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CONTINGENCY FEE AGREEMENT FOR LEGAL SERVICES IN CLASS ACTION I, ______________________, hereby agree and designate the law firm of Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice, L.L.C. (the “Law Firm”) to represent me in pursuing my claim for just compensation for a taking of property in Yalobusha and Calhoun Counties, Mississippi, against the United States Government in the Federal Court of Claims in Washington, D.C. (or any other appropriate jurisdiction). The Law Firm will not be representing me on any other matter. I understand, agree, and consent that in this lawsuit, the Law Firm will also be representing other property owners who have similar claims, that the Law Firm might file a class action on behalf of me and other such property owners, and that the Law Firm will represent that class and act in the best interests of the class. I understand that the ability of the Law Firm to recover money for me will depend, among other things, upon whether it can be shown that I owned fee simple title to the land underlying the railroad right of way at issue. Law Firm Fee. If the Law Firm recovers money for me either by trial or settlement, I will pay the Law Firm a fee of (a) or (b) below (whichever is greater): a.)

Thirty-five percent (35%) of the amount of the gross settlement or verdict, which amount would be comprised of three items: (1) the value of the property taken; (2) delay (interest) damages, if any; and (3) the statutory attorneys' fees. If the case is appealed, the fee is forty-five percent (45%) rather than (35%).


The statutory attorneys' fees as determined by the appropriate court and to be paid by the United States. I understand the statutory attorneys’ fees are based on the Law Firm’s hourly rate, and, under this alternative, I would receive 100% of the damages for the (1) value of the property taken; and (2) delay (interest) damages.

I will not pay the Law Firm a fee if no recovery of money is made for me. Costs. The Law Firm will be advancing various out of pocket costs for the litigation. Whatever costs which the court orders the United States to pay shall be paid to the Law Firm that advanced such costs. It is my understanding that the Law Firm will employ attorneys and paralegals in its Missouri offices to represent the claimants, including me, and may consult attorneys if necessary in the state in which my property is located. ______________________________ Client ______________________________ Client Date: _________________________

______________________________ Baker Sterchi Cowden & Rice, L.L.C.

4820-7419-7264, v. 1

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