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Morgan Milovich 12/7/11 News Media Social Media Around Creighton’s Campus Social media tools have taken over Creighton University’s campus. From Facebook, to Twitter, to YouTube, to Blueline, the use of these social media tools has grown both in and out of the classroom. Many teachers and students alike use these tools to communicate about events, assignments and tests. Creighton Students Union Program Board usesFacebook to advertise upcoming events on campus. Skutt Student Center usesTwitter for special events and special deals in Jack and Ed’s. Clubs also use Twitter and Facebook to advertise events they are hosting. Students and professors both support the use of social media tools in classrooms. Dr. Jeffrey Hause, a philosophy professor, usesBlueline as his main source of communication with his students. “I use Facebook if it’s the only way to reach certain students,” Hausesaid. “Sometimes their mailboxes are full and they won’t receive the email I send out to the class. If I really need to reach them, I’ll send the messageover Facebook.” Businessjunior JessieSkain said most of her teachers stick with Blueline. However, last semester, her marketing teacher made a Twitter and would post five out of 50 test questions the night before the test. He used Twitter as study tool for his students. “Social media is an effective was to communicate, but sometimes people abuseit a little too much,” Skain said. Arts & Science junior Alaine Oshefsky also likes the use of social media in the classroom. She has had an English classand a few journalism classesthat have used Twitter in the classrooms. “[Social media] is practical and prepares us for the professional world,” Oshefsky said. “It is very relevant.” The use of social media tools is continuing to be more and more prevalent in Creighton’s classrooms. Whether it’s to communicate instruction, post study aids, socialize, or advertise, social media tools are utilized.


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