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ISSUE 02/10

mmabana mother of children Dear Readers, This year, 2010, the world joins in with the African joie de vivre. No, I am not only talking about the world cup in South Africa. Choma Zambia has too been a humble spot of international encounters. The MCOP has warmly welcomed a few German visitors. The office has moved to new grounds and has become a centre offering the community a broader horizon. On Workers’ Day Choma joined in on the celebrations with the rest of the world and in Germany the “Friends of Mmabana Foundation e.V.” (FMF e.V.) took action for the first time, raising funds on a flea market. We would like to encourage you to take part of this African experience, take a look at this term’s articles and share them with the world! May we remember that in Christ, we are one body, despite our diversity and geographical distances. “Always keep yourselves united in the Holy Spirit, and bind yourselves together in peace.” - Ephesians 4:3 Wishing you God’s blessings for the coming term, Pierre-Yves Dalka and Natalie Zaiss Editor Team Freunde der Mmabana Foundation e.V.

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MMABANA, KEEP ON GOING! Like all students in the world, they were proud to be able to prove to me what they can achieve and accomplish. I get frustrated when I think about how little effort the government puts in to recognise the existent conditions. Read more...

AN OASIS IN THE DESERT “An oasis in the desert” – On his visit to the Choma, Raphael Schanz, a young German volunteer working in South Africa discovers something worth more than Johannesburg’s gold. Read more...

FRIENDS OF MMABANA IN ACTION – A REAL BARGAIN! The Friends of the Mmabana Foundation market themselves for the first time – all puns intended. Their first action at the monthly market in Karlsruhe turns out to be a true joy for many! Read more...

A NEW HOME, A NEW NAME AND NEW POSSIBILITIES “God always keeps His promises for His children.” As the MCOP has finally found a new place to be based in, the „MCOP Office“ adopts the name „MCOP Centre“, as it has become a place of inclusion, information and modern possibilities. Read more...

SOCIO-ECONOMIC JUSTICE: CASE STUDY The SEJ-Training team goes into flied research and observes how local community members create jobs, sustain themselves and help their community. Read more...

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Choma joined in on the World Labour Day celebrations with a commemoration gathering. The working society of Zambia was granted a platform for drama, dance and speeches along the theme of “Promoting Economic Growth through the Decent Work Agenda”. Read more...

Warning: Nosiku’s old YAHOO email address was used for a scam The email address of Nosiku Kalonga (nosikuloves@yahoo. com) has been hacked. Nosiku has not been robbed and is safe and sound back in Choma. Do NOT communicate with this email address anymore. Instead, use mcop.choma@mmabana. org to contact her. Thank you and sincere apologies. g Nosiku Kalonga

Upcoming fleemarket in Germany Saturday, 4th September in Karlsruhe, Stephansplatz Contact person: Jean-Christophe Dalka or 0176 612 77939 | 0721 601 3608

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1€ gives 4 children a warm meal. Thank you.

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This is our second quarterly newsletter of 2010. Its filled with exciting news and links you up to read the full length articles on our webs...

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