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Lots Of Individuals Have Got A Patron Saint Who can forget the powerful message of the patron saint in the recent movie Charlie St. Cloud? Charlie must save a beautiful girl who has been lost at sea and is dying from hypothermia. Charlie gathers all his strength and faith and is in a position to save the girl with a gift he received from his friend: a saint metal that had the image of St. Jude, the Saint of Lost Causes. Anyone can find these saint medals that happen to be in need for a special request. Many people feel their lives have special meaning, and they were supposed to serve specific missions or to endure particular trials. Their intercessory saint is the thing that these individuals find their faith and strength through. As they read about the Saints, who were each living people like himself or herself, faced with specific trials, they'll be touched by the particular Saint that represents their lives. But not every person chooses their patron saint just for the different trials or their life mission. One of the ways a person may select their patron saint is by choosing the saint that is linked according to their birthday. While some may opt to select the patron saint that is connected with their country or city. There's also saints responsible for particular occupations or stations in life. For example, for anyone suffering from some type of illness, there are saints that help with this sickness, disease or some sort of danger. Entire families frequently have their own patron saint they revere throughout generations. There are many interesting and inspiring stories of the saints. One of the most popular saints that people know is Saint Lucy, who's known for the stories and songs as Santa Lucia. Lucy was on the list of martyrs of the Diocletian persecution toward the end of the third century A.D. During her maidenhood, she was pursued by a powerful person in the government. This specific individual that she wasn't keen on was very attracted to the beautiful eyes that she had. The story apparently goes that after the intent of the New Testament scriptures, she plucked out her eyes and gave them to her suitor so she could protect her chastity, stating to him "now you have what you desired so much." He retaliated by attempting to have her burned at the stake. However, the flames would not consume her flesh. Because of this, many wear their protective saint medal of Santa Lucia for a defense against physical danger. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular and beloved saint medals is those for the patron Saint Nicholas, commonly known as Santa Claus. Everyone realizes the magic that Santa Claus provides, living on the North Pole with all his little elves, making wonderful gifts to offer to all the good children on Christmas Eve. The actual, living Santa Claus was generally known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, who was a Bishop in the 4th-century in what is now referred to as modern Turkey. He was well recognized for all his generous gifts that he would offer to the less fortunate. He offered dowries, in one of several stories, for three daughters of a poor Christian, saving the girls from a lifetime of working on the streets selling themselves. His remains were captured in 1087 by Italian sailors, and his relics may still be found even today in Bari. All Catholics have love for St. Nicholas due to his amazing generosity, the care he showed for the poor, and his significant part in people's favorite holiday. Patron saint medals are available in many styles at your local Catholic store. They come in a variety of forms and metals that suit most occasions and recipients. Be sure to consider these Iconeum, LLC

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Lots Of Individuals Have Got A Patron Saint medals for your friends or family members on special occasions or for yourself to strengthen your own faith and devotion. A great way to show your faith is with Saint Christopher medals; drop by Catholic Jewelry and Gifts to see their selection. Additional information on Catholic Jewelry and Gifts are obtainable on the company's web site,

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Lots Of Individuals Have Got A Patron Saint  

A great way to show your faith is with Saint Christopher medals; drop by Catholic Jewelry and Gifts to see their selection. Additional infor...

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