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Life at Plimoth Plantation

Juliette Keuchkarian

It’s dawn at Plimoth Plantation. The wind whistles through the trees. The leaves look like they are on fire. The strawberry-raspberry colored sky glides like ice skaters across the ocean. The aqua water brushes against the shore. A Wampanoag father hunts for a fresh breakfast. He’s dressed in pants and wears a raccoon skin for warmth. He carries arrows in his quiver. He hopes he can find a deer.

Father brings a deer home to his family, while the water glistens with delight and sparkles with bubbles. The sun is so bright. As it rises, it looks like a volcano erupted. Father carries the deer over to the piping hot fire and prepares the deer meat for stew. He goes into the wetu and greets his family “I have a delicious deer stew for all of you.� They pray and say how thankful they are. When they are all done eating their breakfast, the children go outside to play and run around while Father and Mother clean up.

Puffy clouds dance in the baby-blue sky. The sun shines brightly on a warm fall day. Father paddles his brown mishoon through the gentle waves. He catches lots of scrumptious fish by scooping them up with his big net. His children watch him from the green grass.

Mother gathers cranberries in the afternoon sun. Cotton candy clouds float in the sky. Now the waves are crashing in, and it is too rough for Father and the mishoon. He paddles quickly to the shore and decides to gather clams instead. They will have plenty to eat tonight.

As the yellow sun sets behind the hills, peachy-pink colors fill the sky. Father takes the children for a sunset ride on the pond by the wetu, while Mother prepares the fish and clams for dinner. They glide through the water, which is as smooth as glass, and look at the pretty colors in the sky.

Now it is twilight. The sun goes to sleep under a purplish-pinkish sky. A duck’s eggs have just hatched by the pond and the mother duck chirps, “Quack, quack!” The lazy sky glides slowly and softly across the calm water. It is time for the Wampanoag family to get ready to go to bed.

Night has finally come. It is dark, chilly, and quiet outside. Thousands of glimmering stars twinkle all around the purple sky. Light from the full moon reflects on the calm water. Fireflies flicker on and off as they play in the moonlight. Mother Duck washes herself in the pond and heads for her nest. The Wampanoag village is sound asleep.

This is one of the many books which came to life while the students of Mrs. Mattson’s 3rd grade class explored the rich relationship between visual imagery and the written word. This Time of Day book was created as a part of Picturing Writing: Fostering Literacy Through Art®, an art-andliterature-based






Olshansky at the University of New Hampshire. The program is designed to support the acquisition of literacy skills in children with diverse learning styles. A researchbased literacy program, Picturing Writing has proven its effectiveness in dramatically improving student writing. After








Massachusetts, our class combined the Time of Day unit with our study of the Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims to create our own, unique visions of “A Day in the Life of Plantation.”

December, 2010

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Life at Plimoth Plantation Juliette Keuchkarian It’s dawn at Plimoth Plantation. The wind whistles through the trees. The leaves look like t...

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