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Our Course Subscription Offer The NELC Training Events Programme is accessed through an annual subscription. Schools, subject to reasonable use, can freely access all advertised courses. What are the advantages? A single predictable cost for your technology training needs Trainers who are also very experienced teachers with knowledge of our local context. High levels of expertise across a broad range of technology matters Builds on existing professional relationships Fantastic value for money compared to one-off commercial offerings Flexibility of time and venue often available What are the costs? The training events programme is based on an annual subscription:£995 for schools with less than 25 staff £1,450 for schools with 25 > 50 staff £1,950 for larger schools. What sort of course will be available? short, a HUGE selection, some of which are;3D CGI Movie effects - Learn how to create 3D computer-generated movie effects digital animations for web, presentations, film and TV advertisements. A beginner’s guide to using video in the classroom – any subject! Learn how to become more effective in using video resources as well as producing your own content. AVI to MPEG4, YOUTUBE TO POWERPOINT and Interactive whiteboards. A beginners guide to computers - Supportive and sympathetic introduction to using computers in everyday practice. Apple Mac and PC. Adobe training - PhotoShop for D&T and art / Illustrator for D&T and art / InDesign (desktop publishing) for all An introduction to e-readers and e-books – A hands-on session creating your own e-books for collaboration, sharing and engaging pupils. Especially suitable for English. An introduction to web 2 0 technologies - Come and see what exciting ideas you can pick up for your classroom activities. Animation - Age and ability-appropriate techniques and practical strategies for incorporating animation in the classroom

Nottingham e-Learning Centres APP and voting sets in the classroom - Why make things difficult? Apple iLife training - iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb, GarageBand support and training. Be more creative in the classroom – using digital media Blogging in the classroom - Setting up a classroom blog. Providing advice on creating content, usage, place in the curriculum and e-safety CADCAM for textiles teachers - all the high tech bits made easy! Calling all geographers! A variety of courses are on offer ranging from making your own virtual fieldwork in Google Earth to planning your field work using GPS devices and cameras with geotagging facilities. Classroom without walls - An international approach to the curriculum: maximise your school links and visits through video conferencing, blogging and video/audio production. Claymation - All the skills you’ll need to create “Wallace & Gromit” style clay animations and the applications for this in enriching the curriculum. Communicating persuasively – Using digital media to create an advert Creating e-portfolios in creative subjects - Real examples of electronic portfolios, stored and accessed online, with advice, training and support in getting started Creative and media diploma support - Our media specialists will give you curricular and technical advice and hands-on experience in a wide variety of media to support your delivery. Data logging - practical tips to bring science to life in the classroom Digital art using graphics tablets - Buying advice and strategies for using graphics tablets with a variety of software in d&t, art, media etc. Essential software for maths teachers - Autograph Film poster design - Taking you from concept to production in a practical way. We’ll get you taking your own digital images which can then be manipulated in Photoshop, sessions ranging from beginners to advanced level. Ideal for Media Studies and Art and Design.

Film production - Totally hands on session (s) learning to use film techniques to support a wide range of subjects, from beginners to advanced in a supporting and professional environment. Free CAD - A variety of free-to-use applications and tools to support CAD in d&t Free creative software training - Drawing and animation tools and free applications to use in art, d&t, control, media and literacy

Nottingham e-Learning Centres Free web tools - Showcasing with real examples of free applications, open-source software and webbased tools to use in the classroom Games application development - Learn how to develop, design and develop apps from scratch for your iPod, iPad and iPhone. Test your masterpiece and upload it to the iTunes store. KERCHING! Geographers - increase your confidence in the use of the interactive whiteboard. Our qualified geographer will show you how to maximise the potential of multimedia resources and the internet in your lessons. Get to know your computer better and maximise your use of the internet - There will be lots of activities to help you on the way. ICT diploma support - Making the most of the technology to support practical activities in filming, editing, 3D animation, audio and print production and showing you what works well through hands-on activities. Ideas galore on how to engage learners in literacy - Hands on activities using a variety of creative tools. Innovative technologies - Is there a place for the iPad, iPod and iPhone in the curriculum? Come and find out - we’ll share our knowledge of working in a variety of curricular contexts with you. Interactive sensory environments - How to develop a tactile, interactive and immersive sensory environment in your school using affordable technology. iPad has landed! - Demonstrating the unique abilities of the iPad as a tool to engage learners and encourage collaboration between pupils. It’s free so use it - Scratch programming in the classroom It’s free, so use it – Geogebra for maths teachers It’s free, so use it – logo the next generation offers a programming challenge for students It’s free, so use it – opensource art software for schools It’s free, so use it to capture ideas – free mind-mapping and presentation tools Keeping up to date with textiles – new techniques, materials and ideas Learn the secrets behind ‘green screen’ technology - Apply your knowledge to producing creative storytelling. Lego robots - Using a variety of Lego robotic products and software to teach control (primary) and systems and control (secondary) Life in Slow Motion - How to use slow motion cameras and video software to capture “blink-of-aneye” action. Perfect for science experiments and PE.

Nottingham e-Learning Centres Life in stop-motion! Bringing everyday objects to life using inexpensive animation software and affordable cameras. Making a website - Making a website without needing to know web coding or scripting – ideal for classroom use Making the most of your interactive whiteboard in MFL - An in-depth course, all hands on, delivered by our MFL specialist, to maximise your resources and use the whiteboard with confidence. Making the most of your Promethean board Making the most of your Smartboard – from beginners to leaders Media Studies GCSE and A level - Our resident media specialists will work with you to facilitate your delivery of the subject or help you start up. MFL resources - an overview of software available to engage learners in their learning Microsoft Excel – for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Need more support in raising your it skills? We’ll plug the gaps and extend your knowledge and skills level in Microsoft Office, the internet and other applications. New to Windows 7? We’ll give you lots of tips and practical hands to show you how to maximise your computer generally and in your subject. Photography studio - step into the limelight or hide behind the camera! Make the most of our fully equipped photography studio (DSLR, to produce high quality portraits Photoshop from beginners to advanced - Take your image manipulation to a professional level using the latest version and discuss how to incorporate creative ideas into your curriculum areas. Ideal for Media and Art and Design teachers. Podcasting training - Quick, easy and inexpensive routes into harnessing podcasting technologies in the classroom Presentation tools training - Harnessing new technologies and techniques including free-to-use online presentation tools Professional music production -Learn all the essential skills to record bands, vocalists and instruments using industry-standard software and hardware. Radio station -Llearn how to set up your radio station in your school and broadcast live to your audience. Robotics – using robots from the ‘WowWee’ range in the classroom.

Nottingham e-Learning Centres Running an e-games league in your school - A course to encourage developing numeracy and literacy skills to motivate the hard to engage pupils, using the latest games consoles including the Kinect , the Wii and PS3 motion controllers. Setting up a school enterprise - Advice and assistance in setting up a school enterprise project Setting up a school, department or group’s blog - Getting started with setting up a blog, providing training and advice Sharing ideas - blogging in the classroom Simulation exercises in geography - A course to show you how to implement your geography skills in simulation exercises such as the evacuation of Montserrat e-Mission simulation. Soundtracks for Video - Everything you need to know about recording voiceovers, creating sound effects and adding music to multi-media presentations and video. Sublimation printing - Buying advice, training and ideas on printing onto a variety of different materials. Suitable for enterprise groups, D&T and art Sustainability in the textiles curriculum - ideas to inspire you. Take your video skills to a higher level - Advanced video production using industry standard software such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro or Avid. Also, hands on experience in our production studio using HD cameras, professional lighting and sound. Talk to the world – podcasting made easy TV News Day - Get ready for BBC School Report. Experience putting together a news programme in our professional TV studio using the autocue, green screen/the live sets and live vision mixer in the gallery. The icing on the cake is to learn how to broadcast your programme live to your school! Use BBC motion graphics creativel - Illustrate your poems and videos with motion graphics, and combine with music to enhance your pupils’ work. Using the Smartboard maths tools – A toolkit to support quality Maths teaching ‘Vj-ing’ to engage pupils - combine video, motion graphics and music to produce a live performance and projection. Writing for a purpose, team working and meeting a deadline - How to run a ‘newsday’ in your school

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