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Travelling on business or for vacation? Great! But what to do with your dog while you are away? You may have friends and family to dog-sit for you, but it is not easy to find someone trustworthy and willing to do such a big favour. Taking your dog to stay at a dog hotel may be the best choice for many. Luckily there are many places to take your dog to stay overnight, but how you know that your dog is safe, secure and comfortable? In preparation for this issue we had a great opportunity to visit and talk to the owner of The Dog@Villa, Khun Paweena Supradit Na Ayutthaya.

This doggie hotel is one of the most well-known in Hua Hin. The Villa is situated in a quiet area almost at the end of Hua Hin Soi 32. When we arrived it was very surprised to notice that there was no dog smells. The facility was very clean and also had a nice outdoor space. Inside the Villa, there are separate rooms, which are designed for different types of dogs. Besides the awesome dog hotel facility, a dog spa and grooming service is available. We did a short tour around the Villa, a photo shoot and played with happy little dogs before sitting in the garden to conduct a short interview with Khun Paweena. She is a real dog lover who has considerable knowledge about dog behaviour of many breeds. She also holds PR and MBA degrees, has worked in luxury hotels and previously owned several other businesses.

You and the dogs – from Khun Paweena

“I love dogs. When I was very young, I was given dogs as presents from family members or friends of my mother. They knew that I loved dogs and took good care of them. Most of the dogs were imported breeds, so I had to read many books to know how to take good care of them. At that time the books about dogs were only English language publications. this was a trick of my mother, as she wanted me to learn to read English language books.”

“When I studied at high school, I had five dogs and all ate expensive pet food. The cost of taking care of my dogs was up to 7,000 baht a month. I decided to earn extra money by direct selling cosmetics. I went to many houses in the neighbourhood, knocking on doors to sell my products. At that time I was only thinking about earning money for my dogs and was never shy about selling. It was so successful that I was promoted by the cosmetic company. Sometime the company invited me to conferences and asked me to tell the Members how I reached my goals.”

Could you give a short history of The Dog @Villa?

“About five years ago, my husband and I visited Market Village, which was newly built at that time. He told me that I should open a business about dogs because he knew that I was a real a dog lover and had never seen me without the dog. He thought that it would make me happy to do something that I love.” “When I came back home, I decided to start a dog grooming service. I did some research and made a business plan to apply for space at the Market village. I also took extensive dog grooming courses. The grooming service was the first stage and then the dog villa followed.

How many dogs you can keep?

“We also provide dog therapy, spa and grooming. Also provide detox and skin treatment (depending on the type of dog). For the dog spa, we use very special oils, which can be absorbed by the dog’s skin. The dog is then very relaxed and calm.”

What should the dog owner prepare before bring them?

“Cleaning and disinfection of our facilities is also very important. We clean our facility twice daily and you can tell that there are no bad smells here. We also choose environmental friendly disinfectant, which is not dangerous to the dogs.”

“We can keep about 22 dogs in our facility. The dogs are separated by size and breed.”

“Prepare food and bring their favourite toy. We also need some information such as eating times, where the dog stays and sleeps (inside or outside) and the dog’s behaviours. This information will be very useful for us to provide the most suitable accommodation and make the dog feel comfortable.”

What is the difference between The Dog @Villa and other dog boarding homes / pet day care?

“At The Dog @Villa we observe the dogs’ behaviours and analyse their situation. It takes time, but it is worthwhile when you see that the dogs are happy to be here. We also try to make them feel comfortable; like having a holiday! We provide clean facilities and accommodation in a pleasant environment. We are friendly and treat them the way we would treat our own dogs.”

Are the more service that The Dog @Villa provides? “We also provide a service to take dogs to swim in the ocean.”

What is your secret of running a good and profitable business? “Do it with love and care.”

The Dog@Villa Soi 33 Hua Hin, Prachuapkirikhan, 77110 Tel. +66 (0)86 688 2338


Dog Hotel In Hua Hin, Thailand


Dog Hotel In Hua Hin, Thailand