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Educational Services Customized results for your school

Achieve your strategic goals Take advantage of our impeccable reputation and unique expertise with data. You’ve invested in new programs and innovative learning tools and products. You’ve trained your staff in new practices. But how do you know if your plan is working? What evidence shows that you’re on the way to becoming a high reliability school? Determine what’s working in the classroom. We’ll use action research and sophisticated statistical study to gather and analyze data to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your instructional strategies.

Measure evidence of progress. Send us your data, and we’ll provide expert, detailed analysis you can use to measure student achievement toward school, district, or state objectives.

Evaluate programs and products. Ensure that you’re investing time and money in ways that impact learning. We’ll gather and analyze data to evaluate your programs and products.

Make standards actionable. Translate broad standards documents into useful, scaled, teacher-friendly learning objectives.

Align assessment with standards. We’ll work with teachers to create proficiency scales that more accurately measure student progress.

Transition to competency-based education. Build a learning culture of independent, self-directed students using a performance-based system of learning rather than a time-based system.

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Educational Services Technology Audit Are you satisfied with the degree to which your educational technology tools are used to increase student engagement and achievement? • Align teachers’ technology proficiency with the elements in the Art and Science of Teaching framework. • Create highly customized professional development growth plans designed to target specific areas that need improvement.

Alignment Audit We can analyze how well-aligned your curriculum and assessment are with the Common Core or other state standards and make recommendations to address gaps or overlaps. • Gain a thorough, unbiased analysis of current alignment of standards, curriculum, and assessment (or other areas defined in the contract). • Identify gaps and overlaps in standards, curriculum, and assessment.

Instructional Framework Development Our experts can help you develop a local model of instruction, providing your team with agreed-upon ways to describe and discuss effective teaching. • Identify a set of instructional strategies that form the school’s or district’s language of instruction framework. • Understand how to effectively use a common language of instruction during discussions of effective teaching.

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In 2014, Marzano Research acquired the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC), formalizing a 10-year partnership. RISC is an educational organization that supports schools and districts in their transition from a time-based to a performance-based system, which results in students realizing their highest learning potential. The RISC framework of services provides a competency-based environment with transparent learning goals and standards that are applicable across the educational spectrum, from the individual classroom to the entire school district.

Introduction to Competency-Based Systems This 90-minute interactive web conference will introduce you to the basic foundation of performance-based learning, demonstrate the importance of a vibrant classroom culture, and help you create and use standard operating procedures in the classroom.

Teaching and Learning in a Competency-Based Classroom Our training and consulting services help teachers create learning environments that support student voice and choice. Your team will discover research-based strategies for providing effective feedback to students, scheduling classroom time, and developing units and lessons. You’ll gain the know-how to ensure students work at appropriate challenge levels, monitor and celebrate students’ progress, and provide relevant and meaningful learning opportunities.

Designing Competency-Based Schools and Classrooms Help your school address key questions and critical decisions as you design and implement a competency-based model. You’ll learn strategies for ensuring stakeholder engagement, managing the change process, and monitoring implementation. You’ll also learn how to plan personalized learning pathways for students and develop an instructional model to support competency-based learning.

Designing a Competency-Based District We will configure a training and consulting plan that helps your district assess readiness for implementing a competency-based system. You’ll define the competency-based model for your organization, recognize common pitfalls or stumbling blocks and how to avoid them, and plan for district-level implementation and scaling.

Popular Services Proficiency Scale and Assessment Development

Are you looking for a structure that creates consistency and accuracy in scoring and tracking student progress? • Learn how proficiency scales can be used to plan units and lessons for instruction. • Discover how proficiency scales can be used by both students and teachers to score and track student progress over time.

Standards-Based Assessment Consulting

Let us guide teacher teams through the process, while building skill and capacity. • Create a set of formative and summative assessments to measure progress on each learning goal or standard, for each grade level and content area specified in the contract. • Build teacher knowledge and skill to create other standards-based assessments as needed.

Vocabulary Program Development

Is your school or district overwhelmed by the sheer volume of academic vocabulary terms and phrases reflected in standards documents? Work with us to design effective vocabulary instruction for your school or district. • Discover a process for customizing lists of essential academic terms and phrases specific to the subject area and content addressed in standards documents. • Learn to use a six-step vocabulary process that includes academic games, technology tools, and graphic organizers.

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Marzano Research Educational Services Brochure  

Educational Services Brochure: Customized results for your school - Marzano Research, 2015

Marzano Research Educational Services Brochure  

Educational Services Brochure: Customized results for your school - Marzano Research, 2015

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