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ISSUE 04/10

mmabana mother of children Dear Friends of the Mmabana Foundation, An exciting year has passed by. Here in Germany we‘ve been facing climatic challenges: first the cloud of volcanic ash covering Europe earlier this year, then a summer that was far too hot, now a winter that is far too cold. In June 2010 all eyes were set on South Africa and the Soccer World Cup. How happy the African-hearted had been to see that nothing else happened except for some good game of soccer! Not far from SoccerCity in Johannesburg lies our project in Choma, Zambia, which had an equally fruitful year of highs and lows: 300 children in the Kids Club, 20 Youth members, 8 vulnerable households accompanied by the MCOP, 25 women in the Socio-EconomicJustice Training and 10 foreign visitors from 4 different countries. The MCOP stirred many hearts and so did the FMF in Germany. We are proud to count 12 members since the association was founded early in the year. Our efforts bear fruit, not only in Zambia but also here in Germany. In spite of studying and pursuing jobs, the members of our association manage to invest some of their time for the sake of the foundation. Naturally, our vision is that our ideas will draw big circles. But we also hold ourselves back at times and remind ourselves to take things slow, one step at a time. A colorful team gives us constructive feedback which helps the association to grow. We eagerly anticipate the annual general meeting in February or March and all forthcoming activities of this New Year. Thank you for all your contributions during this past year and may 2011 be a great one for you! The newsletter offers a more detailed account of the past year‘s achievements at the MCOP as well as the FMF. Enjoy the read and may you start well into the New Year! Your Editorial Team Natalie and Pierre-Yves Freunde der Mmabana Foundation e.V.

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MONIQUE AT THE NORTHRAND KIDS’ CLUB On the 4th of September Monique Dalka visits the Kids‘ Club of the Northrand Lutheran Church and tells the children of Johannesburg about the life of children in Choma. Hearts are touched and the kids sprawl with ideas on how they can make a difference for another child’s life in Zambia. Read more...

2010 IN NUMBERS We take a look at some measurable successes of “a small organization doing many great things”. During this past year the MCOP in Choma has made a difference for about 300 children, 48 youths, 25 women, vulnerables and many more. Read more...

ENDING THE YEAR WITH A BANG! The MCOP in Choma was determined to end 2010 with the many highlights it deserved. This last term was blessed with a grand musical event hosted by the youth, who also, once again, played their part in many public celebrations and further visitors sharing in on an a peculiar passion. Read more...

A YEAR OF PARALLEL EVENTFULNESS As most of us know, the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa was a great success, much like the one held in Germany in 2006. Likewise, one may regard the remarkable achievements of the FMF e.V. in Germany coinciding with those of the MCOP in Zambia. Read more...


freunde der mmabana foundation e.V. DEUTSCHLAND

The Friends of the Mmabana Foundation (FMF) might’ve been forced to postpone their AGM until early next year, but they compensated this disappointment with their first SkyKon. Eight young people shared their excitement, dreams and ideas for the FMF – online ;) Read more...

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mmabana foundation 32 Anton Van Wouw Street 2195 Roosevelt Park Johannesburg, South Africa

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mmabana foundation 32 Anton Van Wouw Street 2195 Roosevelt Park Johannesburg, South Africa

1â‚Ź gives 4 children a warm meal. Thank you.

mmabana newsletter 04/2010 english  
mmabana newsletter 04/2010 english  

This is our forth quarterly newsletter of 2010. Its filled with exciting news and links you up to read the full length articles on our websi...