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merican Airlines is America’s leading airline. Its culture is rooted in providing its passengers with the best that America has to offer; a dedication to customer service, the provision of choice and variety, a relaxed approach to doing things, wide open spaces, invention and technology, etc.

every time they go there on business. On the other hand, they don’t like the clichéd ‘bubble-gum culture’ side of Americana

Target audience: Business travellers that fly trans-atlantically at least four times a year and are either BA dissatisfied fliers or non-loyalists of other US carriers (such as Delta, Continental and United).

Proposition: American Airlines represents the best of America in the air.

For this audience, AA currently may get onto their shopping list because of the airline’s scope and frequency of service but we are often not chosen because the brand lacks saliency and a clearly defined personality. These people like America and are particularly impressed by the American people’s ‘can-do’ spirit, which they see

They can be persuaded to fly AA if we can demonstrate that we are the embodiment of quality American style service.

Tone Of Voice: Intelligent, premium, human with some American wit. Requirements: 30” TV script, 3 x posters




merican Airlines are currently struggling with a lack of identity. They feel themselves that they are not “American” enough, and that is what we will be focusing on. We think that Americans have a way of acting and a specific kind of “spirit” that you will find nowhere else. It is that “yes we can”-spirit. Through this campaign we will be implementing that by flying American Airlines you will realize that the American spirit is infectious, and that it will change your way of behaving, thinking and acting.

tv script 1

An English man walks out of an AA plane in London.


Suddenly he can hear himself bursting out: “Off course we can do this. Here is how it’s done…” He looks confused, as he didn’t intend to say anything like that.


The picture jumps to the same man getting in to a typical English taxi at a London airport.


Close up of the manager looking surprised at him.


The man is now in a meeting. The manager talks about how “these goals are impossible to reach!” All seem to agree with him. The man shakes his head, and you hear his thoughts saying, “True, we don’t stand a chance.”


The picture blurs out, and a female voice says “The American spirit is infectious when you fly with American Airlines.” “American Airlines; the best of America in the air.”

The American spirit is infectious when you fly with


The American spirit is infectiuos when you fly with us.

The American spirit is infectiuos when you fly with us.

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The American spirit is infectiuos when you fly with us.

American Airlines  

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