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I dedicate this book to Mrs. Mattson, who helped me make it.

Deep in the dry grasslands of Africa, a light summer breeze whooshes through Mother Leopards fur. She can see beautiful brown, black and green mountains in the distance. She glances at her den to make sure her cubs are safe from predators. The sun is down and the bright twilight sky is quickly turning into night. Mother Leopard stretches and gets up, then pads off through the grass. She is going hunting for an impala or Thomson’s gazelle.        

A cub pokes his head sleepily out of his den looking for his mother. He cries for her but gets no answer. He sees only the dark night sky and the shining moon. Where can his mother be? Meanwhile Mother Leopard has spotted an impala herd in the distance and is staking a young impala. She pounces and topples it over making the rest of the herd scatter.                        

Still, Mother Leopard is nowhere to be seen by the cubs. One of them scampers out to look for her. He goes farther than his mother has ever taken them. Baby Leopard is lost and afraid! Every footstep he hears sounds like a lion sneaking up on him. No matter where he looks he can’t find Mother Leopard! Baby Leopard is so tired he almost falls asleep on his feet! He stops to rest in the tall grass. Mother Leopard returns, dragging a juicy red impala behind her. But only one cub races out to greet her!                      

Mother Leopard is scared! Where’s Baby Leopard? Mother Leopard takes her cub and together they go out to find the missing cub. They search all night long. Finally, under a colorful dawn sky, they find the cub huddling in the grass. He runs toward them and is so happy, he allows Mother Leopard to carry him back to the den. Baby Leopard will not leave the den without his mother again.                          

About the Author

Ashley Nygren was born on July 28 2002. She loves football and other sports and wants to become an athlete. She also loves to read. Her favorite author is Rick Riordan. Her best friends are Nina, Celia, Helen, Jack, and Reugan.

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   I dedicate this book to Mrs. Mattson, who helped me make it. 

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