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seo mistakes you definitely dont There are certain things that you need to know about SEO that can save your ranking. SEO is powerful and if you arm yourself with even the basics, you will have a huge advantage over most other websites. From looking for solutions to their problems to finding reviews on products, people turn to the internet as a shopping resource. There are millions of searches done per day so the higher your site ranks for a high volume keyword the more traffic you will receive. Getting good search engine ranking is equal to money in the bank. Instead of going over the best practices, we are going to inform you about the things to avoid at all costs. No matter what anyone may tell you or try to sell you; SEO is based on solid principles and not on all of these new tricks and loopholes that you see appearing each month. On-page SEO is the most common mistake that webmasters and new internet marketers make. This is a factor of your SEO strategy that cannot be ignored and one of the few that you have control over. On-page SEO is how you arrange the elements on your site to rank well in the search engines. For instance, all your pages should have the heading tags placed properly, along with the ALT tags, file names and titles. Each on-page element should contain your main keywords. On-site SEO makes your site easier for your visitor to navigate and easier for you to manage. These are very basic on-page SEO methods that will be implemented by your competing sites, so it's always good to stay ahead. Internal linking is the ext big problem. You have complete control over your internal linking and need to use that opportunity to make it work in your favor. This will give you link juice, increase your ranking and get you targeted visitors. This strategy is often overlooked by many as people focus more on the outbound links. This is an under applied SEO method that is proven to produce results. And what makes it so great is that these are permanent results, not temporary. If you go to Wikipedia and search for something of interest, you will notice that they have links to many other related topics that are on their site, that is a prime example of internal linking. Another SEO issue to overcome is choosing a bad title and description, as these can reduce your overall search rankings. Search engines will factor in the keywords and themes chosen in the title and description to try and calculate a ranking for your site overall. Search engines are no longer what they used to be a few years ago, which is why you need to give extra focus to these elements. Above all, make sure your don't use too much flash on your site if you do include images, and use ALT tags when necessary. Avoiding the above mistakes will most definitely help your rankings and keep you safe from getting banned. The writer of this post is a well respected professional in the search engine optimisation sector. If you would like to learn a lot more about Off Page Seo you should check out this webpage.

Three SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Success  

Google is the world‘s premiere search engine and currently is accounts for about 70% of the total online searches. Many people throw up a we...

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