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SITE PLAN BRIEF: To design a 24/7 kiosk/pavilion that can be enclosed, semi-opened or open space as the interpretation hub on the history of the carpark so that people can engage with the history and significance of the carpark.

AGENDA The design encourages people to interact with the building whilst heightening the experience of moving through South Lawn and the underground carpark by offering the sense of Mad Max (violence and tension) to the build form.


ENVS10004_Design Project Final Submission_S2_2013_Metaniawati Limanto_618475

Stairs to connect both grouds.

Seperated steps (make a gap between each step) to enhance the tension.

Make floating big hollow boxes so that Construct the boxes in different widths to people can pass through to go upstairs/ build up the tension greater. downstairs to bring the tension to the users. Also, gives the idea of violence as they stab through the ground.

Avoid common desing of pathway (straight line).

Instead of putting them in a line, the boxes are constructed in a more uncommon way which will also give effect of wide and narrow link among the boxes. Therefore, it will also increase the tension.

The additional pyramids at the bottom signify violence. Section x-z

Section x-y

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT MATERIALS FUNCTION The building connects the underground carpark and South Lawn in a different way. People can walk through and sit in the building or above the roof which allow them to interact with the building.


Unfinished Concrete


The existing material that is used as the main material of the carpark structure. It brings the gothic characteristic to the underground carpark and dark coloured.


Used as the main material of the building that conveys similarity with the existing characteristic as it is made of concrete. However, it gives different colour and pattern to the surroundings that makes it contrast. For the flooring, it is covered by antislip to prevent from slippery surface. Gives contrast to the building and surrounding material.

The light forms the external skeleton of each box to emphasize the sharpness of the building, and the floating effect enhances the violence and tension of the bulding in saturated lighting. During day time, it will just depend on natural light.


The gap between boxes will allow natural light to come through the building form and the basement. It will also allow water pooling under the building. This will reflect the building especially when the light is on. ENVS10004_Design Project Final Submission_S2_2013_Metaniawati Limanto_618475





People Commuting

People sitting or doing other activities





ENVS10004_Design Project Final Submission_S2_2013_Metaniawati Limanto_618475


ENVS10004_Design Project Final Submission_S2_2013_Metaniawati Limanto_618475

Pavilion Design - South Lawn  
Pavilion Design - South Lawn  

Final Design Project ENVS10004 Designing Environtments