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MMA-KO’S KNOCK OUT OF THE NIGHT! Charley Houston vs Nathan Pillsbury. Knock out of the night! This fight started out with great stand up and kicks, then out of nowhere Houston lands a right hand that dropped Pillsbury into the cage, quickly regaining his screws he gets back to his feet only to be met by what on the streets of Chicago would call a 2 piece with a biscuit, the biscuit being the right hand that sat Nathan down for the Ko win for Charley, furthermore

Making this The Knock out of the Night. Charley Houston fights out of Team Carnage.

It started out a night of exciting fights. Garrett Daniel and Connor Miller started and ended the fight brawling, the amateurs left it to the judges to decide. Garrett Daniel fighting out of Morgan’s Martial Arts wins by split decision. Hakim Wylee’s win over Nick Williams was quick and painless as Williams attempted a takedown, Wylee slipped in the Guillotine choke for the tap. Wylee fights out of Humbolt Nutrients. Jordan Bailey def. Demetry Moore, as both men respect each other’s hands. Bailey took the fight to the ground and quickly gained a choke that almost spelled the end for Moore, but thru determination, Moore gets out, but only to end up in a Bailey induced armbar that sealed the deal for Moore. Jordan Bailey fights out of Team Carnage on Orangevale. Samantha Quinn Hester def. Keani Sebala Though this was a battle between these two ladies, Sebala was unable to use her reach to be effective and possibly take Hester to the ground. Hester using alot of dirty boxing and the clinch to land multiple right hands and the vicious knee to the solar plex that sent her to the mat grimacing in pain. Samantha Hester fights out of Humbolt Nutrients. Richard Blake def. Damion Martindale by split decision, a heavyweight fight that had Martindale on top for the first round using his wrestling and even some ground and pound, but fortunately for Blake and good Cardio, Damion tiered out and was not able to finish Blake. Richard Blake fighting out of Team Carnage. Josh Miranda def. John Corstorphine. Corstorphine Maintaing control in the first round with great stand up, and jujitzu control. Miranda was able to fend off with a little bjj counters of his own trading submission attempts throughout the first 2 rounds, eventually evolving into a mano a mano war with Miranda landing a big knee to the chin of John, dazing him for a moment while Miranda unleashed the combinations of rights, lefts and uppercuts leaving the ref no choice but to stop the fight. Josh Miranda fighting out of Team Kihon. Tramain Smith def. Aaron Hedrick. Hometown favorite Hedrick came out to play, but Tramain also came out to play, slugging it out and even going to the ground. It wasn’t looking to good for Smith as Hedrick attemepted severial chokes that thru sheer determination Smith remained free. After the referee stands the fighters up Tramain lands an uppercut from hell halfway through the 2nd round splitting the right eyebrow of Hedrick, the doctors decided to call a stop to the fight. Tramian Smith fighting out of Huckaba’s Hole in the Wall.

MAIN EVENT Josh Hinkle def. Johnavan Vistante. Hinkle immediately takes the fight to the ground inflicting some serious elbows to the head eventually cutting open Vistante’s head. Vistante entered round 2 fired up and making it too close for even me to call. Round 3 Vistante showed the most indurance and changed the pace of the fight. Hinkle still gased from the first 2 rounds managed to hold on for the split decision win going to Oroville native Josh Hinkle, fighting out of Stand Alone. Josh Hinkle was offered a chance title fight in April.


KING OF THE CAGE October 12th  

A recount of the KOTC event by MMA-KO's Joel Too Much