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July/August 2011 Newsletter

Mission: To provide an organization for married Christian women to fellowship with love and understanding on marital issues and situations that exist from day to day. This organization will provide a safe and peaceful setting for these women to uplift each other to provide help and love for any situation. Vision: To help meet the spiritual, social and emotional needs of our fellow sisters by encouraging them in any situation through prayer and conversation. Mark your calendar & save the date

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Suggested Books to Read… Upcoming Events: August 6, 2011- Health Symposium 11:00 am True Way Church, Nashville October: Book Review & Fellowship—What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down by Anita Beard December: Christmas Social w/hubbies! February: Spa Night & Book Review— 21 Days To a Better Marriage by Junice Rockman

“What Do You Do When Your World Is Turned Upside Down” by Anita Beard “Grooming the Next Generation for Success” by Dani Johnson “Every Woman's Marriage" by Shannon & Greg Ethridge


Are you looking for the perfect marriage? Well sister, if you answered “Yes” to the above question, I hate to be so blunt…. but I need to tell you that there is no “perfect marriage” because there aren’t any “perfect people.” In fact, EVERY marriage experience desperate times. The question is--who’s going to take responsibility for those desperate times and the strain that it cause on your marriage and family? Of course as women, we can think of a million and one things that our husbands can do better. So before you start throwing stones or running off at the mouth, take a moment to reflect on the portion you may play in causing those desperate times. “The bottom line is this: Even if you firmly believe that 95 percent of the issues in your marriage are your husband’s fault, are you willing to focus on the 5 percent that you have control over?” ~Shannon Ethridge Health Symposium August 6, 2011, 11:00 am True Way Church 2715 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN 37208

July/August 2011 Newsletter

Let’s Celebrate!



Andrea & Brian Wilson 8 years on Aug. 30th

Tracy Jenkins 8/9 LaZundra Mangrum 8/14 Keisha Brady 8/20

Births Grayson Bartley July 5th, 3 lbs 12 ozs, 17 ¼ in Proud Parents: Yanika & Brian

Meet Your CWC Advisory Committee Keisha Brady, President/Founder

Shonquatta Parson, Vice President/Newsletter Editor

LaShawna Smith, Secretary

Marsha Maneese, Media Outreach

Dionne Brady, Founder/Event Planner

Tracy Newman, Event Planner 5 Percent Focus By: Tonya Mason-Fentress

I had just got home after 2weeks of vacation. I drove 11 hours and was exhausted. Right before I pulled up to the house, I remembered that I had cleaned out the refrigerator and there wasn’t any food at home to fix. I almost started to cry at the thought of having to go to the store after my long drive. A couple hours before I made it to Nashville my husband text me and said he couldn't stop by the house. He had to keep driving and would see me in a week. We hadn't seen each other in 2weeks already because he’s a truck driver. When I got home, not only was he there but he had gone to the store for me and dinner was waiting on us. I was so happy! This had been one of our greatest arguments while he was on the road. Usually, when he comes home there is nothing ready for him to eat and my attitude is—oh well I work too. But now I see how it felt to come home hungry and tired and your needs be met. I WILL DO BETTER! Health Symposium August 6, 2011, 11:00 am True Way Church 2715 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN 37208

CWC July Aug Newsletter  

Christian Wives Club July/August Newsletter

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