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Direct Benefits is pleased to announce the Money Manager Card Fall Bonus Program. For every card issued before June 30th, 2009 Direct Benefits will pay a bonus of $1.00 per card.

Today many employers are still issuing physical paychecks to employees. Paychecks can be costly to distribute and manage. A Money Manager Card program will help employers eliminate check payments while providing a needed benefit to their employees.

A great benefit for your new or existing clients... »» The Money Manager Card is the most employer and employee centric payroll card on the market. »» No other payroll card provides the ability for employees to access their funds in so many ways without fees. »» The Money Manager Card is designed to provide employers a more efficient and cost effective means of delivering payroll to employees without bank accounts »» The Money Manager Card is a benefit for which all employees will qualify

See your sales manager for details...

Fine print and details


• Official program start date is October 1st 2008. Official end date is December 31st 2008. • Clients need to be signed up to make the Money Manager Card program available to their employees/contractors by December 31st, 2008 to qualify. • Cards issued from October 1st, 2008 to June 30, 2009 will be eligible for the bonus. However, cards must be activated and in use with over $200.00 per month deposited on the card for 90 days to qualify. • Cards will cost employers a one time fee of $3.00 per card. Note: Payment for card must be in full prior to payment of the bonus for the cards. • Bonus payments will be made onto a Money Manager Card - how else?

Questions? Is there a contract to be signed? No. We do require written confirmation (email is fine) that the client will incorporate a Money Manager Card program into their new hire process and provide awareness to existing employees.

Can we market this to existing clients? Yes.

How will we know how many cards are issued? We will provide you a report of the cards that qualify on a monthly basis.

What kind of support/material do we have? We will provide you with information PDFs and even your own card to “market” the program. Larry Selleh ( will be your contact to Direct Benefits and can be available for any calls or questions with clients.

What is the website address? You can direct your clients to for more information.


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