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A P ublication of the Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona March/April 2013

What is Happening at the Copper Dome?

I hope you all are enjoying this GREAT weather. Just make sure you all ride safe and enjoy what you do. We have a few things going on right now. First, I want to let the MMA know how the Emissions Bill is progressing and its current status. The bill was entered into the Federal Register for the first time; it then triggered a 30-day comment period. EPA received a few comments requiring answers, and thereby delayed the final entry into the Federal Register. Once that final entry happens, the State of Arizona will have 60 days to conform, before the elimination of motorcycle emissions in Maricopa County (AREA A) becomes law. Once that happens, it marks the end of the legal process. Realistically, we estimate the new law will be in place by late April. That will be it --- unless the moon crashes into the earth. Next item up is the local Road Sign effort. Our good friend Jerry Weier was very instrumental in getting MMA-AZ lobbyists an appointment with Chris Lemka. He is the Principal Traffic Engineer for the city of Glendale. Our Lobby Team met with Chris about creating more "Look Out for Motorcycles" signs here in Glendale. There are now 17 signs up just in Glendale alone, and City Hall is going to let us put up 10 more. We're currently looking for locations. Next year, I’m going to propose a requirement for all riders to get a Motorcycle Endorsement on their Driver’s License. Yes, I know this isn't going to make me the most popular guy at the dance. However, you the rider may not want to be in an accident without this endorsement. Here are the main reasons why--

If you would like the Motorcycle Patriot delivered to your home, fill out our membership form contained inside this issue.

Complimentary Issue

MMA of Arizona PMB 138 P.O. Box 30280 Phoenix, AZ 85046-0280

Presorted Standard US Postage Paid Phoenix, AZ Permit No. 04619

As many might know, the insurance companies are very vigilant in looking for ways to either reduce or completely deny a claim. As for getting pulled over, there may be a ticket and possible towing and/or getting locked up for something as simple as not having that endorsement. Why risk it when the nightmare can be avoided by a little time and a few dollars?

Team Arizona Reaches Rare Motorcycle Training Milestone 100,000 Motorcycle Riders Trained

Verde Valley District 5th Annual Chili Run pictures on Page 10

(GILBERT, AZ) – TEAM Arizona, the premier motorcycle rider training organization in Arizona, celebrated training its 100,000th rider at its Gilbert Headquarters on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. The rider, Zack Mollett, an 18 year old Arizona State University student, was announced as the recipient of a new Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle. Zack was extremely surprised to be awarded the motorcycle. When asked for his thoughts, he could barely utter, “I’m speechless. I had no idea this was going to happen.” The timing of the motorcycle couldn’t be better. His car recently broke down and is beyond repair. In fact, he skateboarded to the celebration. Speaking at the celebration was Ryan Owens, Policy Advisor to Governor Janice K. Brewer; and John Halikowski, Director of the Arizona Department of Transportation, and Alberto Gutier, Director of the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS). Also speaking at the engagement was Ty van Hooydonk, Communications Director for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Each speaker talked about the importance of rider training as an effective means to reduce motorcyclist crashes and fatalities.

Verde Valley District Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs Pictures on Page 10

The Kawasaki motorcycle given to TEAM Arizona’s 100,000th rider was a result of an effort by Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp. and some of its local dealerships — Kelly’s Kawasaki, RideNow Powersports Peoria, North Valley Kawasaki, Arizona Kawasaki and RideNow Powersports Goodyear. Various representatives from Kawasaki and its dealerships were in attendance at the celebration. Allstate representative Rusty Creed was also in attendance and will be providing Zack with a new helmet. Fulmer Helmet and Riding Apparel will also be providing Zack with jackets, pants, and gloves.

Rim Country Bikers and Babes Bash Pictures on Page 11

In a brief introduction to the event, Ron Arieli, TEAM Arizona Owner, expressed his gratitude to people who supported the school’s efforts throughout the years. In particular, he thanked his family, RiderCoaches, the industry members, sponsors, and the 100,000 riders who sought training from TEAM Arizona. TEAM Arizona is encouraging current and former students to visit the TEAM Arizona Facebook page,, to share their rider training stories. They hope these stories will inspire other riders and hopeful riders to take the time to learn from professionals before trying to ride on their own or with non-professional instruction. Ongoing commitment to one’s riding is critical, as the sport of motorcycling presents a number of challenges — all of which are more ably overcome by riders who dedicate themselves to continued training.

Inside This Issue:

MMA of Arizona Listings ..................................2 State Membership Information ........................3 Chairmans report..............................................4 MMA of Arizona Event Calendar ...............6 & 7 Lobbyist Report ................................................8 Editor’s Space ...................................................9 The Disgruntled Biker ......................................9 Event Pics and Articles..........................10 & 11 Business Member Listing ..............................12 Horoscope .......................................................14 Dangerous Curves..........................................14 M.A.P................................................................15 Pet Corner .......................................................16 Ride Tips..........................................................18 Biker Vittles .....................................................19

March/April 20 3

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Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona Publication


Lee Gonzales ADVERTISINg

For Ad info Lee Gonzales





District Volunteers MAILINg & MEMBERSHIP LISTS

Rhonda Holz PRINTINg & MAILINg

Valley Newspapers of Phoenix MoToRCYCLE PATRIoT 625 W. Deer Valley Road Suite 103-481 Phoenix, Arizona 85027 623-693-4932

Motorcycle Patriot is published every two months. All material is copyrighted 2012 and all rights reserved by Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona (MMA of AZ). Reproduction of any kind without permission is prohibited. Motorcycle Patriot is produced solely from freelance and authorized material. All material is compiled from sources believed to be reliable but published without responsibility for errors or omissions. Opinions expressed by authors are not necessarily those of the publisher. Motorcycle Patriot accepts advertisements from advertisers believed to be of good reputation but cannot guarantee the authenticity or quality of objects or services advertised.

DEADLINE FoR PUBLISHINg All materials for consideration in the next issue must be received by April 10th. Any materials received after the deadline will be considered for a future issue. Submit materials to

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MMA of Arizona State Officers Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Membership Activities Communications Quartermaster ACMC Representative AIL Representative Designated Lobbyist Authorized Lobbyist M.A.P Coordinator/ Legitslative Consultant & Research Patriot Editor Webmaster

Ed "Hollywood" Holyoak Lee “Snakebite” Gonzales Cherie “Rudy” Dubrow Steve “Tuffy” Belzer Glen "Burg" Humbarger Contract service provider Cindy Gates OPEN Julie Cissne Gary Thurston C.J. Swinford Billy Larson B. Paul “Skypilot” Price

928.978.1537 623-693-4932 623.328.7255 602.399.2325 623.322.9848

Bobbi Hartmann Lee “Snakebite” Gonzales Contract service provider

602-672-3531 623-693-4932

623.695.5659 602.717.0842 602-909-0771 602.788.2088 623.308.0586 623-221-1895

MMA of Arizona District Contacts Casa Grande District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Steve "Muskrat" Musgrave . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .520.371.1735. . . . . . . . . Kat Grover 602.758.2201 Eagle District Cherie “Ruby” Dubrow 623.328.7255 Steve “Tuffy” Belzer 602.399.2325 Leather District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cindy Gates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .623.635.5569. . . . . . . . . Lee “Snakebite” Gonzales 623.693.4932 Northern Arizona District . . . . . . . . . . . .Jim “Redneck” Blair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .928.660.0656. . . . . . . . . Red Mountain District . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Donna Woltman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .602-723-6044 . . . . . . . . Tom “Teekay” Kartler 480-832-0117 Rim Country District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .928.978.1537. . . . . . . . . Becca “Vine” Holyoak 928.978.2850 Verde Valley District . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Terry “Stretch” Paynes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .480.226-4135 . . . . . . . . Debi Althouse 480.212.3442 White Mountain District . . . . . . . . . . . . .Carlene Hulsey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .928.245.6427. . . . . . . . . Bill "Wild Bill" Hulsey 928-245-8888

MMA of Arizona Life Service Mike Bennett Tom and Lynna Buohl Fritz Clapp, Esq Tom Corr Dick “Turtle” Davis* Dave Deckwa Marysia Deckwa Mick Degn Howard Gelman

James Gonzales Lee Gonzales Mary Hart Bobbi Hartmann Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak Becca “Vine” Holyoak Joseph Hoodak Ray “Rayman” Huston Tambria Kirk-Huston

Teri Kelley* Butch Kirkham Carl Letzin Joanne Letzin “Pipe” Loomis Stony Monday Steve "Muskrat" Musgrave Janie Picciano Tony Picciano

Mike Shearhart Willie Shearhart Edward “Jersey” Smith Betty McDonald-Swinford CJ Swinford Wes Sellards

MMA of Arizona Life Membership Casa Grande District Tom Corr Eddie Davis Steve Musgrave Carol Myers Cochise District Jon V. Everett Kresent Gurtler Ernie Harris Thom Ihli David Leabo Phyllis Rimmer Betty Rodriguez Eagle District Julie Cissne Cherie Dubrow Billy “Desperado” Larson Scot Williamson Grand Canyon District Stephen Briggs High Country District Marlin Kussler Colin MacDiarmid* Stony Monday Leather/Iron Horse District Richard L. Davis* Terry Engelking Cindy Gates James Gonzales Lee Gonzales Larry Griffith Dave “Stiffy” Hill Don Hill Joseph Hoodak Tambria Kirk Dave Kopp Henry “Skip” Mikolajczyk Tony Picciano Jane Picciano Deborah Riggs Gerald Riggs John “Skip” Sims Edward Smith Ron Spirlock Garry Thurston Kris Wall Michael Wendt

March/April 20 3

Northern Arizona District Larry Evans Joseph Harris Bill Justice Marie Justice Renee Lippert Steve”Limey” Lippert Eddie Lovato Phoenix District Mark Belden Mark Borato Tom Buohl Lynna Buohl Russell G. Cheetham Jr. David Deckwa Sr. Marysia Deckwa Lee Erceg* Tom Erhardt Victor Florio Jack “Yukon Jack” Fry Jeff Gordon Tracy Gruber Mary Hart Bobbi Hartmann Barbara Hatley* Roger Hurm Lee Irvine Butch Kirkham Judy Kirkham Karen Konley Keven Kullberg Chester Larson Sue Leggett Dean Lott Diane Malone Betty McDonald Larry Myers Fred Pascarelli Forrest Phillips Beverlee Simmons Waldo Stuart* Charles Swinford Red Mountain District Mike “Maddog” Bennett James Cionci Debra Donaldson Bob Gumfory Glen Koepke Trish McElyea Mike Shearhart Willie Shearhart Carl Letzin Joanne Pilger-Letzin Michelle Wirth-Packer

Rim Country District Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak Becca Holyoak Diane Schultz Wayne Slocum Jane Wilcox Salt River District James Best Mick Degn John Emerson Chuck Franklin Howard Gelman Bill Goodwin Bob Gumfory Sherry Harradence Gay Hayward James Hillyard William Hitze Wade Jackson Larry Jenkins Phyllis Kelley* Glen Koepke Elmer Myers Darline Olsen “Lady Jewells” Olson-Lentz Greg Oppedal Don “Sandman” Randolph Catherine “Kate” Rouse Larry Venteicher Tucson District Dennis Beye M. Juaregui Ralph Levon Pipe Loomis Kathy Marble Martin Minninger The Solano Family Verde Valley District Ken Cadigan Robert Dixson Rose Dixson Jessica Howell Bill Lyons Jr. Michael Mooney Dale Vandermolen

Westsiders District Deborah Blair Kimberley “Sunshiney” Cole George Graham Ray Huston Gene “Gobb” Mummert Wesley “T-Bone” Straight Michael Vigorito White Mountain District Tim Belous Randy Crider John “Oilcan” Fields* Bob Kirby Ben McLachlan Robin Pierce Randy Rahn Terry K. Rutherford Rich Tuminello Denise Hunter-Tuminello Buddy Zahnle Other District Mike Revere MMA State NCOM Bill Bish - Encino, CA Fritz Clapp Esq. Joe Eggleston* Tank Tiger Mike Revere Motorcycle Club Life Members Sober Riders since 08/2003 Limey Riders since 09/2005 VIII’s Society since 11/2006 Life Emeritus Members Roger "Priest" Hurm - Chairman Bill Justice - Chairman CJ Swinford - Chairman Colin “Cinders” MacDiarmid* Co-Founders of MMA-AZ Joe Eggleston, Esq.* AIM Attorney Richard Lester, Esq. AIM Attorney * In Memoriam


Casa g 1st We Silver Casa G MMA C Meetin at 6pm

Eagle 3rd Su Baca L 5134 N Glenda

Leathe 2nd Sa Charle 4324 W Glenda



MMA future surro

We a image enjoy and p

At the regul legisl motor we ar Moto moto

Mem of wh mem News Accid Even to int active

The M moto consi

Plea your





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MMA of Arizona District Meeting Times & Locations Casa grande 1st Wednesday at 6:30pm – 8:30pm Silver Bullet Bar 1401 N. Pinal Ave. Casa Grande, AZ MMA Casa Grande District Monthly Meeting and Bike Night Bike Night starts at 6pm Meeting at 7:30 Eagle 3rd Sunday at 9am Baca Loco (old Chuy’s) 5134 N. 95th Ave. Glendale, AZ

Northern Arizona 2nd Saturday at 9 am Glen Canyon Steakhouse 201 N. Lake Powell Page, AZ Red Mountain3rd Saturday at 10 am Jolie's Place 140 West Warner Road Chandler, AZ Rim Country 2nd Sunday at 9 am Flying Grizzly 5079 AZ 87 Strawberry, AZ

Leather 2nd Saturday at 10 am Charley’s Place 4324 W. Thunderbird Rd. Glendale, AZ

Verde Valley 2nd Sunday at 11 am Nate’s Cowboy Cafe 206 S Main St Cottonwood, AZ Come Early for Breakfast!

Bring a friend to your meeting

White Mountain 1st Sunday at 10 am American Legion Post 30 825 East Main Street Springerville,AZ

MMA of Arizona Membership Information Join and support the Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona Use the membership form and mail it together with your check or money order. Make payable to MMA of Arizona and send to the address below. You may also fill out and print our membership form online or use our electronic registration service and a credit card at

What is the MMA MMA is a Motorcyclists Rights Organization (MRO) comprised of motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts who are concerned with the future, safety, and welfare of motorcycling. We are a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to improving the social atmosphere that surrounds motorcyclists, and protecting the individual freedoms of citizens. We are an association that lobbies and educates the government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image. When you become a member of the MMA of Arizona, you make a difference in the ongoing mission to protect your right to ride and enjoy the motorcycle of your choice, your choice of riding apparel, and when and where you can ride a motorcycle. These issues are real and present in today’s “protect yourself from yourself” political environment. This holds true for all levels of government. At the state level we have a lobbyist who regularly visits our state capital to lobby our legislators on the issues concerning the motorcyclists in Arizona. On the national level we are aligned with the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and several other motorcycle rights organizations. Memberships are open to anyone regardless of what type of motorcycle you ride, if any. All memberships include: The Motorcycle Patriot Newsletter, Membership Card, $3000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit, Event Updates, Voting Guides, and the ability to interact with some of the most politically active motorcyclists in the state of Arizona. The MMA of Arizona needs the support of all motorcycle riders and we hope you will consider joining this dedicated organization.

Please join us in the cause to protect your rights.

ers 03 5 6



ttorney torney

March/April 20 3

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Chairman’s comments relative to motorcycle rights and the MMA of Arizona

Kudos to MMA Eagle District for 3 years of Street Clean up in glendale. NCo

Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak MMA of Arizona Chairman

There are those who employ words to disguise their thoughts. I am not one of those people. My thoughts and actions are worn on my sleeves, as so many people who know me will confirm. My bride Vine and I have been members of the Modified Motorcycle Association since 2004, and Life Members since 2006 and 2007. My first responsibility with the MMA, was proposed at my first Rim Country District MMA meeting years ago when it was requested of me to assume the Sergeant-at-Arms. I gladly accepted. On 10-14-2005, it was Rim Country District’s turn to host the State Board meeting. The State Board did not have their Sgt.-at-Arms at the time. The responsibility fell upon my shoulders and I accepted with pride. The next challenge came in 05-2006 when the District Manager for Rim Country District came to my home and asked if I would consider the job of District Manager. He said there would be a vote if I was willing to run. After the election, I became District Manager for RCD in 06-2006. In April 2010, I was elected to be Vice Chairman. Ever since, I’ve held the confidence of the past three Chairmen. It was a honor when C.J. Swinford requested that I visit the MMA Cochise District to see if we could help to rebuild that District. On the same weekend, my wife and I had been in Page, AZ on other MMA Business. It all worked out. At a State Rally, C.J. asked me to speak to a large group of riders about the MMA-AZ. Afterward, C.J. presented my wife and me the Thorny Rose and Bull Dog patches for services for the MMA. I’ll always remember when we rode to the White Mountain District with C.J, Betty and Colin, to help rebuild their District -- and that’s where I met Tom Corr, In July 2010, Tom awarded my wife and me with MMA Life Service Rockers. I have always done my part to keep the MMA together. I intend to continue this work of encouraging the other MRO’s to be more cohesive in the positive way MMARCD and ABATE- HCC have demonstrated up here along the Mogollon Rim. I was asked the other day “Who was in charge of membership?” I replied “Every single MMA member.” As a result, I signed a new Business Member on the spot.


On beh (NCOM upcom Silver L fliers o and/or you ma

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Some topics a Veter and ma

Due to year's REGIS Conve availab

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The au Banqu auction or bring contrib advanc

Hopefu able to networ Conve



We can all work together to maintain the MMA objectives and create an atmosphere of camaraderie, educate individuals and organizations regarding issues in the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the government -- at both State and Federal levels. Encourage an interest in, and promote the protection of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Encourage and support involvement in the legislative process – We the People have this birthright. Educate automobile drivers and motorcycle riders regarding Motorcycle Awareness and Safety. Promote a positive image for motorcycling by being proactive in our respective local communities. Conduct fundraising activities to support these objectives. Remember, what we do today becomes our past -- and will affect our future.

January Board Meeting MinutesReader Digest Version Tom Corr resigned as MMA Chairman Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak Voted in as new Chairman Lee ”Snakebite” Gonzales voted in as new Vice Chair Pam Costello proxy for Lee as Board Member for Leather District Voted to change bank accounts back to Chase. Upcoming activities - Day at the Dome, Beach Party perhaps adding another state event this year. Continue to work on membership. An Updated Tri-fold for membership recruiting to be produced Cover to be designed for coloring book to be used in the M.A.P. Program and for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

Page 4

March/April 20 3

We ar the Un

Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:39 PM Page 5

ale. NCoM Fellow Motorcyclists' On behalf of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), we would like to invite you to attend the upcoming NCOM Convention, May 9-12, 2013, at the Silver Legacy Resort-Casino-Reno. I've enclosed some fliers on the event for you to pass along to your friends, and/or the members and leadership of any organizations you may belong too as our invitation to participate. Please make your plans early; however, as the host hotel has given us a deadline of April 4, 2013 to book our rooms at the rate of $95.00 for some nights. The Number to call is 800-687-8733. Please mention This year's Convention is expected to be our biggest and best ever, and will feature seminars and presentations by such well known speakers as former South Dakota State Representative Jim Putnam Some of the seminars and presentations will cover such topics as anti-profiling bill, Veterans Affairs’, your rights as a Veteran, Women in Motorcycling, World of Sport Bikes, and many more Due to the enormous interest being generated in this year's NCOM Convention, we encourage you to PREREGISTER your organization's representatives for the Convention and Awards Banquet to ensure space availability, and save time upon arrival. We at the NCOM would also like to request each motorcycle group attending to bring an item to be auctioned at the Silver Spoke Awards Banquet to benefit the Freedom Fund. The Freedom Fund is used by NCOM to send representatives into states, at their request, to help lobby for pro-motorcycle legislation or against detrimental laws. The Freedom Fund is also used to send representatives from NCOM Member Groups to Washington, D.C. to lobby on the federal front, The auction will be held after the Silver Spoke Awards Banquet on Saturday evening. You can either turn in your auction item(s) at the time you register for the Convention, or bring it with you to the banquet. Your generous contribution will be duly noted, and we thank you in advance for your support! Hopefully, you or someone from your organization will be able to join us for a weekend of education, motivation, networking and camaraderie.We hope to see you at the Convention! Sincerely, SARGE Executive Coordinator NCOM



00 Mer i Reco vere llion Our C


Law Offices of RICHARD • • • • • • •

dF l i e nt o r s

M. LESTER Founder, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists

110 Offices Throughout North America Free Legal Consultation No Recovery = No Fee We Make House Calls Attorneys in Every State and Province Who Ride No Fee on Motorcycle Damage Recovery Also Auto Accidents

24 Hours - Toll Free (800) 531-2424

(800) ON-A-BIKE See the back of your MMA membership card

Visit us on the web at

We are endorsed by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and more than 1000 motorcycle groups throughout the United States and Canada, and serve as Legal Counsel for the Confederations of Clubs.

ATTENTION MMA OF ARIZONA MEMBERS: Our nationwide network of A.I.M. attorneys donate a significant portion of their legal fees from motorcycle accident settlements back into motorcycling by being the sole financial sponsor of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists.

November/December 20 2 20 2

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New Business Member Spotlight Verde Valley MMA Submitted by Debi Althouse Payne


P ub and Grub Verde Valley District is pleased to announce Pub and Grub as a new MMA Business Member. Pub and Grub is located off Hwy 260 @ 2501 S Village Drive, Cottonwood AZ. Pub and Grub has been in Cottonwood for over 10 years and is now under new management. The fantastic chef and head lady Wallieh is changing things up so give her a shout-out, ride by to say hi and have a cold beer. There is a large outdoor patio with horseshoes and a bar for warm weather fun and group meetings. They offer dart tournaments, pool tables with a 3-ball tournament and free pool all day Saturday. Stop by for Monday Night Football with free hotdogs and chili. Local music-lovers enjoy the Open Mic on Thursday nights, Karaoke on Friday Nights and Live Music every Saturday Night. Pub and Grub is an upbeat Cottonwood tradition –you are always welcome to drop in when cruising around Verde Valley on your bike. They open at 9am everyday. Stop by Pub and Grub on your next visit to the Verde Valley and tell them MMA Verde Valley sent you! Call for additional information: Pub and Grub 928-6492807.



Green Charit Registr N. W. C A.M. F single/ pin to 1 registra destina Arrowh Food, F will rec locatio Arrowh

Riders followin

Business Member Spotlight & Plaque Presentation Submitted by Vine

Windm ill Corner Inn Doug McLean became a Business Member in June 2012. Not long ago, Doug bought the quaint landmark Windmill Corner Inn in Strawberry AZ, and has remodeled the eight rooms to have different themes, including: the Harley-Davidson Room, the Cowboy Room and the Grizzly Room.

- Helm - Long - Dura - Full f

Riders additio Femini (check Additio destina

As a result of teaming up with MMA, the Windmill Corner Satur Inn now offers all MMA members a 10% discount on The Vu rooms. District Hooliga Any time you are in Payson or riding through Rim Eddie's Country, please visit the Windmill Corner Inn in Party a Strawberry or call 928-476-3064, and ask for Deb Weber desert (Doug’s sister). She is also manager of the Flying Grizzly person Pub right next door. End pa Contact information: Windmill Corner Inn, 5079 Highway 602-38 87 , Strawberry, Arizona 85544 Phone: (928) 476-3064, Email:,


Highw Phoen of our p Ride a This ev groups South up (inc prizes,


Sparta Food a Starts a at the G Price o



9th An Arizona 2013! T take pl Dillon’s and mu famous win a 2

Page 6

March/April 20 3

ht -

Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:39 PM Page 7

MMA of Arizona Calendar of Events

Saturday, Apr. 27th - Glendale AZ. Spartan Riders MC Glendale -ANNUAL FISH FRY-5964 West Maryland Ave Glendale AZ. Starts at 4pm. Serving between 5pm-9pm...Fried Fish, Fried Taters, Fried Hushpuppies, Coleslaw, Green Salad, and Good ol American White Bread. NOTHING OUT OF A CAN!! $10 single- $15 couple...Beverages available and a good time. For more information

all for Local ts, turday dition To submit event information please contact MMA of AZ State Event Officer by phone at 623.695.5659 or Email



Sunday, Apr. 7th - P hoenix, AZ. The 18th Annual Trifecta Custom Bike Show and Blowout will take place during the Arizona Bike Week PreRally Days. This event will be located at the Steel Horse Saloon - 1818 W. Bell Rd. #100, Phoenix, AZ. Opens at 10:00 A.M. For your enjoyment, there will be vendors, live music, food & drinks, cool bikes, hot babes, contests, and more! We hope to see you there! For more information about this event, Please visit or call us.

nd rub is nwood er 10 ntastic o give eer. a bar


you don't miss this great FREE event! For more information

Saturday, Mar. 2nd - P hoenix, AZ. Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club Inaugural Charity Ride Benefiting Packages From Home Registration from 9:00 - 11:00 A.M. at Jimbo's Sports Bar ( N. W. Corner 51st Ave and Cactus) Last bike out at 11:30 A.M. Free breakfast with purchase of any beverage. $20 single/ $30 double, includes meal at final stop Free ride pin to 1St 250 to register. Pre-registration at ($5 off registration). Pre-registration Closes on Feb. 12. Final destination is Arrowhead Harley-Davidson - 16130 N. Arrowhead Fountains Circle Dr. Last bike in at 3:30 P.M. Food, Fun, Music, Raffle, and 50/50 drawing. Each rider will receive a safety pin to collect a bead from each location to be redeemed for raffles tickets upon arrival to Arrowhead Harley-Davidson

$3,000.00 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance To all MMA-AZ Members I am pleased to announce that all Members of MMA-AZ now have their Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance increased from ($2,500.00) Two Thousand Five Dollars to ($3,000.00) Three Thousand Dollars. A MMA-Az State Officer will personally be mailing out thisannouncement with A.I.L. information in the very nearfuture. Please remember that if you want to be contacted by a A.I.L. Representative you must mail in their correspondence that will be in the letter that we are sending. If you Do NoT want to be contacted by an A.I.L. Representative Do NoT send this information in to A.I.L . They do not have your contact information unless you send in their reply card. It's that simple -- you need to do nothing to have this increase to ($3000.00) Three thousand dollars ofAccidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. If you have been thinking about getting more insuranceor any other type of insurance --- by all means please use the Insurance Company that is sponsoring this $3,000.00 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance benefit to us (MMA-AZ Members.) Below is the web site and phone contact for American Income Life Insurance Company for MMA-AZ 1-800-4951213 Remember -if you Do NoT want to be contacted Do NoT send it in.-That's the way it works. C J Swinford -602-788-2088 - CJ@MMA-AZ.oRg

Riders will receive additional raffle tickets for wearing the following safety items: - Helmet - Long sleeves/pants - Durable over the ankle footwear (excluding high heels) - Full fingered gloves

Riders who bring items to donate to PFH will receive additional tickets based on items brought. i.e. Socks, Feminine items, etc (check Additional tickets available for purchase at final s, Room destination. For more information visit

e ark

Corner Saturday, Mar.16th-P hoenix AZ. n The Vulture Mine Run.- Presented by MMA Leather District, Limey Riders MC ,Desert Thunder MC and Hooligans MC The Vulcher Mine Run. Sign in at Fast Eddie's 35th Ave. and Glendale. We are playing 31. End Party at the Tintop. This will be a 150mile ride through the Weber desert back roads. Sign in from 9am-1030am $10.00per Grizzly person or $15.00 per couple Food available at all stops. End party 50/50, raffles and a whole lot of fun. FMI-Pam hway 602-384-6960


Saturday, Mar 23rd – Mesa, AZ Highway Thunder Charity Ride - Once a year the Phoenix Vulcan Riders hold a charity run in honor of one of our past members. It is called Highway Thunder Charity Ride and raises funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This event is open to all motorcyclists, brands and riding groups. Registration: 9-10am Kickoff: CycleGear 1040 South Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 30 Single/ + 15 for 2 up (includes lunch) Scavenger Hunt – Lunch, Cash prizes, High/Low Hands, Door Prizes, 50/50

Saturday, Mar 30th – P hoenix,AZ Spartan Riders Ghetto Blast 2013 Live Bands, Great Food and Great Time 1310 E Van Buren St Phoenix, Az Starts at 2pm - Whenever Price is 10$ in advance or $15 at the Gate. See any Spartan Rider for advance tickets. Price of entry includes meal FOR ALL THINGS PRETAINING TO ARIZONA BIKE WEEK APRIL 5-9TH PRE-RALLY DAYS AND APRIL 1014 CYCLEFEST GO WWW.AZBIKEWEEK.COM

Saturday, Apr. 4th - P hoenix, AZ. 9th Annual Buddy Stubbs Bike Week Bash (FREE!). Arizona’s largest Bike Week pre-rally party returns for 2013! The 9th Annual Buddy Stubbs Bike Week Bash will take place 12:00 - 8:00 P.M. We will have great food from Dillon’s Restaurant, Beer Garden, Vendors, Live Music and much more! Don’t forget to grab raffle tickets for our famous Sportster giveaway, someone in attendance WILL win a 2013 Sportster 1200! Clear your calendars now so

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Lobbyist Update

NCoM News Bytes Compiled and Edited by Bill Bish

Legislative Updates from our Motorcycle Lobbyist


Billy “Desperado” Larson MMA-AZ Designated Lobbyist

A hearing room filled with patch-wearing motorcycle club members broke out in cheers on February 6 as an Arizona Senate public safety committee voted to approve a bill requiring police to take training highlighting a ban on profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement officers.

I know many clubs now require you to have this endorsement. But, I also know a BUNCH of riders who don't want to bother. I know from experience that this is can be an issue. The guy who hit me at "Too Broke For Sturgis" a few years ago had been riding for a whole 3 months. Right -- he had no endorsement. He had the minimum coverage of $15,000. The insurance company paid that to me. However, the other rider was S.O.L. -- he was not able to recover one dollar to repair his bike. If MMA-AZ Districts would seriously recommend the AZ Motorcycle Endorsements on Driver’s Licenses, it would help us all get adequate insurance coverage at a lower cost and increase Motorcycle Safety in our state. Walk the walk. Back to business: This February, I was lucky enough to find a new Veterans Caucus at the Capitol. They are off to a GREAT beginning. Some of you might be wondering what this has to do with the Motorcycle community. There are MANY bikers out there who are Veterans. The unemployment rate of returning service men and women is extremely high. This caucus is designed to assist all returning vets in finding work. One of the speakers at a recent meeting was Michael Vargas from Arizona Public Services (APS) – which is owned by Pinnacle West. During the meeting Mr Vargas described the new outreach hiring programs that APS created for returning veterans -- especially "Troops To Energy.” Here’s how it all works. Bill HB2076 recently passed (2-13-2013) that was spearheaded by this new Veterans Caucus. The new bill will open the door to returning vets to get civilian-certified in their military-trained field. Say you were trained as a truck driver in the US Army motor pool. When you get out, you will be able to take your military license to DMV here in Arizona and automatically get a CDL. Or say you were a nurse or a corpsman in the service. You will not need to have additional training to be able to be certified as a nurse. It's called "Reciprocity." This is a HUGE step in helping all veterans to acquire employment in their special field. Visit APS.COM for links to their employment pages and the Pinnacle West contact information.

Senator Judy Burges (R-Sun City) sponsored the antiprofiling bill to address complaints from motorcycle club members who say they're frequently stopped by police for no legitimate reason. The bill would require the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (known as AzPOST) to include courses emphasizing the prohibition against stopping a biker for riding or wearing club colors, or questioning or searching them based only on those factors. Rick Rodriguez of Glendale, a member of the ALMA Motorcycle Club, said that harassment of patch-wearing bikers by police is rampant. "It's not illegal to be an Elk, it's not illegal to be an Eagle, it's not illegal to be a Shriner, a Knight of Columbus," he told the Associated Press. "We wear collective marks, we ride motorcycles, that's what we like to do. I understand the average Joe citizen doesn't feel our plight. But when they get done with bikers, who are they going to pick on next?" Although the measure passed 4-0, with three Democratic members absent, committee chairman Sen. Chester Crandell cautioned the jubilant crowd that the bill still has a long way to go before it becomes law and needs major changes.

TE XAS B IK E R S LOB B Y FOR CR ASH P R E VE NTION ACT Suits and leather jackets rubbed shoulders in the Capitol’s corridors in Austin, Texas on Monday, January 28, as the two disparate groups share a concern over education funding; while the state’s universities lobbied lawmakers over the General Appropriations bill’s impact on higher education, motorcycle associations are concerned that funds allocated last session to the Texas Department of Public Safety are not being used effectively to support road safety and thereby costing taxpayers. More money is needed for motorcycle training and to educate the public about sharing the road with riders, said Terri Williams, a spokesperson for the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association (TMRA2) and on behalf of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents. Texas’ "Share the Road" campaign isn’t long enough, only lasting the month of May, while states with yearlong programs have fewer accidents, which saves taxpayers money. The motorcycle groups are asking state lawmakers to pass the Motorcycle Crash Prevention Act, a new bill aimed at lowering the number of motorcycle accidents across Texas by providing additional funding to expand Texas’ “Share the Road” program -- a public service campaign intended to make drivers more aware of motorcycles on the road -- and if the proposed bill becomes law, it would also fund more training for riders.

Finally, I’d like to say – “Many Thanks to our great friend and MMA member Mayor Jerry Weiers!” As many of you know, Jerry ran for and successfully became Glendale’s newest Mayor. While we worked together at the Capitol, I learned for a fact that Jerry is a true friend and ally to the motorcycling community. He has ridden for many years and knows the challenges all Arizona mororcyclists are facing. He is one of our own. I’m grateful that Jerry is very easy to talk with and extremely knowledgeable. Please, let’s all CONGRATULATE our Brother and Friend, Jerry Weiers.

CALIFOR NIA OFFICIALS UNVE IL LANE SHAR ING R ULE S About 87% of California motorcycle riders reportedly slide between cars on crowded roadways – while only half of car drivers know it’s legal and 7% admit they’ve tried to block them – which is why the California Highway Patrol is now providing guidance to safely maneuver the white lines. California is the only state in the country where so-called “lane-splitting” or “lane-sharing” isn’t illegal, but state authorities have never, until now, told motorcyclists how to weave between traffic safely. The new rules, which the CHP posted on their website after consulting with other state agencies and motorcyclerider groups as part of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program which trains new riders in the state, apply to city streets, highways and freeways across the Golden State. "Basically, what we're most interested in is the speeds," said Sgt. Mark Pope, statewide motorcycle safety coordinator for the CHP. "You should lane-split no faster than 10 mph over the speed of traffic around you, and we recommend riders not split at all if the traffic is faster than 30 mph."

Thank you, MMA-AZ members, all for your help and faith in me to handle this job. You all hired me and Skypilot as volunteers to complete tasks and work for MMA’s legislative interests. We do our very best -- Skypilot and I welcome any and all comments and questions from you. You all take care of yourselves and have a safe ride.

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AMSAF Update

CHP officers have always had the legal authority to ticket motorcyclists who were driving dangerously fast, Pope said, but the new rules are designed to provide specifics. The new written guidelines, which carry no legal weight, can be found at

March/April 20 3

Mick Degn Chairman

What Are You Doing To Promote Motorcycle Safety?



I was r Creek by the stoppin formal parking to my c

As a Motorcyclist it is so easy for me to complain about the accidents or they didn’t see me or they don’t respect us on the road like a car. Arizona has averaged more than 3000 motorcycle accidents each year and those figures are increasing. Those numbers scare me and I can sit back and complain or I can get involved. It’s like voting, you can complain but unless you vote it’s just talk. Are you All they a complainer or do you really get involved in helping to like tho promote Motorcycle Safety and Awareness? That’s Hooter Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation a bagg (AMSAF) was started in 2011 and is a 501c3 nonprofit Jackas Charity Foundation. Everything we do is to promote Motorcycle Safety and Awareness. Some of the Have a accomplishments that we’ve been able to achieve to help the motorcycle community are:


• •

• •

Paid for “Look out for Motorcycles” Signs in the Page, It seem Arizona area Januar reader Put up six (6) Billboards in 2012 that say “Help us article save Lives, Look out for Motorcycles” We have Billboards on I-10, I-17 and 101 and looking to do “All of y more. Our goal was four (4) by the end of the year. car eng a three We’re on Facebook as Amsaf and we put Motorcycle safety tips on this site. During Motorcycle Awareness Disgru Month, Arizona Bike week and throughout the year we I have post a lot of tips. and ca We have a web site which helps promote safety and You on awareness. Check us out at First yo Your donation for AMSAF, a 501c3 non-profit will eith Foundation, is tax deductible and you have the ability saying to use PayPal for your donations on a secure web site. to say

Our Board is made up of key individuals from within the community and State who are involved and committed daily in helping the Motorcycle Community. Check out who is on the Board and Advisory Board on our web site. I think you will be impressed on who is involved and their background.

Second care ab with be help ou Club o anothe

We are looking at doing a lot more to help promote Motorcycle Safety and Awareness but we need your help. The key support for the Foundation is through contributions and sponsorship. The exciting thing about the Foundation is that all proceeds fund the AMSAF mission of promoting Motorcycle Safety and Awareness.

And las long as whethe Trike? wheels many t

We are in the process of updating our Facebook so that it will be more user friendly and you are getting more information. If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook, please do.

Maybe ride --Y it is by have n everyth

Again, I ask the question “What are you doing to help promote Motorcycle Safety? We’ve had too many accidents and we’ve lost too many of our brothers and sisters. We need to do something to help save lives and that is what AMSAF is all about. Help AMSAF reduce motorcycle accidents and save lives. Check out our web site and help us if you can. Your contribution will help the Motorcycle Community.

Murphy’s Motorcycle Laws 1. You bike cannot/will not fall over unless there is an audience. 2. The fact that your keys are in your pocket will become apparent after you put your gloves on. 3. Motorcycles are to yellow bugs what aircraft carriers were to kamikaze pilots. 4. Quick fixes are named for how long they stay fixed. 5. The only part you need will be the only part that is on permanent backorder.

I know motorc would organiz

A real b Mark



Warnin a trike! Lehma Outrag

Yes, I k Someo is so e it? Wh

Hopefu am wa 600+ p that wh which I

6. Nothing is harder to start than a used motorcycle being Anywa I neede shown to a perspective buyer. Did I w 7. You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road until passen you forget the repair kit at home. went to checke 8. ‘Universal” Accessories are so named because that is alterna where you have to search to find the bike they fit.


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Disgruntled Biker Submitted by a Disgruntled Biker I was riding down through Cave Creek the other day. As I passed by the Hideawy, not planning on stopping as I didn’t have my formal leather on, I glanced at the parking lot and I had a flashback to my childhood. There was Paul Snaffe and John Chlop from Jinister Cycles with their crews and they were all riding the same thing. The same thing that we were riding when we were kids…BIG WHEEELS!

bout pect e than ures sit ing, Are you All they are missing now is the pedals! Just g to like those big 320 rear wheels on choppers. That’s a lot of money to spend to go to Hooter’s once a month. Hey everybody, I have on a bagger I can’t carry anything in….Bunch of ofit Jackasses.

o help

Have a Bright Sunshiney Day

Letters to the Disgruntled B iker

Page, It seems that the Disgruntled Biker article in the January/February edition struck a nerve of a couple of our readers out there. Here is the one sentence from the us article that got some peoples juices flowing.

o ar.

“All of you who are driving something 20 foot long with a car engine and 3 wheels – That’s not a motorcycle, that’s a three wheeled car.”

cycle ness Disgruntled Biker, ear we I have been reading your little article since you started and came to the conclusion that you are a wannabe biker. and You only masquerade yourself as a ‘disgruntled biker.’

in back? I rode one of those before and loved it. They go fast! When I went to check out My Trike (!) it was love at first sight. I don’t care if anyone wants to cast aspersions…cast away. I’m too busy having fun. I’m one of the coolest bitches on three wheels I know.

Second, “To wear a vest or not” -- Obviously you do not care about the brotherhood or sisterhood that goes along with being a biker. We truly care about each other and will help out where we can, whether you are a Motorcycle Club or organization. Most of us don't really care what another biker wears and you should not either.

And last but not least, we do not care what you ride -- as r help. long as you are riding what difference does it make whether it’s a Harley, Honda, “crotch rocket” or even a bout Trike? Don’t you realize that maybe some cannot ride 2wheels but still want to ride? Do you have any idea how ness. many trike clubs there are in the United States?

Comments relative to the content, current affairs or anything that is on my mind at the time of this publication.

Look out for me I’m hell on three Pam Costello

Lee “Snakebite” Gonzales Editor, Motorcycle Patriot Leather District BOD

Tech Tip from Wiccid Sickles Unlike back in the day when a lot of Harley riders could and would troubleshoot the electrical system on their own bikes -- today is very much different. Current bikes have numerous and complicated electrical systems to control most, if not all, of those systems. Not very "user friendly." Since the flow of electricity is vital to the proper operation of those systems, you can take control of the most critical part by proper and periodical maintenance of ALL systems’ Ground (-) connections. Every electrical system MUST have a good path to Ground in order to flow properly. My suggestion is to check each and every ground connection you can access and, at the same time, take a minute to clean & apply a good brand of "Dielectric Grease" to prevent corrosion of the connections. It helps greatly to prevent corroded electrical connections from stopping that important flow of power. Easy to get. Easy to use. Worth a fortune when you are sitting on the side of the road in the pouring rain trying to find what the problem really is. Been there. Done that! A little amount of hands-on preventative maintenance like I've described can turn an ugly situation into a minor inconvenience. Ride Safe & Often! Lynn J. Harding II – Owner Wiccid Sickles

Wow! Can you believe we are already entering the third month of 2013? Hopefully by March the frigid days of winter have passed and we will now enter the prime riding season in Arizona. Upland snowfalls and high plateau winds make it a little too cold for most Valley bikers to venture far north, but it is a beautiful season to get out and explore Southern Arizona. Any day now, the desert will be in full bloom, it is always a spectacular sight when running with a pack. With perfect sunshine ahead, many riders will be dusting off the bikes and getting back on the road. The wrenchers always remind us; if you haven’t been using your bike on a daily or weekly basis, make those critical system inspections before taking that first ride. We all know about brokendown motorcycles – the cure is always more expensive than the prevention! With a sunny Arizona Spring comes an abundance of motorcycle events, at least ten on any given weekend – including the famous Arizona Bike Week. Folks will be out enjoying all the festivities throughout the riding season, and sometimes may be distracted by good times. As well, be aware the ‘Snowbirds’ – are still in town and many other folks are arriving for Spring Training. Now is the time to pay extremely close attention to the drivers on the road -- most simply don’t see us. As you are out hanging with old friends and meeting new ones, please don’t forget to put in a good word for the MMA. Always take along a printed-out membership form and sign a new riding buddy or bike-friendly business up. The cool thing is MMA-AZ membership responsibility belongs to us all. We hope to see all of you out during Bike Week and District runs during the weeks to come.

First your “No Wave” policy -- When most bikers ride they will either wave or nod to each other as just a way of ability saying hi. Maybe you do not like it because no one wants eb site. to say hi to you.

the ed ut b site. I their

Editor’s Space

Copy and enlarge below puzzel for bigger peices

Sorry kids, but as MMA-AZ Vice Chair it’s my job to say this --Ride safe, ride sober and make a serious effort to drink responsibly during Bike Week 2013. Police are guaranteed to be out in abundance in order to prevent accidents, and, sadly, handling the ones that happen needlessly – usually because someone just knew for sure they could drive a vehicle or ride a motorcycle while impaired, could stay under the radar and get to the next party in good shape. Not. Let’s all make this riding season another Win-Win.

that it Maybe you have an issue because maybe you don't even ride --You are a genuine WANNA-BE Biker! If you do ride, book, it is by yourself since my guess is you are not liked and have no brothers or sisters. You just complain about everything. lp I know if I was new to this area and picked up a local nd motorcycle paper and read the negative things you write, I and would not join your particular organization. Maybe your e organization needs to exclude you from the paper. web p the A real biker, Mark



is on

Another Response

Look out for Me - I’m Hell On Three Warning…Warning … New rider on the road! New rider on a trike! New rider on a Suzuki Boulevard C-50 800cc Lehman Trike Conversion! Not even a Harley! Outrageous! Yes, I know I will be considered so very uncool by some. Someone may feel compelled to write something nasty. It is so easy to be ugly when you don’t sign your name, isn’t it? Why go for three wheels, you may ask? Why not? Hopefully, I will be a little more visible for one thing. Also, I am way older than most new riders, and holding up a 600+ pound machine at a stop is not for me. I realized that when I attended a motorcycle training circus/class, which I wrote about previously.

e being Anyway, I want to ride and it was time to go shopping. So I needed to make a decision. Did I want a traditional trike? Did I want a Volkswagen-motor trike? I have been a d until passenger on a Volkswagen trike and it’s a blast! So, I went to Craigslist and started window-shopping. I even checked out a Polaris Spyder -- you know those really hat is alternative-looking trikes with two wheels in front and one t.

March/April 20 3

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Verde Valley District Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs

Verde Valley District 5th Annual Chili Cook-off

Rim Bike

Submitted by Debi Althouse-Payne


Talk about “Frosty and Chilly” – when we left the house it is was a brisk 22 F and there was still snow on the mountains. Luckily it is a short putt for us over to Pub and Grub where hot coffee and breakfast burritos were waiting. Registration started a bit slow – probably due to the cold temperature – but picked up after 10 am. We had 53 awesome, supporting bikers sign up for the ride and another 4 sign up at Olde Sedona Bar and Grille -- for a total of 57 bikers. This ride has cruised through Oak Creek Canyon for the past several years; our beautiful area has breathtaking views along Sedona Red Rocks and Oak Creek, but it can also be extremely chilly in the Canyon. Fortunately, each stop had coffee ready and offered great drink and food specials.

At the Hollyw Officer, to Jim Journig

The Jo year’s attende Game. up with for the free on Windm dinner $50 gif

We want to thank Pub and Grub, Olde Sedona Bar and Grille, Full Moon Saloon, Grasshopper Grill and the Chaparral Bar for your hospitality.

In 1925 that als Compa betwee now a ranging tail. Th stuffed wrappe Journig

This year the person that came the farthest for our ride was Chad Collins from Montana and he must have thought we were all crazy for thinking this was frosty weather! We also had visiting bikers from Denver, Mayer, Prescott, Pine and, of course, Cottonwood, Cornville, Rim Rock, Clarkdale and Jerome. At the End Run party, bikers arrived still chilly but in great spirits. Live music was provided by The Mods, who rocked the house. We enjoyed great raffles and a 50/50 drawing. Phil O’Neil was the winner of the High Hand and he generously donated his winnings back to the benefit. Low Hand was won by Keith D and 50/50 was won by Hollywood and Vine of Rim Country District who generously donated it back. You all rock! Thanks to Nate’s Cowboy Café, Vintages Grille, Sizzler, Cottonwood Motor Sports, Bonnie and Keith Kaufmann, 10/12 Lounge, Inxon Tattoo, Food City, Acme Pizza, State Farm and others for donating raffle items. VVCH Administrator Caleb, Community Liaison Chyna, Nurse Rebecca and our very own Chaplain Papa Dave came to the End Party to accept the donation on behalf of Verde Valley Community Hospice. A little over $1100 was donated to Verde Valley Community Hospice to assist with special needs beyond the hospice benefit. I want to personally thank all the wonderful members, guests, sponsors and local folks for supporting this great ride and MMA Verde Valley District. Without all of you this couldn’t be done.

Verde Valley District 5th Annual Chili Cook-off Submitted by Deb Althouse Payne This year’s Chili Cook-off was held Sunday October 28th at The Old Corral in Cornville AZ. Entry to the event was $5 that included a ballot for the Chili Cook-off, tasting as much chili and corn bread as you could eat, raffle ticket and live music by The Mods! We had nine entries in the Chili Cook-off and a good turnout for tasters. We changed things up and had three categories for chili -- Chili with Beans, Chili without Beans and Most Exotic Chili. Trophies were awarded for all categories based on attendee votes. There was a lot of smack-talk on Facebook and face-toface between the reigning Chili Cook-off winner for the last 2 years – Nate of Nate’s Cowboy Café - and some of the other contestants including Jeff Christian from Food City and Mike Rogers from Biodiesel. I admit I had fun adding fuel to the fire, and the night before the event, I convinced Nate to enter in the Exotic category. Rose Ortiz, who came in Second Place two years ago, took the top prize of Over-all Best Chili. She also took the prize for Best Chili Without Beans. Way to go, Rose – showing those boys how we girls rule the Chili Cook-off! Jeff Christian of Food City took the prize for Best Chili With Beans and his jalapeno corn bread was delicious. Virgie Ortiz, your corn bread mini muffins were also great – I know all the tasters enjoyed the extra treat! In the Exotic Category, we had three entries that included Bulls Balls, Beef Tongue, Alligator, Frog Legs and Andouille Sausage. Since I knew what was in all three, I have to admit I didn’t try any – but Stretch did and he said they were all great. Nate’s Alligator, Frog Legs and Andouille Sausage Chili took the prize for the Exotic category, and since Miranda won last year, that means Nate’s Cowboy Café is ‘Two for Two’ in Exotic. We had a raffle drawing for the $250 Visa Gift Card and David Schremek won. Special thanks to Zoe Jewel Rogers for drawing the winning ticket for us and for your awesome singing of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” – everyone loved it! The entertainment was awesome with live music performed by The Mods -- and they tasted lots of chili, as well. Two of the event’s vendors, DTMC Verde Valley and Wooden Memories, contributed great jewelry and popular biker items. Thanks to everyone that showed up to support the event, including: MMA members from the Leather District, to all the Members of MMA Verde Valley for working the events and to all the local businesses for their donations of raffle items. A special thanks to community members who donated cash but couldn’t make the event; it is great to know we have your generous support. Can’t wait for next year to see how much trouble I can cause amongst the contestants!



March/April 20 3

Starting open fo specia offer 15 There and a l

Call for

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Rim Country Disrict Biker and Babes Bash

Leather District - 13th Annual 3 Ball Run

Submitted By Griz

Submitted By Snakebite

At the Rim Country District’s Annual Bikers n Babes Bash, Hollywood, the RC District Manager, and RC Membership Officer, Griz, present a Lifetime Business Member Plaque to Jim and Corey Johnson, owners of the Historic Journigan House, Payson AZ.

A special thanks to all who came out to support the Leather District’s Annual 3 Ball Run. It’s a crap shoot every year for the weather -- and this year we rolled rain and lots of it! But 18 brave souls still showed for an afternoon of fun. Although the run was cancelled per se the stops were cancelled…there was only the beginning and the end stop. No need for people to be out riding on very wet streets in very heavy rain. The game still went on. Winners this year were: Stiffy 1st place, Gareld 2nd place, Sweet Pea 3rd place and Cindy won the Scratch trophy. Sweet Pea also took home the big bucks in the 50/50. A day of camaraderie and fun was had by all.

The Johnsons and Historic Journigan House hosted this year’s Annual Bikers n Babes Bash. Over 25+ members attended the event, with six competing in the Newly-Wed Game. The game was M/C’d by Hollywood, and he came up with some rather interesting and entertaining questions for the contestants to answer. The winning couple won a free one-night stay in the Harley Davidson room at the Windmill Corner Inn in nearby Strawberry, and a choice of dinner or breakfast; the Runner-up winners received a $50 gift certificate to the Historic Journigan House. In 1925, Julian Journigan built a family home in Payson that also served as a busy depot for his Cadillac Stage Company that delivered mail, packages and people between Globe and Payson. The well-known location is now a place for good friends, good drinks and good eats ranging from seasonal crawfish to prime rib and lobster tail. The very popular Scorpion Stingers -- jalapenos stuffed with seasoned ground beef and cheese and wrapped with a slice of bacon – are one of many items on Journigan’s Starter Menu. Starting March 1st, the Historic Journigan House will be open for breakfast 7 days a week and will offer daily specials. If you crave something to wet your whistle, they offer 15 kinds of craft beer and premium well drinks. There is a separate dining room for groups and meetings and a large outdoor patio for group functions and events. Call for hours and directions: 928-474- 2900.

March/April 20 3


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MMA of Arizona Business Member Listing - listed by city At Large

Sober Riders MC, Inc Organizations and Clubs Business Life Member

Apache Junction

American Legion Riders Post 27 Organizations and Clubs 1018 S Meridan Rd Apache Junction, AZ 85220 602-541-2441 Business Life Member


Chapparal Bars & Restaurants 325 Main Street Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-254-1307 Business Life Member gunners BBQ Pit Bars & Restaurants 1030 S Hwy 260 Home Depot Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Captain’s Bars & Restaurants 300 W Apache Trail #118 Apache Junction, AZ 85217 480-288-2590 Business Life Member

Kactus Kate's Bars & Restaurants 929 N Main St Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-634-7822

Phoenix Vulcan Riders Organizations and Clubs Apache Junction, AZ 602-696-8064

Players Sports Bar & grill Bars & Restaurants 1100 State Rt 260 Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-634-3966

Superstition Harley Davidson Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 2910 W Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85220 480-346-0600


A Touch of Class Custom Trikes Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 1421 E Birch St Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-254-0957 Business Life Member

Airepros Air Conditioning & Heating Services and Miscellaneous 2022 N 106th Lane Avondale, AZ 85392 623-547-5992

Nate’s Cowboy Cafe Bars & Restaurants 206 S Main Street Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-639-3838

Dart Cycle Worx Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 1060 N Eliseo Felix Way Ste 10 Avondale, AZ 85323 623-925-5503 Business Life Member

Pub ans grub Bars & Restaurants 2501 S Village Dr, Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-649-2807

Casa grande

Silver Bullet Bar Bars & Restaurants 1401 North Pinal Casa Grande, AZ 85122 520-836-1363 Wonder Bar Bars & Restaurants 310 W 2nd St Casa Grande, AZ 85122 520-836-9987

Camp Verde

Valley View Bars & Restaurants 102 W. Arnold Street, Camp Verde, AZ 86322 Salt Mine Cellars Bars & Restaurants 212 W Finnie Flats Rd Camp Verde,AZ 86322 928-567-0125


1012 Lounge Bars & Restaurants 910 Main St Clarksdale, AZ 86324 928-639-0800


Up The Creek Bars & Restaurants 1975 N Page Springs Rd Cornville, AZ 86325 928-634-9954

The Bar at Strombolliʼs Bars & Restaurants 321 S Main St Cottonwood AZ, 86326 928-634-3838 Seitz Architectural Design Services and Miscellaneous 782 Cove Parkway Cottonwood, AZ 86326 928-646-1788 Business Life Member

Desert Hills

Skinny Dipping Pools Services and Miscellaneous 2706 W Valley View Trail Desert Hills, AZ 85086 602-292-4033 Business Life Member


Team Arizona Motorcyclist Training Center Services and Miscellaneous 36 N William Dillard Dr Gilbert, AZ 85233 480-998-9888 Business Life Member


Baja Loco Bars & Restaurants 5134 N 95th Ave Glendale, AZ 85305 623-772-8839 Business Life Member


Limey Riders M/C Organizations and Clubs Glendale, AZ 85311 623-930-9165 Business Life Member


AZ Battery Store Services & Micellaneous 560 N Bullard Ave Ste E50 Goodyear, AZ 85338 623-853-3321 Majerle’s Sports grill Bars & Restaurants 13375 W McDowell Rd #101 Goodyear, AZ 85395 623-201-6497


Windy Mesa Bars & Restaurants 800 N Navajo Dr Page, AZ 86040 928-645-2186 Business Life Member Blair’s Trading Post Clothing 626 N Navajo Dr Page, AZ 86040 928-645-3008 Business Life Member Page Boy Motel Lodging 150 N Lake Powell Blvd Page, AZ 86040 928-645-2416 Business Life Member Page Honda Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 915 Coppermine Rd Page, AZ 86040 800-432-6923 Business Life Member


Classic Auto Body Services and Miscellaneous Box 2756 Page, AZ 86040 928-645-9023

Smokin’ Harley’s Steakhouse & Seafood Bars & Restaurants 10456 SR 69 Mayer, AZ 86333 928-632-4255 Business Life Member


Mainstreet Motorcycles Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 9750 E Apache Trail Mesa, AZ 85207 480-357-7595 Business Life Member Skunk Motorsports Inc Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 720 S Country Club Dr Mesa, AZ 85210 480-649-2800 VIII Society M/C Organizations and Clubs 7930 E 1st Ave Mesa, AZ 85208 480-227-2690 Business Life Member America's Ultra Clean Services and Miscellaneous 738 E Dana Suite A Mesa, AZ 85204 480-206-4003 Business Life Member

New River

Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon Bars & Restaurants 47801 N Black Canyon Hwy New River, AZ 85087 623-465-9903 Business Life Member Harris Roofing, Inc. Services and Miscellaneous 1717 W New River Rd New River, AZ 85087 623-826-0019 Ranch House grille Bars & Restaurants 819 N Navajo Box 3491 Page, AZ 86040 928 645-1420 Business Life Member

March/April 20 3

Stix Liquor and Sporting goods Services & Miscellaneous 5 S Lake Powell Rd Page, AZ 86040 928 645-2891

Winners Circle Bars & Restaurants 466 Navajo Blvd Holbrook, AZ 86025 520-524-9600 Business Life Member


grasshopper grill Bars & Restaurants 1130 S Page Springs Rd Cornville, AZ 86325 928-649.9211


Charley's Place’ Bars & Restaurants 4324 W Thunderbird RD Glendale, AZ 85306 602-439-1668 Business Life Member

Fred's Liquor Store Services and Miscellaneous 902 N Navajo Dr Page, AZ 86040 520-645-3575 Business Life Member


Jakes Corner Bar Bars & Restaurants 57564 N Hwy 188 Payson, AZ 85541 602-359-1068 Mazatzal Casino Bars & Restaurants PO Box 1820 Payson, AZ 85547 800-777-7529 Business Life Member All-Clene Carpet Cleaners Services and Miscellaneous 609 W Bridle Path Lane Payson, AZ 85541 928-468-1358 Business Life Member Amon Builders, Inc Services and Miscellaneous 903 E Hwy 260 #6 Payson, AZ 85541 928-474-0689 Business Life Member Coyote Auto LLC Services and Miscellaneous 310 W Main St Payson, AZ 85541 928-472-1100 Mark’s Mobile RV Service Services and Miscellaneous 122 W Matlock Dr Payson, AZ 85541 602-616-8803 Miller Auto Works Services and Miscellaneous 600 W Main St Suite A Payson, AZ 85541 928-468-8855 Business Life Member

Payso Service 106 E Payso 928-47

Walter Service 1105 S Payso 949-93


CJ Cre Clothin 10348 Peoria 623-41 Busin U.S. M Organ Peoria 813-31


Wheel Motorc 1621 E Phoen 602-25

Reneg Motorc 3102 E Phoen 602-49 Busin

Alcock Service 3131 E Phoen 602-37

Bellon Service 3420 E Phoen 602-76 Busin

Breye Service 15715 Phoen 480-50 Busin

Circle Bars & 730 W Phoen 602-27

H&H Service 16772 Surpris 623-32


greer Service 5921 W Phoen 623-24 Busin

Law T Service 362 N Phoen 602-51 Busin

Victor Service 4735 N Phoen 602-27 Busin


Pine C Bars & 3885 N Pine, A 928-47



Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:40 PM Page 13

Payson Packaging Services and Miscellaneous 106 E Bonita St Payson, AZ 85541 928-474-5260 Walter Reed & Sons LLC Services and Miscellaneous 1105 S Western Dr Payson, AZ 85541 949-933-2748


CJ Creations Clothing 10348 W Cashman Peoria, AZ 85383 623-412-2110 Business Life Member U.S. Military Vets MC Organizations and Clubs Peoria 813-310-4595


Wheel Shop Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 1621 E McDowell Rd Phoenix, AZ 85006 602-253-1344 Renegade Classics Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 3102 E Cactus Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032 602-495-5957 Business Life Member



Tonto Village




Vintages grill Bars & Restaurants 5155 N Dave Wrigfield Rd Rimrock,AZ 86335 928-592-9220 Southwest Trikes Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 7430 E Butherus Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480-951-7171 Business Life Member


olde Sedona Bar & grill Bars & Restaurants 1405 W Highway 89A Sedona, AZ 86336 928-282-5670

Show Low

Native New Yorker #12 Bars & Restaurants 391 W Duece Of Clubs Show Low, AZ 85901 928-532-5100 Business Life Member Days Inn - Show Low Lodging 480 W Duece Of Clubs Show Low, AZ 85901 928-537-4356 Business Life Member


Alcock & Agborne-PLC Services and Miscellaneous 3131 E. Camelback Road, Suite 200 Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-377-8735

Coyote Creek Saloon Bars & Restaurants Hwy 60 and D St Springerville, AZ 85938 928-333-4022 Business Life Member

Bellone CPA-PLC Services and Miscellaneous 3420 E Shea Blvd #140 Phoenix, AZ 85028 602-765-6111 Business Life Member

American Legion Post #30 Organizations and Clubs 825 E Main Springerville, AZ 85938 928-339-4475

Breyer Law offices Services and Miscellaneous 15715 S 46th St Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ 85048 480-505-2162 Business Life Member

El Camino Restaurant Bars & Restaurants 277 White Mountain Dr St Johns, AZ 85936 928-337-4700

Circle H BBQ Bars & Restaurants 730 W. Camelback Phoenix, AZ 85048 602-277-0986 H & H Plumbing and Drain Services and Miscellaneous 16772 W.Bell Rd.Ste,110, #233 Surprise,Az.85374 623-322-9100

Business Life Member

greer Wilson Funeral Home Services and Miscellaneous 5921 W Thomas Rd Phoenix, AZ 85033 623-245-0994 Business Life Member Law Tigers Services and Miscellaneous 362 N 3rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003 602-516-0000 Business Life Member Victor Florio and Co. Services and Miscellaneous 4735 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-278-8000 Business Life Member


St Johns


gila County Chopper Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 7803 Ralls Drive Strawberry, AZ 85544 480-789-2933 Windmill Corner Inn 5079 N AZ Hwy 87 Strawberry, AZ 85544 928-476-3064

Fuego Bar & grill Bars & Restaurants 9118 W Van Buren Tolleson, AZ 85353 623-478-7300

The Double “D” Bars & Restaurants 354 Johnson Blvd Tonto Village, AZ 85541 928-978-2058

Tin Top Bar and grill Bars & Restaurants 2614 S Wintersberg Rd Tonopah, AZ 85354 623-386-1501 Tonopah Joe’s Family Restaurant Bars & Restaurants 41101 W Indian School Rd Tonopah, AZ 85354 623-776-5554 Business Life Member

Tonto Basin

Curly’s Customs Motorcycle Repair, Parts & Accessories 12040 N 111th Ave Youngtown, AZ 85363 623-764-6562 Business Life Member


Pt’s Bar Bars & Restaurants Winslow, AZ 86057 928-587-0708


Punkin Center Bar Bars & Restaurants Hwy 188 & Greenback Rd Tonto Basin, AZ 85553 928-479-2627

Law offices of Richard M. Lester Servicing and Miscellaneous 21054 Sherman Way 3rd Floor Conoga Park, CA 91303 800-521-2425 Business Life Member

ATTENTIoN MMA BUSINESS MEMBERS Please review your business listing on page 12 and 13. It is possible that the information we have on file has changed, or we entered something incorrectly. Submit any corrections right away so we can update our database by the next edition. Email to or mail to MMA of Arizona, PMB 138 P.O. Box 30280, Phoenix, Arizona 85046. Help us support you by providing any information you may have regarding discounts for MMA members. Consider placing an ad in our newsletter – your ad is published for a two-month period, and we can help you design it! We also offer web advertising.

ATTENTIoN MMA MEMBERS Have you visited an MMA business member’s establishment lately? Have you ever recruited one of your favorite hangouts to join as an MMA business member? Help us recruit businesses that are biker friendly! Ask your preferred businesses to consider a membership, or suggest that we can help them design an ad to place in our newsletter and/or on our website. If you have any questions, contact your District Manager, Board Member, or Editor of the Motorcycle Patriot.


Arizona Dragon Slayer Exterminator Services and Miscellaneous 26307 N 157th Ave Surprise, AZ 85387 602-526-1312 Business Life Member


American Legion Riders Tempe Post #2 Organizations and Clubs 2125 S Industrial Park Ave Tempe, AZ 85282 Business Life Member Aflac Services and Miscellaneous 6197 S Rural rd Ste 103 Tempe, AZ 85283 480-838-9020 Business Life Member

Support our Business Members They Support Us

Pine Creek Smokehouse Bars & Restaurants 3885 N Hwy 87 Pine, AZ 928-476.6577

March/April 20 3



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Dangerous Curves Lady Rider Report

Mo Aw (M

Comments and tips writen specifically for our female motorcycle riders and passengers. Aries: Strangers in the night make bids for your attention, but you only have joy with one special soul. You and a partner are working through issues – simple teamwork is the answer. An old habit is gone but a new power has developed instead. Wear lucky red. Taurus: Permanent behavior patterns made you rather predictable. Mix things up now with smoke, chess games and mirrors – including confusion to your enemy. Your mood benefits from splurges, luxuries, road-trips and quality fun. Save then celebrate. Gemini: Life has been rumbling and people are suddenly riding out of or into your scene. Pluto, the hidden chaos planet, brings delay with your romantic plans. Contracts and legal deals always make you nervous. No fear. Expect a quiet miracle who rides a bike. Cancer: A lucky break and better health bring an old group of wild folks together again. Reunions, bike meet-ups and correspondence with faraway friends brighten your blue moods. Young children may be a focus. Keep playing well with others. Leo: Travel and relocation are themes in your spring and summer. Biker omens are everywhere – and pointing north by northwest! Restless and full of sunny energy, you can get bored. Sudden invitations to ride can lead to a sweet life-changer this spring. Virgo: Workaholic you can be—but the heart plays a major role. Your outer appearance and inner life are two very different critters. Expect financial changes for the best this spring. Those handmade gifts and oldschool biker ways work. Make your own luck. Libra: Will it be security or freedom this year? Not just with Second Amendment issues but also with your life. This year brings ‘Now or Never’ to every project that needs completion. You win this game with a gutsy strategy and nomad luck. Star-gaze. Scorpio: You don’t welcome Spring Fever – but it can’t be helped. Finding the path out of Life’s crazy labyrinth is a natural gift – so trust your tribal gut. A healing angel will offer protection. Accept graciously. New riding pleasures await you in March. Sagittarius: Hurt feelings and wrong words have torn a beautiful connection this winter. Backtrack and mend a broken trust. When relationships, bike issues and jobs get weird, you amaze yourself by riding out the storms – for a change. Win-win, babe. Capricorn: You’ve been riding a lonely learning curve in love and work scenes. Emotional burn-outs from nine years ago no longer apply. Lighten up -- this is a new movie. Your 2013 will star home, loyal friends, laughs and a good dog. Aquarius: Those hidden abilities and skills dazzle the pack in both work and play. Fate pushes you to reconnect through a bike rally -- and dance back into happy times and stronger friendships. Lucky guesses, crazy love and laughter trump Vulcan logic. Pisces: Surprises and happy opportunities open this spring. A brave change within you helped to clean out the parasites and psychic vampires—at last. Follow doctor's orders this spring!

Val “Shorty” Bunce Leather District ADM & Activities

Here’s Your Sign!

With th middle state.

February 12. Five hundred and ninety-eight days since I actually rode my bike…but only twenty-four days since I We cur sat on my bike, started it up and moved it to a more followin accessible place in the garage! Kingma As you know, the past year and a half has been very Page – difficult for me. Physically, emotionally and even Phoen spiritually. I spent a good portion of that time injured and Casa G in pain, and an even greater portion of that time agonizing Presco over whether to ever get back on two wheels again. I Cotton mentioned in an earlier article that one thing I felt I needed was a sign. A sign telling me to get on or get off, As you so to speak. At first I thought all the idiot cagers almost Howev creaming me in my SUV was a sign, and it was. It was very re simply a sign that people in Arizona are terrible drivers. the eva Between the blue hairs and the college kids, and some part in other notably poor drivers, I’m lucky I make it anywhere in to bette one piece! So anyway, the sign… live in o I was waiting for a sign from a Higher Power (I guess) to help me make up my mind and I got it a few weeks ago. Keith was at the gun range with his buddies and I had decided to work some overtime. Keith had brought to my attention earlier that my “bike was blocked in” in my garage and he was right. I think that was my dad’s not so subtle way of keeping me off the bike. Since I had just moved into my new house the night before the wreck, dad got stuck with the task of working on the house while I was laid up so he “rearranged” the garage. I decided I was not happy that my bike was blocked in. How was I ever going to get back to riding if my bike was wedged in the garage amongst boxes, holiday decorations and junk? So I got home from work with the intention of putting away my Christmas decorations. That turned into rearranging the whole garage my way. Rearranging the garage included moving the bike. Now a Heritage Softail weighs about 750 pounds and I was all by my lonesome working in the garage. The bike had been parked since June 2011 and the tires were low on air. So there I was, sitting on my beautiful black Harley, rocking her back and forth to get her moved. I first had to back her out then drive her forward to park her closer to the garage door so I could pull her out easily to ride. All the while I’m thinking “man, my left leg is going to be screaming tomorrow after this mess.” The funny thing was, I had no pain while I was moving the bike. And believe me, I was moving her around for a good twenty to thirty minutes getting her situated and getting the battery tender plugged back in. I had no anxiety or panic moving the heavy bike around. It was like the accident NEVER HAPPENED. I was amazed that I was able to do it all on my own. The next day I also woke up with zero pain anywhere! That was my sign. I am 100% physically ready to get back in the saddle and now I am emotionally and financially ready. Today my mom told me a story about a guy she spoke to recently that “used to” ride a Harley. She asked him why he didn’t ride any longer and he told her that when he bought the bike, he’d promised himself that if he ever got in a wreck and walked away, he’d quit riding. I told my mom that maybe if I’d been riding my own bike on June 26, 2011 I would feel that way, but I don’t. I am not going to let an idiot in a yellow Nissan take anything more from me than he already has! Period. Stay tuned...

assist a bobbij2 to start well.


MAP is an 8 m where adults the roa

Below in Pres comme evalua you kn

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Compi Nation

CoNg MoTo domina teetere packag dubbed include as muc motorc

Oregon amend 10% of $2,500 electric roads, of 45 m

Electric federal the orig billion s

A coali Americ which a motorc



March/April 20 3

Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:40 PM Page 15

Motorcycle Awareness Program (M.A.P.)

n e

Bobbi Hartmann MMA MAP Coordinator 602-672-3531

With this being the beginning of the year, we are in the middle of scheduling schools in various areas around the state.

nce I nce I We currently have Certified MAP Instructors (CI) in the following areas:

Kingman – Ray Higuera Page – Michelle O'Shaughnessy (training) Phoenix Metro – Skypilot, Bruce Officer (training) d and Casa Grande – Steve Musgrave (training) onizing Prescott/Prescott Valley – Bobbi Hartmann I Cottonwood – Bobbi Hartmann


et off, ost was ers. me here in

ss) to ago. ad o my

not so ust ck, dad eI dI as I ged in d junk? g away ging

As you can see, we have quite a range of coverage. However, we can always use additional instructors. It is very rewarding to read the student or adult comments on the evaluation forms, and know that you have played a part in making them more aware of motorcycles and how to better share the road with them. If you have the time, live in one of these areas mentioned and would like to assist any of these instructors, please contact me at or 602-672-3531. If you would like to start MAP presentations in your area, contact me as well.

What is MAP ? MAP is a 45-60 minute presentation, using power point, an 8 minute video, 10 question quiz, a few props, and where possible, an outside demo, to make students and adults alike, aware of motorcycles and how to better share the road with them. Below are comments from students at A-1 Driving School in Prescott Valley - 1/4/13. When you see these types of comments, of what they liked about the presentation on evaluation forms from students and teachers alike, then you know you’ve made a difference:

Now a - I like how she spends her time showing kids and s all by businesses how to be more safe with motorcycles. been ir. So - I liked the first hand examples and stories of king experiences because it brought a much more ack impressive presentation. he l the - It was short but accurate video overall good. Stayed interesting. ng - She presented gear and was creative with the power d point. enty to attery oving - I liked being told what to do when you see a motorcycle on the road. VER all on - It was very cool. I learned a lot and it will help me and others know what to do when a motorcycle is on the road near you. My dad rides a motorcycle. re! et

oke to m why he er got my une going from

NCoM Biker Newsbytes

Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish, National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) CoNgRESS gIVES TAX BREAK To ELECTRIC MoToRCYCLE BUYERS Tax hikes and spending cuts dominated holiday headlines as the federal government teetered on the edge of the Fiscal Cliff, but the legislative package passed on New Year’s Day to resolve the issue, dubbed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, included several tax credit extensions that didn't generate as much media interest – including one for electric motorcycles. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) sponsored the amendment extending the EV tax credit, which covers 10% of the cost of a qualified electric vehicle, up to $2,500. Vehicles must be a two- or three-wheeled plug-in electric designed “primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways” and “capable of achieving a speed of 45 miles per hour or greater.” Electric-powered two wheelers have been without a federal purchase incentive since the end of 2011, when the original tax break expired that was part of the $800 billion stimulus package passed in 2009. A coalition of EV motorcycle companies, through Plug-In America, lobbied Congress to extend the tax credits, which are also retroactive and apply for electric motorcycles or EV chargers purchased in 2012 as well.

Wyden argues that extending the tax credit will help generate jobs in the growing electric motorcycle industry. “The electric motorcycle industry is poised to create tens of thousands of U.S. jobs over the next five years, led by companies like Oregon’s Brammo,” said Wyden. “This amendment helps promote the development of a promising U.S. industry and support the transition to a low-carbon American economy.” E-CYCLES PRoJECTED To oUTSELL PLUg-IN CARS According to two new Pike Research reports, electric scooters and motorcycle sales are going to eclipse that of plug-in vehicles by the end of this decade. In one report from Pike Research which looks at electric motorcycles and scooters, the study predicts that “annual sales of e-motorcycles and e-scooters will reach 18.6 million by 2018.” Pike Research points primarily to industries such as delivery companies, police and security forces, and even taxi services in some locations as the prime mover for the increase in sales of electric motorcycles and scooters. Another recently released Pike Research report predicted that annual worldwide sales of electric vehicles will reach 3.8 million by 2020. This includes plug-in electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles selling in the Asia Pacific, North America, and Western Europe.

employment Dec. 28, attorney David Kresin told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "She was terminated for the stated reason of her husband's membership in a family motorcycle club - the Desert Roadriders," he said, adding that the dismissal violates her constitutional right to freedom of association. "There's no allegation that Ms. Summerson personally did anything wrong in her job or engaged in any conduct personally that violated any of the city's rules, and we believe there's no cause for termination as she's been an outstanding employee with a great record for her entire employment." CRIMINALS MoRE PRoNE To CRASH THEIR MoToRCYCLES Motorcyclists who have criminal records are twice as likely to get into accidents on the road than their law-abiding peers, a new Swedish study has found. The findings come from an examination of more than 5,000 motorcycle accidents carried out by Karolinska Institute epidemiologist Michael Fored. He went through statistics and looked at motorcycle riders who have a license and then cross-referenced the names with the criminal register. "If you've been convicted of a crime before, we see at least double the risk that you'll get into a serious accident," Fored told the TT news agency.

“Sales of EVs have not lived up to automakers’ expectations and politicians’ proclamations, but the market is expanding steadily as fuel prices remain high and consumers increasingly seek alternatives to internal combustion engines,” says senior research analyst Dave Hurst. “Indeed, sales of plug-in EVs will grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 40% over the remainder of the decade, while the overall auto market will expand by only two percent a year.”

Among non-offenders, there are 4.1 accidents per 1,000 license-holders annually. However, that figure jumped up to 27.7 when looking at drivers who had at least two criminal convictions.

Taken together, the two Pike Research reports indicate that two-wheel EV sales will outperform electric fourwheelers by a margin of 5-1 by the end of the decade. Currently, China is the biggest market for the sale of these electric vehicles, accounting for 81% of the global electric motorcycle and scooter market.

EURoPE SET To MANDATE ABS FoR MoToRCYCLES A Europe-wide proposal to mandate anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for motorcycles bigger than 125cc manufactured from 2016 onwards was overwhelmingly approved by the European Parliament by a vote of 643-16. Although the measure is still working its way through the EU legislative process and must still be adopted by individual member nations of the European Union, it is expected to be adopted soon.

EPA To DRoP FoUR gALLoN MINIMUM gAS PURCHASES Ethanol-laden gasoline is known to cause engine damage, and many manufacturers warn that using the product will invalidate warranties, so when the EPA approved E15 (fuel blend containing 15% ethanol) it raised concerns amongst motorcyclists, off-roaders, snowmobilers, boaters and others who use vehicles and equipment driven by small gas-powered motors…none of which are approved for its use. The EPA’s response was to require a minimum four gallon purchase, the misguided rationale being that it would dilute any residual E15 remaining in a gas pump’s lines. Again, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency came under fire, with powersports and automotive groups pushing back against the federal agency’s push for the grain alcohol-blended biofuel. Apparently realizing that a viable solution to the problem needs to be conceived, the EPA is abandoning its fourgallon minimum on blender pumps that dispense both E10 and E15 from the same pump, and instead the government body says it will likely require gas stations to label shared pumps, as well as offer a dedicated E10 pump/hose for non-approved vehicles. In the meantime, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has denied a rehearing on the EPA decision to put E15 on the market. The federal appellate court decision is a setback for the oil-and-gas industry, which opposes the use of E15 and a federal biofuel blending mandate that requires refiners to blend 36 billion gallons of biofuels into traditional transportation fuels by 2022. NEW YEAR, NEW LAWS The new year puts new laws on the books across the country, with state and local governments ringing in 2013 with a mix of new laws ranging from the innovative to the odd; one in Kansas City says households can't have more than four cats, while a town in Massachusetts is banning businesses from selling plastic bottles. In Florida, drivers can once again flash their headlights to warn others of upcoming speed traps, which was previously outlawed. Meanwhile, driverless cars in California got the green light to hit the public roads, but one of Illinois’ 150 new laws prohibits motorcycle riders from popping wheelies -- Public Act 97743 imposes a fine of $1,000 on anyone who pops a wheelie on a motorcycle while speeding. WoMAN FIRED oVER HUSBAND BEINg IN A MoToRCYCLE CLUB Her husband's membership in a motorcycle club has cost the job of a human resources technician with the city of Kingman in northwest Arizona, according to a Phoenix lawyer who is representing the woman in her bid for reinstatement.

Fored shared his findings at the Transportforum conference in Linköping, Sweden. "Maybe we should educate people who break the traffic laws," suggests Fored.

A European Union Commission presented the ABS requirement for new framework regulation for motorcycles, and calculates that the proposal would reduce the number of fatal motorcycle accidents by more than 5,000 over a 10-year period. Although the first anti-lock braking system was installed on a motorcycle in 1988, only 16% of all newly manufactured motorcycles in Europe were equipped with ABS, and by comparison car manufacturers have made ABS standard equipment since 2004 which has contributed to an estimated 49% overall decline in fatal car accidents in the EU. Experts regard anti-lock braking as a huge boost to safety, pointing to a Swedish highway study that showed that 38% of all motorcycle accidents involve personal injury and 48% of all serious and fatal accidents could have been prevented with ABS. In the U.S., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has considered requiring ABS on new motorcycles sold in America, and will likely take up the issue in the near future. AUSTRALIAN ToP CoP VoWS To BAN BIKIES FRoM PUBS Declaring that outlaw bikies “…are not the type of people who should be running licensed premises,” Chief Commissioner Ken Lay has vowed to ban bikers from pubs and clubs across Victoria. "The legislation is designed to ensure that doesn't occur," he told the Herald Sun newspaper of his plan to move “bikies” out of venue ownership, operation and security. Earlier this year, police swooped on bikies in a series of raids and seized 120 guns after ruling them not fit people to have the weapons under the Firearms Act. Meanwhile, police are telling licensees not to allow patched-up bikies entry, so some Melbourne strip clubs, bars and nightclubs are refusing entry based on a "dress code standard," and some have even banned motorcycles from parking outside. Inspector Paul Ross, of licensing enforcement, said police "advised" licensees "it's probably better if they don't allow outlaw motorcycle gang members inside ... wearing colors." One operator, who is enforcing the ban, said police asked him and others to sign an agreement that the dress code standard relating to bikies was upheld.

The city served 11-year employee Melissa Summerson a notice of intent the day after Christmas and terminated her

March/April 20 3



Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:40 PM Page 16

District Updates

Kat apologizes for not having our Jan/Feb report for the MMA-AZ website or the Patriot. Our last meeting in Feb 2013 started with the Pledge, a moment of silence for military and lost brothers and sisters and the reading of MMA's Mission Statement.

Red Mountain Red Mountain continues to grow in membership with 69 members to date, and we are having a great time at our meetings. You should give us a call and join the fun! Our next meetings for the next two months -- 10am on Saturday, March 15 and Saturday, April 20 and will be held at Jolie’s Place, 140 W Warner Road, Chandler AZ. February was my last meeting as the District Manager for Red Mountain District, as I have stepped down. Although I will remain active in MMA; my life has become too crazy busy. By the time you read this announcement, a new set of officers will be running the meetings. Here are the members nominated for the Officers positions and most likely will be elected. There are still a few open positions if anyone is interested; they are listed below. Just contact one of the officers for more information. Secretary – Carl Letzin Treasurer – Mike “Maddog” Bennett Membership –open Communications – Michele Wirth-Packer Sgt at Arms – “Icky Ricky” Minyard Road Captain – Crazy Rick Shields Activities – Laura Deutsch Lobby Liaison – Carl Letzin Quarter Masters – open District Manager – Joanne Pilger-Letzin State Board – Tom “TK” Kartler 2nd State Board (member elect) – Joanne Pilger-Letzin Thanks to everyone for stepping up to fill the open positions. It’s a great time to get out there and ride. They don’t call this the “Valley of the Sun” for nothing -- the weather is beautiful! Bike Week starts April 5th and there will be many events and motorcycle opportunities to enjoy all around this great state. Be smart, ride safe and ride free. Donna Woltman - DM

Verde Valley I would like to start off by thanking all our members and supporters. Our meetings have continued to grow and we are getting a lot done in the Verde Valley. It seems everywhere I go, someone talks to me about what a great job MMA is doing and how much they love the Motorcycle signs and events that we have been putting on. We had great turnouts for our recent MMA events, and I hope to keep this momentum going throughout 2013. I’m very pleased to introduce our new Assistant District Manager, Nate Wagner. Nate has been a huge MMA supporter and motorcycle rights advocate for years. He has already brought some great ideas to the table and is now eager to get started on 2013 planning. I would also like to welcome Bobbi Hartmann to our district. The Verde Valley Members were all excited to hear she has joined our district and loved getting the MAP update. They look forward to other updates and working on getting MAP into Mingus High School. ’m very happy that The Bar @ Stromboli’s in Cottonwood has renewed as a Business Member with MMA-AZ. We look forward to working with Steve and the crew. The Look Twice for Motorcycle signs are very close to going up in Jerome. The Mayor is working with ADOT and should have everything finalized in the next month. Many thanks to our member Jeff Christian from Food City, Jeff purchased some or the Look Twice for Motorcycle signs and plans to install them in the Food City parking lot. Go Jeff! I want to personally thank all of the members and volunteers who helped out at the Frosty Ball and Chilly Boobs run. I know it was a cold start to the New Year, but we had a good turnout and raised money for the Verde Valley Community Hospice. The Chaparral did a great job hosting the End Run party. As always, The Mods rocked the house -- thanks Gabriel! Thanks Everyone! Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne, District Manager

Casa grande MMA Casa Grande (CG) District saw many brothers and sisters supporting and showing up at The Silver Bullet Bar for the New Year. Your officers want to welcome all new and returning members and look forward to 2013.



DM-Steve looked to the officers for their reports and a lot of information was shared. Steve gave an overview of MMA Board Meeting and announced Hollywood as our State Chairman. ADM-Cathie let everyone know about upcoming activities, runs, and events. MMA State Beach Party on Feb 23rd was discussed. Raffles will be submitted instead of the $50. Members were reminded about our upcoming Casa Grande event -- MMA Casa Grande 6th Annual Beach Party & Biker Rodeo on April 27th, 2013. It will be at The Tumbleweed Inn on 3815 W Frontier in Eloy AZ. What a great morning ride down from the Phoenix Metro area. Event starts at 12 Noon, there is a $10 entry; bike & people games with awards, a raffle, 50/50 -- and Nick, our resident DJ/announcer. The BBQ Plate Special is only $5 or you can buy a meal off the menu. Secretary-Kat discussed getting out the information about our proposed SB1086 Anti-Profiling bill. We will need full participation from MMA members and all motorcyclists within the State. MDATD is Wednesday Feb 20th, 2013. For Motorcycle Day at the Dome, Kat asked members to ask for a day off work, or at least the afternoon, and be there to discuss motorcycle issues with our legislators. Kat reminded members that there was a recent redistricting of our area and please check their personal Voter Cards to verify the latest information. Kat reminded members there will be some informal requests to legislators to visit the Capitol House lawn on MDATD. The discussion about riding to the Capitol from CG area is in the works. Members were reminded our MMA Meetings will be on the FIRST Wednesday of every month at 7pm beginning on March 6th at The Silver Bullet Bar on Pinal Ave in CG. Membership-Paul shared we have 57 members (47 active) and 2 Business members. We had two renewals last month. Members all agreed we are moving forward with bringing new members in and getting the expired to rejoin. Discussion about the MMA membership flyer was explained and all were glad it will be like the older version with some minor changes. Treasurer-Lauren gave her report. There was discussion about NCOM and sending more members. DM-Steve stated that NCOM National Conference will be in Reno NV on May 9-12th 2013. MMA CG meetings are positive, informative, interactive and educational with regard to what has been, what is, and what will be for the future of our District. It is always a great feeling and accomplishment to come to a meeting and feel/believe things are getting done, that people are encouraged/motivated and we are all moving forward. With the camaraderie and new visions, a sense of awareness, understanding and a new commitment, we come back for more. We welcome all visitors to our meetings and to please remember meetings are now on the FIRST Wednesday evening of every month at 7pm -the Silver Bullet Bar in CG. Kat Grover. Casa Grande District Secretary

Rim Country For the first time in seven years, RCD held its Annual General Election on a full-scale magnitude due to many changes within the District. All officers’ positions were up for election, and there were votes from all members. Our District Manager said “We will do this as often as necessary to keep all the positions filled, and the cohesiveness of the District running within the Mission Statement of the MMA.” The result of this election is as follows: RCD District Manager -Ed “Hollywood” Holyoak RCD Asst. Dist. Manager - Billy Hensler RCD Secretary -Joann Carafa RCD Treasurer-Pat Sortore RCD Membership- Mark “Griz” Matthews RCD Communications-Mark “Griz” Matthews RCD Activities-Becca “Vine” Holyoak RCD Quarter Master-Ron Kimbell RCD BOD Members-Becca “Vine” Holyoak RCD BOD Members-James “Chickenbone” Mazzone RCD Sgt. at Arms-Glen “Burg” Humbarger RCD Sgt. at Arms-Ed “Big Papa” Carfara RCD Road Capt.-Wayne Slocum RCD Road Capt.-James “Chickenbone” Mazzone RCD Road Capt.-Ed “Big Papa” Carfara RCD Road Capt.-Mark “Griz” Matthews Griz RCD Communications

March/April 20 3

NCoM News Bytes Compiled and Edited By Bill Bish

NE W MOTOR CYCLE SALE S R E V UP Motorcycle sales in the United States revved up in 2012, rising a healthy 2.6% over 2011, according to a report released by the Motorcycle Industry Council. Better yet, the trade group said, retail activity was up in all four motorcycle "segments" -- the first time that has happened since 2002 -- with increases in scooter, dual-purpose, offroad and on-highway motorcycle sales. Scooter sales rose the most, at 7.7%, with dual-purpose motorcycles following closely at 7.4%. Sales of dirt bikes rose 2.1%, while those of on-highway bikes, which make up by far the largest segment in terms of overall numbers, went up the least, at 1.8%. The numbers were in line with expectations, as the MIC reported in December that for the first time since the market softened in 2006 and then crashed in 2008, it anticipated reporting an increase in sales figures. Just over 1.1 million motorcycles were sold in 2006, and fewer than half that many in 2011 with 452,386 total new units sold in the U.S.

JAP ANE SE MOTOR CYCLE E XP OR TS TO U.S. FLATTE N FOLLOWING DR AMATIC R ISE Japanese manufacturers in 2012 exported 166,601 motorcycles to the United States, an increase of 1% compared to 2011, following a dramatic 87% increase in 2011 after the OEMs exported only 88,074 motorcycles to the country in 2010.

Bill i blen Urge

On Feb David V overtur waiver ethano light tru

“EPA’s govern that ne country Public surroun increas

hether with E1 emissio Vitter. “ sufficie inclusiv unders using E

The Am expres lawma terrain E15 wh has as scientif

These figures come courtesy of the searchable database of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. They The ne fueling pertain to the Big Four: Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and you us Yamaha. Octobe JAMA reports that exports worldwide in 2012 decreased and ne 5% to 479,163 after last year’s upturn. medium added USE D B IK E MAR K E T E XP E R IE NCE S approv


No mo Since t in use may ch As the economy has improved, even if it's been marginal, this ac motorc more people have decided to go ahead and buy a motorcycle. And if they can't afford a new bike, it could be affect t (E10 o a used one. Used motorcycle sales have heated up, sparking optimism at dealerships where trade-ins have become more valuable.

Used motorcycle prices have recovered meaningfully since 2008, rising to a level that supports a healthy demand for new bikes as well, according to a recent survey from Robert W. Baird & Co.

We nee prewrit the "Ta The AM by draw

Used Harley prices were up 7% from a year ago and remain well above the low points found in the recession, Send a urging said Baird analyst Craig Kennison who analyzed indepe motorcycle sales data from the National Automobile Dealers Association. "If the demand for used motorcycles motorc picks up, it usually suggests the demand for new bikes will Please go up as well," Kennison said. membe your su the roa Profiling Agaisnt Motorcyclist To join Submitted by Eric O Americ Let’s talk about the prejudice and profiling against motorcyclists. You are probably thinking about the car drivers looking at us, but I’m talking about prejudice and profiling within the Motorcycle Community itself. Examples: The Biker looking at the Sportbike Rider who is ‘giving us a bad name with his stunting.’ The Sportbike Rider looking at the Biker who is ‘giving us a bad name with his loud pipes and attitude’ --and those damn “OffRoaders” raising dust and destroying the desert! The idea that one group is better or worse than another is nonsense. Whether you like it or not, we all face the same problems and each group have issues unique to themselves. We as a total Motorcyclist group can be so much stronger than as separate entities. Another example: consider what the AMA can accomplish at a national level. Why can’t we do this on the state level? Talk to some of the motorcyclists who don’t fit in your narrow area and find out how much we all really have in common. Let’s reach out and try to bring this new blood into the MMA family. My Opinion

Patriot MAR APR 1rev_MMA Patriot Master Layout.qxd 2/19/2013 12:40 PM Page 17

Bill introduced to limit ethanol blend to 10 percent

2012, ort r yet,

pose “EPA’s flawed waivers allowing E15 amount to bikes government bureaucrats issuing short-sighted regulations make that negatively impact families and businesses across the mbers, country,” said Wicker, a member of the Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee. “The concerns MIC surrounding E15 that existed prior to the waivers have increased instead of diminishing.” e

and new


hether you drive a car, truck, boat, or tractor, misfueling with E15 could result in engine failure, increased emissions, and the voiding of warranty coverage,” said Vitter. “It is irresponsible for EPA to allow E15 without sufficient testing and technical analysis. I support an allinclusive energy strategy, but experimenting before understanding the consequences and potential cost of using E15 is unfair to consumers.”

The American Motorcyclist Association has repeatedly expressed concerns to government officials and federal lawmakers about possible damage to motorcycle and all% se in terrain vehicle engines caused by the inadvertent use of cles to E15 when the new fuel becomes widely available, and has asked that motorcycles and ATVs be part of any scientific study into the effects of E15. abase . They The new E15 gasoline formulation may appear at a fueling station near you and you need to be careful where nd you use this new fuel blend. That is because the EPA, in October 2010, approved E15 for use in model year 2007 ased and newer light duty vehicles (cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty passenger vehicles). In January 2011, it added model year 2001-2006 light duty vehicles to the approved list.

No motorcycles or ATVs are currently on the list. Since the approved list includes many light-duty vehicles me in use today, refineries, distributors, and fueling stations may choose to offer primarily E15 gasoline because of rginal, this action by the EPA. This should concern all motorcyclists and off-highway enthusiasts since this may uld be affect the availability of gasoline with less or no ethanol (E10 or E0).



Information brought to you by Julie Cissne

Urge your senators to support today!

On Feb. 14, U.S. Sens. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and David Vitter (R-La.) introduced S. 344. The bill would overturn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pened waivers that allowed gasoline containing 15 percent e, offethanol (E15) to be used for many passenger cars and light trucks.


Pet Corner

We need your help to pass S. 344. You can send a prewritten email to your senators immediately by following the "Take Action" option and entering your information. The AMA encourages riders to personalize their message by drawing on their own personal riding experiences.

d sion,

Send a message to your federal lawmakers immediately, urging your senators to support S. 344 and to back an independent study to determine whether E15 is safe for cycles motorcycle and ATV engines. kes will Please join the AMA to help us fight these efforts. More members means more clout against our opponents, and your support will help the AMA fight for your rights – on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government. To join, go to

Pet Cancer Awareness Pet Cancer Answers: What You Should Know

What Is Cancer? Cancer is a broad term used to describe cells with the body that are growing & dividing in an abnormal manner & rate. Healthy cells go through a cycle in which they grow and divide as the body needs new cells. Abnormal cells grow & divide at uncontrolled rates, often forming tumors or masses. These growths can be either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). In some cases, the cancer cells do not form growths; they affect the blood, which circulates abnormal cells throughout the body.

Is My P et At R isk? It may surprise you to know that cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of pets. Though pets of any age can develop the disease, it is generally more common in adult & older animals. Also, certain breeds of dogs & cats have a higher incidence of some types of cancers. Talk to your veterinarian about risk factors that may affect your pet. Early detection of pet cancer is critical for successful treatment and recovery.

Is P et Cancer Treatable? In many cases, yes. Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine. There are more options for treating pets with cancer, helping improve their longevity & quality of life.

What K inds of Treatm ents Are Available? As with human cancer, pet cancer treatments vary according to the type of cancer & how far it has progressed. Your regular veterinarian may refer you to a veterinary cancer specialist, also known as a veterinary oncologist, who will work with you to determine the optimal course of treatment for your pet. This may include surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

Don’t Delay Detection and Diagnosis Regular check-ups play an important role in the early detection & diagnosis of cancer. Twice yearly wellness exams & annual blood screenings can catch problems before they become more serious, improving the odds of effectively treating pet cancer. If there is cause for concern, your veterinarian may recommend additional X-rays, Ultrasound or other diagnostic tests.

How Can I P rotect My P et From Cancer? Because little is known about the causes of pet cancer, specific preventive treatments & actions are debatable. However, if you know that your pet’s breed is predisposed to certain types of cancers, you can certainly do your part by knowing the warning signs & taking your pet in for regular veterinary exams.

Lum ps & B um ps Not all tumors or growths are cancerous. Sometimes they can be as simple as a mass or fatty tissue (also known as a lipoma). To be safe, see your veterinarian if you notice any lumps on your pet’s body. Cat owners should look for lumps that appear at the site of a vaccination or injection, as these can signal a bigger problem. However, cancer can also affect parts of the body that you can’t see, like the blood or internal organs. That’s why it’s important to make sure your pet receives regular exams, so that problems can be detected & treated early.

Com m on Cancer Term s Tumor: A growth made up of abnormal cells. Also known as a mass or a lump, a tumor can be either benign or malignant. Benign tumor: A non-cancerous growth that is usually confined only to the affected area. Malignant tumor: A cancerous growth that is capable of spreading to other parts of the body. Metastasis: The spread of cancer cells from the primary affected area to other parts of the body via the bloodstream or lymphatic system.

P et Cancer Early Warning Signs From the Am erican Veterinary Medical Association… 1. Abnormal swellings that persist of continue to grow 2. Sores that do not heal 3. Weight loss 4. Loss of appetite 5. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening 6. Offensive odor 7. Hesitation to exercise or loss of stamina 8. Persistent lameness or stiffness 9. Persistent lameness or stiffness 10. Difficulty breathing, urinating or defecating Contact your veterinarian if your dog or cat displays any of these signs. Remember, early detection is critical in the fight against pet cancer! Pet Poison HELPLINE.. 800-213-6680. Please be advised there is a per incident fee.

ar and

who is ike ame Off-

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ronger er what n’t we

ind out h out


March/April 20 3



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CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION COMPLAINT FORM Name of complainant:____________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________________ Email:__________________________________ The Law: “Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State …subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person … the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law…” 42 USC § 1983.

TEAM Arizona has dutifully plotted along, for the past twenty-three years, towards training 100,000 riders. We mostly train entry-level riders seeking their motorcycle endorsement, but a small (way too small!) percentage of vigilant riders come back for one of our many skill improvement courses. The recent report from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS) indicates the number of riders seeking training should be higher. AZGOHS reported a 59% increase in motorcycle involved fatalities from 2010 to 2011. No matter how you slice the figures, that percentage increase is LARGE. I ask, open minded reader, that before you get wrapped around the axle and start pointing your finger at “the other guy” (distracted drivers, impaired motorists, and horrible road surfaces) that you please consider our role in the mix as responsible motorcyclists. The call to action is readily revealed upon reviewing the facts (2011 Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics): •

Nearly 20% of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes were improperly licensed (and most likely without formal training)

The rider in nearly 30% of Arizona’s motorcycle fatalities were under the influence

37% of single vehicle motorcycle fatalities (meaning, just the motorcycle, the rider, and the roadway) occur in curves, suggesting a training issue

The average age of individuals involved in Arizona’s motorcycle fatalities: 46 yrs old (National Average is 43)

The age group 55-64 was involved in more than 26% of Arizona motorcycle fatailities (most of any age group)

What does this mean? For us, it means in addition to promoting motorcycle rider awareness to other motorists, we have to make sure our own housekeeping is in good order. The answers are right there in front of us and are easy:

The wearing of colors by members of motorcycle clubs is a means of identifying Club Members and symbolizes their common interests and beliefs. Prohibiting speech of this nature constitutes an attack on a particular viewpoint. Sammartano v. First Judicial District Court, in and for the County of Carson City, 303 F.3d 959, 971-72 (9th Cir. 2002). In Sammartano, the Carson City courthouse enacted a rule to prohibit admission of those with “clothing, attire or ‘colors’ which have symbols, markings or words indicating an affiliation with street gangs, biker or similar organizations,” because “such clothing or attire can be extremely disruptive and intimidating, especially when members of different groups are in the building at the same time.” 303 F.3d at 964. The Ninth Circuit reasoned that the rule singles out bikers and similar organizations for the message their clothing is presumed to convey, and held that the rule impermissibly discriminates against a particular point of view – the view of biker clubs as opposed to garden clubs and gun clubs. Id. at 971-72. Complaint Information Provide names, address, phone number, organization, business, or any other identifying information of the PERSONS ACTING UNDER COLOR OF LAW to violate your rights. (Example: Officer Dom Foke, Small Town Police Department, badge #0666). ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Describe in detail what the person acting under color of law (the police or their agents such as business proprietors) did and said regarding your wearing colors or being present at the location wearing colors. State date, time, location, names of persons present and what they might be able to testify to. Be prepared to make a truthful, accurate statement under oath. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Documentation of Discrimination ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ DATE: ______________ Business Phone _______________ Complete and mail to: MMA of Arizona PMB 138 P.O. Box 30280 Phoenix, Az. 85046-0280

NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT: __________________________________

1. Get Properly Trained and Licensed 2. All the Gear All the Time (ATGATT)

BUSINESS PHONE (with area code): __________________________________

3. Ride Unimpaired 4. Ride Within Your Limits 5. Be a Lifelong Learner; Seek Rider Training Every Two Years

BUSINESS - FULL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ NAME / POSITION OF PERSON ENFORCING POLICY: ________________ ________________________________________________________ WRITTEN STATEMENT OF DISCRIMINATION (use back if needed): _____ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ YOUR NAME (please print): ______________________________________ YOUR PHONE (with area code): __________________________________

Quite simply, if you are unfamiliar with advanced body positioning for corners, delayed apex cornering, trail braking, or the SEE strategy then training is in order. If you have more than 2,000 miles riding in the last 12 months; the Advanced Riding Techniques course at TEAM Arizona is for you. Consider the facts, consider your interests, consider your family and loved ones; consider what is important to you, and then make the wise decision.



YOUR SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________ *** INCLUDE ANY PICTURES OF DISCRIMINATING SIGNS POSTED *** Mail To: Ray Fitzgerald 1634 West Pine Cone Way Prescott, Arizona 86303

March/April 20 3

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Biker Vittles

___ __ ___ ___

with treet mely the and rule osed


___ ___ uch the hey th. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Motorcycle R iders Foundation 2013 Lobby Season B egins

From the Table of the Vittle King Soon it will be St Paddys Day and Cornbeef and Cabbage sales will be everywhere. There are so many things to do with the left overs. So, this issue I give you 2 cornbeef dishes and one of my favorite muffin recipes. Received no letters to the Vittle King so this issue is just my recipes. Would love to have some next issue for you readers! So the theme for the May/June issue will be BBQ. Send in your favorite BBQ dish or side by April 10th. e

her and

lub this cial

MRF News

Morning Glory Cake or Muffins (high energy and very healthy ---a quick pick me up anytime of day!) Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 cups all-purpose flour 1-1/4 cups sugar 2 teaspoons baking soda 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup grated carrot 1 cup grated zucchini (don’t like zucchini just use 2 cups carrots instead) 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1 medium-sized apple, peeled, cored, and grated 3 large eggs 1 cup vegetable oil 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Washington DC is back at work and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is no exception. Two separate lobby trips have been made on behalf of ABATE and the MRF. ABATE of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have both made visits to the nation's capitol so far this year. Many others have their trips booked for the busy winter and spring lobby season. The main issues of concern to the MRF before Congress are, ending the motorcycle only roadside checkpoints the use of high ethanol blended fuels that have been approved for use by the public but have not been tested on motorcycles. Also on the radar is stopping outside agencies from wandering into motorcycle safety as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have recently done. The MRF also had a solid presence at ABATE of Pennsylvania's Leadership and Legislation seminar this year. MRF President, Kirk "Hardtail" Willard stole the show at the opening evening's panel discussion which was aired on Pennsylvania public access. If you have not started planning your lobby trip to DC and need help doing so please contact the MRF DC office staff for assistance.


Save the Date: Bikers Inside the Beltway 2013

In a large bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Stir in the carrot, zucchini, raisins, coconut, and apple. In another bowl, beat the eggs, oil, and vanilla. Stir into the flour mixture until the batter is just moistened.

The 5th annual Michael "Boz" Kerr, Bikers Inside the Beltway, has been scheduled for May 16th. The only national biker lobby day, has been growing larger and more effective each year and this year should not disappoint. The action packed day promises to elevate the important issues that the MRF works on before Congress and gives you the opportunity to walk the halls of Congress to lobby and educate your Members of Congress. Fly out or ride out

Spoon the batter into greased or paper-lined muffin tins or greased 9X9 cake pan and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 35 minutes or until springy to the touch.

R ueben Dip Ingredients • • • • •

¾ cup Mayonnaise (substitute cream cheese if desired but use 1 cup) ¾ cup Thousand Island dressing 16 oz of Sauerkraut drained and squeezed dry 16 oz swiss cheese 1 lb corned beef shredded (use canned, deli or left over corn beef)

Directions: Layer in baking pan sauerkraut, then layer of corn beef, cheese and top with dressing bake 25 minutes. You can also put all ingredients in crock-pot and cook 4 hrs on low then put on warm. Serve with rye crisps, cocktail pumpernickel or rye bread or just cut up regular rye bread into smaller pieces.

Corn B eef and Cabbage Sliders (20 servings) Ingredients • • • • • • •

3 lbs Corned Beef (for easier recipe, deli corned beef is fine) ½ head of Cabbage 2 russet potatoes, peeled 1 tsp butter Salt and pepper to taste 20 mini-potato bread rolls Dijon mustard

Directions 1. In a large pot, cook corned beef and pickling spices for about 2 hours . (If using purchased corned beef from a deli, simply heat and skip to the next step) 2. In a separate pot, boil the entire half head of cabbage (whole) for about 10 to 15 minutes. 3. In a separate pot, boil potatoes until tender. Remove from water, mash roughly with butter, salt & pepper, leaving chunks, and set to the side. 4. Preheat oven to 350° degrees. Open mini buns, place on a tray and toast them in the oven for about 2 minutes on each side. Remove. 5. Spread a layer of mashed potatoes on each bun; top with a generous layer of corned beef, cabbage, and Dijon mustard. Serve and enjoy!

March/April 20 3



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Put Your Ad in The Motorcycle Patriot

March/April 2013 Patriot  

This is the bi-monthly magazine of the Modified Motorcycle Assocaition of Arizona.