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Fall 2012 Volume XXV, No. 1 Published by Peterson Middle School PTSA • Santa Clara Unified Council • Sixth District • California PTA Susan E. Harris, Principal • Ruchita Shah, PTSA President • Margit Look Henry, Editor

Principal’s Corner [Date]

Dear Families and Friends of Peterson Middle School, It was great to see everyone at Back to School Night!! Around campus, we are off to a smooth start (minus the construction clatter). Classrooms are humming with student activity and student learning. As I mentioned at Back to School Night, this year’s theme at Peterson is… PETERSON HAPPENS, because WE make it happen! This has come to be interpreted in a variety of ways. From our Service Learning and Leadership programs, Peterson Happens Because We Care and from our Health and Wellness Fair planning committee…Peterson Happens Because We Strive to Thrive. And we’re happening all right. In addition to promoting our Peterson community, teachers are diving into curriculum in all subjects, and working with colleagues to enhance their instructional strategies. This year’s big academic focus is on Middle School Math, working with Texas Instruments’ graphing calculators and Stanford University’s staff in Lesson Design. The other major curricular focus is planning and incorporating the Common Core State Standards in all subject areas. We will be shifting to these new standards over the next couple of years, when the State of California’s Department of Education officially adopts the CCSS standards. Check out for more information.

What’s Inside: After School Clubs, HomeworkSupport, and More! This year, we are excited to offer a variety of extracurricular programs for our students. See the last section for more information, and/or feel free to check with your child’s counselor for any questions or concerns about your child’s progress. This information is also on our school website!

Construction Update: New Kitchen, Cafeteria, Music Room and Landscaping! Construction has been in progress since June, and we’ve been meeting regularly with construction project managers, Measure J and Measure C staff, and landscapers to complete this last phase of construction. Solar panels are in place, and we are currently developing plans for the installation of surveillance cameras. The new marquee is on order, and final date of completion looks to be around January of 2013. A couple of seismic issues have come up with the “canopy” outside the cafeteria, and plans for the kitchen (electric work, etc.). Pirates’ Cove will have a new pathway, with trees and plants, and a quiet concrete bench area for thoughtful reflection, quiet reading, or just to relax. Peterson Happens!

A Reason to Celebrate! Peterson was the proud recipient of the Program of Excellence Award, given by the California Department of Education, Career and College Transition Division of Home Economics and Careers and Technology Education. Peterson received this award for meeting criteria in nine areas in our Culinary Arts program, ranging from rigorous curriculum, to leadership development, individual and family health and preparing students to balance personal, family and work responsibilities. Peterson is the second middle school in the history of this program’s recognition to receive this award (mostly high schools are recognized). The SCUSD Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Bobbie Plough, along with California Department of Education consultant Tanya Wright, officially recognized Peterson Middle School and Ms. Kelly Villarreal at the th September 13 board meeting. We are so excited to have Mr. Fedalizo, our new Culinary Arts teacher, be part of this ongoing endeavor. He will continue to support the FHA-HERO program at Peterson. FHAHERO is the pre-professional organization for students that provides co-curricular leadership and career development opportunities based on classroom instruction. Peterson Happens!

STAR Testing Results Based upon our preliminary STAR testing results, Peterson continued to do very well this past spring!! According to th our data, Peterson students showed academic growth in English Language Arts (3%), Math (6%), 8 Grade th History-Social Science (5%), and 8 Grade Science (5%)! This shows that students are proficient or advanced at many of the content standards that are covered in the STAR tests. Congrats to both our students and staff for a job well done! One of the more impressive parts of the report reflects that our Students with Disabilities’ scores th th th increased significantly: 22% in 6 grade math, 61% in 7 grade English-Language Arts, and 44% in 8 grade English-Language Arts. The California Department of Education will notify SCUSD of our preliminary API score in October, but WAY TO GO Peterson! 2

School Site Council Welcomes Jolene and Jessica Soares th

Thank you to those parents who turned in a ballot for the SSC election at Back to School Night. Representing 6 grade parents and students will be Mrs. Soares and Jessica! Welcome aboard! We look forward in working with you in the development of our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), and planning how to best meet the needs of our students!

Students and Parents Need to Register for a School Loop Account Registering for your free School Loop account is easy and only takes one minute! You will need your student ID number (or your child's) to complete the registration form. A student's ID number can be found on your last report card, or on your student's schedule he/she received at the beginning of the school year. This is a newly enhanced communication tool that allows teachers to post homework assignments each day, provide parents with daily homework assignments via email, provide students with online resources, blogs, and notes, in addition to provide school calendar events, morning announcements, After School Clubs and Sports Updates, PTSA information, Nature Center News, Library Events and News, online Newsletters, Department News, and other relevant information––we need you to register ASAP! At the time of this newsletter, only 564 parents have registered…we need all 915 of you! Our goal is to make our website as useful as possible to our Peterson Community!

Pinnacle for Parents Parents, please check your child’s progress regularly. Students’ grades are entered weekly and you can keep track of how they are doing in school. Please contact Miss Cota at 408-4232806 if you need assistance or can’t find your login and password. Parents who speak Spanish, please contact Mrs. Nakamoto at 423-2808 and she can speak with you. Website:

Memo from the Office: We do forget our personal items from time-to-time, however, the office has been experiencing an overwhelming amount of students forgetting lunches, backpacks, P.E. clothes, etc. We ask parents to make sure their students have their belongings before coming to school. Also, we understand you need to communicate to your student during school hours; however, we will only deliver messages if it is an emergency. We want to avoid interrupting class while students are learning. Thank you, Peterson Office Staff

Counseling Center Update: We are off to a great start this year. Our office is open from 7:30am to 3:15pm, Monday through Friday, and we welcome the opportunity to meet with parents, guardians and students at any time to answer questions or to provide guidance. Our focus this year is to strengthen our communication with students, parents and teachers and to be proactive in an effort to identify potential areas of concern before they become more serious problems. We are currently getting all of the Peterson intervention programs up and running so that those students who might benefit will have the opportunity to participate in them early on in the school year. The Homework Center helps students who are struggling academically and is a quiet place for students to get caught up on their assignments. Homework Center contracts will be mailed out as soon as 1st quarter progress reports are completed. We look forward to meeting you and working together so that your student has the most positive school experience possible. Find more information about the center in the Clubs section of this issue. Ms. Moberg: 6th Graders A–L, and all 7th Graders, call 423-2811 or email Mrs. Tavernakis: 6th Graders M–Z, and all 8th Graders, call 423-2803 or email


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relationships can help your child grow to be a wellrounded individual who feels a great deal of love and support from her or his world.

Parent Workshop We will be holding our first Parent Workshop on October th 18 . The Workshop will be held from 6:30–8:00pm. The topic will be Digital Citizenship and Digital Safety. We will also have the Safe Routes to Schools people here to present some tips on Safety. This is your night to come out and learn some information that will help you and ultimately help your child. Please leave your children at home, as we do not have childcare for this evening workshop.

Traffic Safety

Nunc cursus magna quis

News from the Vice Principal

Please remember when you are dropping your children off that other parents are also dropping off theirs. We encourage you to make sure your children have Peterson Teachers and Staff are focusing on the 40 everything already packed in their backpacks so they Developmental Assets throughout the school year. We have provided a list of the assets and a checklist you can can get out quickly and you can move into the exit line safely. do with your child. You can find them on the school If you drop off in front of the school, we would like to website. Below is an article focused on Building Strong encourage you NOT to pull out of the line, as sometimes Families. Each month, I encourage you to visit my webpage and receive more tips and tricks on how to help students are not paying attention, might be getting something out of the trunk or happen to exit from the your child develop internal and external assets. wrong side of the car. If you pull out of the line, you run the risk of bumping a car, or a child, and we don’t want Others Can Share in What You Do Already either of those things to happen. We know that everyone wants to get out the traffic line as quickly as possible, Building strong families—it’s what most parents but SAFETY OF THE STUDENTS is first and foremost. want to do. In their report Building Strong Families, Search Institute and the YMCA surveyed 1,005 parents in the United States. The majority of those Student Body Assembly: Digital Citizenship and surveyed said they felt successful as parents most of the Safety time. nd Unfortunately, the parents of many families are On October 2 , the Peterson Students will attend the scrutinized by the public for what they’re not doing. And Digital Citizenship/Digital Safety Assembly. The what they are doing wrong. This image is so common Assembly is presented with the Sunnyvale Police that in The Possible Dream, another Search Institute Department. Officer Holly Lawrence, an expert in these study, many lower-income families didn’t even know how topics, will be presenting to our students. They will see much they were already doing for their children. That’s video clips that cover sensitive topics such as bullying, why parents appreciate the strength-based approach of online reputation and teen suicide (this is just a case asset building. It can provide new motivation and be a example of cyber bullying). We showed similar video helpful tool in identifying and building on the strengths of clips to the students last year. At the end of the their children and their families. But even though parents assembly, students will be told that if they need to talk to are doing a good job, that doesn’t mean they should do it an adult, our counselors, Ms. Topliff and Mrs. Harris as alone. Parenting provides a lot of challenges, and not well as the teachers, are available to listen. We also every parent can answer every question that comes encourage students to use the link on the school website along the way. The Building Strong Families report also to report any incidents of bullying, cyber bullying or found that most parents are going it alone. Only 36% said it was very true that they turned to immediate or extended family for support. And only 20% said it was very true that they turned to friends for support. Just think “All systems run on energy. In the case of of all the opportunities for help in your parenting: families, energy comes from family members, mothers, sisters, dads, uncles, and friends. There are personalities, heritage, skills, and interests. But also trusted individuals within supportive institutions such it also comes from outside the family system, as schools and places of worship. Parents shouldn’t feel from other systems and individuals in their afraid to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s interactions with the family.” —James Garbarino merely acknowledging that a variety of supportive

Final Word:


PTSA Update: Message from the President: Dear Peterson Parents, Another school year is on its way and before we know it, it has been a month already! The warm summer days are giving way to the crisp fall days and, as always, excitement is in the air. Our kids are excited to attend one of the best schools in our area, Peterson Middle!! I would like to thank all the parents for their great support to the PTSA and help make our transition to a new school year very smooth. Please continue with this effort of helping throughout the school year as our kids grow and learn better when we parents are taking active interest in their activities. In order to continue with this effort, I would like to request that all parents keep signing up for upcoming events to volunteer as much as possible. If you know other parents who are still sitting on the sidelines, thinking about joining the PTSA, please encourage them to do so as we need more and more support. There are various ways by which you can stay in touch with what's happening at school:     

Through the school's e-newsletter: PTSA's Just Between Friends (JBF): Announcements on the school website: Peterson parent's yahoo group: Your child's agenda and most important of all: TALK TO YOUR KIDS !!

I feel very fortunate to be in a community of concerned, involved parents who have already joined Peterson PTSA. I would like to again invite all other parents/students who have not joined the group. When you join PTSA, you join millions of other concerned parents and advocates for children at the local, state and national level. If you have kids at multiple schools, please join each PTA. Our PTSA is very excited to offer more parents education opportunities this year: I look forward to seeing you at these parent meetings. For any additional information, please contact me or any PTSA board member and we will gladly provide you with any information. GO PIRATES!!! Sincerely, Ruchita Shah Peterson PTSA President

Keep Slurping and Swiping! Thank you to all of you that have already signed up for eScrip, Target card or use your Jamba Juice Appreciation cards. You are making a difference already. And it is never too late. If you would like to support your children and Peterson Middle School but might not have the time to volunteer or the budget for donations, you can do your part by signing up for eScrip. It is as easy as this: • • • • •

Go to: and go to sign up Enter the Peterson Middle School group id: 6628503 Register your grocery store card (like your Safeway card) Register other credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) Start using your cards.

Please remember every time you swipe your Jamba Juice Appreciation card, Peterson receives a percentage. Additional cards are available in the office. If you have a red Target card please designate Peterson Middle School. Target donates 1 % of your in-house purchases and 0.5 % of your outside of Target purchases. Every time you use your cards, Peterson will receive a percentage of your purchases. You can support multiple schools. If you need help or have questions please contact me at or 408-615-1975. Renate Harrison eScrip Coordinator 5

Leadership Update:

More PTSA News Scholastic Book Fair a Success!

Hello parents, teachers, and students! This year, as ASB president, it will be my pleasure to represent Peterson’s Leadership and ASB. Leadership got off to a very busy start, helping parents at Back to School Night as well as the Scholastic Book Fair. ASB and Leadership are also promoting the Magazine Drive that is going on right now. The theme is Rockstar Ducks, so go out and fundraise! Leadership had a Memoriam Display at lunch on 9/11, honoring the lives lost and the th heroic efforts during the attacks on September 11 , 2001.

This Fall's Book Fair held during Back-to-School Week was a great success. It made $5169.47. Of that, 50 % comes back to the school to be spent on books! With some of the profit, PTSA bought over $1,300.00 worth of books for the teachers and library, plus generous parents and students bought 77 books for the teachers from their Classroom Wish Lists! A big thank you to the parents who volunteered their time to come help at lunch and after school, plus the evening of Back-toSchool Night. We also had wonderful help from our Leadership students in Mrs. McCole's class. We will be back in the spring for Open House. Hope we see you there! Amy Kent

PTSA Membership Update st

As of Friday, September 21 , 395 members have joined Peterson PTSA which is a 30% increase over last year! The winners of our membership contest are: th th • 8 Grade: Ms. Johnson’s 6 period English class with 89.2% participation th th • 7 Grade: Ms. Urbani’s 6 period English class with 74.2% participation th • 6 Grade: Ms. Lawlor’s class with 100% participation AND Mr. Varga’s class with 113% participation…wow! How could we not recognize both of these classes for that amazing level of participation?

A major event is coming up! The 7th/8th Grade Dance is th on September 28 from 6-9pm. The theme is “Masquerade Ball”. Tickets are $3 before the dance and $6 at the front door. Leadership continues to read during SSR with students who have special needs in order to build a stronger community. Jamba Juice is being sold after school every Tuesday with 20% of the proceeds going to our school. Peterson’s Leadership and ASB will strive to build community in this school and to elevate the quality of student life.

All students in the above classes will receive a small prize courtesy of YOUR Peterson PTSA. Congratulations! In addition to this fabulous show of support for PTSA membership, our parents also donated nearly $2,500 when they returned their dues envelopes. From donations of $1 to over $300, every dollar donated contributes to the collective impact of the generosity of our school community! Membership cards will be distributed to your child’s language arts or English class very soon. The cards have a great new look and provide access to discounts and other member benefits. Make sure to activate your cards when you receive them. Thank you for your support thus far and remember, it’s never too late to be a part of PTSA! Stop by the Peterson office, pick up an envelope, submit your dues and join today!

Thank you, Joseph Choe, ASB President


Aditya Sriram – ASB Vice President Ms. McCole - Leadership Teacher Stephanie Chee – ASB Secretary Ms. Tito - ASB Advisor Shalin Shah – ASB Treasurer Tamara Pantic – ASB Member at Large

Leslie Kloes Membership Chair


Meet the Peterson Staff Meet Gail Breasher English Teacher Birth Month: April Where were you born? Patterson, CA How many years have you worked at Peterson? 12 What do you like best about Peterson? My students and colleagues are so great to be around and always make me smile. Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Subject: English of course! Favorite Book Genre: Historical fiction Favorite Food? Albondigas Who makes it best? Mi mamá Where did you attend college? San Diego Go Aztecs! Your favorite place and why: Ko Samet Thailand, great food, people and beaches Your favorite school memory: My favorite teacher Mrs. Dooling let me share my award-winning story out loud in front th of the whole 6 grade! Anything else to share? Since some of my students are new to the U.S., I like to think that the world comes to me during the school year and during the summer I get to go see the world. I love to travel to new places, experience new cultures, eat new foods and explore.

Meet Jarrell Fedalizo Culinary Arts Teacher Birth Month: November Where were you born? Mountain View, CA How many years have you worked at Peterson? 3 What do you like best about Peterson? The staff, the community and the awesome students! And that I’m a Peterson alumnus! Favorite Color: I don’t know…blue, maybe green. Favorite Subject: Culinary Arts!! Favorite Book Genre: Cooking, Culinary Arts Favorite Food? Cereal Where did you attend college? De Anza, California Culinary Academy, Metro Ed. CCOC Your favorite place and why: Kellogg’s and General Mills factory! Because they make cereal!  Your favorite school memory: Too many to list––getting st hired at the middle school I went to, being a FHA Hero 1 , nd rd 2 , 3 year! 

Meet Emily Branch Art Teacher Birth Month: August Where were you born? San Jose, CA How many years have you worked at Peterson? 4 What do you like best about Peterson? The amazing, talented and fun students that I get to teach each year and a great team of educators that I work with daily. Favorite Color: Gossamer blue Favorite Subject: Art!! Ceramics!! Favorite Book Genre: Dystopian fiction Favorite Food? Chocolate Where did you attend college? San Jose State University Your favorite place and why: Carmel and Sonoma. I love quaint towns where I can shop and enjoy delicious food. Your favorite school memory: I really enjoyed my art classes and after-school crafts club, which exposed me to a variety of projects and non-traditional media Pets? Mr. Green, my 13-year old parrot who loves attention. Anything else to share? In my spare time I design papercrafted goods like home décor pieces, greeting cards and gifts for magazine publication and sale––I love it!

Meet Brandon Cabral Noon Duty Birth Month: April Where were you born? Redwood City, CA How many years have you worked at Peterson? 2 What do you like best about Peterson? The scenery of the campus––not a lot of schools have something as cool as the nature area. Love it! Favorite Color: Orange and black. Favorite Subject: English Favorite Book Genre: Non-fiction Favorite Food? Buffalo wings. Who makes it best? Buffalo Wild Wings Where did you attend college? The Recording Connection Your favorite place and why: My favorite place is the beach. Nothing like a relaxing bon fire! Your favorite school memory: Football at lunch, Mrs. Tavernakis’ English class Pets? Two orange cats Anything else to share? Life passes faster by the day. Don’t let fear hold you back from finding your own greatness.


Department News Electives Teach Young Minds to Think Outside the Box The electives department is comprised of Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Wood Arts, Technology Literacy, Music, Spanish, Japanese and the AVID programs. The electives program engages students in learning through different pathways, exploring the creative process that results well-rounded students and thinkers, and encourage student performance beyond the core curriculum. This year the electives department is pleased to welcome our new Culinary Arts teacher, Jarrell Fedalizo. Jarrell is no stranger to Peterson. Working alongside Kelly Villarreal as her assistant, he now steps in to take over the Culinary Arts program and the annual FHA-Hero competition. We are so happy to have him join our department. The electives department at Peterson is dedicated to teaching young minds to think outside the box. Whether it’s constructing a moving car in woods class, performing a musical piece in the Jazz band, adding a new ingredient to a traditional recipe in Culinary Arts class, or taking a new technique they’ve learned in Art class and making it their own, students are becoming stronger thinkers as they learn new ways to problem solve and express themselves visually and artistically.

New Classroom for Art Students Beginning art students started off the year in our brand new classroom! The new art room has so much room for students to learn and create! There are two separate teaching areas: one for Beginning art students and another area for Clay Arts students. Along with a new sink and work area, students can look forward to a variety of projects such as wire and paper-mache, armature sculptures for El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Creative Calligraphy drawings, and projects teaching color theory and mixing! We’re looking forward to an exciting and fun year of creating masterpieces and sharing them with parents, the Peterson community and even the local community! Sharing student artwork at various shows like the District Day at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara and the Art Rotary Show in Saratoga at West Valley College not only helps students take pride in the work, but also exposes them to the world of fine arts and to art appreciation. Please encourage your students to share their work with the Peterson and local community!

Clay Art: A New Class at Peterson Art at Peterson is growing and we’ve added another class for students who want to dive deeper into art beyond the introductory course. Clay Arts will expand upon the elements and content learned in Art 1, but will focus on implementation of those concepts in a 3-d form! This new class is full of students who excitedly started their first project at the beginning of September, a natural environment slab tile. Students learned how to roll slabs of clay and are constructing natural environments such as underwater coral reefs using additive and subtractive methods of construction. Clay Arts students will see their pieces fired in our new kiln, and will be able to glaze their projects and display them for Peterson and local community. Projects that Clay Arts students will create this semester include fantasy door entrances that practice the slabbuilding technique and other hand-building projects that teach students coiling and pinch pot hand-building methods. Make sure to watch for your young artist’s work coming home in the coming months. ~Ms.Branch


Tech Literacy As part of the Digital Safety unit in Tech Literacy, students just completed Missing. This is an interactive game in which students work in pairs to solve the crime of a boy gone “missing”. It consists of six sections that must be completed sequentially in approximately one week’s time. Students enjoy this activity as they work independently as a team using their critical thinking and problem solving skills to gather information, with minimal teacher interaction. Our next big project will focus on cyber bullying; this is also a student favorite. ~Ms. Chapman


On Thursday, September 20 , the AVID Site Team hosted a Parent Night where parents of our AVID elective class came to learn more about the program. Here are some facts about AVID that you might not know yourself: • AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, and is a college-readiness system at the elementary, middle, and high school level. • AVID is in 48 states across the country (and in Australia!) and currently serves over 450,000 students. 67% of Peterson's AVID students last year in the Algebra math class scored Proficient or Advanced on the CST, and 59% of the AVID students in Math 8 jumped a whole level in their CST scores from 7th grade. • AVID students are much more likely (90%) than non-AVID students (36%) to be eligible to apply for college when they complete high school. • AVID students graduating from Wilcox and Santa Clara High school last year are now attending universities such as Cal Berkeley, UCLA, and USC. If you would like to know more about AVID, or how you can support this amazing program, please contact Peterson's coordinator, Kathleen Twomey.

Idioms and Survival in 6th Grade English! th

In 6 grade, there’s a lot of good work going on. All classes are focused on Common Core Standards and will begin Word Masters in October. The students in Mrs. Fries's class enjoyed reading Norton Juster's classic novel, The Phantom Tollbooth. Students selected and illustrated idioms, which helped them better understand the figurative language in the novel. In Mrs. Harris’s class, they’re comparing short stories and a novel, looking at the theme of survival. They are also studying adjectives in preparation for an analysis of their PBA’s, looking at how to improve openings and hooks in their writing. Some classes are also reading The Circuit, using strategies to analyze the text. --Mary Fries, Wendy Harris, Ashley McCole

Reading and Writing Fiction in Seventh Grade English We're off to a roaring start, opening the year in our 7th grade English classes with our fiction unit. All the classes are reading short stories, plays, and literature circle novels. What exactly are we reading? To give just one example, in Mrs. Heidig's classes, we've read several suspenseful short stories, including "The Stranger" and "The Jigsaw Puzzle". (Just how much tension can a puzzle produce, you ask? Plenty!) Next we'll analyze some lighter pieces, such as Shirley Jackson's classic, "Charles". Authors we will be reading include Gary Soto, Anne McCaffrey, Bruce Coville, Lawrence Yep, Lanston Hughes, and Rod Serling. Along with working on reading strategies and analytical skills, we're writing responses, book reviews, essays, and best of all, our own short stories. So if you need a good book or author recommendation, ask a 7th grader! ~Ms. Heidig, Ms. Kier, and Ms. Urbani and Mrs. McCole, English Department Chair

Sixth Grade Team Heading to the Exploratorium th


On September 30 the entire 6 grade will be going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco. This is an exciting trip where students get to discover and play through some amazing scientific stations! Parent volunteers are needed to help chaperone our students. If you are interested in chaperoning please contact your student’s core teacher and Ms. Morales for a volunteer packet. Look for pictures and updates from this great day in our next newsletter! th ~Ms.Tito, 6 Grade Team Leader


Seventh Grade Team Busting Myths at the Tech To supplement our 7th grade science and social studies curriculum this year, we have arranged st for a field trip to visit the Tech Museum in San Jose on November 1 to see the fabulous Mythbusters Exhibit along with a special showing of the IMAX feature, Under the Sea. Permission slips have been sent home. Chaperones will be necessary. We estimate that we will need 4 to 5 chaperones per class responsible for 8 students each. Chaperones will be able to tour the museum free of charge. The time commitment will be approximately 5 hours based on a departure time of 9am. Transportation will be by district school bus. We strongly encourage any guardian who would like to share this experience with their child to take advantage of this opportunity. It will certainly be a memorable one. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Martin by email at or phone at 423-2925.

Eighth Grade Team Develops Learning Service Opportunities The eighth grade team is pleased to be teaching this year’s class. Teachers are planning how we will encourage, motivate and mentor our eighth graders throughout the year to improve student achievement and overall student success. Student achievement and success are not only achieved through traditional education, but also through learning service opportunities that help to close the achievement gap, impart workplace readiness skills and complement the Common Core standards that will take affect in 2014. This year we are working together to create learning service opportunities that will facilitate your student’s leadership skills, but will also develop students who care for others, and make a positive impact in their school and local community. th Mrs. Branch, 8 Grade Team Leader

Math––New, New and New! So much going on in the Peterson Math Department this year! The ALEKS program returns for Math 7, and Eighth Grade Algebra Academic Support, as one of our most successful Math supplement programs. ALEKS allows students to learn at their own pace, with a custom designed curriculum, both at school and at home, that grows and changes as the student progresses. We have more students than ever in Eighth Grade Algebra through our ALGEBRA ACADEMIC SUPPORT Class. Sixth Grade offers SOAR TO SUCCESS MATH after school for students to help more students succeed in Math. Our HOMEWORK CENTER returns to offer individual support in all subjects for students who qualify. Santa Clara Unified is providing district-wide Professional Development for our Middle School Math Teachers on the Texas Instrument MATH FORWARD program. This program introduces Wi-Fi Interactive TI-Nspire Handhelds for all of our Math 7 and Supplemental Math students. TI Math Forward is a program for the improvement of middle school and high school math achievement, designed to incorporate and extend the district’s existing curriculum while adding supplemental activities and assessments aligned to state standards. And they get to “play” with cool technology. Math Forward is not yet at full implementation, and will be phased in as training continues. ~Mr. Schomberg and Mr. Shanahan, Math Department Co-Chairs

Science: Off to a Great Start The science teachers want to thank all of you who donated money to the science classes. The funds will be used for necessary supplies that enhance our curriculum. We truly appreciate your generosity! The Science Club is off to an overwhelming start! Students meet Friday after school and enjoy learning science through many hands-on activities. We have over 80 kids -- yes, that is a bit overwhelming, but we are trying to manage that. It is a good problem to have. We now have a web page, accessible through Mr. Asekomeh's School Loop page or directly at This is a very simple page that we will keep up to date with recent competition results, information about the current project, and contact information. Visit it to see what is there.


Students wishing to participate but who missed the first meeting for science projects, please see Ms. Henderson in th th room E-4. The deadline for Peterson Science Fair projects is Tuesday, January 15 . Science fair projects in 6 grade are optional. Students from the Basic Science class began their weekly visits to the farm. They're learning science through activities taught at the Full Circle Farm. Students are planting vegetables that eventually will end up in a healthy dish they make and enjoy. ~Mrs. Robbins, Science Department Chair

PE Department is Getting’ Busy! The Physical Education department is, as always, excited for the new school year! A new year means fresh faces and personalities, and a new crop is always intriguing as we try to get our new students committed to, "Be kind. Be honest. Work hard." Whether it be team building activities with pool noodles, fitness pretesting (Pirate Power!), daily nutritional logs, or fun, cooperative games like Goons & Goblins or Castleball, the goal of Physical Education is to inspire our students to learn and appreciate the benefits that physical activity has on our health, our mind, and our social interactions with others. FUNDRAISER ALERT!! The PE department hopes to hold the first ever, Turkey Trot Fundraiser that will hopefully take place in November 2012. With this fundraiser, we hope to include the whole school in running or walking the course that would take place on Peterson's campus! This fundraiser would help our department immensely as our biggest need is an indoor sound system for the ever-popular dance unit! Peterson’s Physical Education department hopes this message finds you all in good health and happiness! For PE writing assignments we use Exercise Your Options, a workbook provided for free by the Dairy Council of California. This six-lesson nutrition curriculum aligns with California education standards. The lessons allow students to apply their unique perspectives to the decisions they make every day that influence their health. ~Mr. Gillmore, Mr. Advincula and Ms.Yee

Opportunity––Learning About Ourselves A major component of adolescence is learning; possessing knowledge through study. In the Opportunity program, we know that learning doesn’t stop with curriculum. Learning is present in all areas of our lives. Although we are studying and working hard to grasp new concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts, we are also taking time to examine ourselves. We have all made mistakes in our lives. Knowledge of the impact of said mistakes is essential in all aspects of our lives. Our focus in the Opportunity program is to use this knowledge to guide our decisions and help us grow. ~Ms. Corsello, Opportunity Program Teacher

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead


Nature Area News Summer is nearly over and fall is fast approaching. The sun is dropping in the southern celestial dome with each passing day while the resulting shadows grow in length. The Nature Area is passing through a period of trial. All the summer’s young are on their own now and have to forage for their daily needs. Up to a half of the summer’s progeny will not even survive their first bout of winter weather. A number of projects were completed this summer. Like the seasons, ever changing, the Nature Area is constantly in a state of evolution. The third and last 15-foot observation tower was erected in the Redwood Forest Community. The new tower, like the other two in the Nature Area, will be used to mount additional wildlife cameras, WIFI radios and antennas, an additional weather station, abiotic data acquisition equipment and wildlife enhancements such as bat and birdhouses. Situated in the heart of the dense Redwood grove, the tower will enable students to collect meteorological data live time and compare that data with similar live streaming data from open exposed biological communities. Not only can this be done on the Peterson campus, but the streaming data can be previewed by all the schools in the district. A number of projects, such as trenching and getting power to the tower, running Cat5e cable to the elevated platform, and installing the PoE switch and service box, have to be accomplished before this comes to fruition. Peterson Middle School is one of a very few schools in the United States that has such an extensive biological research station on its campus. In addition, we finished the Nature Area Science Lab located in the E wing next to the research facility. During the Peterson Measure J modernization, the old foods room was gutted and a new-state-of-the-art science lab was built to facilitate Nature Area lab activities. With the help of grants from Intel and other sources, students can now set up environmental experiments using computer programmable data loggers. The data acquisition loggers can be left in the Nature Area for as long as a month. The programmed units periodically collect and store up to seven channels of data. At the end of the experiment, the numerical data is downloaded onto flash drives and analyzed and graphed in anyone of a number of speed sheet programs. Fifteen donated dissecting zoom microscopes were installed and mounted on recycled cabinetry. Microscope light sources were installed and power strips were added to allow for future expansion. Biological reference books and keys have been collected and stored for student use. Four HP computers from a previous Nature Area Science Grant have been networked into the Peterson WAN and provide current search services. Besides being used as a natural history science lab, the Nature Area facility has been designed for video conferencing. Using Skype, a small Macintosh computer, and a new state-of-the-art Smart Board, whole classes can interact with researchers from around the world. The set up is kept on a rolling cart that can be easily moved into place. In less than two minutes a class of students can be in contact with a turtle expert in South America! The major obstacle to student worldwide video conferencing is time. Second period here can be 3am at the other end. As the Nature Area continues to mature and evolve, we are trying to increase the botanical diversity of our native plants. For the first time in a number of years, Leopard Lilies have bloomed in the Nature Area. As with most plant introductions, the transplanted plants have to be meticulously cared for the first two years. After three years in the soil, the developing lilies finally bloomed. Each additional year will bring larger displays of the four-inch orange and black flowers. As with any student state-of-the-art research facility, the Nature Area is constantly in the search of additional funds to expand it data acquisition program. This summer, a local company donated a much-needed refurbished server to replace the aging 15-year old HP NetServer to serve the two current weather stations, host the Nature Area web pages, and serve the Nature Area Seasonal videos. The Nature Area is in need of the following items: 6 PoE switches, 300 feet of Cat5e water proof cable, two wireless solar powered weather stations, two additional PTZ IP Sony outdoor Speed dome Cams, 3 recording aquatic oxygen data collectors, 10 wireless temperature and relative humidity sensors, and two underwater IP cams. We are constantly looking at new ways of introducing science students to collecting live time streaming data. The two acre facility is a living lab that can be studied on site or remotely with the aid of the district WAN. Our imagination is our only limiting factor. Let everyone experience the excitement of the living earth. It is our shared world. ~Ms. Fohner and Mr. Osborne


2012–2013 After School Clubs and Programs Some graphics provided by the Pirates Newsletter Graphics Team. Thank you: Maya Freeman for Gains and Instructional Swim, Tomas Panasyuk for Science Club and Japan Club, Aaron Wang for Math Club and Community Service Club, Siddharth Patil for Nature Area Guides, Yoga and Book Club, Savya Challa for Chess Club and World Affairs Club and Beatrix Henry for Homework Club.

Book Clubs Ahoy Pirate Readers! Love talking about books? Making new friends? Then joining a bookclub is for you! This year’s book club include: Chick Lit, Fantasy Sleuths, Adventure-Fantasy, and Book vs. Film. New this year the Teen Service Librarian from Sunnyvale Public Library will be hosting a Manga bookclub on campus once a month as well. Book clubs meet during SSR or afterschool. Check the library webpage calendar for meeting dates and times. Contact: Ms. Piscionere at 423-2840 or email

Chess Club Ahoy Pirates, Check Matey! Interested in playing or learning the exciting strategic game of chess? No need to sign up, just stop by and join a game. We meet every Thursday after school (except on early out days) in the library. It is a fun, friendly club open to everyone, students and staff, beginners and advanced players. It’s a place to practice your skills and compete with friends or archenemies. For any questions contact the club advisor, Ms. Piscionere! Days of the Week: Thursdays, from 2:40–3:40pm (meet in Library) Contact: Ms. Piscionere, 423-2840 or email

Community Service Club There’s nothing better than giving back to your community! Come join the Community Service Club, which meets every Thursday after school. This semester’s focus will be the Nature Center. You will have the opportunity to either work with Mr. Jolliff creating wooden paths for the Center, or Mrs. Twomey and Ms. Gonzalez to become a steward of milkweeds, which we will be cultivating for the new butterfly sanctuary. Due to the nature of the work involved, we need students who are willing to devote a 75% attendance. Come join the fun and help our Nature Center! Contact: Mrs. Gonzalez in Rm. F-1, or call 408-423-2858, or email Mr. Jolliff in Rm. E-1, or call 408-423-2876, or email Mrs. Twomey in Rm. F-2, or call 408-423-2962, or email

Full Circle Farm––After School Club If you are interested in the Full Circle Farm Peterson After School Club, where students create projects in the garden throughout the year on Tuesdays 2:45-3:45pm, it starts September 11th! Waivers are available via our FCF Webpage: th Students need to have this signed and filled out by the first day of Farm Club on Tuesday Sept. 11 . Meet at our back gate near the newly installed solar panels. Hope to see you on the farm soon! Contact: Ms. Cindy Moreno at Full Circle Farm, or call 408-394-1464


Gains Club (Girls Achieving in Non-Traditional Subjects) GAINS is a program for girls in grades 6–12th grades in Santa Clara Unified School District. At Peterson Middle School, the club meets at 7th/8th grade lunch (12:10–12:45) in the library on early-out Thursdays. Six times a year we have phenomenal speakers. Pizza and water are provided for lunch. th Sixth grade students must arrange with their teachers to miss 5 period. Attendance is required at scheduled events. If students cannot attend an event, they must inform Mrs. Fohner so that the absence will be excused and students will not be dropped from GAINS activities. th Featured events for 2011-2012 include a dessert night and introduction on October 6 , lunch with Peterson Staff in January, Success Camp on the Tuesday/Wednesday of February Break (2/21 and 2/22), the Expanding Your Horizons Science Conference for Girls at Cañada College, and an End of the Year Celebration. Contact: Mrs. Fohner 423-2941 or email

Homework Center We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week from 2:40–3:40, beginning in mid-September. This club is designed to help students with their academic needs and success in the classroom. Targeted students will be invited first to attend and if there is room, for other interested students. Each “center” is grade-level specific: you may contact your child’s counselor for more information. Students in 8th Grade th will be in Room B-5; 7th Grade will be in Room F-8; 6 ; Grade will be in Room A-2. Contact: Mrs. Tavernakis in the Office, call 423-2803 or email

Instructional Swim Club/Stroke Clinic Ready to walk the plank but don't know how to swim? The Peterson Swim Club will provide you with the opportunity to work on basic to advanced swim skills to help you become a better swimmer. The club is open to all Peterson students and to faculty as well. Individuals will be tested and placed into beginner, intermediate or advanced group levels. Each level will meet on separate days of the week to ensure appropriate drill/skill work. The Stroke Clinic will begin in early September, and the Peterson Swim th Club began September 26 . Come and hone up your swim skills! As an Age Group Xterra Off-Road triathlete World Champion, Ms. Yee will share her extensive knowledge of swimming technique to all! See you at the pool! Days of the Week: Mondays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, from 2:45-3:45pm (see dates above) Contact: Ms. Yee, call 423-2848 or email @ – Instructional Swim Club Ms. Ana Eppel, call 408-505-1006 or email

Japan Club Calling all students interested in learning about Japanese culture and making new friends. The Japan Club will start in October, with Mr. Asekomeh, Mrs. Johnson, and Usimara Sensai as club advisors. Students will host Japanese students in March of this coming year, and will travel to Japan in April during Spring Break. The club focuses on gaining cultural experiences and learning communication skills through the exchange program with our Japanese friends. We will plan both for our trip to Japan, as well as entertainment and cultural experiences for our visiting students and teachers. The trip and hosting foreign students is an experience Peterson students will remember forever! Contacts: Mr. Asekomeh in Room D-4, call 408-423-2938 or email Mrs. Johnson in Room B-9, call 423-2927 or email Mrs. Ushimaru in Room A-2, call 408-423-2822 or email

Mathcounts! / Math Olympiad Afterschool Program Mr. Kumar has already begun an afterschool math club on Wednesdays in room A-2. Students are taught how to solve challenging math problems and think critically. Over 65 students applied for the club, but there is a class size limit…so a math test was administered in September and the top 35 students will qualify for the program. Students will partake in a Math Competition at San Jose State University in the early part of 2012. Contact: Mr. Pankaj Kumar, email


Nature Area Guides Seventh and Eighth grade students are eligible to apply to be a Nature Area Guides. The Guides are the experts on the field trips when students visit our Nature Area from the local elementary schools. To prepare for these field trips, the Guides meet in the Nature Area on Wed. at lunch. We practice field trips and learn about the Nature Area. The Guides have an Annual Ice Cream Social on the Sunday after school begins in the fall. An application is required for admission to the Nature Guides Program. Please see Mrs. Fohner if you are interested in Room D-1. Contact: Mrs. Fohner at 423-2941 or email

Pirates FCC (Fantasy Football Club) Do you have what it takes to put together a winning football team? The Fantasy Football Club gives you the perfect chance to find out! Fantasy football puts you in charge of your own virtual NFL team. During a live online draft, students select from the best of the best in the NFL and the team you create competes on a weekly basis against other club members' teams. Your players’ on-field performance is what drives your fantasy points and overall success. For example, if your chosen quarterback throws a bomb pass for a touchdown, you get a certain amount of points determined by your league manager. So, choose your players wisely and maybe you'll be this year's Pirates FFC Club winner! To join the FFC see Coach Gillmore in PE, or Ms. Breasher in Room C-1. We are asking for donations from our club members and our supporters; 100% of the donations collected will go towards prizes for our winners. Since club members will be using Yahoo! Fantasy Football online from home and/or at school, you will also need to turn in a permission slip that includes the SCUSD's Technology Agreement form. Good luck and let the games begin!

Science Club is Back! The Science Club is an opportunity to explore science and engineering in a fun, hands-on, sort of way. There are no right and wrong answers, just a chance to explore and complete against fellow students. Your mission is to solve a problem better than any other team! After an initial explanation of the project, your team is turned loose with the materials, to try different things. A contest at the end of the project allows your team to show off its solution, and to see who did best. Projects last a few weeks. Past projects include a boat, bridge, catapult, electromagnet, telegraph, rockets, windmill, car, and more! FSEA ( is a source for some of the projects. Days/Time: Fridays, 2:45–3:30PM Where: Room D-4, Mr. Asekomeh’s Room Host: Mr. Ross La Fetra Contact: Mr. Asekomeh at 423-2938 or email

Soar to Success! After School Support in Literacy and Math We are excited to be able to offer both before and after school SOAR to Success programs this year! There are two main areas of focus: math and reading/writing. We will have a Writing Workshop run by Mrs. Tavernakis and Mrs. Lefer focusing on expository, persuasive, and response to literature. Mr. Schomberg will be concentrating on math using a variety of hands-on, concrete activities to strengthen students’ number sense and proportional reasoning skills. We will also be adding a reading program as well. Our goal is to help students that are not at level in reading, writing or math to reach proficiency in these categories. All programs are aligned with state standards. Contact: Ms. Moberg, SOAR coordinator at 408-423-2811 or

Sports––Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Track & Field Schedules for after school SPORTS are subject to change! Once your child is involved in a sport, a more detailed practice and game schedule with exact dates and times will follow. Each sport will have a fundraiser! We serve over 400 kids per year. Many great things come out of participating in our programs that make a positive difference and last a lifetime. Peterson Sports are known for their integrity and championships! Thanks for your support! Contact: Coach Rich Narcisso, Athletic Director, at 423-2846 or email


Annual Sports Schedule Volleyball Practice Starts September 4 st 1 Game September 18 Season Ends October 4 Girls’ Basketball Practice Starts October 8 st 1 Game November 1 Season Ends December 4 Boys’ Basketball Practice Starts January 8 st 1 Game January 22 Season Ends February 14 Soccer Practice Starts February 25 st 1 Game March 12 Season Ends April 3 Intramural Hoops Practice Starts February 25 st 1 Game March 12 Season Ends April 3 Tennis Practice Starts March 11 st 1 Match April 18 Season Ends May 17 Track & Field Practice Starts April 15 st 1 Meet SCHS May 8 nd 2 Meet Wilcox (END) May 15

Starting Arts: Theatre Production of Grease! Handouts were given to students in August at our orientation assembly and the enrolled students are taking a Drama class that will culminate in the MUSICAL th THEATRICAL PRODUCTION OF GREASE!!! Classes started September 10 th st (Mondays, 2:40–4:15pm and Wednesdays, 2:00–3:30pm). Performances will be on December 20 and 21 at 7pm at the Santa Clara High School Performing Arts Center. For more information on the shows and bringing more classes to Peterson, visit our website at or contact our office at 408-492-9022.

Starting Arts: Dance Team Don’t like drama…but like to explore dance and popular music? Starting Arts is also hosting a Dance Team! Classes th th began Friday, September 14 , 2012, and will end December 7 , 2012. All classes will take place on Fridays after school from 2:45-4:15pm in the Mini-Gym. See the flyer in the office for more information! Contact: Ann Watts at 408-492-9022 or email


Woods Club This club meets on Thursday afternoons in Rm. E-1 from 2:40–3:40pm. The club is open to woods and non-woods students. Students must pass a general safety test prior to doing any wood work, or a specialized safety test for certain power tools if need be. The number one goal of the club is to have fun and make something cool. The number two goal is to be safe. Club projects are limited by time, budget and experience. This year’s Woods Club will be partnering with our Community Service Learning Club, making wood parts for the Peterson Nature Center. th The first date was set for Thursday, September 20 from 2:40–3:40pm. Contact: Mr. Jolliff in Rm. E-1, call 408-423-2876 or email

World Affairs Challenge Team––3rd Year at Peterson! The World Affairs Challenge is an annual daylong event that promotes awareness of global issues and current events in today’s youth. Though the challenge is a one-day affair, preparing for it is by far the more crucial aspect. A group of junior advisors/mentors from Wilcox High School is hoping to support a team of Peterson students in an afterschool WAC (World Affairs Challenge) Program. The WAC program is designed for students to do the following: • learn to organize and cooperate in teams that are largely student-led • develop critical thinking skills by innovating solutions to large-scale problems • gain a broader understanding of the world, especially communities and cultures profoundly different from our own • strengthen public speaking • become more aware of international issues This year’s World Affairs Challenge Theme is: GLOBAL LEADERSHIP Once we assemble our teams (consisting of 5–12 middle school students per team), the research phase will begin in November/December. Competition takes place in April, after the Spring Break, at San Francisco State University. For more information, come to the office and obtain a flyer. Contact: Ms. Piscionere, 423-2840 or email Ms. McKenzie, 423-2923 or email

Yearbook Club Do You Love to Organize Pictures and Create Theme Pages? Yearbook Club is excited for the opportunity to document the highlights of another awesome year at Peterson. The meetings will be held after school on Tuesdays with Ms. Teng. Students will be creating spreads, taking photos and writing copy so that events can be remembered and cherished. Make sure to get an application from Room E-6 if you would like to be a part of the Yearbook team. Contact: Ms. Teng in Rm. E-6, call 408-423-2949, or email

Yoga Club––OPEN to Peterson Students, Staff & Families (age 10 min.) Tired of stretching your mind all day? Need to stretch your body? Join Peterson’s Yoga Club. On Mondays, from 2:45–3:45pm, Peterson parent Ms. Lata Anand will be leading a yoga class for students down in the Mini-Gym. Yoga stretches and poses will be taught to all level of students, from beginning th to advanced. Students will have an informational meeting on Monday, September 10 down in the MiniGym. Flyers will be available in the office. This first round of yoga class will go through December. We are also looking to expand our yoga club to Peterson parents and staff! Stay tuned for more information! Contact: Ms. Anand via email:


Santa Clara Unified Council of PTAs is pleased to present a Santa Clara Unified School District

Board of Education Candidate Forum Thursday October 4th at 7pm Santa Clara High School Performing Arts Theater 3000 Benton Street, Santa Clara, 95051 Get to know the candidates for the 2012 Board of Education election, as they share their priorities and answer questions from the public. Our local chapter of the League of Women Voters will be moderating.

Wait a moment‌ Do YOU know who you are voting for?


GENERAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 2012 PTA has always been a child advocacy organization. Voters will make many important decisions on the November 6 statewide ballot for the future and our kids. PTA does not support or oppose candidates, but does seek opportunities to educate members on important issues regarding children and youth. The California State PTA has adopted a position on four of the eleven initiatives that qualified for the November ballot. PTA’s positions are based on PTA resolutions and position statements. Please visit the CAPTA Sixth District website at for more information on these PTA positions. The ballot includes two funding initiatives (tax measures), Propositions 30 and 38. They are independent of each other. You can choose to vote "yes" on both, or "no" on both, or "yes" on one and "no" on the other. Election information from the League of Women Voters of California may be found on the Smart Voter ( and Easy Voter Guide ( websites.

REGISTER TO VOTE If you're not registered to vote, please don't wait–do it now! If your address has changed, you must re-register at your new address. At, you can learn more, or print a registration form, or verify that you are properly registered. The deadline for registering is 15 days before Election Day– Monday, October 22. Let's encourage our students to participate in our democracy, too! If they will be 18 years old on Election Day, they don't have to wait––they can register now. High school students (regardless of age) can earn community service hours for working on a campaign for a candidate or for or against a ballot measure; and some high school students are eligible to work at the polls on Election Day.

PLEASE REGISTER, INFORM YOURSELF AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Proposition 38: For all the details go to To find out how many dollars your school will get if Prop 38 passes go to Please visit for more information.

SANTA CLARA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION Three (3) SCUSD board trustee positions will be elected November 6. The Santa Clara Unified Council of PTAs and th League of Women Voters invite you to meet the candidates at a Candidate Forum Thursday, October 4 at 7pm, in the SCUSD Board Room.

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Box Tops: Remember to bring in your box tops all year long. Even one box top helps! If everyone in school brought in just one box top, we would have $90! Our goal this year is 4,500 box tops or $450.

Cyber Bullying Assembly Early out Thursday Candidate Forum Girls Basketball Season Begins Health Fair (All School Assembly) PTSA Meeting (6:30pm in Library) Furlough Day (No School) Parent Workshop–Digital Safety Catalina Island Trip st End of 1 Quarter Staff Development Day (No School) Red Ribbon Week Report Cards Mailed Home Furlough Day (No school) Early Out Thursday (1:35pm) PTSA Meeting (6:30–7:30pm) Star Party 7pm (Blacktop & A-Wing) Daylight Savings Time Ends Veterans Day Thanksgiving Holiday Canned Food Drive Winter Concert (7–8:30pm) Concert Assembly (A/B Schedule) nd End of 2 Quarter Winter Break

Friday Activities Don’t forget to come to our Friday activities, every other Friday. Jamba Juice: All year long. $3. The Quad Red Ribbon Week is October 22–26. There will be spirit days for each day of the week. Introducing…Dear Polly! Do you have trouble getting to class on time, or is your backpack too heavy? Turn your questions in to the office, and we’ll squawk back an answer.

Peterson Newsletter No. 1, Fall 2012  

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