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Dear Friends,

There’s no limit to what God can do through a group of people committed to His purpose! The KVFC vision is big...our new building project is big…but

What an exciting time in KVFC’s history. We are seeing God’s favor like never before. It’s been our greatest joy in recent years to see so many people coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and being filled with His Word. The life-changes we are seeing in individuals, families and our church-at-large are nothing short of miraculous. With the purchase of The Cathedral on I-94 and the building plans for our new campus, we are on the threshold of an even greater future. We are confident, as we stay in step with the Lord and follow Jesus, there’s no limit to what God can do through a group of people committed to His purpose! We hope this brochure encourages you for your past efforts, inspires your faith for our present opportunity and challenges you to give of your energy, time and finances toward the future God has in store for us! With God there are ‘no limits’—we’ve got big plans...but a bigger God!

neither is as big as our God. The building isn’t a monument to our importance; it’s a brick and mortar response to the big dream God has given all of us to reach out to people in Southwest Michigan—and

Yours for a great future together,


Jeff and Beth Jones Senior Pastors


beyond. Our new campus will Preschool Ministry

allow us to do more than ever with and for God. With God

Elementary Ministry

there are “no limits”—we’ve got Middle School High School Ministry

big plans...but a bigger God!

Stairs up


Stairs up


a big vision…


Bookstore Café


ating Audi e Se tor atr iu m he


Main Floor


Volunteer Lounge

an invitation

an invitation

our journey of faith

imagine with us a church where... is this just a dream?

imagine with us a church where... • Thousands and thousands turn their lives over to Jesus

• People get a grip on God’s Word and they see it working

in their lives in tangible ways.

• People are accepted no mater who they are or what

• Everyone is motivated to invite their friends to church

because the music is great, the messages are relevant

• Seekers are welcomed to explore their tough questions

and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

• There is no limit to what God can and will do through

they’ve done. about faith, God and the Bible.

• People who are hurting and broken find help.

a group of people committed to big plans and an even

• The sick are healed and the addicted are set free.

bigger God!

where we’ve come from

and live by faith.

• People are filled with the Spirit and on fire for God.

the spirit of faith.

is this just a dream?

where we are going

• All ages are growing in God as they are fed the Word and • Everyone enters into God’s Presence through anointed,

heartfelt praise and worship!

• Weekend services are marked by down-to-earth teaching,

culturally relevant music and the power of the Spirit.

• Kids love to attend church where they know and experience Jesus for themselves.

• Teenagers are on-fire for the Lord and not ashamed to

live for God.

• College students can experience a real God who loves

them personally.

• Marriages and families are strengthened and restored. • People make lasting friendships through serving, classes

and small groups.

what is our new campus going to be like

No, it’s not just a dream. In fact, for the last 16 years, Kalamazoo Valley Family Church has experienced a small deposit of these wonderful things. And, we believe that in the days ahead, God will continue to change lives and the communities we live in. We want to encourage and challenge each one of you - as a vital part of this church family - to rise up, follow God’s lead, and invest your time, energy and money into what God is doing in and through KVFC and the “No Limits” building campaign. It’s true…we have a big vision…but a bigger God!

• Ordinary people discover their spiritual gifts and use

them to make their life count for God.

how will we get there

At KVFC, they take you in for who you are and where ever you are at and they will meet you there. Sean Silva

frequently asked questions

I love the idea that thousands of people will hear the truth at KVFC and be changed for eternity. Mary VanderWal 1

our journey of faith What God has done in the past 16 years is immeasurably more than can be recounted in a brochure. It has simply been amazing! We are profoundly and humbly grateful to the Lord and all the KVFC’ers down through the years. From the inception of KVFC in the Richland Lodge to our current church on Romence Road, we have seen God continue to unfold promises made years ago. As a small group of people began to experience God’s goodness, it began to grow...not because we were smarter, better or more special than anyone else, but simply because Jesus loves people and God confirms His Word. From the beginning, God

where we’ve come from average attendance

annual income



$ 24,000



$ 110,000



$ 140,000



$ 250,000



$ 310,000



$ 450,000



$ 625,000



$ 667,000



$ 1,127,093



$ 1,235,400



$ 1,681,851

KVFC is the reason I am still in



$ 2,042,945

Kalamazoo. My faith and trust in the



$ 2,086,261



$ 2,169,647



$ 2,337,757

a sense of community and has given



$ 2,759,423

me the tools to minister to others in

2007 2300 Jan-Aug 2

put His vision in our hearts - that is, He wants to reach thousands of people in Southwest Michigan and beyond with the reality of the good news of Jesus Christ. This is exactly what He has done through KVFC. God has touched thousands of people in real, tangible, life-changing ways. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and we’ve seen Him show up week after week to touch people and change lives.

$ 3,000,000 Projected

If this was all that God wanted to accomplish in the life span of this church, it would be more than enough from a human point of view. Fortunately, God has even bigger plans for KVFC. We are entrusted with the responsibility of making this church a place where thousands can come to hear about Jesus, give their lives to Him be assured of where they are going when they die, grow in their faith and become sold-out followers who multiply the gospel message wherever they go.

Lord is so deep, and that depth has been rooted through the ministry of God through KVFC. It has given me

God’s knowledge and life! Apryl Munyanshongore

an invitation

[1991] Richland Lodge

our journey of faith


In 1991 - we rented the Richland Lodge, a little building that looked like a “country church” where we launched KVFC and it grew from the original 9 to 250 people.

where we’ve come from where we are going what is our new campus going to be like how will we get there frequently asked questions 3

[1995] Kilgore Road


In 1995 - we purchased, renovated and moved into a light industrial building on Kilgore Road, where KVFC grew from 250-500 people. When we purchased this building, it was a dream come true - our own place! We bought a small office building on East Kilgore Road where the daily traffic was about 3 cars and a tractor. Through our church family and the generous donations of friends in the ministry, we were able to purchase and renovate that building into a church. We were there for four years and the Lord opened up an opportunity to purchase 14 acres on Romence Road across the street from the Crossroads Mall. We trusted the Lord and challenged the growing congregation of about 500 people to join us in faith and sacrificial giving to purchase land and build a new church building that would enable us to reach hundreds more people.


an invitation

[1999] Romence Road

our journey of faith where we’ve come from

In 1999 - we purchased and built a 32,000 square foot building on 14 acres on Romence Road. We moved into this building in 1999 and immediately the church began to grow and double in size. Since we moved into our current facility, we have grown 400 percent! Today over 2500 people call KVFC home. The atmosphere of our weekend services is full of God’s Spirit demonstrated in passion, joy and relevance as He draws people to Jesus and helps them to grow in the Word. Each week lives are being touched and changed.

where we are going what is our new campus going to be like how will we get there frequently asked questions 5

[2007] Cathedral

What is not exciting about being a part of a ministry that’s exploding in Kalamazoo County? It’s awesome to be associated with KVFC, a church most people recognize as an outstanding outreach and family oriented church that can’t stop growing!!! Miguel Martinez

In 2007 - we purchased the historical landmark

and members are a group of people dedicated to doing

Cathedral and nearly 30 acres on I-94 and Oakland Drive. We are looking forward to moving the KVFC family to this campus. The I-94 visibility will give us more opportunities to reach people for the Lord.

something significant for God. We aren’t interested in building a “monument,” but rather we are passionate about building a “movement” that is all about Jesus.

Our initial plans for The Cathedral will be to use it for the “Getting a Grip on the Basics” classes, EPIC School of Ministry and our Family Care Center. We will also host weddings, funerals and special events as needed. We plan to build a new 130,000 square foot facility adjacent to The Cathedral. The new building will house a 1500-seat sanctuary, bookstore, cafe, student ministries area, preschool ministry, elementary ministry, generations ministry and numerous other spaces. Kalamazoo Valley Family Church began with a vision and desire to be a multi-generational church that reaches Southwest Michigan. As we have grown into a church that reaches all generations, it’s encouraging to see younger and older people worshipping God, growing in the Word and reaching out to others. Our new campus will allow us to expand our ability to do these very things in a greater way. We believe we’ve only seen a glimpse of what God is going to do. God has assembled an amazing team of pastors, staff, lay leaders and volunteers committed to being busy about the Master’s business! While we are all a “work in progress” - our staff, leaders, volunteers 6

Our mission, values and core beliefs are Biblical and well-established. For the past 16 years, the Lord has created a strong foundation built on the two passages of Scripture that He used to call Pastors Jeff and Beth to the ministry. The Lord spoke this passage to Pastor Jeff’s heart in 1985, “...the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also...” 2 Timothy 2:2. The Lord spoke this passage to Pastor Beth’s heart in 1979, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” Romans 10:13-15. These passages make up the DNA of KVFC. The Cathedral and our new facility will give us a greater opportunity to build on this foundation and fulfill God’s plan for KVFC. By faith, we see hundreds of children and teenagers coming into a genuine relationship with Jesus. We see thousands of people finding Christ and growing in their knowledge of Him

As we consider the opportunities that are before us, we are anticipating the next phase of our church’s life to be one where we see multiplied thousands of lives impacted by what the Lord does through Kalamazoo Valley Family Church. This is not to minimize what God has accomplished among us and through us over the past years. It is simply to say that we sense He is going to do much more. It doesn’t take long to see that we’re a far cry from perfect. In fact, we’ve got a long way to go - but we are confident in our God and the power of His Word and His Spirit in us and through us. We do have a big vision...but our trust is in a bigger God!

our journey of faith where we’ve come from

While the past 16 years have been great; these things haven’t “just happened.” Rather, hundreds of ordinary people, just like you, have sacrificially invested their time and hard-earned money to help build a church where people can experience God in a way that is relevant for their lives. We like to think that up to this point, as we have endeavored to follow the Lord; that He has built a foundation upon which we can continue to grow. God has done a significant work over the last 16

an invitation

and His plans for their lives. We see multitudes of people sharing God’s love, His Word and His Presence throughout Southwest Michigan and beyond! Jesus is building His Church and we are definitely experiencing the momentum and excitement of His growing church. It’s contagious!

years of uniquely preparing us for the challenges ahead.

where we are going what is our new campus going to be like how will we get there frequently asked questions 7

where we are going

same vision – new opportunities

We’ve been called to “reach up,” so that we worship God in spirit and truth. God wants to be part of our everyday lives. As we reach up to the Lord, He inhabits the praises of His people. At KVFC, we try to lead others in worship in a way that is heartfelt and passionate. There are no limits to what God will do as we love Him with our whole heart - living out the Great Commandment! We are called to “reach out,” so that we share the good news of Jesus Christ with the lost, unchurched and hurting. We do this by offering culturally relevant services each weekend. We intentionally offer services that believers feel comfortable inviting their lost friends to attend. Our dress, music, set, atmosphere and thematic approach instantly connects with unreached people. At the same time, we don’t compromise on God’s Word, His truth or the gospel message, we just endeavor to communicate in a way that make sense for today’s culture. In addition to our weekend services, we believe God wants us to reach out to more people through local outreach programs, our Family Care Center, mission trips and disaster relief. Over the years, we’ve been able to give away hundreds of bikes to needy children through our Bikes For Kids Christmas outreach and we’ve been able to touch hundreds of teens in our community through the Summer Skate Park. We envision doing more in the coming years to continue to reach out the those less fortunate, including widows and orphans. We believe a strategic part of our next season will be to plant satellite churches in various parts of Michigan and the country. We know what God is doing here at KVFC is relevant and important for others to experience. The favor we have is meant to be shared with other communities. It’s also one of our passions to reach out to other churches by sharing with them the things we have learned about pioneering a church, teaching the Word, connecting with the culture and growing to 8

impact a community. We will continue to host our “Fly on the Wall” conference where other pastors and leaders can be helped and encouraged. There’s no limit to what God can do when we give our all to live for the Great Commission! We’ve been called to “reach in,” so that we really, truly know Jesus. God wants to have fellowship with us. He wants us to grow in Christ to be all that He’s called us to be! The primary way He does this is through His Word. As we continue to teach God’s Word; the Lord speaks to us personally and we grow in our relationship and service to Him. Our church has always been a place where “the word of faith is taught” and “the spirit of faith is caught”. It’s thrilling to watch people grow and mature in their walk with God. God wants us to reach in to one another as He continues to build the “family-community” we have. This means that we need to continue to focus on relationships and individuals as the church grows bigger. We firmly believe that ministry ‘happens’ when friendships in God are built and relationships are cultivated. Through our Kids and Student Ministries, Generations, Get a Grip Classes, EPIC School of Ministry and Small Groups we believe the Lord will continue to feed us His word and knit us together in heartfelt relationships. We love to see people growing in faith, in relationships and in serving God. There are no limits to what God can do through a group of people who live by Great Faith. Our future looks bright. Exciting days are ahead! With hard work, sacrifice, generosity, God’s power and continued favor we’ll see this vision lived out. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to accommodate one more person who needs to find Jesus and grow in their walk with Him. While we have no specific idea of how many people God will bring in the future, we firmly believe that He is now directing us to build a facility on our new campus. While we are thankful for the building we already have, if we are going to effectively meet the diverse needs ahead, we simply must make more room.

an invitation

What excites us is knowing that more kids and families will be getting what they need for a lifetime of victorious living. KVFC has

our journey of faith

connected the dots for us – providing us with the knowledge needed to live a victorious life every day. This church is a community of “on fire” Christians who love the Lord. Bill Wieringa & Mary Jane Mapes

where we’ve come from where we are going

same vision – new name and logo

what is our new campus going to be like

Kalamazoo Valley Family Church is a name with meaning. Kalamazoo Valley – represents the region we have been called to reach. Family - represents the primary group of people we have been called to reach and restore. We have been called to reach families of all types - “traditional” families, broken families, dysfunctional families, single-parent name it. Church – represents what we are. Jesus is building His Church and He wants His Church to be a reflection of His family – as an army, hospital, refuge, training center, storehouse and a lighthouse for the community. That’s what KVFC is all about.

how will we get there

Valley Family Church – Kalamazoo, our new “modified” church name and logo is a name with meaning as well. We are simply rearranging a few of the words in our name to give us the opportunity to grow beyond Kalamazoo. By updating our name and logo we can take Valley Family Church to any part of Michigan, America or the world that God calls us to. For now we will continue to use the names: Kalamazoo Valley Family Church and Valley Family Church – Kalamazoo interchangeably and our website can be easily accessed by either: or

frequently asked questions


same vision –

expanded ministries EPIC School of Ministry: This Bible School is one of the new ministries at KVFC and is a place where believers – those who want to do something EPIC with their lives - are trained for the ministry. It will be exciting to watch our Charter Class of over 100 people and see where God plants them, uses them and multiplies their lives for His kingdom!

Satellite Churches: Our desire is to see God take what has been done here with kids, students and families and duplicate it in other communities. One day soon, we see numerous satellite churches coming out of KVFC and springing up in various parts of the country. A Valley Family Church satellite would have the same DNA that God has created at our home base in Kalamazoo, but would be another expression of this church family in a different location. Already, we have a group of people in The Villages, Florida that are using our materials and hungry for a satellite church.

Beth Jones Ministries: BJM, formerly known as Valley Press Publishers, is an outreach arm of Valley Family Church. Through BJM the Getting a Grip on the Basics books, Bite Sized Bible Studies, Resource Kits and the new Get A Grip Mini-Books: The Answer Series are being used in thousands of churches around the world. Several of these books have been translated into over a dozen languages and we believe the Lord wants to multiply the effectiveness of these resources in the coming years. Through the Beth Jones Ministries website, DVD curriculum, speaking engagements and books, we see this area of ministry touching lives around the world.

“FLY on the Wall” Conference: This interactive conference enables other pastors and church leaders to attend KVFC on a weekend to observe our style of ministry, sit in on a variety of meetings with Pastors Jeff and Beth and the KVFC Staff, have dinner and one-on-one meetings with key staff to glean growth and culturally relevant principles for their ministries. This is one way we see God multiplying His work at KVFC.

The “No Limits” Building Campaign: The “No Limits” building campaign is a 3-year project to fund the construction off our new campus. There’s no limit to what God can do through a group of people committed to His purpose! With God there are “no limits” - we’ve got big plans...but a bigger God!

I describe KVFC as awesome!! A great place to worship! Marguerite Waller 10

an invitation

what is our new campus going to be like?

our journey of faith

Our new campus and proposed new building does a good job of expressing our values for worship, the Word, kids, students, families and an environment that is non-pretentious, comfortable and appealing. You can read about the components of our expansion below and take a close look at the following pages which shows a floor plan and renderings of what the new facility will look like.

where we’ve come from where we are going what is our new campus going to be like how will we get there frequently asked questions 11

Existing Resurrection Garden

Brick Cathedral Building

Proposed Addition

Retention Pond

Valley Family Church – Kalamazoo Site Plan 12

an invitation



our journey of faith

Preschool Ministry Elementary Ministry Middle School High School Ministry

where we’ve come from

Stairs up

Stairs up



S tre ea Th

eating Audit



Main Floor

Main Floor












what is our new campus going to be like

architectural floor plans



Volunteer Lounge



where we are going


Bookstore CafĂŠ

Garden Level

Garden Level Fitness Area Open to Below

Open to Below

Meeting Room


how will we get there

Kids Check-in


Teen Loft


Open to Below

Open to Below



Open to Below


Of fic

frequently asked questions

Open to Below




S ice




Second Floor

Second Floor


how will we get there When we started KVFC in 1991, our only source of funds were cashing in our IRA, selling our car and trusting God to send the needed start-up cash through generous givers who believed in us and the vision God had given us. Fortunately, He sent 3 other adults and 2 children to help us get started with the Grand Opening of Kalamazoo Valley Family Church. We met in a rented building for four years and saw the church grow to about 250 people. These days, He has assembled a group of nearly 2500 people who are being challenged to give generously toward what God is doing in and through KVFC and our future campus.

This new facility is going to have a profound impact in accomplishing the mission that Jesus gave us 16 years ago—to reach people in Kalamazoo County and Southwest Michigan and beyond. By God’s grace and the generous giving of those who embrace the vision at KVFC, we will continue to reach up to God as we live out the Great Commandment; we will continue to reach out to others as we live for the Great Commission and we will continue to reach in as we live by Great Faith!

The Lord has given us a vision that is bigger than all of us! Jesus is about the business of reaching people, so we must be about bringing people to Him.

not expecting any one person to “freeload” either. All of us can do our part to fulfill God’s vision for KVFC.

God wants all of us to play a part. He is not asking any one person to carry the entire financial load and He is

twothings. things. two

We’re asking every person to do two things: Give A One-Time Gift: Give the largest one-time gift you’ve ever given during our “No Limits” big offering weekend, October 13th and 14th - at any of our four services. Make A 3-Year Commitment: Make a sacrificial 3-year financial commitment toward the ”No Limits” building campaign. The Bible tells us that God loves cheerful givers. “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) We are also encouraged that when we give sacrificially by faith, it pleases God. “By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice...without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:4, 6) You may want to give a sacrificial amount weekly, monthly or annually. Please see the “My Giving Potential Chart” on page 20 for guidance. As you consider what you will give to this project, a phrase that we believe honors the Lord and is fair to everyone is simply this: “Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Gifts.” In other words, because of the varying income levels of those who attend KVFC, we are not asking everyone to give the same amount, but we are asking everyone to sacrifice the same amount, as they give. God’s Word is full of wonderful promises and encouragement on sacrificial giving. We hope you will take time to read and study the 40-Day Devotional that we have made available at our information center. In an effort to answer a variety of questions people have about the “No Limits” building campaign we have included the most frequently asked questions in the remainder of this brochure. We hope you will read it prayerfully and seek the Lord on how He wants you to participate in this exciting vision.


an invitation


frequently asked questions

where we’ve come from

1. What will the facility expansion look like and how big will it be?

our journey of faith


place to relax, get a drink or snack, go online, read or study, as well as a place to purchase Bibles, faithbuilding books and Christian music.

Our new addition will consist of three primary spaces that cover approximately 160,000 square feet.

• The 12,500 Square Foot Preschool Ministry: This area is located conveniently near the auditorium with a nearby Nursing Mom’s room linked to the service

feet and consists of an auditorium that seats around 300

via a closed-circuit TV and our security office to give

people and a kitchen and banquet hall that can seat 200

parents extra peace of mind. The large kiosk check in

people. In addition, there are several small offices.

area, spacious hallways and large rooms are great for

where we are going

The Cathedral: The landmark Cathedral is 27,000 square

babies and busy preschoolers. The Connector: This 2,000 square foot glass connector will • The 11,300 Square Foot Vertical Edge Kids

between The Cathedral and our new facility. It will house

Ministry Area: This includes a special kiosk check-in

restrooms and an elevator that will help us to access each floor

area upstairs with two spiral slides that usher kids into a

in The Cathedral.

fun game room for pre-service activities. The Kids Cash

what is our new campus going to be like

serve as the foyer for The Cathedral and the connector building

Store and Auditorium are energetic places where kids The New KVFC Worship Center: This 130,000 square foot

K-5th grade will be free to worship the Lord and learn

building will include:

about knowing Him personally.

• A 1500 Seat Auditorium: This sanctuary will have theatre-style seating and state of the art audio, video and lighting. This worship center will be used for the KVFC worship services as well as occasional community events and concerts.

commons area is capable of handling large groups of people and is designed as a large atrium, featuring lots of light and areas for people to connect with one another (sofas, chairs, and tables) as well as several Information Centers to help our visitors feel welcomed. In addition, we’ll have plenty of restrooms, kiosks and a special can sign in, receive mail and connect with others. • A Large Bookstore and Café That Seats Over 100 People: The Bookstore and Café will be a great

Students will include a large check-in lounge, living room to hang out, upstairs loft with snack bar and games and a worship auditorium where teens can worship God! • The Full Court Gym and Fitness Area: The gym will be used by all ages for a variety of purposes and potentially rented out to local schools for their athletic needs. The Fitness area will be available for KVFC members who would like to work out during specific hours.

frequently asked questions

Volunteer Lounge where all those who serve at KVFC

Space: This space for Middle School and High School

how will we get there

• A 13,000 Square Foot Glass Atrium: This large

• The 11,500 Square Foot Student Ministries

• The 2400 Square Foot Meeting Space and “Honor Roll” Lounge: We’ll have several areas for small and large groups to meet including the Bookstore Café, Atrium, Volunteer Lounge, Kids and Student Ministry areas as well as our special Meeting Room.


My faith has increased leaps and bounds as a result of the teaching at KVFC! Kim Sovine

It has been a HUGE BLESSING to be in a church that has ministries to help us grow in our faith and in fellowship with other people in the same stage of life. Connie & Andi Budiwarman

We’ve traveled the globe and lived and worked in numerous countries but never have we found such a real, culturally relevant church that’s all about developing a relationship with God! Jennifer Palthe

Our 3 year old jumps up and down and runs down the hallway to the car on Sunday morning. KVFC is so on fire for God and on-point with His will. Matt & Colleen Munson

The youth ministry at KVFC changed my life when I was a teen. Joel Denham


4. What are the reasons our congregation is

Lounge” where all of the KVFC attendees 55 years of

considering relocating to expanded facilities?

an invitation

Part of this space will be designated as our “Honor Roll age and up can relax before or after services to get a beverage and mingle with friends. The Bible has a lot

There are a number of reasons we feel that the Lord is

to say about honoring our “elders” and we want every

preparing us to move to a larger facility:

our journey of faith

generation at KVFC to feel welcome and loved. a. God has been bringing more people to our church than ever before. Each week nearly 2500 people attend

of the building will be dedicated to office space, tech

KVFC. More people are considering KVFC their

areas, backstage and storage areas to accommodate

“church home” more than any other time in our

our growing team!

16 year history.

• The Exterior and Grounds: Our desire has

b. We have a limited number of parking spaces on our

been to design a building that is economical and

property. Our biggest problem is that we only have one

aesthetically pleasing to KVFC’ers and inviting

exit off the property. This has created frustration in our

to visitors and guests. The exterior will be a

parking lot as people have to wait up to 30 minutes to

combination of brick to match The Cathedral, split-

leave the premises.

where we’ve come from

• Staff Offices, Tech Areas and Storage: The rest

faced block, dryvet, tinted glass and silver sun shades c. We are unable to obtain more buildable property

in a unified look! The grounds will include pleasant

adjacent to our current property and this limits our

landscaping, a patio and some water features to create

ability to obtain another exit and/or more property for

an inviting atmosphere.


2. When do we hope to break ground and move in?

where we are going

that will tie The Cathedral and new facility together

d. Our Kids Church – preschool and elementary classes have experienced record attendance and their

If everything continues to go as planned, we hope to break

classrooms are near or at full capacity.

same builder that built our current building) are confident that

5. What if I don’t want our church to grow and

if the weather holds, we can break ground in October. We’ll

become like a mega-church?

what is our new campus going to be like

ground this fall. Our builder, DeVere Dennings and FED (the

begin excavating, set the footings and do some underground work before the snow flies, with the hope of setting steel in

Too late! By some people’s standards we are already a

January. If we do break ground in October, we would hope

mega-church. Technically, any church over 2000 is a mega-

to be in our new facility for a Grand Opening Celebration by

church. Being a mega-church is not our goal – our intention

Christmas 2008. If conditions require us to break ground

is to effectively reach people with the good news of Jesus

next spring, then we will look to celebrate a Grand Opening by

Christ. Since there are nearly 175,000 unchurched people in

Easter 2009.

Kalamazoo County, we have to be a mega-church to reach even a small percentage of those unreached people.

3. What will happen to our current building?

how will we get there

The truth is, once any church goes beyond 100-125 people and one worship service, it is impossible for everyone to

can move into our new facility. We have given considerable

know everyone. Usually people will have relationships or be

thought to the idea of keeping our existing facility, but as we

acquainted with about 40 people – no matter how large or

have designed our new building it makes sense to keep the

small a church is. As long as we continue to provide classes,

entire KVFC ministry on one campus. If we are able to sell

Small Groups and serving opportunities for people to develop

our current building for $4 million or more, we will plan to

personal relationships with others, the size of a mega-church

sell it at the appropriate time. The amazing location, many

only enhances it’s ability to influence a region.

frequently asked questions

We will continue to meet in the current building until we

improvements, network and tech upgrades all make this a desirable space for another church or non-profit organization.

It’s interesting that the first church recorded in the Book of Acts was a mega-church as over 3000 people were saved in one day and God added to their number daily those that were being saved. 17

6. What if I like this building and location and I don’t

new building with a ramp for those that need handicapped

want us to move?


Change is more difficult for some people than others. When we

8. What will the future weekend service

were in the Richland Lodge some people preferred the smaller

schedule be?

“ma and pa” size church and location, but God wanted us to move and grow. When we were in the Kilgore Road building

We honestly don’t know. Right now, we plan to hold one

some people struggled when we moved to Romence Road, but

Saturday night service at 6 pm and one Sunday morning

eventually they saw that God had growth and more people in

service at 10 am. We know that people appreciate the

His mind as He led us to move. Now more than ever before, we

different time options, and we desire to accommodate varying

must follow the leading of the Lord and move with His Spirit to

schedules and preferences. One Saturday service and one on

continue to reach more people. It would be easier to stay where

Sunday morning will give us lots of room to grow with each

we are and just coast for a few years, but we all know that is

service. As God continues to add more people to our church,

not God’s plan.

we’ll add more services, just as we’ve done in the past.

Just think…if we had not moved from the original Richland

9. Why not create other satellite services that meet

Lodge – how many hundreds of people would we have never

in the area at different locations?

met and reached with the gospel? Let’s look ahead to those people in this community that God loves and that we have not

This is an intriguing idea that we have considered in this

yet met…as we move in faith the Lord will enrich our lives and

process. Once we have outgrown our new building we may

His kingdom with more growth.

consider launching some local satellite church services. We are actively looking at launching satellite churches in other

Ultimately, a church is not about brick and mortar or a specific

parts of Michigan and other places in the United States as the

street address, it’s about the people of God gathering together

Lord leads.

to worship the Lord, grow spiritually, serve one another, and to reach out to others. Facilities exist only to facilitate ministry. If

10. How much will this project cost?

a building becomes too small or inadequate, it is important for a church to find space that best facilitates the ministry God is

We need to raise just over $12 million dollars. The

giving them. If a child begins to grow too big for their shoes,

approximate cost to construct the new building will be about

a parent doesn’t talk about how much they liked the outgrown

$15 million. Here’s how the total cost breaks down:

shoes and tell the child to keep wearing the tight shoes. No, a wise parent gets them new shoes that will fit the child (and

The Cathedral and 30 Acres:

$ 1,250,000

sometimes they even buy them shoes that are a little bigger so

Construction of New Building:


that they can grow into them). If God is giving us the growth

Combined Total Cost:


we’ve been experiencing, than we can look to Him to provide the “bigger shoe” we need for those in our church and those

Projected Income From

He will bring to us in the future.

Sale of Current Building

7. What plans are being made for parking?

Total Amount We Need Raise:

We have good news…we will have parking on all three sides

$ 4,000,000 $12,250,000

11. Aren’t there any ways to cut costs?

of our new facility – with over 700 parking spaces and 2 entrances and exits we should be able to move many cars on

Since 2006, we have been working diligently with our builder

and off the property with ease. The Transportation Department

and design team to explore all of the potential ways to simplify

has been favorable to the possibility of providing another light

our plans in an effort to conserve resources and design a

at the corner of Vincent and Oakland if the traffic warrants it.

“value engineered” facility. We’ve looked at a large variety of

We have met with the leaders of the Traffic Team ministry to

master planning options and structural components in order to

develop the best traffic flow on the property that will provide

assure that we are designing a facility that will meet our needs

safety for pedestrians and ease of flow for all cars.

and yet show prudence with the resources God provides. At this point, our design is about as lean as possible in order to

We will offer a covered drop off area on the north side of our

still accomplish our goals. We may finish off some areas of the new building in a phased-approach as finances allow us.


We are trusting God that we’ll be able to pay for a substantial

A good giving campaign would result in a one-time

portion of this project through our “No Limits” building

offering and 3-year commitments that total $8 million

campaign.” The goal of the 3-year “No Limits” building

dollars, necessitating the borrowing of less than $5 million

campaign is to encourage the church to give sacrificially, over

to complete the project. A very successful campaign

and above their current tithes, for the next 3 years. Whatever

would raise $10 million dollars, necessitating the borrowing

is not raised during this 6-week “No Limits” series campaign

of just over $2 million to complete the project. A hugely

will be financed through a mortgage with a local bank.

successful campaign would raise over $12 million

our journey of faith

13. What would a good giving campaign look like?

an invitation

12. How will we pay for this new facility?

dollars, allowing us to pay for the new facilities and free us to We believe that it is the responsibility of every person who

move forward with God.

through each area of ministry - to ask for God’s direction in

If we all get involved, it won’t take long to raise the needed

participating in this exciting step for our church.

funds. See the “My Giving Potential Chart” on page 20 which

where we’ve come from

attends KVFC - and who enjoys the blessings God provides

shows how quickly our weekly, monthly or annual giving can Specifically, we are asking every individual and/or family

add up over 3 years.

to prayerfully consider doing two things over and above their tithes.

It’s that simple! With God all things are possible…so, let’s all do our part.

you’ve ever given during our “No Limits” big offering

where we are going

a. Give a one time gift: Give the largest one-time gift 14. How do I make my contribution?

day, October 13th and 14th - at any of our four services. b. Make a 3-year commitment: Make a sacrificial

You can give your financial gift several ways. • You may give via cash, check, debit or credit card.

3-year financial commitment towards the “No • If you want to mail in a gift simply make checks payable to

commitment cards on October 13th and 14th, at all

KVFC and Memo: “No Limits” on your check.

what is our new campus going to be like

Limits” building campaign. We will turn in our four services. You may choose to contribute to the building fund on a weekly basis, a monthly basis,

• If you want to give a gift via a debit or credit card, it’s

or in some other way that is convenient for you.

easy to do online. Just go to: or and click on the “No Limits” link. You’ll

It doesn’t matter how much money we have, everyone rich

see a “Give Online” button and just follow the directions.

and poor alike - should give sacrificially to the new facility. In order to pull off the vision God has given us, it will take an

15. What else can I do to help?

intense sacrificial effort from all of us. In addition to giving, what else can I do to help. You can pray. Anytime a church enters into a building program that means

but not equal amounts.

we are taking more territory from the enemy! At times, we face

how will we get there

We believe that God wants equal sacrifice,

spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual battles in the midst of For some, an additional $5 or $10 per week will be extremely

building and growing God’s kingdom and we would appreciate

sacrificial. On the other hand, a significant percentage of

your extra prayers during this project.

people in our church family have been greatly blessed by God financially and can afford to give substantially more. For the financially blessed, such an amount would hardly be

frequently asked questions

sacrificial. The point is that God wants each one of us to give sacrificially, no matter what the actual amount may be. The entire church family now has the opportunity to experience the joy of sacrificial giving. Parents can use the “No Limits” building campaign to teach their children financial stewardship and sacrificial giving. 19

16. What if I won’t be in church on October 13th

follow suit and many people will do even more!

and 14th? Jeff and Beth obviously believe in the vision of KVFC and Have no fear! “No Limits” is a 3-year building program and

they are committed to what God has called them to do.

we will be glad to receive “Big One Time Offerings” and “3-

They have prayerfully sought the Lord and asked Him what

Year Commitments” at any time during the next 3 years and

they should do in sacrificial giving towards the “No Limits”

beyond! At the same time, October 13th-14th is going to be

building campaign. They are not giving as much as King

an exciting weekend, so if you can make plans to join us for

David gave, but they are doing their best to start the giving

the “Big Offering/Commitment” day...that would be great!

process. Pastor Jeff wanted to do something sacrificial and he has decided to give the rest of the inheritance he

17. What are Pastors Jeff and Beth, the KVFC Staff

received from his parents’ death - toward their one-time

and other leaders going to give towards this project?

offering. That amount is: $10,000. Pastor Beth wanted to do something sacrificial and she has decided to give all that she

As the senior leaders of this church, Pastors Jeff and Beth are

has in savings accrued from her book royalties and outside

aware of their responsibility to lead by example. They know

speaking engagements toward their one-time offering. That

they cannot ask the staff or congregation to give sacrificially

amount is: $10,000. As a result, their total one-time offering

to this new building campaign, if they are not willing to lead

will be $20,000. In addition, they have decided to make a

the way. When it comes to the support of God’s kingdom and

3-year commitment of $30,000, above their tithes, for a

building His work, we see several examples of inspiration as

grand total of $50,000 towards the “No Limits” building

leaders set the pace in giving.


In 1 Chronicles 29, King David set the example in giving

The KVFC Staff and Leaders are prayerfully considering their

to God’s temple in the Old Testament and after he told the

giving and these collective amounts will be announced on

congregation what he had pledged to God’s house, he boldly

the weekend of September 29th & 30th.

asked them to get involved in like manner. “...this is not just a place for people to meet each other, but a house for GOD to meet us. I’ve done my best to get everything

my giving potential over and above my tithe

together for building this house for my God, all

Weekly Giving

Monthly Giving

Annual Giving

3 Year Total

and building stones — vast stockpiles.


$ 4,333

$ 52,000

$ 156,000

Furthermore, because my heart is in this, in

$ 750

$ 3,250

$ 39,000

$ 117,000

$ 500

$ 2,167

$ 26,000

$ 78,000

and silver for making this place of worship for

$ 300

$ 1,300

$ 15,600

$ 46,800

my God: 43,000 talents (about 113 tons) of

$ 200



$ 10,400

$ 31,200

gold — all from Ophir, the best — and 7,000

$ 100



$ 5,200

$ 15,600





$ 3,900

$ 11,700





$ 2,600



totaled about $1.5 billion in modern terms!)





$ 1,300



‘And now, how about you? Who among you is








the materials necessary: gold, silver, bronze, iron, lumber, precious and varicolored stones,

addition to and beyond what I have gathered, I’m turning over my personal fortune of gold

talents (214 tons) of silver for covering the walls of the buildings, and for the gold and silver work by craftsmen and artisans. (His gift


ready and willing to join in the giving?’ ... And the people were full of a sense of celebration

In order to raise $12 million dollars, it’s as simple as this…

— all that giving! And all given willingly, freely! King David was exuberant.”

• If 2000 people committed to give $6000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000.

(1 Chronicles 29:1-5, 9, Message)

• If 1000 people committed to give $12,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000. • If 500 people committed to give $24,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000.

God has given those who attend KVFC a

• If 250 people committed to give $48,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000.

generous heart, and as Jeff and Beth lead the

• If 100 people committed to give $120,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000.

way in giving, we know the KVFC family will

• If 12 people committed to give $1,000,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000. • If 1 person committed to give $12,000,000 over 3 years, it would equal $ 12,000,000.


an invitation

19. What about the people who join our church in

18. Are there giving guidelines?

the next three years? Often it helps people to have guidelines for praying and discerning the will of God more clearly during a giving

Throughout the next 3 years, we will take the first Sunday of


each month to give a “No Limits” update and encourage those

our journey of faith

new to KVFC to get involved in this project with their financial Step 1: Acknowledge that God is the owner of everything on

giving. Our desire is that everyone who becomes a part of the

the earth (Psalm 24:1; 50:10-12) and we are the managers

church in the next three years will have an opportunity to hear

of what He has given us. As such, we don’t own anything.

about the reasons why we built our facility and to prayerfully

Everything we have - our time, talents, natural abilities,

consider contributing financially to its cost.

possessions, financial resources, families, health, the places 20. What if church members have construction

responsibility to manage these things wisely, at His instruction,

skills, can they donate their skills?

where we’ve come from

we live, and so forth - are essentially on loan from God. It’s our and for His purposes.

We have hired a professional design and build company to company that built our existing building. We’ve been very

giving of tithes. Consequently, we want to encourage those

pleased with our relationship with them and their commitment

who call KVFC “home” but are not yet tithing to the church to

to excellence and economical construction. Because of this

begin to do so. Tithing is when we voluntarily and regularly

relationship, we can’t receive “donated” skills, but if your

give to the church. That is, followers of Jesus are to give the

bid receives the contract for this project you are free to give

first 10% of all of our income to God (Proverbs 3:9; Malachi

whatever percentage of your earnings to KVFC that you

3:6-12). Tithe means “a tenth part.” (If you would like to better

wish. We encourage all members of KVFC in the trades and

understand the concept of tithing and offerings, please ask for

construction field to submit their bids to our contractor when a

the Tithing Resources at our Information Center.)

call for bids is requested.

Step 3: Once church members are faithful to pay their tithe to

21. What is our philosophy regarding debt?

what is our new campus going to be like

oversee the construction of this project. This is the same

people (in both the Old and New Testament times) includes

where we are going

Step 2: We want to affirm that God’s financial plan for His

God, then they are prepared to take the next step of obedience by giving an offering; in this case, in the form of a one-time gift

When we take the scripture at face value, we find that generally

and 3-year pledge to the “No Limits” giving campaign.

debt is not considered a good thing. It can constrain you and make you subject to those that are lending the money. So

Biblically speaking, an offering is any voluntary donation

historically, we have been conservative regarding debt. The

that is given - with God’s leading beyond our tithe. In the Old

only debt we currently have is what we have financed to cover

Testament, not only did the Israelites tithe, but they also gave

the purchase of The Cathedral. Our current building is debt free

a number of offerings to God through the course of a year

and paid in full.

(sin offerings, freewill offerings, the first fruit offering, etc.). While it would be ideal to raise enough money (in cash and

early disciples frequently gave offerings for the purposes of

pledges) through the giving campaign to pay for the entire

ministering to the poor and advancing God’s Kingdom in other

project upon completion, our realistic expectation is that we

parts of the world (see Acts 4:34-35; 11:29-30).

will need to raise at least $8 million in order to complete what

how will we get there

The New Testament also teaches that in addition to tithes, the

we’ve planned. Our desire is to incur as little debt as possible. However, we are willing to take on some reasonable debt, but we do not want to remain in debt. Our desire and prayer would be to pay off any debt incurred within 10 years so that future

frequently asked questions

KVFC has created a biblical foundation for our children and has helped them become leaders at their school. Garrison & Darla Wall 21

ministry is not consumed with interest payments. We would

• We can add value to our community through a variety of

like to leave a legacy to our children and grandchildren - a


legacy of a debt-free facility that will serve Southwest Michigan

• We can train up leaders and future satellite campus pastors

for future generations.

in effective service for the Lord. • We can serve as a resource and training center for other

22. Why spend the money on bricks and mortar

like-minded churches and pastors.

instead of people? 23. What am I required to give in the campaign? Our approach to ministry has remained the same for 16 years. Our vision is to be a multi-generational community of believers

Nobody is required to give anything. We want individuals

who worship the living God and serve the people of Southwest

to give freely and not under any pressure, because the Bible

Michigan by reaching up to God, reaching out to others and

teaches that “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

reaching in to one another. We are still committed to raising

Now there are two very different approaches in determining

up a large church where people live by Great Faith, live for the

what you should give.

Great Commission and live out the Great Commandment. One approach would be to look at your checkbook or monthly In order to continue to do this, we have to have the means to

budget and ask, “What can I/we afford?” This approach simply

do it. In other words, expanded facilities and a larger parking

calculates existing resources and does not demand prayer,

lot are the “tools” that enable us to reach the people God

faith, or God’s help.

has called us to. The building program does not signal any change in KVFC’s long standing vision or priorities, merely an

Another approach is to ask God what He wants you to give.

expansion of our capacity to do the very same things we have

This approach requires the willingness to risk, listen to God,

been doing for the past 16 years.

and then trust Him to provide as you step out in faith and obedience. We strongly encourage this second approach.

Everything we offer is helping someone’s life – whether it’s the weekend services, kids ministry, student ministries, small

At the end of the giving campaign, we don’t simply want to

groups, family care center, outreach programs, missions

have raised a certain amount of money. If all we do is raise

endeavors, Get a Grip classes or the EPIC School of Ministry.

money for a new facility, then we have failed. We want more.

God is touching people lives in multiplied ways through the ministries of KVFC. In addition, the talent and financial

• We want each individual and family to experience the thrill

resources of a large church provides opportunities that are

of hearing from God.

simply not available at smaller churches. This doesn’t make

• We want everyone to experience the favor and blessings of

us any better, simply more diverse and able to offer more

God that comes through obedient giving.

ministries to reach Southwest Michigan. Because of our size,

• We want each person to know the joy of risking it all to obey Him in a way that causes you to grow.

• We can provide more culturally relevant ministry to

• We want everyone to experience the benefit of being a

children, teens and families.

conduit for God’s economy.

• We can accommodate very diverse people and meet a wide

• We want everyone to have their vision and faith expanded.

variety of needs.

• We want each individual and family to experience the way

• We can have a greater impact on the WMU and KVCC

God faithfully provides for your needs.

community as we reach college kids.

• We want each person to see God’s law of sowing and

• We can help more people in the community through our

reaping in action in their own financial world.

Family Care Center outreach.

• We want every one to have a part in investing in the future fruit that comes through KVFC.

KVFC is an awesome place to deepen your relationship with God and meet other awesome Christians. Katie Johnson 22

26. Do you have any ideas on how families can

has the potential to deepen our faith and grow us up as truly

come up with extra funds?

an invitation

We believe that this project is a huge spiritual adventure that devoted Christians who experience His Kingdom more fully

• First, of course – pray and ask God. He promises to give

than ever before!

“seed” to the “sower” so when you make a commitment to “sow”, He promises to give you “seed.” Seek Him to find

people won’t generously support this project?

out how He wants to provide your seed.

People that are wise and spiritually mature realize that all

daily latte and use that $4 for the building program. Clean

they have comes from God. They also realize that what they

out your garage, basement and those overstuffed closets

invest in God’s work is the only thing that has a “safe and

and sell all your extra stuff on eBay and give those funds

fun return.” Only what we give to God truly lasts. It has been

to the building program. Make a decision to give all or

said, “What God orders, He pays for. Where God guides, He

a part of your inheritance, monthly/annual rebate, referral,

provides.” If God is leading us, He will also go ahead of us and

renewal, rental or royalty income to this program? Consider

provide people in our congregation with the income AND other

making a sacrificial gift to the building fund this Christmas

financial and material resources to take us to the place that He

or Easter in honor of Jesus birth and resurrection.

wants us to be. While local economies may go through lean

• Make a decision to give any funds that come into your

times, God is never broke and His heavenly economy is always

possession “unexpectedly” and watch God bring extra cash


your way so that you can sow.

25. Are we more committed to beauty or

27. How do you expect teens and kids to come up


with funds for the new building?

KVFC will not change its style. We have never been, nor will we

We don’t know, but God does! What better way to get your

ever be, interested in building something gaudy or extravagant.

kids and teens involved in God’s heart for the lost, unchurched,

Our focus has always been to build a movement, not a

believing God, tapping into His economy, His laws of giving

monument. We continue to highly value being real and not

and receiving and developing a creative work ethic? What

presumptuous in all that we do. Consequently, the style and

better way to have them participate in the evangelism potential

finishes in the new facility (furniture, fixtures, floor and wall

of a church? There are several creative ideas you and your

coverings, etc.) will continue to remain simple. On the other

family will want to prayerfully consider:

our journey of faith

24. These are economically uncertain times, what if

• Look for ways you can give sacrificially. Give up your

where we’ve come from where we are going what is our new campus going to be like

hand, we desire that our facilities be attractive to outsiders, and approachable. We want the new facility to enhance our

• Have your kids pray for “seed” to sow!

goal of reaching unchurched, lost people. If the KVFC family is

• Kids and teens can collect pop cans in their

“proud” of their new facility they will be even more proactive in

neighborhoods/community to raise funds.

inviting their family and friends to church where they can hear

• Work with other kids to have a garage sale, neighborhood

the Word of God and come to Jesus. As always, we’ll try to do

carnival or bake sale.

this in a low-cost, budget-conscious way.

• Teens can work around their neighborhoods for extra cash by raking leaves, shoveling show or mowing lawns.

how will we get there

• Kids can give part or all of their Christmas or birthday gift money as a sacrificial offering.

frequently asked questions

Our children today will be challenged greatly in the future. They are going to need a strong foundation of truth and morals to stand on when peer pressure rises up. KVFC Kid’s Ministry and the youth ministry will set that foundation for these kids. Lisa Dougherty 23

28. This is a big vision; do you have enough staff,

“Jesus went over to the collection box in the Temple and sat

leaders and volunteers to pull it off?

and watched as the crowds dropped in their money. Many rich people put in large amounts. Then a poor widow came and

Yes! We believe we do and we trust the Lord to continually

dropped in two pennies. He called his disciples to him and

add to our staff, leadership and volunteer teams. Currently,

said, ‘I assure you, this poor widow has given more than all the

there are about 40 people on staff in a variety of full and

others have given. For they gave a tiny part of their surplus,

part-time positions. We have six strong Associates that

but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.’” Mark

serve on our Executive Team and seven gifted Pastors that

12:41-44, NLT

help in serving the pastoral needs of our children, teens and adults. In addition, there are 219 people that serve in

God isn’t always looking at how much we give, but rather

volunteer Leadership roles and 563 individuals that serve as

how much did we keep! Sacrificial giving pleases God. At the

volunteers. God has assembled a wonderful group of people

same time, there is a way that those who have been blessed

to help us continue reaching up, reaching out and reaching

financially can get involved in strategic ways.

in! Our Board of Directors also provides us with the legal and financial counsel we need on an annual basis and this

Large givers can multiply their gifts by following the time-

group is made up of seven people with a combination of

tested principle that King David modeled in the past. As we’ve

ministry and business experience.

already seen, King David gathered his personal resources to help in the building of the Temple and he communicated the

29. I am not a member of KVFC, can I contribute to

amount of his personal offering to the Israelites to inspire them

the “No Limits” building campaign?

to do their very best in giving. Often, large gifts can serve as a springboard and inspiration for others.

Of course! We believe that the Lord will use the KVFC family – those that attend and enjoy the benefits of KVFC

When large gifts are used to inspire others to be more

– to be the primary financial supporters of this project. That

generous; they can add a great sense of momentum to any

makes sense, since they and their families and friends will

building campaign. Sometimes, people think that they should

be using these new facilities on a regular basis. At the same

keep their giving private and non-disclosed. At times, this

time, we know there are many Christian and ministry friends

is a good things to do, but in other cases large gifts can be

who have followed the progress of KVFC over the years,

strategically used to help challenge and inspire others to be

and we welcome your support. There are numerous local

more generous. The only type of giving that the Bible says

community leaders who believe in the value KVFC adds to

should be kept confidential is giving alms or charity to the

Southwest Michigan and they have watched our church bless

poor. God doesn’t want us to broadcast our gifts to the needy

the community by providing the Bikes for Kids at Christmas,

as this draws attention to us and could embarrass those who

the Skate Park in the summer as well as offering financial

are less fortunate (Matthew 6:1-4).

support to numerous local ministries and churches; we certainly welcome your support if you feel inclined to help us

Here are a few ways ethical and godly donors can maximize the

with this project. Feel free to make your contribution online

impact of their generous gifts to the ministries they care about.

or via the mail. We appreciate everyone who helps us by

If you feel led of the Lord to give a large inspirational gift or if

participating in this building program.

you feel led to offer any type of matching or challenge grant (as described on the following pages), please let us know as soon

30. What about people that have large sums of

as possible as we would like to announce these gifts/grant

money – shouldn’t they carry the load?

opportunities during the “No Limits” series to inspire everyone in their giving.

No – God wants everyone rich and poor to be involved in His kingdom business! As we have said many times, God expects

Large Inspirational Gift: A donor can choose to give an

equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. Remember the story of the

unusually large gift, which is announced to the congregation

widow’s mite?

and this serves as a “breakthrough” for others to give

This church is exciting the minute you come through the door – many happy faces welcome you, the music makes you feel like “something good is going to happen” and the teaching can change your life!! Sylvia Bowerman 24

to give $1000 to the “No Limits” building campaign. If 100

ministries or companies felt led of the Lord to give large sums

families responded then this major donor’s $2,500 challenge

of money to that particular ministry. After they announced that

grant would help increased the ministries income $100,000!

an invitation

generously. We’ve been in meetings where individuals,

someone had just given a check for $100,000 to the ministry, Last Dollar Challenge Grant: In this scenario, a generous

meetings, we’ve seen one person after another give or pledge

donor may say, “You have a $500,000 project with $347,000

anything from $25,000 to $50,000 on the spot. This helps

in cash and commitments. When you reach the $450,000

the person whose feeling led to give $100 or $10,000 step

mark, I will give the last $50,000.” Usually the last 20% of the

up in faith. Large gifts can be a great inspiration. Often, the

campaign goal is the hardest money to raise and this type of

name of the giver or the name of their ministry or company is

“financial carrot” will often motivate people to make that final

announced and it blesses everyone to see the generosity and

push in order to secure the challenge grant.

our journey of faith

the crowd erupted with joy and generous giving. In other

When used prayerfully and strategically, matching and

knowing that a specific person or company has been such a

challenge grants can greatly enhance the value of a generous

great example of generosity causes us to think, “If they can

major gift. Gifts of this nature can be used by God to greatly

do that, I can too!” The idea is that when we see God using

stimulate a ministry’s leadership and constituency to greater

other ordinary people, it helps us to take a step of faith to

levels of energy, excitement, and financial commitment. This

do something extraordinary! At other times, the name of the

is truly a win-win-win situation. The ministry wins because

donor is kept anonymous if requested and that is fine, too. The

the project or ministry surges ahead, the congregation wins

point is that large inspirational gifts help to mobilize others to

because their giving helped the ministry reach the goal,

new levels of giving.

and the generous giver wins because their gift was greatly

where we are going

The goal isn’t to draw attention to the giver, but sometimes

where we’ve come from

Christian love coming through that person or organization.

maximized for the glory of God. Traditional Matching Grant: The generous donor will After reading these options, if you’d like to make a large

donor may promise $100,000 to a ministry if they can raise

inspirational gift or offer a matching or challenge grant, please

$100,000 in cash and pledges by a specific date. If it is a $1

contact Pastor Jeff at or Aaron Johnson,

for $1 match, if they only raise $90,501 by the specific date,

Finance Associate at

what is our new campus going to be like

promise $1 for every $1 given or pledged. For example, a

the major donor will only give you $90,501. The specific “matching formula” ($1 for $1, $2 for $1, etc.) is typically

We hope this detailed brochure has helped you

based on what size gift the major donor is able to give and the

to better understand the past victories, present

financial needs of a project. This is a great method to maximize

opportunities and future potential of KVFC. We’re

a generous gift in a way that greatly motivates many other

excited about what God has in store. We are truly

people to increase their giving to a special project or need.

confident that with God there are “no limits” and with His grace we’ll run toward this big vision arm-in-arm

Challenge Grant: The generous donor offers to give $X

with our bigger God. We appreciate your support and

amount for every household that makes a specific financial

your prayerful consideration in giving towards the

commitment to the ministry. If a donor offered a $2500

“No Limits” building campaign.

Challenge Grant and the conditions were that he would give

how will we get there

$25 for every household (up to 100 households) that promised

Fun!! I always enjoy telling people that I have fun at church. Gary & Susie Meschke

frequently asked questions

KVFC has given me a home to come to. I come in and feel loved, supported, and accepted by my church family. Megan Hageman 25

995 Romence Road • Portage, MI 49024 269.324.5599

If you would like more information about “No Limits”, please go to: or Be sure to check the website often to see all the latest on the “No Limits” building campaign. Watch the 3-D virtual tour, see more photo renderings, construction updates, testimonies and more! If you’d like to give towards the “No Limits” Building Campaign please feel free to do so online or by mail.

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No Limits Brochure  
No Limits Brochure  

VFC brochure for new building campaign.