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A Day in the Life of a Wampanoag Girl

Josselyn Gonzalez

It is dawn in our Wampagnoag village. The sky is colorful like a painting. The leaves turn red, yellow and orange. They laugh as they dance through the wind to the ground. My father and my two brothers go to check to see if there are any bunnies in our pit trap. They brush the leaves off of the pit trap and peek inside. Two bunnies hop up and down, trying to get out of the deep hole. The men are so happy to see breakfast. I’m 8 years old. When my father returns with some bunnies I want to help my mother cook them. My mother is waking up my little sister. She is 3 years old.

The sun peeks up from behind the mountain to say hello. Blues, pinks and purples mix together and spread out into the sky. As the flames of our fire get bigger, I see sparks trying to escape. Now my father and brothers are here with the bunnies tossed over their shoulders. I am excited so see them! Now I can learn how to cook rabbit soup!

As clouds move with the wind, they turn into shapes. The day gets hotter. Mother puts my little sister in the cradleboard and searches for sticks. She will use them to make a fire to cook the soup. I am going out to the field to pick up corn for the bunny soup. Mother left some in a basket for me.

The sun begins to falls asleep as night comes. Purples try to take over the blues and pinks in the sky. I take a walk behind the mountains. I meet a boy who is a Pilgrim. I start to make friends with him. We play tag as the night wakes up. I hear Mother call. “Supper is ready!� I say goodbye to my new friend.

I go outside to see the glimmering stars shining up high. Tonight there is a half moon. In the tree I see an owl with her babies. They are hatching out of their eggs. It is almost winter. All the leaves are falling off the tree. My little sister cannot wait to see snow. Now Mother calls me into the wetu so I can go to sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day.

This is one of the many books which came to life while the students of Mrs. Mattson’s 3rd grade class explored the rich relationship between visual imagery and the written word. This Time of Day book was created as a part of Picturing Writing: Fostering Literacy Through Art®, an art-andliterature-based






Olshansky at the University of New Hampshire. The program is designed to support the acquisition of literacy skills in children














effectiveness in dramatically improving student writing. After








Massachusetts, our class combined the Time of Day unit with our study of the Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims to create our own, unique visions of “A Day in the Life of Plantation.”

December, 2010

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A Day in the Life of a Wampanoag Girl Josselyn Gonzalez The sun peeks up from behind the mountain to say hello. Blues, pinks and purples mix...

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