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S ELECTE D PRO J ECT S Antonio Elosúa Architectural Firm

Design and documents execution for office building. Monterrey, México 2009 1 Design and project manager for educational building. San Pedro, México 2007 2 Design and project manager for home renovation. San Pedro, México 2007 3 Design and project manager for bookstore. San Pedro, México 2007 4 Design and documents execution for Condominium Resort. Cancún, México 2006


Properties Assessments for Archdiocese. Monterrey, México 2006 6 Design and project manager for Ranch House. Santiago, México 2005 7 Design and documents execution for Health Care Clinic. Monterrey, Mexico 2006


Study project for Sustainable Home. Santa Catarina, México 2009 9


Design and documents execution for office building M o n t e r r e y, N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 9

Monterrey is a growing industrial city with an increasingly demand for office space. This twelvestory building is part of a business district that shares a central plaza with green areas. The design of the building incorporates two green roofs one at parking level and one at roof level where the business center and cafeteria are located. Office spaces are designed with flexible floors plans to accommodate different office sizes and uses. Local materials and energy-efficent glass are incorporated into the design. Goals: • Design an office building in context with the business district. • Integrate green roofs that will enhance the working environment, help reduce runoff water and create habitat for native flora and fauna. • Coordinate a group of architects and contractors for accurate development of the construction documents.


3D model shows the roof garden over the parking garage and rooftop.

centro escolar gante

Design and project manager for educational building S a n Pe d r o , N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 7

Centro Escolar Gante is an educational institute located in the municipality of San Pedro. The school provides low tuitions and most of the buildings have been constructed with donations from the community. The institute required an extra building to provide adequate space for the number of students currently admitted. The firm members involved on the project participated in the promotion of donations for the construction of the building. Goals: • Illustrative document to collect donations • Get building permit • Design and construction documents execution • Estimation of project cost • Organization




administration and donations • Supervision of site construction


Building hallway leading into classrooms and playground

san angelin

Design and project manager for home renovation S a n Pe d r o , N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 7

Clients wanted to have extra privacy adding an entrance and garage doors to their home and saw the opportunity to renovate the front façade. The design was a success giving the clients the extra privacy they where looking for while allowing natural light into the whole space. Square open frames with wide bars, materials like wood, steel, quarry and a vivid color gave the house a Legorreta style.

Goals: • Create an atmosphere of privacy while also delivering a welcoming entrance. • Stay within budget and deliver on time.


Warm colors and open patio above the garage welcomes friends to this cozy home located in the mountains.


Design and project manager for book store S a n Pe d r o , N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 7

La Ventana is a local own bookstore that seeks to promote culture and history among the community. For a satisfactory design for this shop we considered an attractive facade and display of merchandize taking care for the legibility of printed matter, and the distance between customer and the display of lightning.The furniture was specially designed for the books and magazines and handmade by a local carpenter.

Goals: • Create an inviting design to promote reading. • Design furniture and lightning that creates a comfortable environment for the client. • Support local business and talent.

Well-lighted and inviting open design will attract readers



Design and documents execution for condominium resort Cancún, Quintana Roo - 2006

Gorgeous beaches in the south of Mexico are constantly demanding for more lodging buildings. This resort including three Buildings with a total of 21 Apartment plus structured outdoor recreational facilities, such as swimming pool, grill area and storage room.

Goals: • Deliver functional and interesting designs for the different apartment sizes. • Create outdoor spaces that allows for interaction among the residents while also allowing for intimate areas for other residents to relax and enjoy the views.

View from the pool area into one of the apartment buildings next to the beach.


Monterrey archdiocese

Properties Condition Assessment for the Metropolitan Area

The metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico consists of nine municipalities. For several decades the city’s rapid and constant growth has led to a wide variety of development that lacks proper planning. Often religious areas have not been designated in new developments; therefore these communities have build with their own hands religious buildings in open lots.To keep a registry of all parishes and chapels in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, the archdiocese requested a survey of the existing buildings. The survey, of approximately 200 parishes and chapels, will serve to evaluate the physical conditions of the buildings, as well to identify potential religious areas that could serve for new developments. Goals: • Coordinate and organize teams of students to carry out the project • Elaboration of inventory books for every deanship in the metropolitan area of Monterrey containing: Parish files, maps and data on each parish and chapel Written and photo analysis of existing conditions A list of basic needs with illustrations of preliminary proposals for improvements on each building

Metropolitan Cathedral of Monterrey. The assessment led to the creation of a webpage to display church services and contact information. More than fifteen cities in Mexico have been added into the web site:


Photo credits: City of Monterrey

M o n t e r r e y, N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 6


Design and project manager for ranch house Santiago, Nuevo León - 2005

In rural Nuevo Leon, at only 45-minute drive from the busy metropolitan area, you’ll find beautiful and peaceful landscapes. The ranch is located near a river where vegetation thrives. This site is used to grow some native trees, to enjoy nature and also for family reunions and special events. The client wanted to add two small apartments to host friends when needed.

Goals: • Create two compact and functional apartments that could host families to stay over night. • Locate the apartments near gathering areas while respecting the views and the natural site. • Create a design that would go along with the existing gathering areas.

Local flora embellishes de architecture and gathering areas.



Design and document execution for health care clinic M o n t e r r e y, N u e v o L e ó n - 2 0 0 6

The rapidly expanding metropolitan area of Monterrey is challenged with the necessity for health care facilities and ambulatory operation rooms to serve the growing community. This project intends to be the first of many more health clinics in the metropolitan area. The Health Clinic is located on the first two floors; the private consulting rooms are located on the next five floors. Goals: • Provide health care facilities to communities in need. • Deliver a flexible design that could be used in other locations.

Model prototype shows coherent connections between the different health areas.


researcher house

Study project for sustainable home Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon - 2009

The project seeks to locate an apartment-study for an ecological professional who will be researching the surrounding context.The architectural design flows with the existing context and the natural environment; sun, winds, nature, weather, materials, construction methods, fauna and flora. La Huasteca Natural Park, located in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains, is home to this project and to gorgeous natural landscapes, outdoor activities, outdoor performances and steep rock walls perfect for mountain climbing. Goals: • Design with nature and the existing context. • Respect the flora and fauna. • Design an apartment/study that will host researchers for periods of three to six months..

Temperature averages, sun angles and wind directions throughout the year and bioclimatic diagrams analysis where performed in order to proceed with final design proposals.



Selected Projects


Selected Projects