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I dedicate this book to Mrs. Mattson, my third grade teacher, for helping me make this book, to my friends Lakshmi, Juliette, Anna, Helen, Aurise, and to my mom for taking care of me.                              

On a shimmering white glacier in Antarctica, Mother and Baby Penguin are awake. They hear icebergs breaking and waves crashing. It’s a calm sunny day but it’s freezing cold, so the penguins huddle together. As the bluish-green water crashes up on shore, the penguins waddle away as fast as they can so they don’t get splashed. As they waddle away, the Penguins start to feel a rumble in their big white stomachs. It’s time for Mother Penguin to catch some breakfast.

Mother Penguin dives 70 feet into the water and searches for a tender juicy fish. She finally spots one. Mother Penguin pecks it with her sharp beak and finally swallows it whole. She finds a couple more fish and grabs them with the spines on her tongue and the roof of her mouth. This way, she can get a good grip on them and they won’t escape. Baby Penguin will be so pleased to see how many good fish she gets to eat. When Mother Penguin swims home, she will cough up the fish and give them to Baby Penguin. Â

All of a sudden, a hawk flies out of nowhere. It swoops down on the ice while Baby Penguin is looking for food. Mother Penguin is in the ocean getting her baby some food and she has been down there for a long time. The orange sun is already setting behind the glacier. When Mother Penguin finally slides up out of the water, she sees that the hawk is trying to eat her baby! Mother Penguin waddles as fast as she can to Baby Penguin! Â

Luckily, Mother Penguin grabs Baby Penguin back before the hawk can eat her. Mother and Baby Penguin scurry into the water so the hawk can’t get them. When the hawk sees them go into the water, he flies away. Mother and Baby Penguin are safe! They waddle back to their home on the glacier and snuggle together. Heavy snow falls from the midnight sky.

About the Author

Delanie Dunn is a 9 year old girl in Mrs. Mattson’s third grade class. She loves reading Harry Potter books. She lives with her brother, sister, mom and dad. Her best friends that are in her class are Lakshmi, Juliette, Anna and Helen. Her favorite sports are lacrosse, field hockey and she loves to dance. In the summer, she likes to go swimming and play with water balloons. She used to have a dog and a fish. Her other friends that are not in her class are Mia, Emma, Ally, Aurise and Julia. She loved making this book.   

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