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Twitter for Teachers!

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What is Twitter? A social networking and micro blogging site. “What are you doing now?” Respond in 140 characters or less. Most major businesses, colleges, even some school districts use twitter.

Messages= “tweets” Friends= “followers” Tweet/Follow via computer or cell phone!


Twitter in the Classroom?

A backchannel for in-class communication Enables continuation of discussion outside of class Everyone can participate (age of students?) Easy, fast mode of reminding students of homework or tests The 140 character limit helps to focus thoughts.


Texting costs? District policy Class interruption (so tweet after hours!)

Ways to use Twitter

Teacher Account -

Project your page in the classroom, and‌

• Give them a prompt and have them tweet responses (quiz/lecture response) • Lesson summaries

• Discuss a movie while viewing • Tweet a homework question and have students respond • Tweet in character when reading a novel

• Split the class to evaluate resources – half find and tweet sites on an assigned topic while • Offer homework help the other half evaluate sites, • Foreign Language- follow then switch roles • Write a story – together • Follow current events and tweet reactions

people from target language country. It’s easier to tweet 140 characters in another language than it is to write a full letter.

• Twitter= modern day pen pals.


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Twitter for Teachers  

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