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Advisory Council Meeting --A g e n d a— Tuesday, December 20, 2011 IU 1 Central Office – Room 119A&B 10:00 AM Advisory Council Meeting I.

Announcements • • • • • •


Keystone Achievement Awards Breakfast & Presentation Strategic Plan Stakeholders Report Health Consortium Projected 2012 Rates/Triad, USA-Jim McTiernan $1000 United Concordia Grant for SD Wellness Inservice Programs Consortium Discussions – Fayette County Reminder: In Superintendents’ Absence – Permit sending of Representative

Instructional Support Services • •





….Charles F. Mahoney Executive Director

….Donald Martin Assistant Executive Director Regional Professional Development-Common Planning Days CSI Update

Special Education • Medical Assistance Bulletin Q and A’s • PSSA-M Update • Changes in the Phases • Bureau of Special Education Report • PVAAS Regional Growth Report • Psychiatric Services Leadership Initiatives • Math Competition • Principals’ Certification Human Resources • TIMS Update PASA/PARSS/PAFPC

...Candace Dunn, Director & .....Leigh Dennick, Asst. Director

…Patricia Hazen, Outreach & Development

.....Tom Tano, Director

…Dr. Jerome Bartley, Superintendent Central Greene School District Election Committee Rep./PASA …Mr. James Craig Baily, Superintendent Carmichaels Area School District Supt. Rep./PA Federal Programs ... PARSS

Superintendents’ Advisory Council Meeting. – December 20, 2011



Superintendent Committee Reports            

Career Tech Programs & Services IU1 Programs & Services Joint Labor & Management Medical Insurance Human Resource Issues Safe & Drug-Free Schools School Calendars & Staff Development State Legislative Relations Arts Council Cyber Schooling/Distance Learning Technology Superintendents’ Academy

  

Public Relations Student Achievement Other(s)

Other Adjournment


Chairpersons/Co-Chairpersons Mrs. Debbie Jackson Mrs. Linda Mancini

Ms. Donna Furnier Dr. James B. Stockdale, II Mr. William Henderson Dr. Nina Zetty Mr. Jesse Wallace, III Dr. Robert Dinnen, Co-Chairperson Mrs. Thelma Szarell, Co-Chairperson

SAC Agenda  
SAC Agenda  

agenda for December SAC meeting