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==== ==== Help Your Teenagers to Success and Get Them Motivated! ==== ====

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" - Unknown Your teenager can be in the best school, with the best notes and private tutor but unless they are motivated to succeed these aids will have a limited effect. The key to success is that each student be motivated to succeed - so, if motivation is the silver bullet, where can it be had? The following are a few suggestions on how parents can help motivate students. 1. When the finish line is not enough, show them gold It is difficult to push yourselves across the finishing line when you don't know what you might win, so it is paramount that each student has an idea of what success and failure will mean for them. Here some suggestions on how you can illustrate the difference between the first and third preference on the CAO form. Sometimes it can be difficult for students to really take the warnings and exhortations of parents and guidance councilors on board - try and enlist older brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins and coaches. Anyone whose opinion you know your child will really take on board. You can't make up their mind for them to study, but try and get the ball rolling. 2. Lead by example It's difficult enough to sit down and study - particularly if they are the only person in the house doing it. It is important to create a regular studying environment, so When you have to pay the bills, fill out forms or finish work at home, try and do it at the kitchen table beside them. Make sure that when someone is studying no-one is watching TV or playing computer 3 Encouragement, not praise Rome wasn't built in a day, so unless you have a boy genius at home at home, you won't be getting straight 'As' day in and day out. If the work is put in then most students will get an honours mark in any subject, so rather than praising just on the basis of result encourage your student to study and, little by little, you will be praising him both for the process and the result. Stay clued in, as much as possible, as to when an exam is on and keep an idea of the amount of work your child is putting into it - if he puts the work in be sure to encourage the student, irrespective of the outcome. Improvement takes time and results will lag behind the work, so don't undermine their efforts and encourage them!

Find out when they went wrong in the exam or essay - nothing undermines the motivation of a student is the belief that they are incapable of 'getting it' 4. Ignite a passion for learning We all know it - if you enjoy what you are doing then it will be a lot easier to get on with it. Easier said than done, but here are a few tricks to ignite a passion for learning Keep different documentaries, magazines and interesting books lying around - you never know when they might be so bored that they might actually watch one If there is something specific you think they should read/watch sit down with them and watch enough to get them over the hump and interested 5. Get into a routine Know what it's like to get up on the first day after a two-week break, well that is what happens when you break routine. Make behavior habitual and it will be easier to do and done with less resistance Encourage them not to let their sleeping patterns shift too dramatically - a good nights sleep is a prerequisite to learning anything! Do whatever it takes to start a study routine - start it small at an hour a day (make sure it is a productive hour) and build it from there. The most difficult hour will be that first one.

Another way to get your teen to work harder is to give him grinds, i.e. private tuition in the subjects they are falling behind in. If you are based in Ireland you can find leaving cert grinds and junior cert grinds online easily.

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==== ==== Help Your Teenagers to Success and Get Them Motivated! ==== ====

Helping Your Teens To Live Successful Lives