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This book is dedicated to my family.

On the icy shores of the Arctic, a Penguin spots a fish. He dives into the freezing water. Splash! Drops of water go everywhere! Penguin is gone . . . vanished into the water!

Penguin is blasting through the water. He is going to catch fish in the colorful and freezing cold water. Penguin is warm in his coat of feathers.

Penguin is finding more and more fish to eat. Suddenly a Killer Whale pops up out of nowhere! The whale is hungry. Penguin sticks his beak out. Penguin is frightened! Worried! Terrified! He has been spotted. He needs to get away!

Suddenly Penguin is being chased. He is so frightened by the Killer Whale. Penguin swims for his dear life!

At last, Penguin leaps on to land. He is finally safe. Penguin catches a fish. That was Penguin’s day!

About the Author

Rowan is a hardworking kid! Rowan likes science, math, and gym. He liked making this book because he had fun making the collages. Rowan was born in 2001. That’s me!

This is one of the many books that came to life while students in Mrs. Mattson’s 3rd grade class explored the rich relationship between visual imagery and the written word. This book was created as a part of Image-Making Within the Writing Process, a dynamic art-and-literature-based approach to writing developed by Beth Olshansky at the University of New Hampshire. Image-Making uses handpainted textured papers as the raw materials for creating collage stories and poetry. Unlike a more traditional writing process, within Image-Making the pictures always come first. This offers students with diverse learning styles essential visual and kinesthetic tools for rehearsing, drafting, and revising their ideas long before setting pencil to paper. Image-Making was validated by the US Department of Education as an “innovative and effective literacy program� in 1993. Today children around the world use this process to create books in many languages.

Spring, 2010