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Annual Report

July 2015 through June 2016

Mission Statement Under God, the MLS Foundation nurtures relationships and encourages support to advance the mission of MLS of preparing young people for a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. To carry out its mission the MLS Foundation: 

Gives knowledgeable planned giving support to MLS donors

Provides various giving opportunities for student assistance, special projects, and the long term endowment of MLS

Works to build, maintain, and value the Seminary Family spirit

A Message from the Foundation President

We praise the Lord that he has continued to bless the efforts of the Foundation and we thank Him for the continued blessing of being able to work with all of you! Due to your support we were able to provide many services to MLS such as the Cardinal Classic Golf Outing, the Homecoming Tailgate Party and the Dinner & Auction. This year we were able to pay off our largest project ever, the Dorm Refurnishing project, and take advantage of an opportunity to purchase property on Hardin Street to give MLS the opportunity to use the property in the future! Also the Foundation donated our Cardinal Corner Store inventory to MLS, supported repairs to the Hardin Street entrance, provided support for operations and equipment needed by MLS and provided funding for MLS student assistance and MLC scholarships! In 2015 the Booster Club was added as a committee of the Foundation to provide advantages to the Booster Club in the areas of finances, recordkeeping, volunteer assistance and consistency. The Foundation has designated $100,000 in annual student assistance funds to MLS beginning in 2016-2017 with a goal to start raising that much annually to meet that need. We look forward to being able to continue to work with you to support the mission of MLS! Sincerely,

Mike Krueger MLS Foundation Board President

A Message from the Foundation Donor Relations Director Dear Friends of the MLS Foundation, I cannot thank you enough for the support that you continue to provide to the MLS Foundation. I am happy to share the MLS Foundation 2015-2016 annual report with you. It was another remarkable year! To God be the glory! I was confident that we would quickly retire the debt that we incurred to complete the dormitory renovation. I am excited to report that we made our final payment to Lutheran Association for Church Extension (LACE). Partnering with LACE helped MLS start the project when the timing was right and allowed the MLS Foundation more time to solidify donations. The students thoroughly enjoy their new living space! Stay tuned for the next project. The Foundation had a unique opportunity to purchase some real estate across from school on Hardin Street. The Foundation now owns four properties. The homes are currently being rented out by the Foundation as MLS continues their long-term planning. It will be nice to have options when and if the time comes to expand the campus footprint. We received our second vehicle as a gift. The first one was a van that we gave to MLS to use for transportation. The most recent one is a 1931 Model A Ford pick-up truck. Although there are no definite plans for usage, keep an eye out for it around campus and at events. A major focus will continue to be on helping students with financial assistance. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year the Foundation will be committing $100,000 to student aid. We will need your help in keeping that goal. Please prayerfully consider a gift to the Student Need Fund as financial aid will always be needed. The cost to attend MLS for a boarding student is $10,505 and $6,450 for a commuting student. As you read through the report you will see the many blessings God has provided. We are grateful and put our full trust in Him who provides all things. I ask that you continue to partner with us as we strive to fulfill our mission of supporting MLS and its purpose of training students for public ministry. In Christian service,

Volunteer Opportunities     

Assist the Foundation board by serving on a committee or at a Foundation event Help us keep our data base of alumni and friends current Share your updated class lists with us when you plan a reunion Share your time as a member of the Foundation board Post and comment on our Facebook page

Josh Wakefield Donor Relations Director MLS Foundation

Governing Body The MLS Foundation was established in 2001 to nurture relationships and to advance the mission of Michigan Lutheran Seminary. The affairs of the MLS Foundation are managed by a volunteer board of directors.

Board Members President: Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Michael Krueger Mark Eubank Vacant Lee Miller

Finance Committee Chairs: Events Committee Chairs: Relations Committee Chairs: Booster Club Chairs: Communications Committee Chairs:

Ron and Barb Schreiner Bruce and Diana Finkbeiner George and Julie Barrett Debbie Schaaf and Heidi Owczarzak Jim and Susan Weir

Foundation Staff Joshua Wakefield-Donor Relations Director Joyce Schultz-Records Specialist Erin Smith-Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities     

Provide leadership and direction Carry out gift processing, receipting Prepare board reports Establish and maintain communications with other WELS affiliated ministries Maintain oversight of events and activities MLS Foundation 2777 Hardin Street Suite 4 Saginaw, MI 48602 989-793-7511 or 866-657-9357 Fax: 866-643-4159

The Foundation and MLS The MLS Foundation works to encourage and support the Seminary Family spirit through activities and services. Among these activities and services are:  the annual Homecoming Tailgate Party  the Foundation Dinner & Auction  a Pre-Commencement Concert Reception for parents of graduating seniors and other supporters of MLS  a Special Recognition Weekend for the MLS 50 Year Class  the Summer Golf Outing  an accurate Alumni Directory  guiding tours for various reunion groups  grant writing

Gifts to MLS 2015-2016 $77,835.25

All of this helps MLS Students. How you can help     

Student Need Fund Capital Projects Commemorative Bricks Light Up A Student’s Life Electronically transferred funds

   

Gifts of Securities

Donor Advised Fund

 

Charitable Gift annuity (through WELS Foundation)

Special Projects

Wills, Trusts and Bequests

Long term endowment

Establishing an endowed scholarship

What’s New at the MLS Foundation In the spring of 2013, the MLS Foundation began making plans for its largest project to date—the refurbishment of the dormitory building that was built in 1974. This project was completed during the summer of 2014 at a total cost of $667,603.74 and included new beds, furniture, door locks, heating units, window seals, carpeting, and fresh paint in every dormitory room. Creative, low-cost financing with the Lutheran Association for Church Extension (LACE) allowed the MLS Foundation to complete the project without worrying about the future price increases that had stalled previous renovation plans. Using volunteer and student labor wherever possible also helped to reduce the overall cost.

Student workers, moving and assembling the new dormitory furniture

The foundation’s Donor Relations Director, Josh Wakefield, met with Don Krueger from LACE to make the final loan payment in July. We give thanks to God that, through His gift of generous donors, the entire balance of the dormitory loan has been paid off! Josh Wakefield and Don Krueger from LACE

The MLS Foundation recently received the unique gift of a 1931 Ford Model AA pick-up truck. Several volunteers have been working to put the final touches on its restoration. At this time there are no definite plans for the truck’s use, but watch for it to appear at special MLS and Foundation events! Josh and the 1931 Ford AA

Financial Summary Source of MLS Foundation Funds 2015-2016 $507,109.17

This unaudited summary was prepared on June 30, 2016

As of June 30, the MLS Foundation had $1,288,408.80 in long term assets which are permanently restricted. An additional $304,293.37 is held for short term needs of which $278,689.85 is restricted.

Disbursement from Investments The MLS Foundation utilizes a pooled investment policy. For the 2015 calendar year the gain on investments was 1.74%. The MLS Foundation made the following disbursements based on the endowment distribution policy of 3% and through grants. Scholarships to MLC for graduating seniors in the amount of $22,068.68 are helping 18 students attend MLC this fall. These funds were disbursed from the following funds:  The Ray & Helene Vasold Donor Advised Fund  The Roland & Esther Bode Fund  The Rev. John and Ruth Brenner Fund  The Rev. W.D. Keturakat Fund  The Susan Post Scholarship Fund  The Lloyd & Edith Thompson Fund  The James Frohmader Memorial Scholarship Fund  The Harris Kaesmeyer Scholarship Grant  The Buerkel-Zoellner Foundation Grant Additional Disbursements:

$30,686.47 for MLS projects

MLS Foundation

2777 Hardin Street, Suite 4 Saginaw, Michigan 48602-3710

Annual Report July 2015 through June 2016

MLS Foundation Online We are pleased to provide a number of ways to receive foundation information electronically. We produce an email newsletter. Signing up is easy. Visit the foundation home page at, scroll to the bottom and click on the subscribe form. Or just use your Smartphone to scan the QR code at the right. Be sure to visit our Facebook page

MLS Foundation 989-793-7511 or 866-657-9357 Fax: 866-643-4159

Gifts of Thanksgiving “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.� 2 Corinthians 9:11 Anonymous Donors Robin Anderson Gary & Catherine Anklam Harold Anschuetz Raymond & Ann Arnold SSgt Ralph & Beverly Ast Mike & Kathy Baeckl Rev Paul & Gloria Baldauf Rev Jason & Jodie Baldwin Edward & Karen Baldwin Rev Richard & Lois Balge Robert Bame Howard & Suzanne Bank Jeff & Terry Barancik Margaret Barnhart Marvin & Judith Bartell Michael & Ann Bauer William & Emily Bauman John & Kristy Beeskow John & Carol Beeskow Donald & Ruth Belisle Ed & Julie Bender Timothy Benecke Susan Bennett William & Patricia Berlin Steven & Paula Bilitz Wayne & Kerry Binnington Rudolph Bittner Rev Edward Boehling Dr H James & Janet Boldt Roger & Nancy Borchard Carl Borchardt Marc & Julie Borlaug Andrea, Emma, Naomi, Claire, and Maria Bortulin Tom & Carlene Boyd George Bradish Arthur & Barbara Brandt Earl & Karen Brassow Mary Lou Braun Rev John & Patricia Brenner Willis Buchholz Patricia Buenger Marie Buetow Robert & Dolores Bumhoffer Amanda Buono James & Dolly Carlson Al & Sue Cereske Diane Cereske Thomas Cereske Richard & Kelly Eunice Cherry James & Joanne Christner Randy & Valorie Compton Gary & Svea Cooke Harold & Paula Cooper Alfred & Barbara Crickmore Leslie Daenzer Wayne Dahnert Daniel & Trish Darling Rodney & Kimberley Davies Dorothy Dendrino John Depner Esther Doletzky Victor & Judith Domke Richard & Linda Douglas Lucy Drayer Michael & Gretchen Drayer Myron Dunbar Donald & Eileen Ebert David & Kelly Eddy Randall Edler Rev John & Susan Eich John & Linda Evans Jim & Melissa Everett

Fritz Faber Kim & Kathy Fedewa Steven & Heidi Feest Carolyn Fein Michael & Kathy Fetcenko Floyd & Jane Feusse Jason Finelli Bruce & Diana Finkbeiner Jim & Sue Finkbeiner Jim & Judy Fischhaber Kenneth & Carolyn Foerster Rev Keith & Rachel Free Marjorie Frey Walter & Betty Friebe Lacey Gaitan Maxwell & Sharon Gardy Kevin Geiger Richard Gensmer Steve & Janice Georgson Paul & Laurie Gies Richard Gies Gary & Diane Gilgen Rev William & Constance Donald & Lynn Groth Rev Gerhardt Haag Rev Keith & Ardis Haag Samuel & Carol Hacker Virginia Hafner Janet Hahm Scott & Trisha Hall Joshua & Kimberly Hanan Robert & Pamela Hart John & Dorothy Haus William & Elaine Hayes John & Sarah Heathcock Frederick Hegyi Philip & Cheryl Hempel Dale & Maxine Hensler Daniel & Lori Hensler Henrietta Hensler Jim & Amy Herber Alan Herman Kurt Heyer David & Sandra Heyn Jessica Hill Patricia Hill Rev Dennis & Kay Himm Hogey & Janet Holtz Gerald Hrinik Clayton & Edeen Hufnagel Rev Charles & Sheryl Illes Gregg & Kristine Iles Timothy & Nancy Iles Lynne Irving Marvin & Karen Israel Wayne & Carol Janetzke David Jeschke James & Diana Johnson Richard & Frances Kamnetz Rev Armin & Marion Keibel David & Mary Lou Kempfert Harold & Sharon Kester Chris & Gina Kestner Rev Michael & Jessica Killinger John & Christine King Larry & Janet Kirkman Bernard & Bonnie Kitzman Ned & Nancy Kleinke Ralph & Virgene Klockziem Rev David & Stacey Koehler James & Carla Koeppen Rev Robert Koeppen Scott & Karen Kohls Larry & Deborah Kramp

Warren Kramp Mark Krantz Louise Krieger Royce & Gloria Kriewall Gerald & Sandra Krohn Michael & Pam Krueger Dorothy Kruse Richard Kusowski Mitchell & Krystal LaBair Profs Seth & Melissa LaBair William LaGore Jerry Larson Gerald Last Prof David & Penny Lecker Marvin & Kay Lehman Norwin & Carol Lesser Rev Andrew Lindke Dr Richard & Sherri Link Howard & Betty Look Howard & Dawn Lovett Rev Mark & Bethel Luetzow Rev Donald Luhring James & Amie Maher Betty Mahmoody Mahtob Mahmoody Jan Majeske Scott & Denise Majeske Ruth Malchow Muriel Manthey Dale & Elizabeth Marquardt Jeanne Martin Scott & Jennifer Martin Loren & Penny Mathison Daniel & Nancy Maul Terry Maul Wilma Maus Roselin McDougald Gloria McInturff W John & Ruth Meinzen Olga Meinzer Howard & Shirley Metiva Harold & Carla Miller Lee & Amy Miller Michelle Miller Scott & Anne Miller John & Mary Mitchell Joan Morton Lloyd & Bernice Muehlfeld Rev Robert & Donna Mueller Rev Paul & Julia Mueller Erich Neumann David & Bonnie Nommensen Virgil & Kathleen Norder Constance Novak Casimer & Pamela Nowak Ruth Obermiller Levi & Heather O'Brien Marsha Ochodnicky Roy & Darlene Ohr Gerald Oomen Jeffrey & Heidi Owczarzak Elaine Paap Jeffery Paap Kathy Packard Rev Armin Panning Ardyce Peter Rev Joel & Jane Petermann Dennis Peters Richard Press John & Ellen Pretzer Michael & Lisa Priebe Walter Priebe Donald Pussehl Jr Rev John & Leah Qualmann

Gifts of Thanksgiving “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:11 Robert & Carol Quandt Marie Ramick Randal Rapp Craig Rau Norman & Arlene Rehmer Michael & Nancy Reis Richard Richter Norman Rieck Wendy Ristow Gene Rodewald James & Betty Roekle Janet Roekle Ruth Rogahn Gene & Joann Roller Rev David & Jennifer Rosenbaum Joanne Rosenbaum (d) Robert Rung Marvin Ryer David & Christina Scharrer Rev Martin & Sandra Scheele Thomas & Loretta Schindler Douglas Schleef Rev James & Martha Schmeling Carolyn Schmidt Peter & Rita Schmidt Prof Karl & Lisa Schmugge Daniel & Jeanette Schneider Carl & Marian Schneirla Doris Schoenike Walter & Joyce Schrenk Harvey & Bonnie Schroeder Rachel Schroeder Rachel Schroeder Helen Schultz Jerome & Karen Schultz Keith & Sherry Schultz Paul & Joyce Schultz Ronald & Roseann Schultz Thomas Schulz Rev Jacob & Jamie Schwartz Larry & Becky Schwartz Donald & Alice Sebald Walter See

Ronald & Mary Shaffer Byron & Dina Shoumaker Wesley & Janet Siebert John Simpkins Jerab & Erin Smith Jack & Carol Solomon Rev Milton & Nila Spaude Dr Richard & Madelon Spike William & Lorna Starke Rev Dick & Laurie Starr Rev Ethan & Dione Steinbrenner Peter & Ruth Stern Norman & Gertrude Stilson Douglas & Loraine Stindt Donald & Barbara Stobb Neil & Carol Stuhr Craig Surch Danny & Linda Swaffer Paul & Dawn Sylvester Thomas & Lois Tackebury Janette Taglauer James & Francine Thews Dr Glen & Beth Thompson Gale Tollefson Dr Myles & Catharine Tonnacliff Carmen Traub Kevin & Rochelle Traub Robert & Gretchen Trumble Gladys Uchrinscko Steven & Sandra Umphrey Jamie & Kaylene VanWagner Prof Terrance & Joan Vasold Rev Karl & Carolyn Vertz Russell & Mona Vitale Rev Joel & Lauren Voss James & Judy Wacker Josh & Kate Wakefield Justin & Tracey Wakefield Richard & Doris Waldbauer Rodney Wallace Cleo Walling Bari & Wendy Waltz Barry Waters

Terry & Melanie Watts Paul Wecker Prof Carl & Audrey Weihrauch Dr James & Susan Weir Charles & Bonnie Weiss Ronald Wenzel Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf Ruth Westendorf Gilbert & Naomi Wichert Patricia Wiedmer Carolyn Wiltse David & JoAnn Wohlfeil Thomas & Janet Wood Jamie & Rene Woods Dr Benjamin Workman Zachary Workman Arthur & Judith Younge Ronald & Joan Zahn Richard & Joan Zeeb George Zelenka James & Charlene Zessin St John Lutheran Ladies Aid, Gladwin, MI Women of Hope, Saint Charles, MI Women in God's Service, Livonia, MI Hope Lutheran Church, Hartford, MI St John Lutheran Church, Hemlock, MI Lutheran Fellowship Association, Bay City, MI St Paul Lutheran Church, Saginaw, MI St John Lutheran Ladies Aid, Ann Arbor, MI Glen Eden Lutheran Memorial Park, Livonia, MI Grace Lutheran Church, Durand, MI Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Grand Blanc, MI John R Burt and Mildred B Burt Charitable Foundation, Saginaw, MI Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Lansing, MI Christ Lutheran Church, Saginaw, MI Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Midland, MI Faith Lutheran Church, Harrison, MI Buerkel Zoellner Foundation, North Powder, OR MLS Class of 1960 MLS Classes of 1972-1978 MLS Class of 1966

Remembering Loved Ones Through Gifts to MLS “I thank my God every time I remember you.” Philippians 1:3 in memory of Adeline Schroer Robert & Cheryl Schroer in memory of Albert Eden Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Alvin Rathje Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Arlene Ella (Brunni) Fritz Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Arthur A Priebe Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Bill Brown Llorys Bosquet in memory of Brad A Trommer Md PhD Arlene Mossner in memory of Carlton and Marge Haglund Michael & Janice Bolen in memory of Carolyn Zeiger Prof David & Barbara Bauer Leon & Katherine Brands Rev John & Patricia Brenner Al & Sue Cereske Loren Dietrich

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Remembering Loved Ones Through Gifts to MLS “I thank my God every time I remember you.� Philippians 1:3 in memory of Dean Susan Post (cont.) Michael Eddy Lacey Gaitan Barry & Ann Lind Lee & Rebecca Post Rachel Schroeder Paul & Joyce Schultz Dr James & Susan Weir Travis Williams in memory of Deana J Evans Don Evans in memory of Deborah Poppy Dean & Suzanne Poppy in memory of Deloures Pagel Raymond Pretzer in memory of Dir Otto Hoenecke Paula Liska in memory of Dr Carolyn Matzke Dr Richard & Sherri Link in memory of Edwin Behrmann Raymond & Ann Arnold Rev John & Patricia Brenner Christine Herrmann Lynn Herrmann Mark Kolosovsky Korinne Kramer Rev Marcus & Barbara Manthey Deborah Priebe Raymond & Rea Schwall Leonard & Lisa Solomon in memory of Eleanore Franzmann Darrell & Janet Dengler in memory of Elisabeth (Hoenecke) Luedtke Mark & Gay Buschmann James & Betty Roekle in memory of Emil W R Nieschulz Jane Bell Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Emmet and Dorothy Witt Mike Witt in memory of family losses - Bob, Leslie, Todd Shirley Hoag in memory of Florence Link Rebecca Frost in memory of Frances Cereske Agnes Cereske Diane Cereske Joyce Cereske James & Linda DeYoung Walter & Betty Friebe Richard Gensmer Gertrude Gridley Bruce Hoerger Karen Koestler Jan & Roy (d) Majeske Florence Oblender Douglas & Loraine Stindt Barry Wiggins James & Charlene Zessin in memory of Frank A Watts Terry & Melanie Watts in memory of Fred Schmidt Carolyn Schmidt Wayne & Judith Traub in memory of Gary Kirkman Norma Manthe in memory of Gene Wagner Donald & Ruth Belisle in memory of George N Brassow Jr Marilyn Brassow in memory of Gerry Gosdeck Pamela Rau

in memory of Glenn K Ott Carolyn Wiltse in memory of Glenn Mueller Robert & Rhoda Holbrook Ruth Rauch in memory of Gloria Schmitt Leon & Katherine Brands in memory of Grace Genske Joanne Rosenbaum (d) Kent & Andrea Pyscher in memory of Grant Whelton Gudrun Bueche in memory of H John Schaible Michael & Anita Schaible in memory of Harold and Clara Burwitz Audrey Jeschke in memory of Henrietta Dunbar Myron Dunbar in memory of Irene B Sturm Rev Herbert Birner Jim Fron Ken & Donna Schwan Rev Karl & Carolyn Vertz Lois Wright in memory of Ivalo Zimmerman Rev Steven Korth in memory of James and Arline Thomford Rev Joel & Karen Thomford in memory of James Cooper Carolyn Wiltse in memory of Jay Hammerbacher Bruce & Nancy Winkler in memory of Jeff Jones Sheree Jones in memory of Jerry Ehlow Rebecca Frost in memory of Jim Frohmader Richard & Susan Fitzpatrick in memory of Joanne Rosenbaum Elden & Beverley Bender Carolyn Birkholz Prof Marcus & Karen Bode Leon & Katherine Brands Barbara Buchholz Margaret Buetow Ann Crawford Loren Dietrich Esther Doletzky Floyd & Jane Feusse Lacey Gaitan Donald & Katherine Gosdeck Ronda & John(d) Henderson Philip & Monica Herman Audrey Jeschke Louise Krieger Dale & Elizabeth Marquardt Karl & Lorraine Neuman Marietta Paap Rev Carl & Louise Pagel James & Betty Roekle David & Constance Sauer Jerab & Erin Smith Brian & Rachel Strieter Wayne & Judith Traub Rev Thomas & Sharon Westendorf David & JoAnn Wohlfeil in memory of John Henderson Prof Marcus & Karen Bode Leon & Katherine Brands Al & Sue Cereske Marjorie Frey Philip & Adrienne Frey

in memory of Joanne Rosenbaum (cont.) Robert & Marlene Hill Jonathan & Carrie Hozeska Chris & Gina Kestner Betty Reaume Prof Karl & Lisa Schmugge Robert & Cheryl Schroer Ronald & Ellen Sieggreen in memory of John Richard Simpkins John Simpkins in memory of John Sazy Marie Sazy in memory of Joseph Ortman Susan Bennett in memory of Joyce Hausman Rev John & Sarah Bortulin in memory of Judith Bode Zitter Prof Marcus & Karen Bode Tom & Lorna Fryer Richard Gensmer Richard & June Tesauro in memory of Judy Barckholtz Daniel & Jane Barckholtz in memory of Karl Butzky Virginia Hafner in memory of Kathy Nasgovitz James Nasgovitz in memory of Kevin Filiere Rev Kurtis & Sheryl Mau in memory of Laura Scheffler Seidel Waldemar Bergdolt in memory of Leona Ott Carl & Irmie Roggow in memory of Leona Westendorf Rev Thomas & Sharon Westendorf in memory of LeRoy Dobberstein Rev Peter & Barbara Naumann in memory of Leslie Dunbar and Henrietta Dunbar Myron Dunbar in memory of Lisa Rittierodt Jack Vogel in memory of Liz Pretzer John & Ellen Pretzer in memory of Lloyd and Edith Thompson Rev Donald & Maxine Thompson Dr Glen & Beth Thompson in memory of Lois L Krauss Charles & Darla Edwards Ryan & Carla Gray Mitchell & Maria Krauss Marla Ohrmundt in memory of Lorraine Knight Rebecca Frost in memory of Louise Marie Bassett Rev Dick & Laurie Starr in memory of Lyle Ogg Wanda Ogg in memory of Margaret Bents Dewayne Bents Michael & Jamie Paul & Joyce Schultz in memory of Marie Bendeich Carl Bendeich in memory of Marion Westendorf Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf Ruth Westendorf in memory of Marjorie E Toepel Dr Carl & Marilyn Toepel in memory of Mark D Eisbrenner Lowell & Nancy Kraft

Remembering Loved Ones Through Gifts to MLS “I thank my God every time I remember you.� Philippians 1:3 in memory of Marlene Marks Tamara Angus Andrew Marks Norman Marks in memory of Martin Toepel MLS Class of 1961 in memory of Marty Rase Barbara Welch in memory of Marvin Rupprecht George & Sarah Black in memory of Mary Eckert Roy & Ruth Elie in memory of Mary Hornbacher Joshua & Barbett Hornbacker in memory of Mary Jo Finazzi Raymond Pretzer in memory of Maude W Heck Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Maxine (Towne) Maguire Richard Towne in memory of Mel Arnold Tuji Arnold in memory of Melvin Larsen Gladys Larsen in memory of Mildred Priebe Lowell & Nancy Kraft in memory of Pastor Hilmar and Arlene Eckert Roy & Ruth Elie in memory of Pastor Ted and June Horneber Roy & Ruth Elie in memory of Paul and Madeleine Klett Ruth Obermiller in memory of Peggy Ann Weiss Russell & Mona Vitale in memory of Prof Gerald Cudworth Irene Cudworth in memory of Ralph Fogg Virginia Hafner in memory of Randy A Turner Raymond Pretzer in memory of Rev and Mrs A Maaske David & Katherine Maaske in memory of Rev John and Ruth Brenner Stephen & Laura Balza in memory of Rev Lynn Schroeder Stephen & Sarah Schroeder in memory of Rev Robert Krueger Donald & Jan Schimmel in memory of Rev Roland Welch Barbara Welch in memory of Rev Theodore and Dorothy Frey Lance & Susan Wice in memory of Richard Lippert Robert & Cheryl Schroer in memory of Rodney Hanson Robert & Cheryl Schroer in memory of Ronald E Sauers Florence Sauers in memory of Roy Majeske Orlin & Sharon Allen George & Julie Barrett Rev John & Patricia Brenner James & Barbara Burgett Al & Sue Cereske Tom & Judie Conzelmann Loren Dietrich Richard Gensmer Michael & Cindy Hein Kevin & Susan Keller Rev Robert Koeppen

in memory of Roy Majeske (cont.) Rev Paul & Lois Kuske Ronald & Patricia Loesel Katelyn Majeske Marena Mikol Dee Ann Pawley James & Betty Roekle Joanne Rosenbaum (d) Carl & Marian Schneirla Clara Schultz Paul & Joyce Schultz Larry & Becky Schwartz Joyce Tafel Wayne & Judith Traub Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf James & Charlene Zessin MLS Class of 1961 in memory of Ruth Smith James & Betty Roekle in memory of Sandy Seman Bruce & Diana Finkbeiner in memory of Sheila M Jester Robert Jester in memory of Stacy Giroux Kim Kettelhohn in memory of Steven Huegel Douglas & Loraine Stindt in memory of Sue Kaesmeyer Al & Sue Cereske Loren Dietrich Louise Krieger James & Betty Roekle Carolyn Schmidt in memory of Susan Westendorf Rev Thomas & Sharon Westendorf in memory of Suzanne L Nettleton Evelyn Brotsch in memory of Thomas Hohler Rev Edward Boehling in memory of Timothy B Ott Carolyn Wiltse in memory of Werner Roekle Esther Doletzky Bruce & Diana Finkbeiner Robert & Marlene Hill Victor Roekle Paul & Joyce Schultz Douglas & Loraine Stindt Dale & Lynn Taylor in honor of 50th wedding anniversary Duane & Ruth Ann Maier in honor of Arryn Uhlenbrauck Rev Kurt & Karen Uhlenbrauck in honor of Dale & Nancy Kettler Sarah Day in honor of Doug and Loraine Stindt Lynette Sue Stindt in honor of Harold Fuhrmann Paul & Joyce Schultz in honor of his 40th class reunion Rev David & Bonnie Clark in honor of Janet Roekle's 85th birthday Marjorie Frey in honor of Jim and Susan Weir Dr Michael & Marcia Wolohan in honor of Katie Gray's 16th birthday Larry & Audrey Palmreuter

in honor of Lee and Sue Terrian's 50th wedding anniversary Marjorie Frey in honor of Loretta Witt's 95th birthday Duane & Ruth Ann Maier in honor of Marjorie Frey Jeffery & Karena Falck in honor of organists, Brenda Schaffer and Cathy Schmiege Evelyn Krause in honor of Philip and Adrienne Frey's 50th wedding anniversary Marjorie Frey in honor of Prof Leonard Proeber 40 years in ministry Richard Gensmer James & Betty Roekle Rev Daniel & Eunice Westendorf in honor of Ray Pretzer John & Ellen Pretzer in honor of Samantha Schoch Harold & Donna Sturm in honor of the class of 1958 LD & Verna Hollenbeck in honor of the class of 1998 Jerab & Erin Smith in honor of Thomas's graduation from MLC Rev Jonathan & Deborah Rockhoff in thankfulness to the Lord for John Kaesmeyer's service to the Kaesmeyer family Rev Keith & Rachel Free

2016 annual report