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Musa J’sLebanese Bread Service -Morgan Milovich

Introduction Musa J’s LebaneseBread Service is a family-run businessin Price, Utah, a small town in Carbon County in southeastern Utah. Husband and wife, Mose and RoseHowa started their bread company in March 2010. Musa J’s is known for its hand-thrown Lebanesebread. Musa J’s started when family and friends began paying the Howas to make Lebanesebread for them. They suggested that the Howas market their Lebanesebread both as product and a service. Mission and Major Programs Musa J’s mission is “to keep the ‘art of Lebaneseflat bread baking’ alive and well in Utah and across the United States by introducing the unique bread to the American general public. Mose and Rosealso strive to build a thriving businessthat might be passed on to their children. Musa J’s currently serves the residence of Carbon County, but is looking to target residents in the greater Salt Lake City area. Musa J’s participates in local fundraising activities as well as the Utah Farmer’s Market. On April 24, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 3.p.m. Musa J’s will be providing its services to the “Swing for Life” breast cancer fundraiser at the Cottonwood Complex located at 4400 South 1300 East in Holladay, Utah. Musa J’s will be baking and selling Lebanesebread and pizza made with the Lebanesebread dough. June 9 through October 27, Musa J’s will be participating in Salt Lake City’s Downtown Farmer’s Market located at Pioneer Park between 400 West and 300 West and between 400 South and 300 South. Every Saturday during the Farmer’s Market Musa J’swill have its stand up and ready with fresh bread to purchase from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Musa J’s also sells its products and services to local markets in Carbon County. It sells its products through the local grocers as well as out of its own kitchen. Musa J’s is run and

managed out of Mose and Rose’sown household and kitchen. Current PR Materials Musa J’s currently usesvery few PRmaterials. “Word of mouth” is crucial for the development of its customer base. Musa J’shas recently developed businesscards, t-shirts, and refrigerator magnets with its logo on them. Musa J’s promotes itself through the local events and activities it participates in. PR Strength, Weaknesses, and Needs Musa J’s is overly dependent on the use of “word of mouth;” however, that is also its biggest strength. Becauseit is a family businessthat focuseson homemade artisan bread, it can easily promote itself as something new and unique in the baking world. It also uses fliers, t-shirts, and magnets as promotion. Through these materials, Musa J’s was able to form a base customer clientele. If it wants to expand, Musa J’s will need to develop a stronger PRoutlook. Musa J’s does not participate in any form of social media. It does not have a Facebook, Twitter, or blog. It does not have a website, and it does not have any way to create online orders. Its only form of promotion is through print media. These absencesare weaknessesfor Musa J’s, and they also demonstrate its needs. Musa J’s realizes that becauseits product is handmade, costs and sell prices are higher than what is commercially available in stores. It wants to convince people that even though it is more expensive, it is worth the extra expense, and they should give it a try. Musa J’s also want to develop a plan to inform the public about its products and services but advertise from a small community without high expenditures. Musa J’s needs to fill the gap between print and social media. It uses fliers in local stores and has businesscards in local markets, but it needs to move its businessonline. It

needs to establish an online following so it can expand its products and services outside of the Carbon County area. By using Facebook, Twitter, a blog or online newsletter, Musa J’s would be able to further promote its business. Proposed Theme The theme of this research project and promotion of Musa J’s is to place focus on family roots through expanding its social media to promote business. The theme is to demonstrate how Musa J’s is a family businesslooking to expand keeping the small town feel while striving for a bigger business. It will use social media and other online proponents to further help its development. Conclusion What Musa J’s needs most is to establish a plan to inform the public about its products and services from a small community to a big city. The best way to solve this problem is to create its own social media. It needs to create a Facebook and Twitter to promote itself online. It needs to take advantage of news releasesin its local area. Musa J’s also needs to develop a direct mail piece that could be sent throughout Carbon County and Salt Lake County. It can continue to promote its businessthrough word of mouth as well. As long as Musa J’s continues to focus on its target audience and expand from there it will be successful.

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Musa J’s Lebanese Bread Service -Morgan Milovich