s General Manager Lauren Dalton and Public Relations Manager Lauren Gilbert have been working on promoting the station to the student body. They have worked with SGA and Thunder Crew toward on-campus tailgating for school events such as basketball and homecoming. Dalton is pleased with the station’s achievements this semester. She feels comfortable handing her position as general manager over to Ben Elliott. After his tremendous success with Waking Up with Thunder, Elliott is sure to have all of Georgia College rocking out to WGUR. v Meg Harth

Top: WGUR staff celebrates the new tailgating policy with giveaways and their T-shirt gun at the Homecoming concert. Bottom Left: WGUR students Melissa Brown, Lauren Dalton and Ryan McCurley share music and giveaways before a basketball game at the Centennial Center. Bottom Right: Josh Crow makes the most of his studio time on the air.

When to Listen Waking up with Thunder is on Monday through Friday. DJ’s are live from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM, and plays again from 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM. Listen online at

Student Media

GCTV shifts focus

This past year has been one of continual transformation as GCTV News made the decision to shift focus from the Milledgeville community to attracting the students of GCSU. The success experienced by the change in direction is apparent as the spring semester enrolled 10 students to the Newscast Production course as opposed to previous semesters of only three. Involved in the process of producing and airing GCTV News is a handful of volunteers and practicum students, resulting in about 20 members contributing to the student-led production. Last year’s Coordinating Producer Kristen Hall helped lead the change. “We come up with the themes for our show,” Hall said. “We find the stories, come up with news packages, and are responsible for putting it all together and shooting it on Thursdays for the 30-minute live to tape news show. I feel like this class has really prepared me for real world experience, and has given us many opportunities to experience how the real world operates.” Themed shows throughout the spring semester have included: GCSU Homecoming, GCSU RENT theater department production, and spring break. Following the themes of RENT and spring break have been the ongoing contests for dedicated viewers known as “The Phrase that Pay$.” Audience members have won prizes donated by other campus and community organizations. Special feature and themed shows have not only directed GCTV News into the student spotlight, but have created limitless opportunities for the cast and crew to gain further experience, such as when field reporters obtained backstage passes to interview well-known MUTEMATH for Homecoming. GCTV News has also been immersed into the thriving world of media. The show may currently be accessed 24/7 through the means of a YouTube channel as well as a Facebook fan page and Twitter account. “I definitely think YouTube has helped GCTV News,” said Hall. “We’re able to see how many people have viewed our videos. Our fan page has like 300 members, and we now have a lot of volunteers. I really believe changing the name and catering more toward the college campus with our news stories have really increased our viewership.” v Kelley Bowers

Real World PR 2010

GCSU PRSSA members participate in February collegiate convention

Thirteen Bobcat Public Relations Student Society of America members attended the all day Real World PR 2010 collegiate convention at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta in February. Public Relations Society of America hosts this event once a year for all students interested in learning about the world of public relations. The event featured multiple workshops and a career expo that can help give public relations students a little more insight into things such as how to land a job, how to market themselves or what companies look for when picking the right candidate for the job. Public relations students from all over are invited to come to the event. Students are given the chance to network with other students as well as with executives from top well-known companies. A few well-known public relations companies that have attended the event in previous years are Porter Novelli and Ketchum Inc. Other successful public relations specialists came from organizations such as the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and the Woodruff Arts Center to talk about their experiences and everyday challenges they face in their career. The opportunity to build new networks at Real World can help students with the chance to land future internships and jobs. The wide range of PR specialists that attend the convention help give students a better idea of the career opportunities the PR major offers at GCSU. Cara Wilmer, senior and member of PRSSA, attended Real World for her first time this year. “I learned and discovered what sector of PR I wanted to go into,” Wilmer said. “I gained knowledge of different sectors of PR and I learned that I would really enjoy non-profit PR.” Real World also offered students a chance to have their resume critiqued by a public relations professional in a one-on-one sit down. Even though there was a cost to attend the conference, the students that went could agree the price is well worth the experience. Ansley Tiller, a junior PRSSA member, also attended Real World. “I would recommend that all PR students go before they graduate,” Tiller said. “I learned how to set myself apart from other applicants and the dos and don’ts of conducting yourself in an interview. I am planning on going next year and the experience is worth the money spent.” v Madeline Dobbs

Student Media Student Media

Capstone class campaigns for Cuscowilla

The capstone Advertising Campaigns course continued its tradition of taking on a client for the spring semester. Lake Oconee’s golf resort Cuscowilla was chosen when Jamie Murray, the events manager of Cuscowilla and GCSU alum, approached Dr. Mary Jean Land, the department chair and instructor of the course. The eight seniors of Advertising Campaigns treated themselves like a real advertising company, complete with giving themselves the name Ad Astra Advertising. It was up to them to promote Cuscowilla based on their client’s goal, which was to reach out to the corporations of Atlanta. “They have three target markets,” said Marianna Miller, head of the project’s creative section, “weddings, golfers and people that do corporate events. They brought us in and showed us their problem area is corporate events because a lot of people don’t know. We’re trying to reach the Atlanta market. We created a campaign that The Spring 2010 Advertising Campaigns class created several ads as a part of its campaign to bring more Atlanta businesses to Cuscowilla golf resort. involved corporate event planning only. We started with research and worked all with customized comfort” based on the wanted to portray, which was a customthe way to the final product. It took us all research done. ized comfort.” semester.” “The conveniently close distance was By the end of the semester, Ad Astra Chelsea Moss, the contact between her a big part of the client decision making Advertising had created an entire profesclass and Cuscowilla, was able to come process,” Moss said. “We came from the sional campaign for Cuscowilla to folup with the tagline “conveniently close research and also from what Cuscowilla low. v Courtney Murrah

The Colonnade public relations team presents ‘P In Fall 2009 three senior public relations practicum students worked to create three different campaigns to raise awareness for the student newspaper, The Colonnade. All three students were asked to speak at the Georgia College Press Association by Macon McGinley, The Colonnade’s advisor. Their formal presentation “PR N Their Socks off” focused on their campaigns and how to market a newspaper. Lyric Burnett was in charge of the “Rock, Colonnade, Scissors” campaign which was held on Front Campus. Stu-

dents were asked to compete in a rock, paper, scissors tournament in an effort to break the world record of 793 people at one time. A total of 751 students showed up and participated. The event was covered by various local media outlets. According to Burnett, the three main goals of the event were to raise awareness for The Colonnade, to connect GCSU with the community and lastly to have a fun time beating the record. “The only failure of this event was not beating the record,” said Burnett.

Andrea Lowery created something that no one had done before, a Colonnade Calendar made available at no cost to GCSU students. It was a 12-month calendar filled with photos submitted by students. A photo contest was held to see how students viewed GCSU. From the photos submitted, the top choices were added to the calendar. In order to make the calendar available for free, Lowery sought out sponsors to pay for ad space in the calendar. These sponsors included organizations on cam-

Student News New Milledgeville Downtown Milledgeville undergoes new streetscape

Construction continues as workers update the downtown infrastructure and create several new sitting areas on Wayne Street.

In Downtown Milledgeville, the Streetscape project has commenced with sidewalks and trees being uprooted for construction. The city plans on replacing the sidewalks and other infrastructure in phases. Each phase is expected to take 20 to 30 days if weather permits. Workers started the first phase at the intersection of Greene and South Wayne streets in early June. While a phase is being worked on, street side parking might not be possible. During the time sidewalks are removed, workers are repairing water mains and sewage infrastructures that are then reachable. As construction goes on, businesses remain open worrying that customers will think they are closed due to the mess.

New tailgating policy passes

This spring GCSU gained a new tradition of tailgating. The tradition began when the University Senate passed a new policy on alcohol and illegal use of controlled substances, which states that those 21 and older can drink alcohol three hours prior to and following certain events. For its first semester, tailgating was allowed for any home games of basketball, baseball or softball in addition to Homecoming after the policy was passed Jan. 25. The first tailgate was held on Jan. 29 for a

basketball game against Francis Marion University. Alcohol can only be kept in designated tailgating areas. Alcohol and profanity are not allowed in the Centennial Center. There is a family-friendly tailgating area where alcohol is also not allowed. Kegs are not allowed in any of the tailgating areas. It is up to Public Safety and the Parking and Transportation Services workers to make sure students are not taking advantage of the policy.

GCSU hires provost

Sandra Jordan began her role as the first provost in the history of GCSU in Fall 2009. Jordan came to GCSU from her position as provost at Mississippi University for Women. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in art from the University of Alabama and her doctorate and master’s degree in art history Sandra Jordan from the University of Georgia. She has several duties, including directing the four academic schools, off-site centers and continuing education.

PR ‘N Their Socks Off’ at GCPA pus as well as outside businesses. Overall Lowery was proud of her work and The Colonnade plans on continuing this calendar again. Marianna Miller put together an event called the “First Amendment Free Food Festival,” which was held on Front Campus in October. During this event students were asked to sign away their first amendment rights in order to receive free food. The purpose of this event was for students to decide if it was important to keep and value their first amendment rights.

“Honestly before that semester I didn’t know that newspapers needed PR, but what the practicum taught me was that everyone and everything can use free promotion,” said Miller. These PR practitioners taught college students at GCPA how to spread awareness, involve the students and community, build brand recognition and increase readership. In return the conference helped them gain confidence in their public speaking and presentation skills. “This was the best practicum I have

Lyric Burnett, Marianna Miller, and Andrea Lowery bonded over their goal of promoting The Colonnade.

done,” said Lowery. “It was one of the hardest, but I received a lot of experience and had fun doing it.” v Jessica Newland

Student Updates

Graduates anticipate summer internships Every summer juniors and seniors in the mass communication department experience the real world through internships all over the country. A degree in mass communication is in high demand in today’s fast paced industry. The social media network is booming with the need for young eager college students who are familiar with today’s tech-savvy industry, so internships are a great way for our students to get their foot through the door and show the world what they’ve got. Senior public relations student Bailey Abercrombie acquired a public relations internship with the Georgia Aquarium through two networking connections she made at this year’s PRSSA Real World. “I am expecting to build my portfolio in the area of media relations,” said Abercrombie. “Since the Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the world, they get a lot of national and international press. I have a tiny background in media, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about

“I want to meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections, so I can have networking options in the future.” -Shannon Twomey that aspect of public relations.” Abercrombie feels very prepared to go out into the real world from the experiences she has gotten by working with real clients through her mass communication classes. “I am most excited about working for the cause of marine conservation,” said Abercrombie. “I also can’t wait to work with the women who interviewed me. They are upbeat and relatable. To tell the truth I’m excited about everything!” Shannon Twomey, a junior double concentration student in public relations and advertising, acquired an event planning

internship with two different companies in Atlanta, Blackout Productions and Lilly White Events, run by the same woman Lynn Lilly. “I want to get lots of experience working with all the different types of events,” said Twomey, “which I know I’ll get working for both Blackout and Lilly White. I want to meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections, so I can have networking options in the future.” Twomey feels prepared for the internship, granted she is only a junior compared to others who acquire internships their summer of graduating. “I feel like anything I don’t know, I’ll have a great opportunity to learn through this internship,” said Twomey. “I’m just excited to get started, meet people, work hard and have fun with it!”

v Zara-Gray Rowe

MSCM Mentorship Program seeks alumni to work with seniors.

or email

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Student Student New StudentUpdates Updates Our students have been interning all over the country to fulfill their one-hour MSCM internship requirement. These students interned during Summer 2010. Abercrombie, Bailey Allgood, Keri Battaglia, Jordan Benton, Beth Bramlett, Allison Brookins, Brooke Bryson, Anna Burnett, Lyric Burstein, Corinne Carfang, Meghan Collins, Brittni Dalton, Lauren Dykes, Claire Ferrell, Lynely Gilbert, Lauren Gould, Chelsea Graham, Timothy Hall, Kristen Howard, Scott Kersey, Claire Lane, Samantha Ledford, Rachel Lockard, Angela McMahon, Courtney Melvin, Cassie Sinclair Miller, Marianna Phillips, Ashley Price, Brittany Roberts, Lauren-Grace Rogers, Matthew Rule, Caleb Smalls, Rochelle Smith, Bryan Speer, Melissa Teresi, Kara Twomey, Shannon Wiggs, Michael Wilmer, Cara Wind, Zane

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Claire Kersey, a 2010 graduate, interns in New York and uses every spare moment to explore the city.

Interning in The Big Apple

Claire Kersey, a recent graduate of GCSU and former features editor for the campus newspaper, is currently interning at SoHo Publishing in New York. The company is known for publishing Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple Magazines, and Yarn Market News as well as books about various crafts. “I love it here because I get to combine two things I love: knitting and mass media,” Kersey said. “I’ve been working with the marketing manager to build a Facebook and Twitter account for an event coming up in January, and I’ve uploaded videos to our YouTube channel. I also help out on the editorial end by proofreading the charts that go in the books and magazines and I knit sample swatches to test them out.” Outside the office Kersey doesn’t rest. She is exploring and experiencing as much of New York as possible including a successful world record attempt. “I went to a New York Mets game with some of my coworkers where they were having Stitch n’ Pitch, where you bring your knitting/crocheting to the game... they were trying to break the world record for most people crocheting at the same time. We had 427 people, and that was enough for the record.” Her internship has been a great match for her passions and talent. “I love New York. I think I’ve been converted. I live in Brooklyn, and it’s really nice over here... When you’re bored, you can just go to some part of town you’ve never been.”

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The Headliners  

Georgia College's Department of Mass Communication's alumni newsletter for Summer 2010.

The Headliners  

Georgia College's Department of Mass Communication's alumni newsletter for Summer 2010.