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Michellie Barbadillo found the support she needed at home and at HonCC to graduate with two degrees.

Finally ready to take on the whole world

With help from family, friends and the HonCC ohana

By Vania Graves Ka LĀ staff writer

Michellie Barbadillo has finally made it to the graduation stage. After six years of hard work, Barbadillo is graduating this semester with a double major in liberal arts and Occupational & Environmental Safety Management. However, the pathway to this point was anything but easy for

this mother of two. Like most of the 600 or so students receiving degrees and certificates this semester from Honolulu Community College, Barbadillo had to juggle classes, jobs and family obligations and had to overcome many academic frustrations and challenges. And like all the others graduating, she was able to overcome those challenges with hard work, endurance

and the help of dozens of people who offered support and encouragement along the way. Barbadillo started at HonCC back in the Fall semester of 2010, launching herself on a journey that would change her life forever. “I was tired of being in construction labor and wanted to be a safety inspector,” Barbadillo said. In her first two years she passed all her classes with fly-

ing colors, making it to Dean’s List twice. But like many other students, her smooth ride ended when she started taking math classes. “I got stuck in math,” Barbadillo said. “I struggled a lot.”

OESM has a minimum requirement of passing Math 115, Introduction to Statistics and Probability. Although Barbadillo was Continued on Page 2

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School, family provided needed support Continued from Page 1

excellent at everything else, her weakness was math. She had to start several levels back. “There were many times I just wanted to give up,” she said. Barbadillo found plenty of support, though. Language Arts professor Jerry Saviano hired her as monitor in the English Essential Lab in 2010. That is where she met Conred Maddox (aka Professor Red). He became not only a role model but became a friend, introducing her to many of the free tutoring programs available at school. “While we tend to attribute our success to others, the truth is, in Michellie’s case, I just provided a sounding board so she could hear herself think and make her own decisions,” Maddox said. “Occasionally I helped her push a rock out of the way when she needed to. She is the epitome of grit. No matter how many times she stumbles, she will always rise and walk with her head higher,” Maddox said. “If it wasn’t for him, I would have given up. He played a big part of my life in college,” Barbadillo said. In 2011, she joined TRIO, a program for first-generation college students and others who need academic support. TRIO provides tutoring service and any other support, with a goal of increasing graduation

“I’m looking forward to being a safety inspector and finally pursuing my career after all my struggles I had to overcome.”

and transfer rates. TRIO made arrangements to tutor Barbadillo at her workplace in the Essentials Lab. “She struggled with math and managing time with work and classes, so we had one of our math tutors, Marvin, who would meet with her daily right at her workplace,” said Jolene Suda, the head of the TRIO program. “We try to help students with as much support as we can

provide,” Suda said. With all her other classwork for OESM done but still struggling with the math classes (she had to take several of them twice), Barbadillo decided to take a few more classes to fulfill her Liberal Arts degree. Jenny Wong, who was her cooperative education coordinator, supported her throughout the years. “In the end I think she helped herself. I helped her with encouragement,

but she did all the work,” Wong said. “I just gave her hope and told her to believe in herself, and sometimes that is all it takes to helps the student to not give up. In the end, it was all her.” Family support was important, too. Her husband, whom she married in 2012, played a big part. He supported her in her career path, helped with childcare while she was in class, and offered lots of emotional support. Her children were understanding of their mother taking time to find herself and a new career. Other family members took care of the kids when she couldn’t. And like so many other graduates, all the struggles and challenges will be worthwhile when she receives that diploma and looks to the future. “I’m looking forward to being a safety inspector and finally pursuing my career after all my struggles I had to overcome,” Barbadillo said.

classes, life after music school, and to tell us the plans they have for their future music careers.” The concert started off with Nago welcoming all the attendees, listing all the performers/students and saying how proud he was of their musical accomplishments. Concert emcee, Brian Chang, then welcomed each musician to the stage. Prior to performing, they would explain their musical background along with

past, present, and future accomplishments. After the first two performers, Nago also known as the performer “Kintaro,” put together a comedy skit that got the crowd rolling with laughter. After a little bit of “Kintaro’s” comedy, he then shared the stage with some of his students, showcasing some of his musical abilities. That was followed by more of performances by his students. These performers con-

sisted of students who had taken Nago’s music classes in the past as well as students who are currently taking classes with him. “I am very happy and proud to say that I am their former music teacher. I know that they are on the right paths and look forward to bright futures that lie ahead for all of them,” Nago said. “I am looking forward to seeing their music careers continue to develo, and as a fan, applaud them on! Gambatte!”

Ka Lā photo by Kiki Williams

Like many others graduating this year, Michellie Barbadillo found the support and encouragement she needed at Honolulu Community College.

Music students, old and new, join up By Tiera Spencer Ka Lā staff writer Music For Life!” That’s the inspiration for and name of a concert on campus, bringing together former and current HonCC music students. Music instructor Stuart Nago said he put together the April 7 “Music For Life” concert with a goal of bringing “my music students of past and present together to talk about their experiences taking music


KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i

Student aide works for the love of keiki By Chanelle Amoguis Ka LĀ staff writer

On the campus of Honolulu Community College, there’s the creak of the wooden gate as it swings open to a white building with a red roof, where laughter can be heard. Entering one of the rooms, a young student aide with the short black hair takes off her slippers, leaving them by the door where even tinier footwear are arranged side by side. Approaching the classroom sink, the aide with the bright smile and almond brown eyes always makes sure to wash her hands thoroughly before setting up the activities for the day. This is, after all, a preschool-- a preschool right here on campus. Born and raised in Honolulu, 21-year-old Miki Tsuneda is a teacher’s aide at the Keiki Hau’oli Children’s Center at Honolulu Community College. As a child, she was always one to approach her parents with curious questions and a smile, no matter how often she playfully bothered her parents. They, in turn, would be sure to look her back in the eyes and return her smile and laugh. Tsuneda graduated from Radford High School, where she played soccer and ran track. When she is not working with preschool children, Tsuneda is out coaching students at her alma mater. Tsuneda also participates in intramural

Ka LĀ photo by Chanelle Amoguis

"I think as an educator it is important to allow children to express themselves," says Miki Tsuneda . "We like to encourage them to be independent. sports at HonCC The Center is a training site for students enrolled in HonCC’s Early Childhood Education program. Tsuneda has been working with preschool children for three years now, with an age range of less than 1, to 5. Tsuneda enrolled at HonCC in 2013, and on a job recommendation from Student Life, took the student aide position. It was her past teachers that inpired Tsuneda to take care of chil-

dren. “I have great teachers who impacted me; they encouraged me to learn, and if I was interested in something, they really encouraged that,” Tsuneda says with a sparkle in her eye, “They gave me so much love and attention, that I wanted to give back.” Tsuneda is majoring in Early Childhood Education before transferring to UH Manoa. Her goal is to become a special education teacher.

April/May 2016

“It takes patience, passion, commitment, and professionalism to help the younger children learn,” said John Guillermo, a paraprofessional tutor, who works with special-education children at Kalihi Kai Elementary School. Many do not realize that being responsible for the growth of children is a hard, but a greatly rewarding task. “My greatest goals are my Masterʻs in early childhood education, or a Bachelorʻs or Masterʻs in in public health.” “I wanted to educate children when I was in preschool, because I love children,” said Tsuneda, “I think as an educator it is important to allow children to express themselves and recreate to those who value them. For example, children value their moms and dads.” Tsuneda educates and plans out activities for physical development, cognitive, and fine motor skills for the children. She is focused on the children’s personalities, and she teaches subjects based on their interests.Tsuneda’s gentle tone of voice is well received by the children she works with. Additionally, when it comes to correcting children, Tsuneda offers suggestions, instead of scolding: “We don’t want to solve it for them because we won’t be there forever with them. We won’t be there holding their hand. We like to encourage them to be independent.”

Writing Intensive (WI) credit toward your UH degree!

WI Courses Available in Fall 2016 Course Alpha and Number (CRN) WS 151 (CRN: 20436) REL 151 (CRN: 21940) REL 151 (CRN: 20172) PHIL 100 (CRN: 20155) JOUR 204 (CRN: 22347)

HWST 270 (CRN: 21582)

HIST 297B (CRN: 22270) HIST 232 (CRN: 22271) HAW 261 (CRN: 20797) ENG 268 (CRN: 22121)/ JOUR 268 (CRN: 22120)

ENG 257Y (CRN: 21963) ENG 257S (CRN: 21929) ENG 257N (CRN: 22327) ENG 257F (CRN: 22348)

Course Title Introduction to Women's Studies

Religion and the Meaning of Existence

Religion and the Meaning of Existence

Introduction to Philosophy: Survey of Problems Writing for the Web

Hawaiian Mythology The Bible as History Modern European Civilization II

ENG 201 (CRN: 20445)

TR 8:30-9:45 AM

G Panisnick

MW 10:00-11:15 AM G Panisnick WWW M 5:30-8:15 PM

R Pine M Leidemann

MW 1:00-2:15 PM

T Akeo


W Boryk


C Smith

Literary Non-Fiction

TR 11:30 AM-12:45 PM

M Leidemann

TR 11:30 AM-12:45 PM

J Saviano


B Kwon

Young Adult Novel

Comic Books, Literature, and Society Books at the Movies

Women in Literature

Writing Term Papers

ENG 201 (CRN: 22358)

S NakamotoLevine

J Keaulana

ENG 210 (CRN: 20979)

ENG 201 (CRN: 22359)

R 5:00-7:45 PM

MW 8:30-9:45 AM

British Literature After 1800

ENG 209 (CRN: 21580)


Hawaiian Literature in English

ENG 252 (CRN: 22224)

ENG 209 (CRN: 22043)

Days and Time

Business and Managerial Writing

Business and Managerial Writing Creative Writing Creative Writing Creative Writing

MW 1:00-2:15 AM

TR 10:00-11:15 PM

E Shaffer

E Shaffer

MW 11:30 AM-12:45 C Gima PM MW 8:30-9:45 AM

B Paudyal

T 5:30-8:15 PM

D Otsuji

MW 10:00-11:15 AM E Shaffer WWW

C McKinney

TR 1:00-2:15 PM

K Quilantang


C McKinney

Harold R. Parells Feb. 7, 1963 - March 13, 2016 The Honolulu Community College ohana would like to extend deepest condolences to Diana Perrells and her family in the recent passing of her son, Harold R. Perrells. Harold was well liked by his instructors and fellow students, and his voice will be missed in the classrooms.

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2016

How to find the right instructor

choosing their professors. “I found using it to be very useful. I have enjoyed all of my professors from ratemyprofessor. com,” said HonCC student Liz Tso, “It’s nice knowing if a professor is going to be enlightening or not. I doubt anyone wants to be taught by a mean or insufficient professor.” While some students use this site to simply choose a moderately paced class, other students may want something a little more challenging.

offers insight in those areas. “I do find it very important to determine if the professor is challenging or too easy, or if the workload is appropriate or just plain lazy,” Jordan Kanemitsu said. “I would recommend using it to base your own judgement afterwards,” he said. "It’s important that students use as a tool guide and also to help other students by giving them an inside look of what to expect from a certain class or professor. Charlene Gima, an assistant professor of Language Arts at HonCC, said the site “can be very useful if you are looking for popular opinion, and a lot of the students give very candid advice or responses.” However, others say the site should be just one of the sources that students consult before signing up for classes. Counselors,

other faculty members, former students, and friends all can offer insight into the appropriateness of any class. In addition, many professors choose to make the results of their end-of-the-semester class evaluations available for all to see. These evaluations go into great detail about how students responded to each class. To see the results go to http://www.hawaii. edu/ecafe/ and follow the view published surveys tab. The only problem: Some professors choose not to make their evaluations public. In any case, deciding to go to college is a huge decision and you want to make sure you’re getting a quality education and being taught by quality professors. Get all the help you can in finding the right classes.

success with its 15th annual Spring Showcase, and one of the most popular films was a locally made documentary called Aloha from Lavaland (Payson & Seradwyn, 2016). The film was shot on location by several members of the small, rural town of Pahoa on the Big Island. Comments from residents of the town, a conversation with a Hawaiian kumu (healer), as well as local news coverage, give viewers an in-depth, inside look at how the town's people cope while they keep a watchful eye on, and prepare for, the slow-moving Kilauea

lava flow threatening to cut their community off from the rest of civilization. The film sheds light on what it means to live in an ever-changing and growing modern Hawaii. The Hawaii International Film Festival strives to be a year-round presence on Oahu with monthly screenings at the newly renovated Howard Hughes building in Kaka’ako. The monthly event, called Courtyard Cinema, is free to the public – popcorn included! Films are screened outdoors on a large screen, with plenty of comfortable seating provided. The

festival also screens films on Kauai and the Big Island each fall. The next fall festival dates on Oahu are Nov. 3-13. The Hawaii International Film Festival also offers various opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved. There is a volunteer program that offers shifts of all kinds: from helping take tickets to theater operations and event staff. HIFF also offers internships every year to local college students. To learn more about the Hawaii International Film Festival visit the HIFF website:

By Tiera Spencer Ka LĀ staff writer

Are you ready to register for next semester? Well, before you decide on what classes you’re going to take, here’s a helpful website to check out. With more than 16 million ratings, 1.4 million professors, and 7,000 schools, ratemyprofessor. com has become a go-to tool to use in finding the best classes to take. Students are able to go on this website and rate their professors on a 1 to 5 scale based on their “easiness,” “helpfulness,” “clarity,” and “interest.” They can also use up to three tags to describe professors and use a maximum of 350 characters to write a description of their experience in that specific class. Many students find that is beneficial in

Festival offers glimpse of Pahoa and the world By Steffanie Sobitz Ka LĀ staff writer

The Hawaii International Film Festival, one of the best in the world, is held twice a year just a short walk from the HonCC campus. Offering hundreds of movies each spring and fall, most of them showing at the nearby Dole Cannery Theatres complex, the festival features films from all over the world, with a focus on local and Asian films. Last month, HIFF celebrated

KaLā • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i APRIL/MAY 2016 5

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2016

Spring 2016 graduates TRANSPORTATION & TRADES Aeronautics Maintenance Technology Associate in Science

Alexander Phillips Creadick Tyler Norio Kamita Alan Takao Nakata Romel J. Neri Kirsten-Jacob Cuayzon Yacas

Certificate of Achievement Kevin Valdez Centeno Andrew Yee Mun Chun Landen Ramones Constantino Drew Paul Cowan Kainoa James Dunn Spencer Kiyoshi Hokama Luis Hong Dong Ma Elvin John Lariego Nunez Alexander K. Opp Kirsten-Jacob Cuayzon Yacas

Applied Trades

Campus life: Free pancake day

Associate in Applied Science Donielle Joy Abasia Ryan Junichi Abe Chad Kilikikopa Adviento Jonathan C.K.Y. Agno Jett M. Aguirre. Hi'ilani Kauanoe Darci Ahin Carol Sakiko Amaral Aaron K Anami Tyler Tsuneo Aoki Lance A Arakaki Aaron Takami Arii Kasee Keone Bailey Steven Michael Baldauf Cody N Benanua, Michael Patrick Shigeo Brannu Jared Keli'i Michael Braun Edwin Umoso Bruno Stephen Randall Buck Brad Kalani Bugado Lance N. Cabanilla-Ku Thomas Kiki Carvalho Christopher James Caswell Jarrin P.T. Celoza Casey Keoni Ching Janna Lisa Kim Erik James Clemson Matthew P. Coelho Zachary Scott Coronas Bryan Yutaka Cortez Collin Matthew deGuzman James Matthew Duropan Rodney Ikaika Duyag Vic-Albert Lorenzo Estoesta Donald Kaulana Fialkowski Andrew S. Fredette Luis Martin Gaerlan IV Nainoa Kekenalii Gonsalves Christopher Takashi Goya David Takezo Goya Eamon Lawrence Pomaika'i Gray Derek Kaumuali'i Harbottle Kai Yoshio Higa Matthew Hau'oli Ho Gavan Jonathan Honda Chance Keiji Kekoa Hookala Natasha Kalehuamakanoe Hopkins-Moniz Brandon Kawaoha Horiuchi

Charles H Hwang Benjamin Michio Ige Ray M Imamura Kenneth Shizuyoshi Ito III John Hiroyuki Kagehiro Keoki Kawika Kanohokula John Martin Kaohelaulii Kale Keolaokalani Kealoha Treves Makanui Kealohi Keohokapu Shane Takeo Kido Brian Kawika Kim Sean Warren King Kasey L Koomoa Noah Hendrix Koon III William A. Kruger Jr. Christopher Keliko Kuaiwa Tanya Ka'iulani Labajo Nathan Joseph Lacno Rio Kalani Laigo Brittany Nawahine Hanohano Leandro Bronson Jared Ledward Alyson Siu Jun Lee Jonathan Jinsu Lee Stuart J Leong Chad L Lindsey Keanu Anthony Keenan Lindsey Kristen Marie Litherland Kaliko Ray Loveland John-Paul Chong-Hing Hokuonalani Luckfield Frank-Dwayne R. Lujan Jack Francis Kelii Mandaquit Joejacob Keala Manutai Chase Kawika Kenichi Masuda Kristie Naomi Masuoka Gavin Mitsuo Matsumoto Alika E.K. Mattson John Joseph McDonough Marissa A Miyachi Jason Hiroshi Miyasaki Jesus Jose Montes IV Dane K. Montez Jordan Shane Morales Rylan Akira Morihara Brad K Morikawa Jared K. Nagai

Jeremy Nakeonimana Namahoe Stacy Ann Kimiko Nitta Marie-Louise Occelin Nathan Robert Ogata Neil Masao Ogawa Nathan Eugene Kimo Oki Cory Tomotsu Okuda Joshua Kamuela Olaguera Ryan Reyes Olaguera Jared Kiyoshi Omiya Donovan Yagin Orial Kellen Yoshiro Oroku George Matthew Orpilla II Michelle Joann Mariano Orpilla David Sadao Oshita Beny Beltran Pacubas Alexander Alika Guy Issac Patterson Gabriel Andrew Peacott-Ricardos Daniel Kenichi Poepoe Kirk Robert Powles Dayton Lee Hokuokekai Quartero Janice Tan Quesada Emely Soriano Ramos Kingston Keoki Repercio Aaron C Rigor Ryan Jason Rigor Michael Allen Risso Kate Mahealani Robinson Shawn Tatsuo Saito Zachary-James Ethan Koamakamaekamauhokuola Santos Mark Edwin Scalzone Andrew Mitsuo Shimabuku Scott Ka'eo Shimizu Victor Samoa Siilata Harold L Slate Keoni W.L Smith Justin Kaleolani Soon Kalamakuakahawai'i Henry Souza Kyle M. Tanaka Mark Akio Tanigawa Brandon T. Taniyama Kahai Kalani J.P. Tavares Carlos Torres Jerome David Travers Leo Anthony Ipalari Tuazon Andrew K. Tung Stephen J. Umeno

Steven C Uy Cody Kekaimalie Valeros Shannon Kapono Vierra Brenden Kawaihouolu'uaeaeoke'anuenue Kimo Villa-Hashimoto Benjamin Kawika Vincent Lyle Sunao Wachi Dustin B.Y. Williams Keevin Kawailani Winchester Robert Lanakila Wong Yanyan Xiao Neil Hinano Yasuhara Matthew Ming Yee Ryan T. Yonamine Royce Ikaika Yuen

Architectural, Engineering & CAD Technologies Associate in Science Ryan Jon Batangan Raffy Cabigas Cabreros Carl Anthony Ferrer Cacpal Nathan Masaki Chiu Justin Michael Figueroa Lindsay M.H.M. Fukata Anthony Michael Julian Gayap Arnold Robles Gudoy Ariz Rafael James Brysson Joseph Kuahine Hua Yong Li Melissa Pena Macabeo Aprille T. Tolentino Shannon Kapono Vierra Gareth Laureto Villanueva Certificate of Achievement Lindsay M.H.M. Fukata Ariz Rafael James Aprille T. Tolentino

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2016

Spring 2016 graduates Auto Body Repair & Painting

Mark Anthony La'akea Pascua Richard Anthony Pekala Sydney H Price Dane Jarrett Smith Nash William Alepeleke Souza Michael Daniel Wertz Kirk Stephen Williams Justin Ikaika Wong Royce Nohili Yamamoto

Associate in Applied Science William Rashawn Hall Timothy Nicolas-Kamaehu Ricafort Ashley M. Smith

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement

Daniel June Cho Tyler H.J. Kwan Andrew Alvin Sakal

Nicholas Cockett

Automotive Technology

Occupational Environmental Safety Management

Associate in Applied Science

Associate in Science

Bryan Austin Caluya Austin Lee Cherry Kendrick Dela Cruz Constantino Lee Pascual Corotan Pauahi P. Garrett Iris Hui Jayson Gorospe Ibera Mark Anthony Alcaraz Ibuos Michael Aldojesa Ignacio Shawn W. Lagpacan Yuhang Liu John Llamas Kaleikaumaka C. Ma'ele Bronson Carl Mohika Jonnah Rae Claro Quiacusan Maurice D. Rodrigues Kieran Y. Yamamoto

Johann Baker Andersen Michelle J.A Barbadillo Nicole H Fu Dayna Hatsumi Akagi Galvan Ethylene Rose Osias Ipalari StaciaLee Leialoha Jaeger Raymond Kahoonei Jr. Bronson Wailana Luis Sean C Lyons Alexis Marie Pangilinan John-Henry Kalanina'ahienaena Po'omaihealani, Honors Aurelio A. Preza Jr. David Hideyuki Takahashi Rethcelin Ontolan Tampon Melanie Mahealani Wai Mei Villanueva Monty Lee Wood

Certificate of Achievement Kevin Chi Ping Yang

Carpentry Technology Associate in Applied Science Florencio Batangan Agmata Mark Andrew Ganoy Alamon Jacqueline Nguyen Canos April S.Y. Chun Acquavella Jeff K. J. Gao Donovan T Kalahiki-Boyce Kaioh Watanabe Nakanishi Jayce Kamaili Ramos Alexander Josef Ruffalo

Certificate of Achievement Romnick Jude Maglasang Valmoja

Certificate of Achievement Concrete Form Construction John S. Lim

Commercial Aviation Associate in Science Tyler K.M. Ah Loy John Keonimana Yutaka Good Sean Anthony Rita Sydnie Michelle Uemoto

Campus life: Game day Nicole Patria Badua Granciosa Cooper Mafua Seluka Resture Jennifer Lee Wong Brian T. Young

Certificate of Achievement Lee Ann K Miranda Kehaulani Remiticado Kelu Zhang

Diesel Mechanics

Associate in Applied Science Jorge David Cadenas Cody Nohea Daniel Victor R Divina Jr Richard Dalere Galvezo Shelby Ka'i'inioku'upu'uwaivainta Holi Keith Tadashi Kaleo Kameda Kristine Iwalani Lorance David F Macato Chaymes Kaleo Monsell Kaimana Espiritu Morita Braeden K Nelson Long Phan Nguyen Randy R. Ruiz Cody William Santos John Tran

Certificate of Achievement Kainoa D. Hopfe

Construction Management Electrical Installation & Maintenance Technology Associate in Science

Steven Yoshimitsu Arakaki Emily Jane Boirum Russell Manuel Delo Santos

Associate in Applied Science Sierra A Blotter Marc Cabbab

Evian Jay Keoni Cabrera Dominique Julius Espelita Dameg Charles T. Ferrer Joey Bryson Gabriel-Garces Mark Jesfer Malvar Gaoiran Jomar U. Jose Robbi-Anne Yoshiko Stacie Liu Loc Phuoc Luu Daniel James Magdaloyo Jason Jorel Merseburgh Chris Tsugimi Nagasako Anthony Sylvester Ilagan Nambio Bryce Charles Kalani Ryan Jerome Dennis Samante Rowel Alob Sayon

Certificate of Achievement t

Steven John Asuncion Maddela

Fire & Environmental Emergency Response Associate in Applied Science Patrick James S. Alcaraz Richard Fischer Anacan Renny Mhar Andam Scott Whalen Hideki Batula Nicholas Cockett James Keone Cornwell Christopher Rodriguez Fajardo Jamin Kamuela Freitas Kaleopunaheleimaikalani R Hauata Braden Aukai Iwami Shane Nainoa Kahale Jaren A. Luke Winston D Matas Scott Matsumoto Robert Kaniela McGrath Bradley Jacob Messer Lenna Alyssa Morita Keith Alexander Noble Cory K. Okimura

Certificate of Achievement Javier Magana Rethcelin Ontolan Tampon

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology Associate in Applied Science Shannen Mitsuo Apostadiro Timmy Cacayorin Bantolina Dylan Ramos Bartolome Kekoa M Caberto Brandon Ramelb Pilar Cadavona Brandon James Corpuz Carbillon Preston Jason Ceria Justin Wai Sun Ching Austin Cole Sada Higa Anthony Kaleo Jale Jay K Kekaula Goo Lim Nicholas Nolan Meladrino Macabeo-Spahn Blake Yoshiharu Matsuura Nicholas K Megargel Brendan Scott Meyer Thomson Huu Nguyen Enoa Gabriel S Reid Dennis Tu Tran

Certificate of Achievement Rolando Parairo Agustin Chase Nathan Aguada Cacacho Charles Romero Ignacio Barry Kupono Maitland Gabriel Pohaikealoha Yuki Miguel Jonathan Mariano Sokoloff Frank Kailihakuma Umiikaawa Zablan

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i


April/May 2016

Spring 2016 graduates Sheet Metal & Plastics Technology

Early Childhood Education

Certificate of Achievement

Associate in Science – Infant/ Toddler

Travis T Miyashiro Elmer A. Ranit Matthew A. Tseu

Carmina Ungos Austria Angelica Lokelani Barroga Jhessa Carla S. Campuspos Kaitlin Nicole Dillon Jena-Lee Yanas Sagucio Leonimar Serna Wenceslao

Welding Technology Associate in Applied Science Brian Guimel de Jesus Rick Earl DeMoe II Someyr M.N. Fernandez Anthony John Mamuad Fiesta Thomas Micael Frazee John Charles Kanekoa Iwamoto Joshua Shota Kido Brenden Kekoa Lee Russell Pascua Manarpiis Corey M. Matsuo Stephen Jacob Kawailukini Palmer Jay-ar Daniel Agoy Rivera Sterling Tyler Simon-Ganti Rowel Alejandro Urban

Certificate of Achievement Davida Ululani Aila Shannen Mitsuo Apostadiro Makaio Keali'iokamalu Kanahele Au Sara Ivette Carmona Martinez Blaine Yae Nakamatsu Justin Evan Pagba James Bond Saysiry

COMMUNICATION & SERVICES Administration of Justice Associate in Applied Science Jerry Seungchan Ahn

Bridgette Clark Ash Brandon George Biacan Zachary M. Bonaudi Brooke Ichishita Carlson Yeanni Annie Chen Clarence A. Cottrell Desiree Makanani Garcia Lonnie Kuuleimomi Hamili Maile Ann Kaho'ohanohano Hewitt John Yoshio Ichimura Edward Aki Iinuma Ava Makana Ka'aihue Ai Mary Kobashigawa Joshua Ramos Laborte Nicole Malamaisaua Manuma Stephanie Lynn Morton Julianne Noh Trenton Keiji Mutow Omuro Ryan Bow Yun Pang Izaiah D Pascua Paul Patrick Perry III

Associate in Science, Preschool

Campus life: GET IT days Nicole Marie Galapon Ramos Jose Andres Rodriguez-Jimenez Genesis Tiare Toralba Jonell Baclayon Valdez Brandon Edgar Vazquez

Communication Arts Associate in Science Erika Lee Brooksby Joanne Brandy Visaya Felipe Isaac No'eau Ikeda Holden K.A.K. Mandrial-Santos Jeffrey Lino Marzo Jr.

Computing Electronics & Network Technology Advanced Professional Certificate David Yin Choy Yap

Associate in Science Brayton J Acoba Galutau Mose Aga Shannon Kekoa Ayson Francis Harold Boucher II Zeric Galario Villanueva Royce Tsuyoshi Yamaki Dennis K Yamashiro

Certificate of Achievement – Networking & Telecommunication Jason Kiyoshi Iokepa Makanaipulama'ia TorikawaDomingo

Cosmetology Associate in Applied Science Jazelyn Alana Ancheta Brooke Shizuko Makanamaiiluna Bosque Tiffany Hounani Garcia Arisa Kojima Casey Summer Matsumura Melia Moani'Ala Mizuguchi Taylor Katsumi Junko Omuro Shalani Bulawan Placencia Leina'ala Hokuokalani P. Quintal Ashley-Lorianne B Sagisi Bethany-Lauren Custodio Santamaria Joann Sourivong Samantha H.W. Wilson

Certificate of Achievement Sarah Sangjee Ahn Kailey Ann Alexander Jazelyn Alana Ancheta Raynay Asuncion Charmaine Turalva Benigno Brooke Shizuko Makanamai iluna Bosque Ariel Joseph Camat Cabreros Jr. Titaina H.K. Carlmark Marla I.E. Jenne Eddianne Lokelani Keahioaloha Kalamau Selina Kiana Lopez Sanoe Hanako Lum Jaena Mae Bringas Sabugo Ashley-Lorianne B. Sagisi Mong Thu Thi Tran

Jacqueline Louise Kehaulani Aiona Tracy Octubre Alambatin Courtney Kaimanaokalani Apuna Kristen Galzote Calacal Renalyn Reano Dasmarinas Jennifer Ramelb Escalante Samjhana Ghimire Acharya Ashley Ku'uleialoha Nicole Kalaiwa'a Cynthia Rae Kobylanski Cathleen Kuang Michelle Kame Ualani KuwayeShimabukuro Almie Jane Paja Christian Bunichi Sakaida Sunsearay Ku'ule'akuikawa Raya Solatorio Ashley Miye Suzuki Jaydinel Elisa Tesoro-Montero Kealoha Sanchez Utleg Kristin Haley Wilson Ulrike Zuckerman

Certificate of Achievement – Preschool Cheryl Marie Goodknecht Leonimar Serna Wenceslao

Certificate of Competence Carmina Ungos Austria Heather M Keet Elinicia V Gloria Chih-Ting Lu

Certificate of Competence – Child Development Associate Lori M Allen Amy Anguay Stephanie C.T. Branco Tracy-Lyne Keikilani Chee Elinicia V Gloria Danielle C Hipol Ileana C. Lee Yvette Leimomi Robb-Oshiro Ariel K Sato Jaydinel Elisa Tesoro-Montero

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April/May 2016

Spring 2016 graduates Fashion Technology Associate in Applied Science Matthew Alan Paguyo Batulayan Liko Kauwohikukapulani-Lyle Fukumoto Hilda Vanessa Howell Kimberly Michiko Maile Kaai Ashley Mariko Kaminaga Samara K.L.T. Keuma Jessica Nguyen Rosanne G. Saludares Dinah Leah Swords Edmar B Villa Lory Puiyen Wong

Certificate of Competence – Computerized Grading, Marking & Patternmaking Jessica Nguyen Dinah Leah Swords Edmar B Villa Lory Puiyen Wong

Certificate of Competence – Cutting Room Functions Hilda Vanessa Howell Jessica Nguyen Dinah Leah Swords Lory Puiyen Wong

Certificate of Competence Flat Patternmaking Hilda Vanessa Howell Jessica Nguyen Dinah Leah Swords Lory Puiyen Wong

Human Services Associate in Applied Science Adelaide Angela Brenner Mae Althea V. Gallardo Hope K-Aloha Leianne Uilani Kauweloa Christopher M Keliiheleua Charita C. Palicte Jasselyn Sedeno Thuy Thi Thu Tran

Campus life: Art & Soul day Kailen Sofiedahl Swensen

Associate in Science Music Business & Production Donald Akhntion Cade LeAndra Devan Hostler Hi'ilawe Kainalu Kay Steven Dupri Olinger Derly J Pena Flame Kamanakokekaikilakila Porter Sarahmay Quibuyen Vicente


Hawaiian Studies

Certificate of Achievement

Associate in Arts

Mari Yasui

Jarrett Keoni Kaho'okele Jr. Briana Emily Kapeka Olarti

Certificate of Competence Chanelle Marie Hokunani Dawson

Music & Entertainment Learning Experience Associate in Science Audio Engineering Technology Jensen Kainoa Aguinaldo Kamauliola Gary Kaapana Agunat Nicholas Happy Cockett Armando Agpoon Dinong Trycia Ihilani Guess Kaleo Lance R. Koenig Brandon Y. Kubo Devon-Jack Lemapu Rosete

Liberal Arts

Associate in Arts Madison Paige Abordo Ryan Lee Abregano Janet Ibera Agbayani Brigette Ramos Agustin Taylor Pomaika'i Aiwohi Angelica Alcaraz Lorenza Cecile Aldan Dylan Gary Alfaro Nicole Alegre Alimboyoguen Alexis Gumera Antinero Serina Tulimalefo'i Asuega Toeaina-Matila Terence Christopher Aveiro Rachel Takeno Azama Michelle J.A Barbadillo

Mikki Lee Brenner Dayna Ku'uleilani Buck Dorian Kalikolehuaolokelani Sua Ginel Bautista Cambia Judhea Mae Prieto Campollo Kimi Philpot Carty Kehaulani Laura Ragel Chang Kylen Ko Chang Xiaojuan Chen Carmelo Luis Cruz-Diaz Michael Yukito Darling Kaipuaolamaikalani Davidson PatriciaMae Bangate Early Morgan Gisela Fernandez Elaine Basilio Fiesta Jaymee Fuata'i Fuga Tiffany Hounani Garcia Vania Constanza Graves Daiki Hatanaka Frank Roland Hayes Dianne Jane Hom Nicholas James Hudson Jonathan John Sanarez Ibarra Kuilani L Isagawa Heather Nicole Johnson Jarrett Keoni Kaho'okele Jr. Isaiah Palani Kaimuloa Julia Melo Krause Aubrey Danielle Lacaillade Denise Ka Yeng Lee Jason Lee Monica Maria Lerma Mark Kevin Acorda Ligsay Amelia Tuitupou Lolohea Danielle Waioluokalani Linderman Elizabeth Victoria Manzano David Rene Mascorro III Victoria Rosemarie Messamore Maressa Nikkole Miguel-Santos Jon Allen Kahiau Miranda Melia Moani'Ala Mizuguchi Kaitlyn Mae Moeller Layla Maria Valentine Carly Napuanani Naganuma

Gary Masato Nakamura Corey Kekoanui Nascimento Jonathan Taulagasamoa Nepo Anna Tran Nguyen Marie-Louise Occelin Briana Emily Kapeka Olarti Andrew N.F. Pa'aluhi Larry Allan Javier Pastor Diena Motiana Peterson Mark Arthur Pfiester Shai-lynn Ranchez-Langit Kimverly Rios Ramos Brittany Nicole Rits Daniel Brandon Ruiz Dustin Wayne Saluda Lloyd Gacutan Segundo Melody Simpliciano Sembrano Jaxon C.K. Servies Danicca Jhanzen Labrador Simon Brendon Katsuo Tanabe Katarina Tatomirovic Christina Iemina Terawaa Susan Alejandra Thompson Charles Alexander Tisdale Tennyson D Tom II Kelvin Dewayne Tyler Hokuolalohamaiiaonalani Nina Veary Ganigan Cherisse Y.I. Villanueva Haley Elizabeth VonBank Andre Kai Wang


Academic Subject Certificate Ashley Baptista Salvado

Natural Science

Associate in Science Physical Sciences Tyron Yukio Kim Hamamoto

KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i

Abad, Jacquelyn Abasial, Donielle Abe, Ryan Abendanio, Arnel Abordo, Madison Acoba, Brayton Adviento, Chad Adviento, Aulii Africano, Charity Aga, Galutau Agapay, Brandon Agmata, Florencio Agno, Jonathan Aguirre, Jett Agustin, Brigette Agustin, Liezl Joy Agustin, Rica Suzette Ah Nee-Bahn, Charles Ahina, Hi'ilani Aila, Davida Alamon, Mark Andrew Alcaraz, Patrick James Alconcel, Vance Allen, Mitchell Almeida, Yvonne Alvarado, David Alves, Jonnalyn Amaral, Carol Amuro, Dustin Amuro, Randon An, Bruce Anae, Andre Anami, Aaron Ancheta, Vincent Andallo, Elvie Anderson, Isaac Aoki, Tyler Aragon, Lawrence Arakaki, Lance Arakawa, Marcus Arcano, Anthony Arii, Aaron Ash, Bridgette Au, Makaio Aveiro, Terence Badua, Remelyn Bailey, Kasee Bailey, Michelle Balangue, Christian Balasico, Rowell Balauro, Kyle Balbirona, Kyle Baldauf, Steven Baoit, Charvin Jhio Barao, Gerry Barino, Jayleen Barrett, Brandon Barsatan, Malcolm Barth, Atsuko Bartolome, Dylan Basco-Ray, Ruby Batangan, Ryan Benanua, Cody Bento, Cherie Blotter, Sierra Bolibol, Mark Jonel Bonaudi, Zachary Bordaje, Ulysses Borden, Frank Bosque, Brooke Brandt, Daniel Brannum, Michael Braun, Jared Bright, Jesse Briones, Marino Brooksby, Erika Bruno, Edwin Buck, Stephen Bugado, Bradley Bui, John Cabanilla-Ku, Lance Cabe, Jason Caberto, Kekoa Cadavona, Lionel Cadenas, Jorge Calacal, Kristen Calivoso, Melvin Canida, Brent Cao, Jiren Caramonte, Phanee Caraulia, Shayla Carbillon, Brandon James Carino, Carmela Elaine Carty, Kimi Carvalho,Thomas Cary, Mckenna

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Fall 2015 Dean's List

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KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i

At Kawaii Kon


April/May 2016

Where everyone goes to be someone else

By Chanelle Amoguis Ka LĀ staff writer

Kawaii Kon: A gathering that was on the lips of almost every geek and closet nerd here in Hawai'i a few weeks back. People who are into it were loving it, living it and breathing it. Kawaii Kon has gone from the few and the hardcore to a massive net of enthusiasts spreading across Hawai'i. If one goes to such a convention and they're NOT in a complex costume, selling character figures, or comics, they’re in the minority. Image-sharing websites like Imgur and Tumblr explode with Kawaii Kon photos (including HonCC’s own Ka LĀ news website). Kawaii Kon is an annual threeday celebration of Japanese culture, “anime,” (cartoons and animation) and pop culture held at the Hawai'i Convention Center each April. It was in part founded by a Hawai'i resident who wanted to bring an anime convention to the islands. Anime is the term for a Japanese style of cartoon and animation and is widely associated with comic books, toys, and video games. One of the aspects of anime is cosplay, a portmanteu of the term "costume play," with the phenomenon originating in Japan before quickly spreading through Asia and making its way to Hawai'i. It is the practice of portraying a Japanese animated fictional character – and at times, completely identifying as that character while in costume and adding to the authenticity of the experience. For a few days at these conventions, “cosplayers” are able to act out their alter-egos and fantasies. Depending on the character and the dedication of the cosplayer, the process of assembling a cosplay outfit can either be a simple or a difficult task. Some cosplayers start their outfits entirely from scratch. One cosplayer dressed as Ariel from the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid,” used her bikini top and a mermaid tail bought from to quickly assemble her cosplay outfit. Cosplayers dress up for a multitude of reasons. To portray a loved character, enjoying the attention of being in an elaborate costume, or the appreciation from peers for completing a complex costume, there are many motivations for donning spandex or a cape, or even dressing up as characters of the opposite sex ("crossplay").

Ka LĀ photos by Cameron Cole and Chanelle Amoguis

If you're not in a costume at Kawaii Kon, you're probably not in the full spirit of things. “It’s kind of a two-fold thing,” said professional cosplayer Leah Rose. “Like there’s a sense of satisfaction, like yes -- I’m finally in the costume, I am this character. And there’s also the people’s reactions.” Rose feels the cosplay scene in Hawai'i is positive. “I think it’s definitely growing. It’s surging in popularity across the board,” she said. “It’s expanding a lot too, because now there’s all these TV shows about it; 'comic con' is a term that people use in their normal vocabulary -- it’s definitely growing. And people are realizing this is an acceptable expression of fandoms.” Other vendors included those

selling anime action figures; posters, games, and other memorabilia. There were even some vendors who authored the comics and artwork themselves. Convention vendors in the form of animators also made up an integral part of the Kawaii Kon 2016 attendees. One participant, a student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, flew all the way from Canada just to “table” -- showcasing her hand-drawn artwork and personal selection of anime merchandise to sell. David K. Wong ( artofdavidwong) has been mentoring other aspiring artists. “If you can’t have fun in your job, you’re

missing something,” he said. “I’ve already got 20 artists (under his training). They started doing artwork, they just needed advice on how to do shows, gave them some advice, now they’ve been doing shows for eight, ten years.” On top of all the cosplay and original works the Artist’s Alley has to offer, Kawaii Kon was full of panelists who are experienced in the anime industry. The panels varied day by day and covered topics ranging from Lolita fashion to hentai, a subgenre of oversexualized characters and explicit images in the anime community. The next Kawaii Kon is scheduled for April 7-9, 2017.


April/May 2016

Māla keeps culture alive on campus KaLĀ • Honolulu Community College, University of Hawai`i

By Cameron Cole Ka LĀ staff writer

Before the Mahele of 1848 divided Hawai'i up into privately owned lots, the place we now know as Honolulu Community College was the Niuhelewai 'Ili, in the Kapalama Ahupua'a, an area that served 45 separate lo'i, or wetland taro patches. Niuhelewai means “coconut moving in water,” a name aptly earned due to a stream that once flowed through the campus area. Late in the 19th century, however, the stream was diverted into the Kapalama Canal to make room for urban development, ending the cultivation of the traditional wetland style of taro (kalo) in the area. That didn’t stop Mark Alapaki Luke, though. Luke, Hawaiian Studies Department chair, spearheaded an effort to revive the kalo-growing tradition on the campus, using a dryland style of growing kalo to create Ka Māla o Niuhelewai (The Garden of Niuhelewai). The literal definition of ho'olaule'a is celebration, and here at HonCC, it is held specifically in observation of the harvest of the kalo from the college’s own garden (māla). The māla recently marked its fifth harvest with a campus-wide celebration that attracted several hundred participants and visitors. “It’s important that we bring it back to the campus, even if it is a dryland, or what they used to call ‘upland’ type, of growing,” Luke said. The dryland kalo is more difficult to work with when making poi, and Luke hopes to one day revitalize the wetland lo'i that had previously fed so many. Tucked carefully behind the childcare center in the back of the campus, the māla also provided the vegetables served at the Ho'olaule'a. The crops in the garden have historically fed the people of Hawai'i for generations. These include kalo, ti leaves, bananas, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes. The māla itself represents a marriage of old traditions and contemporary techniques, with ancient crops being cared for by an extremely efficient drip irrigation system, and UV, soil moisture, and PH gauges. While the māla is cared for by students in the Hawaiian Studies program, they are by no means working alone. Volunteers included students from the carpentry, botany, and automotive departments at HonCC. Attendees also included students from area

Ka LĀ photos by Cameron Cole

Putting on the annual Ho'olaule'a at Honolulu CC requires the work of dozens of people, and brings out a crowd of hundreds to participate in the event

public schools, including Likelike and Lunalilo Elementary Schools, Kawananakoa Middle, and Kamehameha Schools, who came to watch the imu preparation, as well as to get hands-on experience in the māla, harvesting sweet potatoes they had planted six months earlier. These potatoes were served alongside the other vegetables at the Ho'olaule'a. “We like to give back to everyone with this Ho'olaule'a. It’s a very community-oriented type of activity,” Luke said. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was instrumental in helping fund the māla, providing a $25,000 grant. As a state that imports 8090 percent of its food, Hawai’i is extreme in its high reliance on others to sustain itself. Events like the Ho'olaule'a provide an example of how gardening

can be an effective way to supplement the groceries that families purchase to feed themselves. “Anything helps,” explains Luke. “Even if you just grow green onion in a cup in your kitchen, at least you don’t have to buy green onion anymore.” The Ho'olaule'a also had a good lesson to teach about sustainability and mālama 'āina, or caring for the land. Posters advertising the event informed prospective attendees that no silverware or paper plates would be provided, and requested that they either bring something from home or make them from palm fronds and banana leaves at the event. HonCC automotive instructor Robert Silva was on hand to volunteer his time at the Ho'olaule'a, providing lessons on how to make plates by weaving fronds together.

Silva’s earnest smile and friendly attitude made the lessons easy. Under the same tent, a desk of items made from reclaimed materials showed the myriad ways plant matter and recycled materials could be used for handmade practical applications, such as being made into bags, rope, brooms, and other useful items. All the food served was organically grown and raised as well, ensuring that each and every step of the process was done in a natural and sustainable fashion. As the Ho'olaule'a began, the festive spirit was infectious as local musicians and hula dancers set the scene. The menu included kālua pig and turkey, cooked in the imu right next to the māla. The line for the food grew quickly, as college students dutifully rose to the call for a free meal. The majority of the poi served at the celebration was made via a machine due to the sheer volume required, but the traditional style of making the poi with stone pounders on large wooden planks was also alive and well. Poi pounding lessons were given by HonCC student Keith Barrett, providing another way to experience the the heart and soul of the celebration. Kalo may not be the staple food that it once was to the people of Hawai'i, but the Ho'olaule'a shows that it has the ability to bring communities together.

Ka La, the student newspaper of Honolulu Community College, April/May 2016  
Ka La, the student newspaper of Honolulu Community College, April/May 2016  

Ka La, the student newspaper of Honolulu Community College, contains articles about events and people on campus. In addition, this issue con...