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THE PLATFORM The last one year has truly changed the way the world operates. We can see many themes impacting us such as that of COVID-19, the rise of “Make in India”, changing perceptions of China in the global market, and political / societal friction in the United States as a few examples. All these themes have had an impact on the Indian industrial landscape and things continue to evolve quite rapidly. Given this uncertainty (which brings both positives and concerns), there is a pressing need to understand what the way forward for professionals (especially young professionals who are about to enter the market) should be. This is the key theme of the Convention. We want to facilitate understanding of how to react to the changing world we live in. The topics and sessions will be extremely relevant to management students that will soon be entering a rapidly changing work environment. There are four topics that will be covered during the sessions, along with a Keynote session.

KEYNOTE: Keynote Address by the Chief Guest on “The impact of changing Geopolitics on the future, and what this means for India” The geo-political and geo-economic fall out of the Covid pandemic is unlike any other global crisis in the post-war era. While the Plague and the Spanish flu took their toll on human lives, their geographical impact was not this far and hence the geopolitical and geo-economic impact were non-existent. In economic terms, the Great Depression is the closest parallel but, it did not cause death or fear of death in nations, governments and populations. The two Great Wars also do not fit into the Covid matrix. Today, in the global connect, the situation is different. In context, it becomes pertinent for an aspirational power like India to assess the emerging global situation and relate them to domestic conditions and emerging power-projections, over the short, medium and long terms.

SESSION I : Leadership and Purpose In the first session, we will cover two essential skills that professionals require to succeed in their careers; Leadership and Purpose. Our speaker for this comes from the military, and he will reference his vast experience to share learnings that can also be applied to civilian life.

SESSION II : Building a career – a 20-year journey We would like young graduates to know that a career is not built overnight. It is a journey, not a destination. In this session, a senior industry captain who has held leadership positions across various industries will share their story with us on what they wish they had known – back when they were just starting their careers.

SESSION III: Opportunities in chaos – Changing the rules of the game A great leader can take chaos and disorder and turn that into an advantage for their organizations. In this session, we will hear from some successful captains of industry that have taken crises and turned them into opportunities for their companies.

SESSION IV: Emotional well-being in tough times “Business as usual” is not a phrase you can use to describe the last few months – we have each faced and overcome challenges. It is likely that over your professional careers you will encounter obstacles again and it is important to be equipped to deal with them mentally when the appear. This session will equip you with the tools to do so.

COMPETITION - GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS t Preliminary rounds of all the competitions would be held online. t Any number of teams can participate from one institution. t Last date for registration for competition and submission of synopsis: Tuesday, 1st December 2020 t For registration, send a mail to mma@mmachennai.org with name, mobile number, mail id and name of the


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India Tomorrow: The Road Ahead for the Young Indians - 17 Dec 2020  

19th All India Management Students Convention 2020

India Tomorrow: The Road Ahead for the Young Indians - 17 Dec 2020  

19th All India Management Students Convention 2020