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A Word From The President

fellow residents of Marlboro Meadows, My name is James Smith and on June 4, 2012, I was elected president of the Marlboro Meadows Community Development Corporation (MMCDC). Many of you may personally know me, as I was the President of MMCDC for almost ten years starting from 1999. During those years, through hard work by the community as a whole, we made Marlboro Meadows a beautiful, friendly, and a strong family oriented neighborhood. We had a reputation that ranked us among the top communities in Prince Georges County. All of this was possible because there was a large amount of participation from our residents. It is my goal with the help of the other officers in the MMCDC and of course the help of all of you to make this happen once again.  My first task is to get all of you who live in this neighborhood involved. We must find ways to get you to come back to our community meetings. These meetings are held on the first Monday of the month. I want you to let us know what is important to you and your family that would make this the place where you want to live.

Secondly, we want to start holding people responsible. I am speaking of the banks who own the increasing number of vacant foreclosed homes here. I also intend to create a serious dialogue with Prince Georges County about the repair of our streets, trimming trees, sending in street sweeping equipment; and making the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) leave our community in the best possible condition after making repairs.  Thirdly, we want to raise grant money to help our seniors. The idea is to start small and work our way up to larger projects, while taking advantage of programs already available through the county.  Lastly, advise our current residents on how they can best take care of their property to show its best side. As you may be aware, there is another community organization in Marlboro Meadows. It is called the Marlboro Meadows Civic Association (MMCA). At this moment the MMCDC and the MMCA are not in the best position of partnership that would serve Marlboro Meadows to its fullest. I am personally ex-

tending an invitation to all organizations within Marlboro Meadows to sit down with the MMCDC and explore all options that will contribute to making Marlboro Meadows the best that it can be. Boy scouts, girl scouts, civic associations, youth groups, and schools are invited. Our first step is to have respect and courtesy for all involved. I want to reemphasize that we want all of you to come back to our first Monday of the month meetings. We will let you talk to us, instead us constantly giving you information that you may not consider important at that time. I walk the neighborhood just about every morning with my walking partner, who is also a good friend and neighbor. A lot of you already blow your horns in a morning greeting which is very nice. It keeps us going on days we don’t want to walk. Blow at me to let me know you read this article and agree with us. Please come back to our meetings. We had a great turnout for our June 4, 2012 meeting. Let’s do it again. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you. If everyone does a little, no one does a lot. Much Peace and Many Thanks to all.

C o m m u n i t y

U p d a t e

On June 4, 2012, the Marlboro Meadows Community Development Corporation (MMCDC), held its annual Board of Directors’ Election. The vacant offices included two board member seats and the office of President. James Smith, a longtime resident of Marlboro Meadows and a former president (1999-2007), was elected to the office of President. The two board member seats were filled by Paula Porter and Teresa Lynn, also longtime residents and former board members. The officers of the MMCDC are:

James Smith—President LaShawn Jackson-1st Vice-President Steve Dawkins-2nd Vice-President Robin Mazyck– Exec. Secretary Haydee Henry-Treasurer

Your Community is What You Make It!

The General Board Members are: Henry Becker Janet Dickerson Stuart Higgenbotham Teresa Lynn Olivia Newsome Paula Porter Bruce Shamberger Sammie Whitehead

House & Garden: Summer Tips Coming in the October Issue:

Clovers, clovers, everywhere! 

Fall House & Garden Tips

Have you noticed these pesky, white flowering weeds in your lawn?

Christmas Lights Contest Info

Community Updates

“Where Are They Now?” Updates on past scholarship winners

Here are a few tips to help rid your lawn of these unsightly inhabitants.

Make sure your soil is healthy and balanced. Clovers are a sign of a lack of nitrogen in your yard. Have your soil tested and then balance it with the nutrients it is lacking.



inexpensive way to eliminate white clover is, in the Spring, sprinkle by hand 4-5 pounds of sugar per 1000 square feet. Water your lawn well. Another easy method to control clover growth is to cut your grass high which will prevent weeds from growing by cutting off sunlight.

Keeping Cool in The

One easy and relatively

Summer While Saving $$ The Summer months are upon us! The following improvements can help to lessen your summer cooling bill.

day to keep the sun from heating up your home.

Adjust your thermostat up to 78 degrees F. Every degree makes a difference in your cooling costs.

For large patches of clover, a more direct approach is to pour white vinegar over the affected area. The acidity of the vinegar will kill the clover. Dig up the dead plant material and fill the area with new top soil and grass seed.

Close blinds during the

Use fans to circulate the air. They can make your home up to 5 degrees cooler.

Seal leaks in your air conditioning ductwork to prevent cool air from escaping.

Congratulations to our first 2012 Green Thumb Award Winners! The winning yards are eye-catching, reflect pride and have great curb appeal. Winning yards are featured below along with lawn care tips. Thank you Green Thumb Award Winners for making Marlboro Meadows look great! More winners to be featured in the fall issue of the Meadowlark.

May Winner The Taylors of Village Drive West

June Winner The Augustines of Village Drive West

July Winner The Bakers of Dorchester Place

Lawn Care Tip: Apply a good dose of lime on lawn in early Spring.

Lawn Care Tip: You can’t put too much lime.

Lawn Care Tip: Cut grass high to prevent weeds and burn from sun.

2012 Alice E. Matthews Scholarship Winner Joy Frazier Joy Frazier, daughter of Reverend Ronald and Mrs. Allison Frazier is a graduate of Dr. Charles H. Flowers High School. During her time at Flowers she was treasurer of The National Honor Society. Joy also served as a Section Leader of the Black and Green Marching Machine Band and is a Science and Technology intern. She graduated with a 4.03 GPA and will attend The University of Pittsburg in the fall. She plans to major in Bio Engineering with intentions of becoming an eye surgeon. Joy lives on Village Drive West with her parents and sisters Jordonnna, Janel and Jasmine. The Marlboro Meadows Community Development Corporation (MMCDC) congratulates Joy on all of her accomplishments and for making us proud!

Make a Difference, Join the MMCDC! Cost: $20.00 Per Household Per Year, Senior Citizens (60 plus) $10.00 Per Year

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Amount Paid:___________ Please make check or money order payable to: Marlboro Meadows Community Development Corporation Mail form and payment to: MMCDC P. O. Box 93, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

All advertisements should be submitted electronically via email at All check payments should be mailed to MMCDC. All ads for October issue should be submitted by September 15, 2012.

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