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I dedicate this book to my friends and family, and my dog, Stella Coby Venezia. Â

Under the deep blue sea, Sea Star looks for food. Sea Star finds a snail to eat. After that delicious meal, a furious storm appears out of nowhere! The ominous water forms angry waves. Boom! The waves crash and take Sea Star to land. Suddenly, Sea Star senses its predator. Snap! A crab takes one of its arms off! After a few days its arm grows back. Sea star is hungry. He finds his prey and rests on a dark black rock to eat. Â


Searching for food over the deep blue sea, Elephant Seal finds his prey. He chases it across the ocean. Quickly he snatches his fish and enjoys his scrumptious meal. All of a sudden, a great white shark starts to chase Elephant Seal under the icy sea. Elephant Seal wins the race. A pirate ship appears and pushes Elephant seal over the ocean. Â


As the sun sets on a deserted beach, Fiddler Crab looks in the nearshore waters for food. He sees a bird gliding in the sky coming towards him. He tries to move but he is stuck in the deep sand. Fiddler Crab finally pops out and hurries away. A strong breeze pulls Fiddler Crab into the water. He holds his breath and crawls out. Â


Resting on the dark, rocky sand, Leatherback Sea Turtle looks for food. He plops into the water and finds a jellyfish. Yum! Turtle has his lunch. After his meal, he glides through the water. He is a very fast swimmer. Â

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About the Author

Hi! my name is Dante Venezia. I love hockey and my friends and my dog. I live with my mom, dad, and my two sisters, Olivia and Gabby. Â

This book was created in Mrs. Mattson’s Third Grade Class Spring, 2012


I dedicate this book to my friends and family, and my dog, Stella Coby Venezia.
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