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China’s wall Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Cartoon animation of China’s great wall • Here how China great wall would look if it was a cartoon. • It took 700 years for China to build China’s great wall, but it took only 20 minutes to draw it. • China’s wall is 25ft tall and 15 to 30ft wide.

Chinas geometric structure. • china

Uncertainty principle of China’s wall. • (what people don’t know)No body really knows the shape or eact size Chinas great wall. • People don’t know the exact time it took it to build the great wall of china.

• (What people do know.) • People know its really big. • People do know it’s the 7 wonder of the world. • People know it was built during many dynasties.

The references I use • • • •

What sites I use. Wiki. Google.

What sites I didn’t use. • Yahoo. • Gmail. • Aol

Some fast facts of China’s great wall • It’s the longest and biggest ancient architecture built. • The construction of the great wall begun by federal warlords. • China great wall was joined when China was uninfied. • The great wall was built for protection.


The geometry of greatness.

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