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I dedicate this book to my Mom.

On the African Savannah, Cheetahs peek from the grass. It is dawn in Spring, and the weather is windy and foggy. The tall green grass hides the Cheetah cubs on the edge of the forest. The birds are waking up and starting to sing. Father Cheetah goes off to hunt. Â

As the sun rises, Mother Cheetah searches for a small snack of raw meat in the deep grass. She finds some leftover pieces of rabbit and tears the meat into 4 pieces with her teeth and claws. She feeds them to her cubs and then nurses them. Suddenly, she jumps up and with her keen sense of smell, she notices the scent of a bear behind the tree. She makes a hole and covers her cubs to protect them from the predator, but one cub is frightened and runs off. Â

All of a sudden, Bear runs after the frightened cub and tries to trap it. Bear pounces on Baby Cub but the cub runs really fast. Bear chases him, but Baby Cub hides in the grass. Just then, Mother Cheetah leaps from behind the trees. Â

Mother Cheetah leaps after Bear and scares him into the river. She returns to collect her baby cub and brings him home with the others. She cuddles with them and keeps them all safe. Soon Father Cheetah brings home two deer for dinner. Â

About the Author

Nick Laberinto is nine years old. He likes to play Legos and is good at climbing. He likes playing with his friends. Â

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