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==== ==== Help Your Teenagers to Success and Get Them Motivated! ==== ====

Wow! This is truly a difficult task - the one of motivating our teens. However, it is something that we as parents must do. Do you remember being a teen? One day you were happy and loving life, the next day you may have been totally depressed and wanted to hide under your bed. It's no different for the teens of today and perhaps it's more difficult. Sure, the hormonal swings are still prevalent but the age of technology seems to make it much more difficult. Today our teens are connected to the computer, social networks are abundant and let's not forget their new appendage called the cell phone. Yes, I am guilty of allowing my teens to have all of the above however, with healthy boundaries the drama can be kept at a minimum. Because our teens always seem to be connected one way or another, the stress levels are heightened and that's where our motivational skills must be working on overdrive. The age of technology has tried to eliminate the common form of communication which is face to face with the use of words coming out of that unfamiliar instrument - the mouth. Instead our teens are more comfortable texting or instant messaging. We as parents must not allow technology to interfere with the necessary face to face communication. As a child of the 60's and from immigrant parents, communication was completely one-sided. By that I mean, my parents spoke, and we merely listened; that was the extent of communication in our home. Today, that form of communication is not healthy and will not be successful. We must allow our children to share their feelings and express them in words that we can understand. This may take some talent on our part in trying to decipher their language but that's actually the fun part. Remember when we as teens had code words so the adults in the room would not catch on to our conversations? Well, guess what! Our teens are doing the same. The same teen problems of yesterday occur today such as depression, eating disorders, bullying and the typical teenage spats. It's up to us as parents to help motivate them when they are feeling down. Listen to them when they speak and share your thoughts and concerns. Don't worry if they don't seem attentive at the very moment you share your thoughts and suggestions. Believe me, under the rough exterior and the rolling of the eyes, they are listening. We as parents must never give up on our teens, no matter how difficult the situation. Our role as parents is to love, nurture, protect, motivate and instill morals, values and healthy boundaries. Instilling these healthy boundaries is what makes us parents, and ones I love to call Retro Parents. It may not always be easy but in the end it will be worth it. Our goal is to raise healthy, stable and independent thinkers that will have no fear of the 'real world' and be completely prepared. Will they ever be completely prepared? Perhaps not, but that is why they have us, to cheer them on, motivate and inspire them to reach their highest potential; that of greatness that is

truly meant for them. What are you doing to motivate your teens? How are you preparing your teens for greatness?

Dr. Daisy Sutherland, aka Dr. Mommy is a doctor, mom, wife, author and speaker. Her love of helping others has branched to blog talk radio and syndicated radio shows. Dr. Mommy's Mission: To Inspire, Motivate and Encourage you to be the best you can be in health, wealth and sanity! To learn more about Dr. Mommy visit: Here's a special FREE GIFT:

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==== ==== Help Your Teenagers to Success and Get Them Motivated! ==== ====

Helping Your Teens To Live Successful Lives  

Helping Your Teens to Success