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I dedicate this book to my teachers and friends for all the help they’ve given me. Â

The sun blazes on the horizon as Peregrine Falcon soars silently across the bright sky. He is growing hungry and starts to search for food. Peregrine Falcon spots a fiddler crab scuttling along the shoreline. Too tiny. Peregrine Falcon keeps searching. A ripple in the water catches his eye. Suddenly, a fish leaps out of the water and Peregrine Falcon dives! The fish braces himself for the impact and‌Boom!!! The fish has been hit so hard that it falls back into the water. Peregrine Falcon swoops down and grabs the fish in his beak. Now that he is satisfied, he can go back to his nest. Â


The sun has just woken up from a long nap and so has Mangrove Snake. Under the colorful sky, he stretches and starts to slither across the dry morning sand. He passes by a mangrove tree and is about to go into the swamp when the sound of a hawk startles him. A predator is coming. He darts to a nearby crab burrow and hides. A few minutes later he pops his head out to see if the hawk is gone. He is safe once again in his habitat. Â


The ocean is calm as Barracuda swims silently through the underwater world. The seaweed waves slowly as Barracuda drifts by. He spots a fish and with one swift swipe of his tail, the fish falls to the bottom of the ocean. Barracuda rips the fish apart with his massive jaws. He spots more fish in the distance and dashes toward them. He is ready for his second dinner. Â


Under the moonlit sky, Fiddler Crab scuttles over the rocky sand. Stars twinkle in the night as the ocean waves calmly splash against the shore. Fiddler Crab finds some seaweed and slurps it up as a midnight snack. A fish jumps in the distance as Fiddler Crab scurries home. In the morning a new adventure will begin. Â

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About the Author

Colin Simpson is an 8-year-old student in Mrs. Mattson’s 3rd grade. He has one brother, Ian, and lots of friends. His favorite thing to do is draw, and he loves video games. Â

This book was created in Mrs. Mattson’s Third Grade Class Spring, 2012


I dedicate this book to my teachers and friends for all the help they’ve given me. 
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