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New Books SPRING 2017 Our new titles will help you develop and implement strategies and tools that lead to an environment where all learners are engaged, empowered, and motivated to succeed.

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The New Art and Science of Teaching


By Robert J. Marzano

NEW This title is a greatly expanded volume of the original The Art and Science of Teaching, offering a framework for substantive change based on Robert J. Marzano’s 50 years of education research. While the previous model focused on teacher outcomes, the new version places focus on student outcomes. 152 pages

A Joint Publication with ASCD

74BCD–BKF776 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-96-5

Instruction Free study guide & additional resources available

• Explore instructional strategies that correspond to each of the 43 elements of The New Art and Science of Teaching, which have been carefully designed to maximize student engagement and achievement. • Utilize ten design questions and a general framework that will help determine which classroom strategies you should use to foster student learning. • Analyze the behavioral evidence that proves the strategies of an element are helping learners achieve academic success.


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A Joint Publication with ASCD

The Art and Science of Teaching vs. The New Art and Science of Teaching WHAT’S SIMILAR?


The framework includes three categories and ten design questions. Both resources include guiding design questions for teachers to ask themselves as they plan instructional lessons and units. Both identify and explain suggested, explicit teacher actions.

The three overarching categories in The New Art and Science of Teaching stem from a perspective of what must occur in students’ minds to learn effectively. These student behaviors are explicitly noted throughout the resource. There are still ten design questions, but two are new. Many of the design questions have been renumbered to account for the additions and omissions. The New Art and Science of Teaching explores 43 elements instead of 41. Thirty-nine of the elements are identical and four are new. The new resource features a companion online compendium with more than 300 instructional strategies, video descriptions, and print resources related to the new design questions and all 43 elements. The New Art and Science of Teaching includes suggestions for eight systems changes.


Spring 2017 New Resources



Beyond the Grade Refining Practices That Boost Student Achievement By Robert Lynn Canady, Carol E. Canady, and Anne Meek

NEW To help all students succeed, vast changes in grading policies and scheduling are needed. In this research-based resource, the authors examine why current practices are ineffective and share how switching to a standards-based grading system can transform teaching and learning. 144 pages

74BCD–BKF726 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-04-0

Instruction, School Improvement Free reproducibles available

• Ascertain the school variables that can influence student motivation and enhance achievement. • Explore the disadvantages of traditional grading practices and the advantages that come from implementing standards-based grading practices. • Receive guidance on providing students with the extra time and help they require to meet their learning needs. • Access a list of questions that can help bring focus to your discussions about grading practices.

Raising the Rigor Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom By Eileen Depka

74BCD–BKF722 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-942496-98-4

Instruction, 21st Century Skills Free reproducibles available Free study guide available

NEW This user-friendly resource shares questioning strategies and techniques proven to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, deepen their engagement, and better prepare them for college and careers. The author also provides a range of templates, surveys, and checklists for planning instruction, deconstructing academic standards, and increasing classroom rigor. 128 pages • Discover how questioning can promote the traits that students need to succeed in college and their careers. • Provide supports that help students reach deep levels of understanding. • Explore how to deconstruct standards and standards-based questions.


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Real-World Learning Framework for Elementary Schools Digital Tools and Practical Strategies for Successful Implementation By Marge Maxwell, Rebecca Stobaugh, and Janet Lynne Tassell

NEW Bring about deeper, self-directed learning in elementary school students by exercising cognitive complexity, engagement, and technology integration through real-world project-based instruction. Learn the Create Excellence Framework and take advantage of sample lesson plans from real-world projects to help students partner in their own learning. 344 pages

74BCD–BKF753 $37.95 USD | $47.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-51-4

Instruction, 21st Century Skills

• Learn each of the components of the researchbased Create Excellence Framework for lesson planning and how each component connects to student content standards.

Free reproducibles available

• Discover the five levels of real-world learning. • Answer questions to consider in setting up the Create Excellence Framework for real-world learning.

Real-World Learning Framework for Secondary Schools Digital Tools and Practical Strategies for Successful Implementation By Marge Maxwell, Rebecca Stobaugh, and Janet Lynne Tassell

Companion Resource Using the Create framework, educators can help students find greater fulfillment in learning, while also meeting the guidelines of curriculum standards. Explore the framework’s main components, and understand how to use the framework for classroom, school, and district pursuits. 232 pages • Learn each of the components of the researchbased Create framework for lesson planning and how each component connects to student content standards.

74BCD–BKF656 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-935249-44-3

Instruction, 21st Century Skills Free reproducibles available

• Discover the five levels of real-world learning. • Answer questions to set up the Create framework for real-world learning.

Spring 2017 New Resources



Unstoppable Learning Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

Companion Resource Discover proven methods to enhance teaching and learning schoolwide. Identify questions educators should ask to guarantee a positive classroom culture where students learn from each other, not just teachers. Explore ways to adapt teaching in response to students’ individual needs. 208 pages 74BCD–BKF662 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-935542-73-5

Instruction Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist

Free reproducibles available Free study guide available

• Learn to effectively distinguish patterns and consider short- and long-term consequences in the classroom. • Use the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model to better understand the big picture of education and the intricate relationships that impact classrooms. • Prompt discussion and reflection using the driving questions and chapter takeaways.

A Handbook For Unstoppable Learning By Laurie Robinson Sammons and Nanci N. Smith Edited by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

NEW Learn how to foster effective teaching and deep learning using the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model. Gain access to templates for planning learning targets, assessments, lessons, and units that will help create and maintain positive, healthy, high-performing classrooms. 160 pages 74BCD–BKF775 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-94-1

Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Learn why it is imperative to make systems thinking a top priority. • Study how to prioritize academic standards. • Respond to prompts that will help you reach your own conclusions on what you need to do next. • Consider practical examples that illustrate how to implement the big ideas of Unstoppable Learning.


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By Yazmin Pineda Zapata and Rebecca Brooks Foreword by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

NEW This practical guide expands upon the Unstoppable Learning model to explore accessible learning for students with varying needs, from physical disabilities to twice-exceptionality. Forms, tools, and diagrams designed to aid instructional planning are also included. 96 pages • Learn how to adjust curriculum in ways that maintain appropriate levels of rigor for all students.

74BCD–BKF734 $24.95 USD | $31.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-21-7

• Consider real school vignettes and examples that illustrate successful Unstoppable Learning adaptations.

Differentiated Instruction, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Study the four guiding principles of systems thinking: relationships, communications, responsiveness, and sustainability.


Adapting Unstoppable Learning

Leading Unstoppable Learning By Rebecca L. Stinson Edited by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

NEW Designed for K–12 leaders, this title examines how to develop responsive leadership characteristics that foster schoolwide success. Learn how to establish an inclusive learning environment, inspire teachers to become leaders, support the creation of student-centered classrooms, and more. 104 pages • Explore the four principles of systems thinking—relationships, communication, responsiveness, and sustainability. • Study the critical characteristics of unstoppable learning leadership. • Consider driving questions designed to spur productive discussions among school leaders and collaborative teams.

74BCD–BKF736 $24.95 USD | $31.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-25-5

Leadership, School Improvement Free reproducibles available Free study guide available

Spring 2017 New Resources



Essential Assessment Six Tenets for Bringing Hope, Efficacy, and Achievement to the Classroom By Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer, and Nicole Dimich Vagle

NEW Discover how to use the power of assessment to instill hope, efficacy, and achievement in your students. Explore six essential tenets of assessment that will help deepen your understanding of assessment to not only meet standards but also enhance students’ academic success. 176 pages 74BCD–BKF752 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-49-1

Assessment, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Interpret the research-based tenets of assessment that are necessary to maximize all students’ learning. • Gain advice and strategies for immediately acting on the six essential assessment tenets. • Discover why it is vital that assessment practices build students’ and teachers’ hope, efficacy, and achievement.

Designing Effective Assessments By James H. Stronge, Leslie W. Grant, and Xianxuan Xu

NEW Discover ten key assessment design tools, understand why they work, and learn proven strategies for incorporating them into your practices. With quality assessment processes in place, you can accurately measure student mastery and shape instruction to increase achievement. 160 pages 74BCD–BKF638 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-936763-70-2

Assessment, Instruction Free reproducibles available


• Study research that supports each of the ten key assessment design tools described in this book. • Explore the benefits of involving students in the assessment process. • Learn how to align grading policies and practices to ensure they are valid and reliable.

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Softening the Edges Assessment Practices That Honor K–12 Teachers and Learners By Katie White Foreword by Cassandra Erkens

NEW Discover the difference between soft edges and hard edges regarding alignment between students’ and teachers’ needs and the assessment practices meant to meet them. Assessment must smoothly guide students through their learning, engaging them so their confidence grows. 240 pages • Understand the language of assessment and softened assessment edges.

74BCD–BKF781 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-07-1

• Spot the indicators of hard and soft edges in classroom practices.

Assessment, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Learn how to educate for the whole student to meet students’ cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and ethical development needs. • Examine the importance of a learning continuum.

Pathways to Proficiency Implementing Evidence-Based Grading By Troy Gobble, Mark Onuscheck, Anthony R. Reibel, and Eric Twadell

NEW Adopt a new, more effective grading model for students. This book provides the pathway for implementing evidence-based grading practices in schools through a straightforward, five-phase creative model. Readers will follow a hypothetical curriculum team’s challenging journey through each phase of this process. 176 pages • Recognize the challenges that can impede efforts to change grading practices.

74BCD–BKF682 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-942496-13-7

• Consider research that can help shape individualized, valuable professional learning experiences.

Assessment Free reproducibles available

• Identify the concepts and perspectives to which curriculum team members must commit, to successfully adopt evidence-based grading practices.

Spring 2017 New Resources



Blended Vocabulary for K–12 Classrooms Harnessing the Power of Digital Tools and Direct Instruction By Kimberly A. Tyson and Angela B. Peery

74BCD–BKF630 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-0-9913748-3-0

Literacy, Technology Free reproducibles available

NEW Discover a research-based model you can implement to help all students master tiered vocabulary. With greater understanding of how to teach vocabulary effectively and incorporate digital tools, you can develop a blended approach to word learning that makes a significant impact on achievement. 168 pages • Understand the importance of students’ vocabulary development and ways educators at the classroom, school, and district levels can positively impact vocabulary building. • Learn how to develop effective literacy leadership teams. • Explore digital tools and how to use them to support word learning in interactive ways.

Vocabulary in a SNAP 100+ Lessons for Elementary Instruction By Angela B. Peery

NEW Elementary educators face crucial questions when shaping vocabulary instruction—what words to target and how to foster self-directed learning. This innovative resource provides 100+ researchbased mini-lessons that help teachers efficiently shape instruction, each taking no more than 20 minutes of instructional time. Est 200 pages 74BCD–BKF773 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-90-3

Literacy, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Explore more than 100 short, memorable minilessons for vocabulary instruction that can be adapted to fit diverse curricula. • Obtain suggestions for scaffolding and accelerating each mini-lesson to meet students’ individual needs. • Target the most crucial root words, prefixes, and suffixes in the English language to best employ instructional time.


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(Re)designing Argumentation Writing Units for Grades 5–12 By Kathy Tuchman Glass

NEW Developed for teachers, curriculum designers, and literacy coaches, this user-friendly guide offers practical recommendations, strategies, and tips for establishing argumentation units of instruction that empower students to artfully and logically present and convince others of their position. 136 pages • Examine the characteristic elements of an argument and the benefits of teaching students to work through how to structure an argument. • Examine an argumentation unit map, its learning goals and guiding questions, and then develop one of your own.

74BCD–BKF708 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-942496-70-0

Literacy, Instruction Free reproducibles available Free study guide available

• Complete exercises throughout the book that will help to create a comprehensive argumentation unit of instruction.

The Fundamentals of (Re)designing Writing Units By Kathy Tuchman Glass

Companion Resource Perfect for teachers, curriculum designers, and literary coaches, this title provides guidance for designing new writing units and revising existing ones across content areas for grades 5–12. Discover practical strategies for teaching skills in drafting, editing, revising, feedback, and more. 128 pages • Examine the stages of the writing process and the benefits of teaching students to work through them.

74BCD–BKF711 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-942496-76-2

Literacy, Instruction

• Assess the particular importance of the feedback stage of the writing process.

Free reproducibles available

• Study the components and rationale of the backward-planning approach to unit design.

Free study guide available

• Gain access to downloadable templates, checklists, rubrics, and student activities useful for designing a unit and guiding lessons.

Spring 2017 New Resources



HEART! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader By Timothy D. Kanold

NEW Explore the concept of a heartprint—the distinctive impression an educator’s heart leaves on students and colleagues during his or her professional career. Use this resource to reflect on your professional journey and discover how to foster productive, heart-centered classrooms and schools. 264 pages 74BCD–BKF749 $37.95 USD | $47.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-43-9

PLC at Work, Professional Learning Communities, School Improvement, Leadership Free reproducibles available Read Q&A with the author at

• Examine five unique HEART aspects of your professional life: Happiness, Engagement, Alliances, Risk, and Thought. • Reflect on your professional journey and discover your distinctive heartprint on your students and colleagues. • Gain wisdom and inspirational insights for your work life from Dr. Kanold as well as dozens of thought leaders and researchers inside and outside of the educational profession.

School Improvement for All A How-To Framework for Doing the Right Work By Sharon V. Kramer and Sarah Schuhl

NEW Discover how to use the School Improvement for All framework to drive sustained school improvement and increase student achievement. Each chapter includes space for teacher teams to determine next action steps and a list of questions to help bring greater focus to improvement efforts. Est 200 pages 74BCD–BKF770 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-82-8

Professional Learning Communities, School Improvement Free reproducibles available Read Q&A with the authors at


• Learn how to use the School Improvement for All framework to improve student learning. • Consider anecdotes from the authors’ experiences working with schools that illustrate the framework in action. • Contemplate your school’s reality and determine what actions you can take to improve student achievement.

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Navigating the Core Curriculum RTI Stategies to Support Every Learner By Toby J. Karten

NEW In this practical guide, the author identifies potential barriers to learning and establishes action plans for diminishing them. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the three tiers of RTI and gain access to example lesson plans tailored to diverse student skill sets. 192 pages • Learn how to design multitiered lessons that honor diverse student literacy skill sets.

74BCD–BKF761 $34.95 USD | $44.00 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-61-3

• Study classroom-tested quarterly and monthly planners that afford opportunities for repetition and enrichment.

Response to Intervention, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Examine how to best use evidence-based practice in K–12 classrooms. • Discover why confidence, competence, and collaboration are vital classroom components for helping students gain core mastery.

Developing Effective Learners RTI Strategies for Student Success By Toby J. Karten

NEW Proactively address your students’ diverse needs, using multitiered systems of support and response to intervention (RTI). Throughout the book, readers are supplied with tiered lessons, practical resources, instructional and staff scenarios, student vignettes, and responsive evidence-based interventions. Est 120 pages • Gain evidence-based characteristics of effective learners. • Study research that justifies the book’s suggested learner strategies. • Learn how to plan multitiered grade-level lessons across disciplines.

74BCD–BKF762 $24.95 USD | $31.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-65-1

Response to Intervention, Instruction Free reproducibles available

• Receive guidance on how to implement multitiered, responsive interventions to meet students’ learning needs.

Spring 2017 New Resources



Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom A Blueprint for Learning Online in Grades K–12 By Casey Reason, Lisa Reason, and Crystal Guiler

NEW Discover the steps K–12 educators must take to facilitate online learning and maximize student growth using digital tools. Each chapter includes suggestions and examples tied to pedagogical practices associated with learning online, so you can confidently engage in the best practices with your students. 168 pages 74BCD–BKF772 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-86-6

Technology, 21st Century Skills

• Use technology tools like online classroom platforms and apps to foster digitally enhanced learning. • Understand the benefits of learning online and its advantages over traditional real-world classrooms. • Learn how to effectively facilitate digital learning experiences. • Study the challenges and opportunities teaching online offers.

The Global Education Guidebook Humanizing K–12 Classrooms Worldwide Through Equitable Partnerships By Jennifer D. Klein

NEW Tailored specifically to international schools, this resource will guide you through every aspect of PLC implementation. The book’s contributors are all international-school educators who have successfully recultured their schools into PLCs. They offer strategies and techniques for taking your school from good to great. Est. 256 pages 74BCD–BKF763 $37.95 USD | $47.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-63-7

21st Century Skills Free reproducibles available Free study guide available


• Learn about the components of global citizenship and the domains of global competence. • Gain examples of elementary, middle, and high school partnerships that target global and 21st century competencies students need to develop. • Consider communication platforms, organizations, and strategies for finding and fostering global partnerships and avoiding common pitfalls in forming partnerships.

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Based on Robert J. Marzano’s fifty years of education research, this new work is a greatly expanded version of the original The Art and Science of Teaching and details specific, proven actions educators can take to ensure all students achieve academic success.

New Perspectives. New Insights. New Strategies. By Robert J. Marzano 74BCD–BKF776 $29.95 USD | $37.50 CAD ISBN 978-1-943874-96-5

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2017 Spring New Releases Catalog  

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