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I dedicated this book to my cousin, who taught me about Hawks.

One cool morning in Vermont, in an open field, Father RedTailed Hawk wakes up and scans the horizon. The bright yellow sky reflects off the grass into Father Red-Tailed Hawks eyes. The low wet grass bristles against the tree trunk. Tall mountains create shadows. Suddenly, Father Red-tailed Hawk spots food. He spies a garden snake.

As the hot orange sun brightens up the clear blue sky, Father Red-Tailed hawk dives at the snake and grabs it with his sharp talons! The snake hisses and wiggles. The snake is trying to squirm away. But it is too late. Father Hawk is going to bring the snake to the hungry baby. Father Hawk sees his nest, and then he hears a roar!                    

Baby Red-Tailed Hawk has fallen out of his nest! Out of nowhere, a bear comes running out of the woods toward Baby Hawk. Father Hawk must scare the bear away! The bear comes closer and closer. Father Hawk swoops down and grabs Baby Red-Tailed Hawk in his talons just in time. Father Hawk flaps his wings wildly back to the nest, the snake still dangling from one of his talons. Â

Finally, Baby Hawk is safe in his nest. Father Red-Tailed Hawk breaks off a piece of snake and gives it to Baby Hawk. Then Father Hawk gobbles up the rest of the snake and watches the bear wander off into the woods. Father Hawk and Baby Hawk fall into a deep sleep. They recover from their exhausting day. Â

About the Author

John Moynihan is funny and loves to play hockey. He also plays golf. His favorite show on TV is Whale Wars.   

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