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Welcome If you’re reading this that means you’re either thinking about hiring MLeigh Photography to capture your family’s memories or you’ve already booked your MLP session. Either way, I'm excited!  Throughout this guide, you'll find all the information you need to guide you through  the complete MLP experience.  MLP has created each step to give you the full service photography experience you deserve.

____________________________________________________________ The MLeigh Photography Experience

__________________________________________________________ Let's talk digitals. I have learned from personal experience why it is so important to get prints and not just digitals.  When my oldest son was a senior, I got the cd with digitals on it along with some wallets for invitations.  I had every intention of getting prints, but I never got around to it.  Guess what... Now I can't find the cd.  That is a special time in his life that I will never get back.  I can't tell you how many countless other photos from years past are just sitting on my computer.   When I am gone, I want my children to be able to look at something tangible to remember their childhood.  Not long ago, one of the pastors at our church gave a sermon shortly after her father passed away.  She talked about looking through old photo books.  She called them the story book of her life.  I loved that.  We should all have story books for our lives.     My goal is to make sure you not only have an amazing session that leaves you with fun memories but also to provide you with heirloom quality prints and products that will last a lifetime.     About two weeks after your session you’ll have your reveal session where you’ll get to see all of your images for the first time. At that session we’ll work to create amazing products to showcase your entire sesson.  From prints to wall artMLP has a full range of products to meet all of your needs! .    .  MLP offers collections that include digital files along with the quality products for your family to enjoy.  You’ll get the best of both worlds AND get them for a lower price when they’re combined in a collection.  Doesn’t get much better than that!


Planning _____________________________________________________________ I have a wide variety of dresses for the women's and girl's couture photos,  but if you have a favorite or two of your own, please bring them!! As for boys, we can discuss the look you would like for them and make a plan from there! When we schedule, the first thing that will happen when you get here is hair and make up.  That takes about an hour.  Then the fun begins!

After the session

__________________________________________________________ You’ve already had a blast at your session but now things are about to get even better! Around two weeks after your session we’ll have your reveal session.  At your reveal session you’ll see all of your images for the first time.  It’s definitely something to get excited about! At the session, I will show you a slideshow with all of your images from your session. After you’ve experienced the slideshow you’ll have some time to go through all of your images and take a look at all of the product samples.  Seeing everything in person will really give you a sense of what products are most important to you.  My client favorites are the heirloom boxes that imported from Italy. You’ll have plently of time to ask any questions, to look at all of the  images  to decided what sizes will work best and have enough time to pick out your favorites. The goal of the reveal session is to finalize your order so we can get your prints and products to you as soon as possible.    When all the fun of the reveal session is over, you’ll have a short wait before you’ll have those images in your hands!  Digital files purchased will be made available within 24 hours and you can expect to have your prints and products in hand within 2-4 weeks.  When everything is in we’ll schedule a time for you to pick up!!

*Kind Words* "Our experience with Misty was absolutely wonderful! She is very understanding, easy to work with, and has the sweetest most gentle soul!  She has a wonderful way of interpreting what you are looking for in a picture and creating art.  She made our children look like angels and we truly appreciate her work.  We will most certainly be working with her again!"               Katharyn

"Where do I begin....TALENTED PHOTOGRAPHER! Misty has taken family pics for us, as well as a fairy shoot of my daughter & not to mention playdate/park/mdo fun pics! We always have a great time during our sessions and she really captures the kids personalities...not always easy to get 3 kids to cooperate. My husband "hates", yes it's a strong word but, he REALLY does not like taking pics. I tell him Misty is going to take our pics, as long as it's close to home he will do it, because he knows he can say "misty, you have 30min to capture all the photos you want then I'm out" haha! She can even make the grumpiest of models smile & enjoy their session! We have fun, precious photos to remind us of how blessed we are...THANKS MLEIGHPHOTOGRAPHY!" Nikki


Pricing Info

______________________________________________ Sessions Fees $175 *Session fee is for time and talent of photographer.  No products are included.*

Framed Prints 30x40 20x30 16x20 11x14


30x40 20x30 16x20 11x14   Mounted 30 x 40                    20 x 30                  16 x 20                   11 x 14                    

Digital Full session 15 images

$1275 $1095 $705 $495 $924 $572 $384 $289

Prints $625 $395 $208 $125

Files $975 $600

*All prices are pre sales tax and all sales are final

Heirloom Keepsake Boxes The Heirloom boxes are timeless, unique boxes that will be cherished for generations. They are handmade in Italy with your choice of Italian leather or the Eco leather option which is vegan 11x14 leather 30 image  20 image  10 image

$2125 $1695 $1320

8x10 leather 30 image 20 image 10 image

$1861 $1495 $1105

11x14 eco leather 30 image 20 image 10 image

$1999 $1575 $1225

8x10 eco leather 30 image 20 image 10 image

$1735 $1295 $975

Digital files are included with the purchase of the leather boxes and 50% off with the eco leather *All prices are pre sales tax and all sales are final

Client Welcome Guide  
Client Welcome Guide